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I was beginning to fall in love. As soon as that, though I was not, yet, fully aware of it. But I was happy, lying on her breasts with her hand round my cock. I had ceased trembling, somehow satisfied by her giving me the experience of her orgasm. It was almost as though I, too, had climaxed. So different from with Madam.

'I'm not going to leave you totally frustrated, though,' she assured me. 'Especially after what happened with Madam. I'm going to make it happen. Just lie still and you'll see.'

She joined her luscious mouth to mine in a tender kiss and began to slide the loose skin of the foreskin up and down my shaft. She hummed against my lips and broke the kiss to croon, 'This won't take long. I can feel it gathering. You're ready. Yes, let me see it. I want to see it. You're getting harder. Here it comes! Oh yes, here it is!' And I spurted five or six thick jets onto my stomach, her hand, her breasts. She put her mouth back on mine to seal the moment and prevent me crying out with the joy of it.

'Thank you,' she said after a long, relaxed kiss. 'I wanted to do that ever since you came into the staffroom with Madam's knickers in your pocket. And I wanted to even more after you made love to me. I want to do it again, often. Even if I have you inside me.'

'That will be wonderful,' I said, 'And if you take me inside you that will be wonderful. But I want us to do only what you really want.'

She kissed me again and said, 'It's hard to do this, but now I must go back to my room. Otherwise we'll fall asleep, or we'll make more love and fall asleep, and oversleep and the secret will be out when I come out of here in the morning.'

She sat up, put her feet to the floor and stood. 'Please, I said, 'Just lie down again a minute I would like to see everything.' She lay and opened her legs, so that I could take in every detail of the first pussy I had could see. My heart turned over when I studied that bright pink channel, with the crinkled lippy margins, the tiny tuck-in where lies the clitoris, and the vaginal opening, like a half-open runway into the mysterious interior. Words failed me and I murmured inarticulate sounds of wonder and delight. How many female genitalia have I seen since then? Dozens, but always with the same wonder and delight.

She said, 'The first time of seeing? I thought so. Now I must go.' But I asked her to turn round as before and she slowly revolved. As her bottom came near I leaned over and kissed it on each adorable cheek. Then she slipped the nightdress over her head, shrugged into the dressing gown and eased open the door. A smile and a wave and she was gone.

Had I been dreaming? No, indeed. There was the taste of her pussy in my mouth, the scent of her sweat and bottom in my nostrils, the drying semen on my thigh. I didn't expect to sleep for thinking of her, but I began to drop off in mid-memory. Then I woke with a start. I hadn't asked when we could be together again.

Fortunately, our daily business did not throw us together much, and if we coincided it was always in public. Meal times in the dining-hall, break times in the staff-room, where at least one colleague would usually be present. This was partly because although five of us were resident in the building the staff-room was the common room for the non-resident teachers, too. But there was just one moment when we were alone and she said quietly, 'Tonight.'

This time I sat on my bed, heart pounding. Having no dressing-gown I was naked under my raincoat. She arrived in her gown, but there was no nightdress, so when she took off the gown she was gloriously nude, and I threw off the raincoat. We embraced, kissed, stroked each other, murmured how wonderful it was to be together. I ran a hand down her back, and tucked fingers into her crack, ran them down and under, feeling for her vulva.

'I'm already ready,' she said with a little laugh, because she was overflowing down the inside of her thighs.

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