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Daryl Dixon and a new character are captured.

She added a small necklace and when she looked at Dani's ears, she realized that one more thing would need to happen today. Dani's ears needed piercing. She added a multi color pair of socks with small hearts and finally pointed to his flats that they'd bought when they shopped with Nancy.

Wendy got showered and dressed in the time that Dani figured out how to get into his bra and panties. She matched him in color scheme, but wore heels to come closer to his height.

When they walked to the door, she stopped Dani and said "Wait! Makeup! Oh my god! Completely forgot. This is going to be your responsibility you know. Your face, your makeup." and with that she painted his lips with lipstick. "Eyeliner will wait, Janet's cosmetology person will want a clean slate."


A day at the salon was what both of these ladies needed. Janet greeted Wendy at the reception and just fawned over Dani. "I can do a lot with that mop" and she ran her fingers through her hair. "Do we want any color or is this ragged blond ok?"

Wendy said "It's a full day, why not give her some highlights. And let's figure in a mani-pedi, and eyebrows, and some cosmetics training."

"Of course! And for you?"

"All of the same."

"Great, since you don't need the foils, I'll start with Dani and while she's under the dryer, we'll do you. Come this way young lady. Would anyone want any wine?"

Dani protested "It's 9 am!"

"Oh, then a mimosa for you!"

Janet then proceeded to wrap, shampoo, condition, wrap the tips with foil, wait for what seemed ages, pull the foil off and then cut, brush out, blow out; all while asking about this mysterious transformation and such... But at the end, Dani's haircut looked wonderful with a perky bounce just under shoulder length with ringlets on ringlets of curls. And to Dani, it smelled wonderful.

The next step was the waxer lady who told Dani, not to worry. I've seen everything and it only hurts for a second. She did Dani's eyebrows, legs and butt area, but there wasn't much more needing doing.

Finally when Dani came out of that room, Wendy was just finishing up her haircut and the two ladies paraded into the nail salon part of the salon.

Wendy said "Dani, pick a color."

There was a wall of colors and Dani was immediately overwhelmed. "Wendy, please pick for me?"

She chose a deep red, for both of them.

The experience was wonderful to Dani who was looking all over at the other customers, the salon workers and the general decor of this dreamy place. Dani's smile was huge.

They were ready to leave when Wendy realized that Dani had not visited the cosmetologist. "Dani, wait, we need to go back."

Back in they marched and a small girl that looked like she couldn't have been 17 sat Dani down and skillfully did eyeliner, fake eyelashes, some blush and lipstick to complement Dani's nails. She set out a collection of products for Dani. There were several eyeliners, a larger container of foundation, and a tin of blush with a brush. "I'd recommend visiting Walgreen's for more eyelashes or even better, set up a longer appointment and we'll do an eyelash weave."

"Great, another errand for today" said Wendy.

Wendy stood back and took Dani in, from head to toe. "Dani, you look fantastic. Now I am jealous. Of your feminine good looks. You've shined up really well!"

Dani blushed in a sweet feminine way. "Shush you, let's go grab lunch."


The next stop was lunch at the outskirts of the mall where the two girls grabbed a cubicle towards the back. Wendy sitting so that she could watch the crowd. Dani had received so much attention on the way in, she wanted to hide a bit.

A tall handsome man approached with menus. "Hello ladies, I'm David. I'll be your waiter. May I start you with a drink or?"

Wendy said "Do you do mimosa?" thinking about the mimosa that Dani had had at the salon.

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