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Trailer trash Aunt seduces her nephew.

you going to just stand there dear or are you going to get dinner on the table?"

I looked up to see a knowing smirk on her face as she sat down and looked at me. I was shaking with nervousness as I set the table under her scrutiny. She watched my every move and sighed whenever I bent slightly with my back to her. Making me feel really subconscious about the length of my skirt. I wondered just how much I was revealing to her.

I began to set the table and every time I placed an article in front of John she would slide a hand up my hose covered leg until I felt her touch my an ass cheek. I felt electrical impulses shoot through my body every time she 'd grab a handful or pinch my ass until it stung and grew hot. I could feel my erection grow in the confines of my tight satin panties expanding towards my anus.

The last thing I did before I sat down was to pour us both some wine. This time I felt her slide between my legs and rub the front of my panties making me shiver uncontrollable.

"You're pretty hot tonight aren't you Connie?" John asked whispering into my ear and kissing my neck and giving my cock one last squeeze before letting go so I could sit down to eat.

Sitting on her left I noticed that my place had been moved as close as possible to her. When I crossed my legs our knees touched sending more shocks through my body. Through almost the entire meal John's hand caressed and fondled my nylon covered legs. I was so turned on I could barely eat. While waiting for her to finish I fought the urge to reach over and do some fondling of my own to see just how large an apparition John had come home with.

Finally John pushed back his chair and with a light slap on my thigh said, "I'll go put on some music while you clear the table, bring the wine with you when you come dear."

She kissed my forehead and turned to leave the room, I watched as she walked away. She did look pretty masculine dressed like that and I felt a flush begin to grow up my cheeks again. I had the table cleared and the dishwasher going in five minutes flat.

So with glass and bottle I tried to walk as seductively as I could into the living room. John had undone a few buttons and removed the tie revealing that she even had some how acquired chest hair. For some reason that seemed to thrill me and gave me a sexual rush that ended in the base of my spine.

Holding up the empty glass for me to pour, low enough so that I had to bend to fill it. I noticed her eyes looking down my top.

"Nice dress, you're really quite lovely in it Connie." she said with a smile.

"Thank you John." I replied feeling a flush rise to my face again.

"Sit with me dear, and lets relax for awhile."

She reached behind me and undid the apron, letting drop to the floor. Grabbing my hand she pulled down onto her lap. I could feel the fake penis against the back of my thighs. It felt huge and created a shiver up my spine.

John gulped down the glass of wine and set it on the table. Letting me take a sip she took the glass from me and set it down also. Then pulled my face towards hers and started kissing me. Slowly her aggressiveness grew until she forced her tongue past my lips. I could feel a hand rise up along my side to my chest. I felt another rush as I realized that I could actually feel the sensations right through the fake mammeries as she squeezed and rubbed them through the satin fabric. I couldn't stop myself from squirming against the bulge that I was sitting on. I began to feel a warm dampness in my panties.

A slow song started and John broke our kiss to suggest that we dance.

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