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"Let me test how sensitive it is now." He bent down and began to suck her left nipple.

"Mr. Phillips! I'm not sure that this is appropriate!" she gasped, although she didn't pull away. "And anyway that's the wrong nipple!"

Fred gave the nipple another lick before looking up at her. "I need to test them both out and compare how horny you get as well as how it tastes. I just want to make sure it works before I buy a few bottles," he casually added before starting to lick and suck once more.

"Oh, well, I suppose that's OK then," Claire squeaked as he flicked his tongue forcefully over her erect nipple.

After a few minutes on her left breast, Fred sat up and asked, "How was that?"

Claire looked at him and decided to play it cool. After all, she wanted to encourage a sale. "It was OK. Here why don't you try this one," she offered holding up the other breast which had the drops on.

Fred smiled at her artlessness before diving down and taking it into his mouth. The cherry flavour was over-sweet and artificial but he ignored it, concentrating on the tremendous feeling of her hard bud in his mouth. While he sucked, he continued to massage her other boob.

Claire decided that she had to appear more aroused now he was sucking the treated breast. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her boyfriend Danny licking her nipple.

"Oh, yes. That's really nice," she over-acted. Fred chuckled to himself but decided to carry on taking advantage of the situation.

Claire began moaning and groaning, allowing herself to become excited at Fred's touch. She was even slightly disappointed when he stopped although he continued to play with her tits.

"Well that definitely seems to work. I'll take a couple of bottles."

"Yes!" Claire exclaimed without thinking but Fred didn't seem to have noticed.

Still feeling a little flushed she added the items to the order sheet. While she was doing this, Fred had moved over to the other sofa, adjusting his erection surreptitiously, and had pulled another bottle out of her bag.

"This looks interesting!" he said. Dreading what he might have, Claire was actually quite relieved he'd found some Pussylicious, Nipplicious's sister product. It could have been a lot worse. Again she wasn't sure how well it really worked. She would have to be really persuasive to make a sale.

Once more Fred read out the label, "Makes any pussy taste fantastic, increases sensitivity -- guaranteed orgasms! Hmm. Looks interesting. I might buy some of this as well. Belinda does like to have her cunt licked," he added unnecessarily.

"Really? Anyway, yes, it's a very popular product. Can I put you down for two bottles of that too?"

"Maybe," Fred pretended to deliberate. "I mean if it definitely works as advertised..."

Belinda contemplated for a few seconds. Danny would probably be upset with her but he didn't need to know. Anyway this was about her career and not about sex.

She stood up. "Would you like to try some out on me?"

Fred stared long and hard at her crotch which was now just a few inches in front of her face. Her thong looked slightly damp and he was sure he could smell her pussy.

"I suppose that's probably the best way," he agreed and, without asking, peeled down her g-string.

Claire eagerly stepped out of it and kicked off her heels, thinking that it should be easy enough to convince him of the efficacy of the drops. She lay back on the sofa and opened her lithe stocking covered legs.

Fred was incredulous. The most attractive woman he'd ever met was lying virtually naked in front of him freely offering him her cunt. This wasn't a fantasy; this was real! He knelt in front of her.

The first thing he noticed was that the little patch of hair above her pussy was as red as the hair on her head. He could also now see that her lips were slightly damp, a consequence of his vigorous work earlier on her nipples.

"I think I should have a good taste first, before I try the drops out, just so I've got a good basis to compare," he said before burying his face between her long smooth thighs.

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