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Just another story about a girl.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Very good. Now get up and fix me a drink. Bring it to me in the bedroom," he ordered.

She was off his lap and to the bar almost as fast as the words came out of his mouth. She fixed him his usual vodka and tonic. She very carefully carried it into their bedroom and presented it to him. He was sitting in a wing chair facing the bed.

"Very nice, Baby." She was pleased with the use of her pet name and watching him take a huge gulp of his drink. "Now lay on the bed, facing me so I can see your pussy, do as I say and there will be no need for restraints."

"Yes, Daddy." She quickly obeyed, laying on her back with her knees bent, legs spread open.

"I want you to play with your wet pussy now, dirty girl. You are under no circumstances aloud to come, but you can't stop until I give the word."

Instinctively her fingers were between her legs, fingers running up and down along her pussy. Her fingers continued stroking her pussy, teasing herself and driving herself crazy with desire. She alternated between massaging her clit and occasionally rubbing her fingers across her swollen labia. She would intermittently pause to barely brush her fingertips against her pussy before resuming the pressure. She pressed her fingers against her clit and moved her hand in a small, quick circle. She inched her hand downward and dipped two slender fingers just inside her pussy, pressing her clit between them and moving her hand up and down rapidly.

She heard Daddy grunt with approval and watched him remove his own clothing, releasing his erection. In one swift movement he was over her.

"Would you like Daddy to lick your pussy baby," He asked, in a softer than usual tone.

"Yes, Daddy, thank you. I would like that very much."

"You can not cum yet," he reminded her.

He expertly crawled between her legs. She felt his hot breath on her thighs and pussy. She was quivering with excitement. No one had ever licked her cunt like Daddy did. Just the thought of it made her wet sometimes. She also knew Daddy loved licking her pussy as much as she did.

He slowly licked the length of her pussy. He then slid his tongue into her wet slit, lapping at her pussy juices. He then darted his tongue back up and over her clit, drawing it into his mouth and gently sucking and nibbling on it. He knew this drove her wild. He stopped as he felt her wiggle.

"You can cum now, or you can cum later. I'm only letting you cum once tonight. It is your choice when."

"I chose later, Daddy. Daddy, may I play with my nipples?"

He looked at her for a moment, his face gleaming wet from her pussy juice. "You may," he said, granting her permission.

He resumed slurping and eating her pussy, making her increasingly wet witch each lick. She pinched her nipples and rubbed them as he sucked on her clit some more. She was pinching them almost to the point of pain to control her orgasm.

He suddenly stopped and before she could even blink he rammed his hard, cock into her pussy several times. She let out a tiny moan. He instinctively stopped and pulled out of her letting his head rest on her clit.

"Did, I say you could moan," he asked, curtly.

"No Daddy."

"This can be a fun evening or it can't just be fun for me. It is your choice," he stated, rubbing the head of his cock over her throbbing pussy.

He entered her again, slamming all eight inches of his cock in her. She bit her tongue a little to keep from moaning. With each of his powerful thrusts, she found it harder to contain herself.

"May I moan, Daddy," she whispered, trying not to loose control and anger him anymore.

"You, may," he grunted between thrusts.

She let a moan out that he found pleasing as he started to pump his cock harder into her pussy. She was still fighting to not cum. He suddenly stopped pounding her pussy and was moving away from her.

"Did I do something wrong, Daddy," she asked, in a frightened tone.

"No, Baby," he said in a calming voice.

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