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Jesse breaks things up for fun, or is it spite?

Junie fought her climax in long strangled groans, trying to relax and keep her muscles from tensing. Bob growled in her ear. "Come when I do, or don't come at all." Junie's eyes met Donna's and chose.

Bob growled and lunged deep, his whole body spasming and jerking as he filled her with his come. Junie almost failed, the sensation of the hot semen filling her, almost pushing her over the edge. It was only Donna's steady gaze that kept her teetering.

Bob grunted and pulled out from Junie. His eyes were thoughtful as he pulled Junie around and pushed her face onto his cock. As she carefully cleaned him with her mouth, he looked at Donna. "I think you have an ally. She seems eager to share your fate." Donna knew better than to speak.

When Bob let go of her, Junie was uncertain what was expected of her next. She stayed on her hands and knees between Donna's legs, trying to avoid looking at her swollen labia. She could feel Bob's essence leaking down her legs, the tickling sensation making her cunt clench and throb. She was intensely aware of her need to come but she was determined to fight that. If Donna was not allowed to reach climax she was going to share her punishment. Awkwardly she climbed from the bed and stood nervously, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

Bob was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at Donna. His face seemed softer, his eyes warm and yet distant. "Okay, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Donna cleared her throat. When she spoke her voice was soft and chastened. "I am sorry. I was showing off. I forgot who I really am."

Bobs voice was soft and loving. "And what is that?"

"I am yours. I am your goddess." For the first time Donna sobbed. "I love you."

"I love you too. And how is my goddess supposed to behave?"

"A goddess treats her Master with love, obedience and respect."

Bob kissed her gently on the forehead. "I understand it will be confusing for you to be both my goddess and Junie's Mistress, but this is what you wished for and you must find balance. Your behavior at the table was a subtle attempt to take my power by disrespecting me in front of Junie. You even went so far as to try to attempt to enlist her in your little game. I cannot allow that kind of destructive energy into our home."

Donna was really starting to sob, "Yes, Master."

Bob gently stroked her face. "Tonight I want you to hold vigil. Lie here. Contemplate your actions. Think about how it would tear apart our world if I lost my power. Meditate on balance. Beg our mother for guidance. I will speak with you again in the morning."

Bob looked sharply at Junie who was watching them speak. Her eyes were large and tear filled. "Okay, Junie, help me clean up down here and then go upstairs and clean up the kitchen. Do not speak to Donna. She is thinking."

Bob showed Junie how to put the ropes away and how to clean the ball gag and the leather thong. She helped him slide the trunk to one side. "Let's leave this out here. I am thinking we will be using it a lot."

Junie gathered her and Donna's clothes and headed upstairs. When she came out from her room pulling on a clean pair of underwear and her shorts, Bob was looking at her and Donna's unfinished dinners. "It seems like you have chosen to share your Mistress's fate as much as you can. You both will fast the rest of the evening. You will eat when she does."

Bob took a glass of water down to the basement and came back with it empty. He noticed that Junie would look up apprehensively every time he came into the room. He held out his arms to her. "Come here, Junie." Junie obediently let him pull her close, but she could sense a nervous tension in her body, a holding back. He leaned back, tipping up her face to look into her eyes. He said one word, "Talk."

A deep sob tore at Junie's throat.

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