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Heather teases Keith; Heather and Tina host a party.

They fluttered delicately, and I moaned in misery as I touched one lightly...it felt so alien...

I looked back up at Titania, ready to complain, instead letting out a confused whimper as her throne seemed to double in height, and...and so did the table that was now almost level with my chest, and my clothing began to feel loose and baggy. A cold feeling of fear went through my stomach I realized what was happening. "S-smaller?! Y...you're making me smaller?! No! No, I don't want to be a fairy!!! You can't do this to me!"

All the sprites in the room tittered with laughter, and Titania joined them. "But Nissa, you'll make such a wonderful little fae! And you did ask for a small punishment..."

I climbed on top of the table as I shrank faster and faster, not wanting to be on the ground...my whole body buzzed with energy, and my head was tingling. I gasp in surprise as I feel something heavy and soft fall onto my back, then moan in embarrassment as I realize what it is...my shirt, covering me like a blanket. I pushed up at it, my wings flapping uselessly, and I crawled out of the neck hole shaking with anger.

"You bitch! You can't do this to me!!!" I stamp my foot on the table, feeling my face heat up with anger. The realization that I'm naked sets in right after that, and I let out a shriek of embarrassment, bringing one hand over my sex and the other across my chest. "You fucking fairy perverts!"

Titania quirked an eyebrow at me, pursing her lips as if contemplating a problem. "You're certainly adorable enough, but that mouth of yours....hmmm, let's see how we can improve it...."

"What the fuck do you mea~nnn...nnnnnmmmm...? Ahhhhnnn..." I let out a moan as I felt my head tingle again, almost as if my brain is buzzing...I shake it a little, bringing my hands up to rub at my forehead. "My brain feels all funny, cutie...h-huh?" I would never call anyone cutie, certainly not this witch! "I...I mean...my head feels weird, sugarplum!" My mouth dropped as my face flushed with heat, and I glared daggers up at the laughing queen. "What the heck did you do to my voice, sweetie cake? I sound so darn cute!!!" I let out a frustrated growl, stamping my foot again...

Clearly enjoying the show, Titania rose from her throne with a soft laugh, walking up to my table. I flinched back reflexively, feeling vulnerable and exposed, but all she did was lean down to look at me. "Well, you'll get no disagreement from me, Nissa; you're the cutest little thing I've seen in a while. But....hmmm.....you sound a little ungrateful? I can help with that, though." Another wave of feeling went through my head like before, but stronger and warmer, drawing a confused moan from my lips....what was this wench doing to me?!

"Well, Nissa? How do you feel?"

"Ummm....m-me, like, feel funny, honeybunch...ahh...ahhh..?!" My voice...that wasn't my voice! That wasn't how I talked!! I had always had a light voice, but this one was breathy and bubbly, sounding like I had just woken up from a sexy dream. And I had always prided myself on grammar; why was I talking like a bimbo?! "W-what you do?!?!?! Why me talk like this?!!?"

"Why, that should be obvious, Nissa. We're making you an absolutely adorable fairy!" Titania beamed down at me; the damn witch was clearly enjoying watching me squirm, but before I could reply, she waved her hand again. Another wave of intense warmth forced me to my hands and knees, and I felt my horrible wings start to flutter helplessly. "Of course, even if you sound cute...well, for you'll need to really look the part for your new career."

I let out a tiny moan as I trembled on the table, unable to speak; whatever that psychotic queen was talking about would have to wait.

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