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Chapter 4.

"Let's give him four udders, rather than just two! Tee hee!"

Running to the window and throwing it wide open, Hilda and Harriet leaned out as far as they could, shaking their boobies to and fro for the benefit of the man down below taking his dog for a walk.

"Yoo hoo, up here!" Hilda shouted, the two of them, mother and daughter, giggling like a couple of adolescent schoolgirls as they sported their big naked sets of wobblers. "I do believe Mr. Doggy Walker is sporting a boner! Are you, Mr. Doggy Walker?"

"Hilda Humper, you should be ashamed of yourself," the gentleman scolded her, laughing as he gaped at the two protruding pairs of breasts hanging out the window. "But those four titties sure are a sight for sore eyes. Damn, you Humper women could drive a man insane. Thanks for the view, ladies!"

"Well, that was fun," Hilda giggled, closing the window again as they both swung their big nude megaton titties back into the room. "Now, where were we? Oh, yes. Don't you think it makes perfect sense, Harriet? We Humpers have been given enormous blessings in the wee wee and tittie department. Wouldn't it just be wrong not to take advantage of them?"

"I guess you're right, Momma," Harriet agreed at last, still naked to the waist down, and they both giggled as they shook their powerful fleshy knockers at each other. "I mean, what the fuck? Like you've told me over the years 'There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just a wee wee.'"

"And it's attached to someone you love too," Hilda reasoned, one of her fucking bigass funbags hitting her in the nose. "And someone that I know would probably be pretty damn good in bed too, young lady. I mean, Henry's a master with that dick of his, swingin' that telephone pole pecker of his around and getting all the girls to fuck it."

"Yeah, all my friends tell me he's a good fuck. That's for sure," Harriet admitted, pulling on her own areola and sweet ripe nipples until they hardened. "I mean, why should those white trash pseudo- Humpers have all the fucking fun."

"There's only one problem though, Harriet," Hilda said with a tinge of sadness in her voice as she sat her big ass and her big titties down on the bed.

"What's that, Mom?" Harriet asked her mother as she plunked herself down on the edge of the bed beside her, her boobies bouncing wildly.

"Henry isn't here, sweetie. And I don't think he will be here any time soon. You know what Grandma June is like. She'll have that boy so wrapped around her big bazoombas that he probably doesn't even know what hit him yet. She's probably been on that pecker of his from the moment he arrived at the farm."

"Yeah, that is a problem, Mom," Harriet agreed, although she herself was slightly relieved that she would have at least some time to try and absorb this new Humper family philosophy. "But won't he be coming home soon?"

"I doubt it, baby." Hilda told her, shaking her head, and her Humper bra-breaking breasts, from side to side. "When I called the other day, he wanted to stay at the farm even longer."

"Oh, damn!" Harriet cursed, punching her mother lightly and playfully in the right tittie and causing it to dimple and then wobble. "Then how are we going to test his cock out now? If he was here, we could go ahead and try it out and see how it fits and everything."

"Oh, I can't even imagine how it's gonna fit," Hilda moaned, her boobs and her cunny tingling. "Ooooooo, I'll bet it's gonna be tight when it goes in. Oooo, I'll bet it's gonna be reeeaall tight, baby. That big solid fucktool of his squishing in and out and feeling all big and girthy and shit. Mmmmmm, I can just feel it now."

"Gosh, Momma, that makes me sort of horny. Gee whiz, I wish Henry was here, so we could play with him and do fun fucking shit and everything," Harriet complained, jumping up and down on the bed, sending her juggernauts into a wild leaping. "I mean, Humpers are supposed to give pleasure, after all."

"Yes, sweetie, exactly.

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