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Roxy goes to Italy to present an educational documentary.

He slowly planted his mouth around my nipple and fondled my breasts gently. I moaned softly. He moved his hands to my hips, as he planted a line of kisses in between my breasts all the way to my throat. Then, Fareon kissed me passionately, our tongues duelling the other for dominance. Then I felt his rock hard long cock ready to enter me.

I pulled away. "Wait. Fareon. Stop!" I said it with such force that he immediately stopped his actions, and gave me a questioning look. "Okay, you just slept with another woman. I don't think I can do this."

Fareon looked at me, "You know you belong to me, and I'll have you whenever I want."

"Wrong, my body desires you, but my heart and mind doesn't." Fareon looked hurt by my confession. "And right now my mind and heart rule over all." With that I got up from the bed, and quickly through on an oversized t-shirt.

"Wait, Nikita?

"What?" I said harshly, and turned around to look at him.

"Why did you run away from me after you told me your story?"

I thought about that. "Maybe it's because I wanted to see if you cared. I wanted to see if anybody cared. Or maybe I just wanted to feel like a princess, rescued by her prince charming," I added quietly. No doubt he probably heard me.

Then I headed out the door. As I walked down the halls I feel myself seething with rage, and yet my heart was also full of sadness.

I walked straight into the section of the mansion where the guards slept. Since it was still only around four in the morning, most of them were asleep. However I did see one guard entering his room, probably from the night shift.

I marched up to him. "Where does Adrian sleep?"

He gave me a sleepy confused look. I could tell he was tired. "Shouldn't you be with the alpha now?" he asked.

"LISTEN unless you want to hear me scream about how your stupid alpha cheated on me, in front of everyone! Then I suggest you show me to Adrian's room!" I said loudly and sternly. His mouth hung open at the mention of calling the alpha stupid. I could tell he was debating whether I would actually do it or not.

However I guess he had enough of me. "He's in that room over there," and nodded his head two doors down.

I gave him a sweet innocent smile. "See? That wasn't so hard." The guard just shook his head at me and went inside.

I marched over to the door, and threw it open. Then I silently closed it behind me, because I could see Adrian was sleeping like a baby in his bed. It was a cute sight. I walked over to a chair beside a window and sat down. I took a quick glance around his room. The walls were green, and the room was small. All it contained was a dresser and a bed. No picture, no posters, the walls were bare. Oh and it also contained the rocking chair I was sitting on.

"Nikita, what are you doing here?" Adrian asked groggily. I was surprised to find him awake.

"I just couldn't stand Fareon anymore," I replied softly, and sadly.

"Oh I am so going to get in trouble," he mumbled to himself. "Come here." he ordered, and moved so his back was against the wall and there was space in front of him. I slowly made my way to his bed, to give him time to change his mind. I could tell what he was trying to do. Wolves were comforted by closeness with other wolves, we are very affectionate creatures. I climbed into his bed and he spooned me from behind. I tried to leave some space between us but Adrian pulled me close right beside his body. I felt him nuzzle my hair. I didn't feel like this was sexual at all, it was just nice and close. Like family. Comforted and warm, I fell into a deep sleep.

However before I did fall asleep, I heard Adrian whisper, "It will be okay little one."

I awoke to a male voice speaking in a deadly tone. "Get your hands off my mate." Then I recognized it as Fareon's voice. Uh oh, then I also realized that Adrian had me cradled to his chest. But only then did I realize, he was in boxers and me, only in a loose oversized t-shirt. That definitely didn't look good.

"You hurt her, and now you want her to forgive you as if it was nothing? Ano

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