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A son finds more than passion when seeking his mother.

Of course it tasted of oranges like always since she got the Deluxe flavours perk.

Seizing the opportunity Blitz and his helpers jumped her and wrestled her to the floor.

Her sparse clothing was torn away and some spanks rained down on her butt.

Strong hands yanked at her overly long hair to pull her off the ground only to shove her towards the bench. The piercing in her belly button stabbed painfully into her as it was trapped between her and the wood of the bench.

Before she had a chance to recover, her rapists lifted up her hips further and Blitz plunged into her wet snatch in one smooth stroke. A long, low moan escaped Kitties lips at the sensation. She was shocked at how erotic it had sounded.

Blitz fell into a steady rhythm of fucking her sensitized tunnel and soon Kitty discovered she could still scream. Sometimes. More specifically, only involuntarily and in ecstasy.

Something spanked her ass, and her squeals already drowned out Blitz's voice as he started mocking her again.

"That's more like it. I could tell you were hungry for cock from the start. Why did you have to make it so hard on yourself whore?"

"I-I'm not. I don't want this."

"Doesn't sound convincing with that voice of yours. Also from the way your pussy is squeezing my dick it looks like you've been desperate for this all day.

"N-no it's because of the- ahhh! Because of the modifications."

"The modifications only helped you see your true nature. That of a desperate cocksleeve whose main goal is to get her pussy filled."

Kitty wanted to object but suddenly a dick in her mouth blocked her from talking. The other two men had decided they wouldn't just watch any more. While one of them pressed his smelly crotch in Kitty's face the other helped himself with her smooth hair. He took long strands of the orange black hair and wrapped them around his dick. How could he possibly find this pleasurable? Oh well at least he wasn't trying to fuck her ass or something.

Blitz rammed into her harder and harder and Kitty could tell he was close.

"Make you an offer Superslut. I'll forget your disobedience from before if you beg me to cum inside you. And do it convincingly."

Kitty fought with herself. Would she give in and give this cruel man what he wanted? She knew she said she didn't care but she still rather wouldn't end up covered in tattoos more than necessary. She decided to take the humiliation over the lasting consequences. The cock in her mouth momentarily withdrew to let her beg.
The incredible sensations in her pussy and her own impending orgasm made it easier.

"Ughh. Mhmm. Please Mr. Blitz fill me with your seed. Release inside me, I want to feel it deep inside me."

"The dirty talk pushed Blitz over the edge and Kitty could feel him exploding deep inside her."

Her own orgasm hit her at the same time making her twitch and spasm. A string of moans streamed from her only to be interrupted by the return of the dick in her mouth.

It was more aggressive than before pushing all the way to the back of her throat making her gag.

The third man reached his limit second and he sprayed his sticky substance all over her hair. He let go of the strands he had used to masturbate and the voluminous hair returned to it's original state, hiding most of the cum inside it.

Another series of swats landed on her ass. "Not bad slut, but next time I expect you to step up your begging a notch. And don't try to resist again or I'll have the whole crew fuck you at the same time..

Then again in a few weeks you'll probably do that voluntarily."

He turned to the boy still using her mouth. "Hurry up and finish, break time is almost over."

The man increased his movements and gripped her head tightly. He quickly and efficiently used Kitty's throat to get himself off. Hot seed exploded inside her mouth just as the bell announced the end of the breaktime.

There was no time to clean up before she was ushered back on stage, so she had to pull h

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