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More conflict on the way home.

"I think this has really gone to far now, don't you my dear." X said, trying to create some sense of calm and strength that he did not truly feel but wanted to own or somehow possess in the face of this madwoman. "I understand your joke, you are not to be toyed with, but neither am I. Let me go now, and I won't report you or any of this, I will just forget -"

"And how will you forget," she asked interrupting him with a sugary voice "the fact that your penis is currently incased in what I like to call the iron maiden. Will you just leave here and take yourself to some doctor to have it removed. Hmm...and how exactly will you explain to Herr Doctor how you came to your condition? Will you tell him that you were so easily and predictably lead by your penis that you ran off with the first pretty girl you saw and found yourself shitting your waste into a bag while you penis was clamped in a vicious, toothed claw. How will you explain this, really, while maintaining that masculine dignity you cherish so much?"

Her question made him seethe, as surely Tech had spent more time considering his situation than he had. As X began to realize just the position he was in he wanted to spit, and scream and rail against her, but suddenly he found his mouth was parched and dry and he could think of nothing to say. Instead he glared at her while she continued her ministrations with the machine.

"I see that you have finally settled into the maiden. I shall be quite pleased to see exactly how skilled the Swedes are in the art of body manipulation and modification by machine." She allowed her words to fall flat in the end, making X wonder exactly it was she meant. He tired to think of how the words she was saying could make sense, but as such her utterances held no logic and he could not divine any plan. He glimpsed possible outcomes, and the thoughts made his body shudder.

"Are you cold?" Tech asked as she approached him and examined the restraints. She pushed a button and in a few moments Lila entered the room. Lila was again naked, now barefoot as she walked, but at the same time not entirely unclothed. Nipple rings had been inserted into both of her nipples and a chain rain between them connecting them together. From the middle of the suspended chain a third slide down her belly and was attached to her center. It looked like a snake climbing out of a bushy red tree. The entire thing was fixed around her waist by a belt that seemed to hold them all together.

Tech pulled her close by the chain that ran her up and down, the tug obviously causing Lila pain as she winced with the sudden force being applied but she did not call out as she was pulled forward.

"Where is it?" Tech as coldly as she fondled Lila's nipples and examined a bite mark on her shoulders that looked somewhat healed. Lila opened her hands and in each of them was a ring. The ring was open with a very sharp end on part. The other part was hollow and obviously they were meant to fit together through some aperture. X allowed his eyes to widen in surprise but he was unsure what exactly the intent was.

"My dear X, observe Lila here.

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