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He & Karen get showered in memories.

. .*ahem* . .'see' what you saw." She released He-man's hand and took a step away. "Teela is very fortunate to have your love, Adam, just as you are to have hers."

When Evil-Lyn stepped forward and left his hand hanging, He-man felt a twinge of loneliness and loss. However, her comment about how fortunate he and Teela were left him feeling empty as well. He was also confused. If Evil-Lyn had been able to sense his thoughts, why did she not know how his relationship with Teela was now impossible? How her acceptance to being the Guardian of Grayskull meant that they could never be joined as one? And, though he still loved Teela, it had been his lust for her that had been the impetus behind his hallucination and nothing more. Had she not sensed that?

Or was it something more?

"Teela and I care for each other, but all she and I can ever have is a very close friendship. When she took over for the Sorceress, any future she and I may have hoped to one day have together became nothing more than a dream." As he spoke, He-man could hear his explanation start to sound more like a plea colored with desperation. "Even though I had resigned myself to never being able to take her and express my deepest desires, they were still there inside of me. It was the toxin from that vine that made them awaken and be part of my hallucination; something I had no control over!" He-man grew silent, wondering my he felt such a strong need to defend himself as to the subject of his hallucination and do so with such intense passion.

Evil-Lyn remained silent with her back to him. She knew he was right but it did not diminish the torment she was feeling. For so long, her own bouts with the visions caused by the toxin had been about liaisons with Keldor (Randor's brother before his transformation into Skeletor) or with Skeletor. Recently, though, the main subject of her fantasies had changed dramatically. Why this had come to pass was a mystery to the spellcaster but the change was undeniable. Over the course of the last several weeks, Evel-Lyn's dread about her hallucinations had changed to almost anticipation because of who appeared in them.

And, now, that very person was standing in her lair:

Adam, soon-to-be King of Eternia.

Despite her bruised feelings, Evel-Lyn found herself wanting. . .no, longing for. . .He-man's touch, the man who awakened feelings in her she thought had been from her hardened heart after far too many years of emotional battering, from within as well as without. During the years of conflict with the Eternian heroes while she had been under Skeletor's command, she had developed a large measure of respect for He-man for being someone of great honor who would risk his own safety and life to protect or even save an opponent's life. Evel-Lyn had betrayed that magnanimous gesture a number of times when she opted to flee instead of assisting the "good guys" finish the battle that Skeletor's forces often started, typically involving either a non-combative or disinterested third party whose action was dictated by the need to defend themselves from attack.

A tear trickled down Evel-Lyn's albescent cheek. She found it so difficult to wait but she knew it had to be the Eternian champion who needed to make the move to pursue her otherwise there would always be some doubt in both their minds as to the truth of their intentions. Evel-Lyn knew there was a chance he would turn away but something in her heart made her believe in him.

To He-man, it felt as though another opportunity for some true happiness of his own was about to slip through his fingers.

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