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Yvonne and Bonnie enjoy everyone in the group.

The barman obviously had seen me checking out the two girls and as I ordered a drink he lent over the bar a little and said the dark one is Vicki the blonde is Emma in case that helps but as he told me Vicki heard him and told him to disappear as I paid for my beer. I just didn't know how to react so I said hi I'm Marc and got well you know my name now don't you and with that she turned her back on me and continued her conversation with the other girl sat with her Emma I recalled her name was but as us lads do I was not going to give up that easy as I took the back of Vicki's chair turning her to face me and as she did I said I'm sorry girl but I just had to tell you I haven't seen any girl as hot as you in town ever. I guess I must have broken the ice as she said well buy me a drink and maybe we can chat a little as Emma is leaving soon anyway.

Being slightly the worse for wear from the alcohol and pain killers I had taken earlier on I still had a feeling these girls were different in fact I was pretty sure they were the kind of girls I had been looking for over the past few years, both of them were very convincing and Vicki was stunning in a tight black dress with long legs and high heels with her long black hair flowing half way down her back making her look amazing. Emma was just as stunning but was the opposite of Vicki, she was a bit more heavily set but still very attractive in stilettos with a satin skirt and a tight blouse showing off her obviously fake large cleavage which met the tips of her long blonde flowing hair. I was spoilt for choice but knew which of them I wanted to take home but as we sat together Emma began flirting with me and running her long nails up and down my thigh as Vicki sat watching as I attempted to make it clear that I fancied her and Emma would be second choice if she turned me down.

I took my chance as Emma announced she had to go to freshen up and left me sat with Vicki who didn't waste anytime in asking do you fancy Emma? I had to tell her straight I thought she was very nice but I actually fancied her to which she did not hesitate in leaning into my side and sliding her long fingernails over my groin sending shivers of excitement through me making me lose some control as I started to get hard. Vicki obviously liked what I had and as she lent into my side she told me quite clearly you can fuck us both with that if you want us, of course I did but really I could never take a Tgirl home let alone two but to my surprise Vicki said must have read my mind as she said I only live just down the road if you would be a gentleman and escort me home then maybe we can play together.

Now I knew Vicki wanted a good fucking and as Emma came back she pushed up against my other side and as she got comfortable she saw Vicki's hand caressing my now hard cock through my jeans and whispered into my ear so you fancy both of us? I had never fucked a Tgirl and now I had chance to have two together on the same night in a private flat nearby and there was no way I was going to turn them down but I soon remembered I had left Paul with the girl he had met upstairs so I made my excuses telling both the girls to give me 5 minutes and I would be back for them.

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