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Hot weather leads to a pool, sex, and love.

"Mmm-hmm...Right." Scarlet did not sound overwhelmingly convinced by K'zink's apparent innocence. "That's what they call it these days."

K'zink decided not to press his luck more just at the moment, and instead concentrated on the massage. Lechery aside, K'zink was a decent masseuse, though a professional would likely argue with that statement. He knew when to be gentle and when to be firm, and bit by bit the tension eased out of the human girl's body. Scarlet relaxed, and even gave off muttering odd threats of violence towards Drake. Mostly, anyway.

Minutes passed peacefully, Scarlet slipping into a half-doze as K'zink's fingers worked their magic on her back. The genasi traced around the shoulder blades, the moved down the spine. He paused in the small of her back, running a fist along it, then began once more at the shoulders. Scarlet's body was warm underneath his hands, and her skin, if a bit sooty and sweat-stained, was deliciously firm. Nothing but muscle beneath that smooth skin, not that anyone with Scarlet's fast-paced lifestyle was liable to get grow soft.

Nor was something else liable to go soft, K'zink though a little uneasily, feeling the bulge in his pants. Giving a massage to a beautiful and scantily clad young woman was having the expected effect on the ice genasi, and even if it was a rather pleasant effect, K'zink decided to cut his losses before he embarrassed himself.

"Well, I've got to go finish the dishes. Julian will give me that look if I don't finish it." K'zink said, referring to another of their housemates. The ice genasi gave Scarlet a last rub of the shoulders and got up. The red-haired young woman seemed half asleep already.

"Hmm...? Going so soon?" Scarlet said, rolling around onto her back and looking at K'zink lazily. "Think Julian can wait a bit?"

"Uh... sure?" K'zink said.

"Good. First you get me all hot and bothered, now you're running away." Scarlet said with a naughty smile on her rich lips. She sat up on the couch and in one smooth movement, pulled the short shirt off, tossing her auburn hair a little as it passed her head, and then dropped it down to the floor. Her pert tits, which had been pushing against the fabric of the shirt all day, were left free, two beautiful globes. "You didn't think you were going to get away that easily?"

K'zink tried to say something, but his mouth was too busy hanging open to help him with that. He'd known Scarlet looked good, but right now he felt that he'd walked into one of the dreams that left his sheets damp at night. A beautiful girl with a trim, athletic body and a saucy smile was sitting on the couch in front of him, naked above the waist. The tent in K'zink's pants was now impossible not to notice.

At any rate, Scarlet noticed it. Her smile grew broader, and she leaned back on the couch, giving K'zink a meaningful look. "Well? I'm waiting..."

The words snapped K'zink out of his reverie. Breathing suddenly short, the ice genasi fumbled with the drawstring around his pants, letting them fall to the floor. They were followed a moment later by the loose shirt K'zink wore for housework, and in short order the ice genasi was wearing even less than Scarlet was. His erection, finally freed of its stifling containment, wagged happily in the air. Scarlet's smile grew broader still.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one who was waiting." The red-head said, falling back happily on the couch as K'zink strode over. "Gods, fuck me already, I've been wanting this all day..."

The ice genasi nodded wordlessly, still lost in the sheer wonder of the situation. He clambered over the couch's armrest and kneeled, a little unsteadily, between the legs which Scarlet obligingly spread open for him. The hard-suffering couch was entirely too narrow for what the two had in mind, but neither felt like distracting themselves from the other enough to move themselves to the bed.

K'zink undid the broad leather belt which held Scarlet's short skirt

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