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The peace is broken and a line is crossed.

"I wish she would've let US fuck her!"

"OH GOD. Oh god...."

"Dude you're juicy stroking, I can hear it...you would've had a three-way, am I right?"

Phone to my ear, my head pressed back into my pillow, of their own my legs went wide, heels dug into the mattress, I arched completely off my bed, a grunt pulled from my balls....

"Don't come! Z, don't come!"

"Fffuuuck...." My breath was hard to catch....

"Take your hand off your cock, do it now!"

"OK. Ok"

"Where's you hand?"

"On my balls..."

"Put it behind your head...breathe buddy, don't come, ok?"

"God that's so hard, I wanna shoot it man..."

"Stand up! Get off the bed."

Shaking in my thighs I stood up, phone to ear, "I'm up."

"You got a mirror don't you? Look at your self...."

I was sweaty and heaving. My abs clenched and my thighs shook. My cock stood straight out from my pube. He said, "Lift your phone up over your head, look right into it and send me the pic, I wanna see you full glory like you saw me..."

A blush swelled from my collar bone up my face. I took the pic and texted it to him.....when I looked at the pic myself, I saw a glistening drop of precum threading down off the head of my aching cock. In the minute before he spoke, I pulled a few strokes on it raising quickly to my toes....in the mirror; I looked like a porn star. (I realize at this point I've not described myself or Jay. I am 5'7', at that time 154lbs. My abs were an 8 pack, my shoulders, pecs and biceps were super defined, and my ass and thighs were full and textured with muscle. My cock, due to shaving looked longer than the 8ins I knew it to be. I'd let my hair grow out so it was jet black and just to my shoulders, wavy Greek hair. I shaved everything from my nose to my toes: kept the 5:00 shadow light, chest, pits and arms smooth, abs and thighs tight and hairless were some of my best features; I shaved what little leg hair I had. I kept my bush and balls smooth even when I let other hair grow, off season. My butt cheeks reflected light from my desk lamp. My ass crack, clean shaven that afternoon was slippery with sweat. Jay was almost 6', brown hair and dark skinned. He had a crooked smile that invited playfulness. He was a typical swimmer's build, lean with broad shoulders and deep chest about 175lbs. He too shaved everything. He had a couple of tattoos on his arm, thigh and back. He had low hanging cock and balls, I found out later almost 9 inches.)

Jay told me over the phone, "gawddam you're a fucking stud!"

The blush deepened, but my cock stayed hard. "Man I need to come."

"I won't come if you don't come. Let's hold off, man. I haven't edged with a buddy before....what can you do to back off, cool off?"

"Fuck. I usually let myself play for a set time, and then switch to crunches or pushups, sometimes a run."

"Alright, I'm in. I'll do some crunches. You do what you need, but don't come. Alright?"

"Aw, man...I dunno...."

"Look Z, I'm rock hard and aching to fuck. You are too. I'm not touching my cock right now, just standing here, phone in the dark, talking with a stud. Play along with me."

My balls rolled a bit in protest, but my cock dropped a bit, "Alright. I'm in. We edge together."

"Fuck yeah. Agreed. We call if we get too close to coming, to talk each other down, k?




"We'll hang out tomorrow. When're you free?"

"My last work out is at 3:30, and then I usually take a long shower and shave fresh for the weekend. I'm done by 5ish."

"Ok, work out. Head over here right after. I'll come in from a run about then."

"Cool, will do..."

"G'nite, Z. Fuck damn this is hawt!"

My cock was still throbbing a little but was down to half hard. "G'nite J."

We hung up.

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