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Submissive wife becomes her hubby's pet for the day.

I didn't want people to know I was giving my father the pleasures of anal every night he wanted it. I could tell he wanted to cum right now, and he didn't want to wait anymore as he started to feel up and down the crack of my ass with his erect cock. He really had enough of the games, and I was a little scared of how rough he was being since he had yet to let go of my right breast. Clutching, he groped at it, fondled my the once soft pink nipple between his middle and pointer, pinching it like a clamp and pulling until I moaned from it. I was his pain slut all of a sudden. He massaged my cum over my asshole again, and then grunted as he reached back. Another trickle of cum hadn't spilled out of me yet, and I bit down on my lip as I heard him complaining through a scoff, "Why the hell haven't you came more? Fuck that, I'm fuckin' my bitch now."

He drew his fingers away from my swollen pink clit quickly, and before I could pull away in protest of his actions, he held on tight to both of my hips and pulled back as he slammed his cock into my tight asshole. I gritted my teeth and let out a stifled scream into the mattress as he banged me rough. Not enough lube had been massaged to loosen up the hole and skin around it, and so he rammed my ass raw, causing me more pain. Still I wondered along with the constant pull of his hands on my hips to increase his own orgasm, what he had told his colleagues. Trying to focus on getting myself to cum with him, as I knew he would be displeased if I didn't cum when he came, I went to reach down to play with my clit, but he pressed his gut down onto my back to hold me there. He reached his hands to pin down my wrists above my jilting head. He was so close against me that his dick lurched two more inches inside of my ass as I squirmed underneath his weight. He held me there to fuck me deep and slow, groaning against the side of my head. His sweat was salty as it dripped down my cherub face. He lifted my body up with his thrusts into me, and each time, they grew faster until he was drilling his cock inside of my ass. His balls slapped against the bottom of my ass. The smacking sound was loud and constant but I tried not to fear someone finding us together, with him using my asshole for his dick's pleasure. It sounded as if he did not care. He finally lifted himself up, relieving some pressure off of my back, but then grabbed my rump in his hands, pushing my cheeks together. It made me want to scream from the pain as the width of my crack squeezed together and forced to clench tightly around his dick.

"Fuck me back, slut, come on, struggle now, come on." His words came out in huffed breaths, matched with the drive of his dick inside of me from behind. He no longer soothed, moreover, he talked to her like I was dirty. Only for him, I reminded myself.

My legs were growing weary as they were long and my ass was stuck high in the air, so that my hamstrings stretched and pulled with the bouncing of his body against mine. My calves flexed as I bucked back against him, increasing the depth in which his cock grew down inside of me, hitting my g-spot from the back. I reached down now to play with my wet pussy once more. He didn't stop so I went to town. The cum dripped down around my shivering lips and soaked my fingers as I rubbed them over my clit, pressing it down into the bone and moving it in a circle to feel it's tender sensitivity each time I pushed and massaged. I could barely continue with how much pleasure I was getting from knowing that my Father's heavenly dick was 3 inches thick inside of my asshole each time it dove down. He took a long stroke and pummeled into me, one after another of the same, slow but hard deep strokes. My cries became ragged and choked. I had to hold on to the sheets to keep myself from falling over.

"Daddy! DADDY!" I was about to orgasm from the length of his cock in me, seemed over 8 inches tonight.

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