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A little bit about Amanda...

"Feels so good, doesn't it?" She smiled such a sly smile that he wasn't sure if she was referring to the water feeling good, or her hand grazing his cock.

"The water is so warm, and the sun feels so nice, it makes me want to skinny dip." She had no intention of doing it, but she wanted to see how he would react.

"Have you ever skinny dipped Paul?"

Paul had hoped that the cool water might help him calm down and help to relax his aching erection too, however as his Mom swam over to him he knew after what he had seen, and what he was currently seeing there was no way his cock was going to be softening any time soon.

As she surfaced beside him he gasped as quiet as he could as he felt his mother's hand brush against his erection. He knew she didn't mean to touch him there, after all, she was his mother, but even so, the feel of her hand to brush over him like that sent waves of pleasure through his body. The young man hadn't even really been touched like that before, which probably just made it feel all the better as his young cock throbbed inside of his swim suit.

When she smiled at him he tried to badly to keep calm, but her words, the double meaning of them paired with the way his cock was throbbing left him utterly speechless, and instead he just nodded his head in reply to what she said, having decided to keep to the notion that she hadn't meant to touch his erection.

"Skinny dip?" he said quietly, gasping a little as he said it. He was having enough trouble keeping his eyes off of his mother's body as it was, let alone without her taking off her bikini!

"No... never." he said as he shook his head, his cheeks flushing at just the thought of it.

"Well I don't think it makes a difference when you are swimming with your mom. It's nothing I haven't already seen, and anyway this bikini was not meant for swimming. The top keeps coming off. " The bikini top had slipped off her left breast exposing much of her glorious globe. She reached back and untied her top and then tossed it out of the pool toward the chair.

"Well if you get to be topless then so do I." Her breasts were even more radiant wet.

Julia swam to her son underwater. She sneaked a peak underwater and saw that he still had a raging hard on. She decided she was going to have a little fun with her son. She swam to his legs, grabbed his ankles, and opened his legs. Then she swam between them as if they were a tunnel. She came up for air behind him, and gave him a hug making sure she pushed her chest into his back. She laughed and then put her lips up to his ear.
"This is so much fun. What do you want to do next?"

Paul watched in a mixture of shock, delight and complete surprise as his Mom once again exposed her breasts to him. Since he'd gotten home from school he'd seen plenty of them already, as well as watching her masturbate out in the garden, however this time there wasn't any kind of accidental peeking or them falling out, this time she had taken her top off and thrown it out of the pool.

For a moment he was left unsure of what to think, as he stood in the cool water devouring his own mother's chest with his eyes. The way the water made her soft mounds shine in the sunlight just made him want to reach out and cup and caress them all the more, and it was no shock that being a horny teenager like he was, his cock was throbbing hard at the sight of them.

As she swam beneath him he watched her go, and as she hugged him from behind he laughed like she normally would when she hugged him like this. Well, it was usually just a hug, rather than him being stood erect, her topless and her breasts pressing against his naked back.

Paul barely knew what to say when she asked what he might like to do next, for all that was on his mind was furiously jerking off over the thought of his mother's breasts, but he wasn't going to tell her that!

"I dunno.

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