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The day every man and woman achieved orgasm.

He had a razor scar running from below his left eye to his chin but he was handsome in a dangerous way if you know what I mean."

"He said I looked lost and asked if I needed somewhere to stay. I thought he was a nice guy but of course I was na__ve and uneducated in the ways of the street. Raffe took me back to his place where we made love for three days. We hardly got out of the bed. Some skinny chick with sad sallow eyes bought us Chinese food, booze and cigarettes. We smoked some reefer too and he tried to get me to try some harder stuff but I refused which pissed him off a little bit but he settled down."

"On the fourth day he put me out on the street to work."

"My business model is simple. I don't care if you're white, a nigger, a spick, a slope, a kike, a girl, a faggot, or a tranny. In my stable you turn at least five tricks a day at twenty dollars a pop; more for the kinky shit. You give everything you earn to me and I'll give you back what I think you're worth. The more you earn; the more you get back," Raffe sneered.

"I worked those streets for three years. At first I was new, young, and hot, and all the pervs wanted to fuck me. Also, I was good at what I did and I didn't rip off the Johns and I didn't do drugs so I built up a large client base. Some of the girls and other trannies got hooked on drugs and they started to look like shit and ripped off their Johns to pay for their habits. They'd get a beating from the client and a beating from Raffe and eventually he'd let them go...or they'd leave...or more frighteningly, they'd just disappear."

"Two years on the job I'd saved enough to go down to Mexico and got these and a tracheal shave," Tina cupped her breasts.

"I paid top dollar for the tits and they did a good job as you can attest to. I got even more customers when I returned as a full on transsexual."

"Not long after that I met Devon and my life really took a turn."

"Devon Devine; his real name is Lyle Brinkman but if you call him that he'll kick your ass. Devon is the king of VHS porn."

"Devon liked that I was an attractive young transsexual who was willing to do almost anything sexually if the price was right. The VHS video market was in full swing and every man wanted a porn collection; the kinkier the better. Tranny stuff was particularly hot."

He told me his business model.

"Babe I make these movies on a shoe string budget all filmed on tape. I make copies and distribute them from a warehouse in Reseda. You get a thousand dollars a movie flat rate, no matter how kinky...and I do a lot of kink, my customers love it. No scat but you might get pissed on," was his pitch.

"You make one movie every two weeks; usually filmed over two to five days. On the other days I'm filming straight, homo or really kinky shit. What do you say?"

"What about Raffe," I asked.

"You seen the Godfather? I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," he grinned.

"Don't hurt him and it's a deal," I replied and that was that.

"Two thousand a month is good money and the work isn't that hard. I kinda like it."

"Devon has this transvestite named Michele Nylons who writes these awful screenplays; usually about a tranny who gets forced or blackmailed into having sex, mostly group sex with rough types. Really cheesy shit like 'Tranny at the Truck Stop', the movie you found at the Adult Store, or 'Lady in the House' a ridiculous story about a guy who gets forced into being a transvestite prostitute in jail."

"She came on set once and she looks like a real trollop; word on the set is she fucked one of the camera operators in the janitor's closet. Anyway this shit sells big. Apparently guys like seeing trans women being roughed up; who cares so long as I make good money."

"I've made enough to buy the little apartment I live in and to invest in Wendy's nightclub; I'm a half owner and partner."

"And that's my story Sarah. You now know everything about me."

Tina finished her litany and lit a cigarette.

"That is some story Tina," I said.

"Look Sarah.

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