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The bass beat stopped, the whole room went black and then some music I actually recognized started. Angus Young's crunching guitar throbbed about the room as the opening riff of Highway to Hell blasted from the speakers. The lights came up and the crowd roared their approval to the man behind the decks. That opening riff was about the only music I knew for the next two hours. There were some spots where I thought I could hear a familiar refrain or melody but they were slower or faster or somehow different to what I remember. Through it all the bass kept thumping and the people kept jumping.

It was amazing the way he manipulated the crowd by changing the music in sometimes very subtle ways. Without Ezekiel explanation in the morning I would have said it was just loud noise but now it made sense. Jeremy kept my glass full but he was mostly working the VIP crowd and pressing the flesh. He told me there were some big wigs from the music industry he was trying to set a deal with.

Ezekiel was right about another thing: I felt positively overdressed. There was so much flesh on display I wondered why some of them bother getting dressed at all. I noticed one girl in the VIP area that I'd seen on television. She was in one of those teenage dramas that my daughter watched religiously. She must have been in a big hurry to get here tonight because she had forgotten to wear a bra. Her breasts kept slipping out the sides of what I assume she thought was a dress but resembled two handkerchiefs held together with fishing line. She and her two friends were wasted, stumbling about bumping into mostly men, not that they seemed to mind. At one stage she went to sit down and missed the chair. On her back with her legs in the air we all found out the bra wasn't the only thing she had forgotten to put on.

10K was getting close to the end of his set and he had the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Suddenly he slowed it down and the crowd looked to the stage bewildered, they hadn't got their climax.

"I want to welcome two friends to the stage!" He yelled before the spotlight on him went black.

Two more lit up at either side of the stage and Jamal and Isaiah entered wearing their slick suits and started walking towards each other. The crowd went nuts and girls screamed the guy's names as they tried to get closer to the stage. They yelled out greetings to the crowd and strutted about. I wondered what they were waiting for then the spotlight on the decks lit up again. Only it wasn't 10K anymore, it was Ezekiel in his own slick suit. They launched into three numbers and had the crowd screaming for more.

After two encores they left the stage and the house lights came up. I looked for Jeremy and saw him in a huddle with the three drunken girls. I'll wait for a moment, I thought, so I watched the people below slowly disperse. I turned around again but I couldn't see Jeremy. I wandered through the thinning group of celebrities. I couldn't find him and it wasn't that big of a space so I decided to head back stage myself.

The security guard on the side door wouldn't let me go in until Pete walked up behind me. He'd just come from packing up his mixing desk.

"It's alright," he said to the blockhead. "She's with 10K."

We walked through and down the corridor towards the dressing room. As we approached the door to the dressing room Jeremy appeared. He tried to close the door quickly but not before I heard a girly squeal come from the room.

"Helena, I was just coming to get you." He lied.

"Fuck off Jeremy!"

I pushed passed him and opened the door.

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