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Thing heat up in Vicki and Scotty's bedrooms after the party.

But, given Summer's predicament, Todd was not concerned with her ever searching for his devices. He quickly panned the other rooms to make sure that all the cameras were working. He noticed that the lighting in the bedroom had to be on for a clearer picture, but that is something he will demand of Summer. The closet camera was the most interesting as it gave him a view of her clothes and shoes so that he could monitor, maybe even direct Summer in the selection of her clothes each day.

Todd waited exactly 65 minutes before heading down into the kitchen. That was exactly how long she had made him wait and the eventual punishment would be based on that timing. But first he had to extract the confession from the lips of his English teacher slut. He was becoming more aware of the hold he had over her and his imagination about the things he wanted to do to her and make her do were filling up his mind.

As he padded softly on his bare feet into the kitchen, he came upon Summer from behind so that she did not know that he was there. He pointed his video camera at Summer's ass and he could see through the view finder the base of the pink butt plug as well as the remote controlled eggs' receiver cord. Summer's legs were bent slightly and were spread apart because she had her nylon covered knees pressed against the stool legs for support. Todd could see the piercings in each of Summer's pussy lips that were engorged and protruding due to the stimulation she was receiving. Todd moved around Summer to be able to record the fact that she was bound by the hand cuffs to the base of the bar stool.

Summer heard Master T as he came into the kitchen, but she dared not speak unless spoken too first. She understood that from previous conversations with him and she knew that she was on very thin ice at this moment and in her position on the stool, she did not want to make him angrier than he already was. She heard him breathing and could only imagine what his thoughts were at this moment. But, the electricity caused by the vulnerable position she was in as well as the impact that the butt plug and vibrating egg were having on her made Summer begin to squirm as Master T walked around her.

Finally, she could see Master T out of the corner of her eye and she saw the video camera in his hands pointed directly at her. She had been photographed enough recently where she was no longer protesting it. Then Summer heard him speak, "Slut, do you know how much trouble you are in for your tardiness and disrespect towards your Master?"

"Yes your slut understands Master T," was Summer's contrite reply.

Todd walked around to the kitchen island and set the camera on the top pointed directly at Summer. The view finder saw the top of her head, but he knew that that would change in a matter of minutes. Todd instructed Summer to raise her head up so that he could see her face. When she did, he noticed the remnants of tear streaks down her face. He did not think that the recording would be as effective if there was evidence of her crying. Todd went to the sink, ran the water until it was warm and he grabbed several paper towels wetting them under the steady stream from the faucet.

Todd walked over to Summer, jerked her head up by her hair and emotionlessly wiped the mascara tear streaks from her cheeks. When he was satisfied, Todd told Summer once again to raise her head up and look directly into the camera. As Summer's head rose once again, Todd was satisfied that the tear streaks were gone and that Summer was indeed doing as she was instructed. Todd paused the recording and then spoke to Summer, "Slut, you are to look directly into this camera and you are to tell the whole world who you are, what you do for a living, what you are and how you will please your Master T."

So that she knew he was serious, he walked over to the doorway out of Summer's site line and retrieved the ping pong paddle that he brought from home.

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