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"Yes, sir."

"Would you like to look at the book again?" He took the book down and handed it to her.

She looked at him. He was medium height, older, slightly stocky and athletic, kind looking Jewish man. He was a familiar actor that she had seen before she started working for them in films and on TV. She had developed a crush on him, but of course never said anything. She accepted the book, and he held her gently as she turned the pages. He watched her read it, and as she did, slowly he massaged her shoulders, and asked if this was all right.

"Yes, sir."

"Are you a virgin, Gina?"

"Yes, sir."

"Would you like me to teach you about these things?"

She nodded quickly, her cheeks still red, her hands trembling slightly.

"Why don't you bring the book to the bedroom. I'll meet you there in a minute."


They met in his large, comfortable bedroom a few minutes later. He had lit some candles, and put on some soft jazz. He started by giving her a massage. It felt so good to have his strong hands on her small shoulders!

"Just relax, let me take care of you."

He massaged her shoulders, then moved down to remove her top. Her nipples and breasts were small, erect, she was incredible. He was so lucky to have this beauty under his roof! He could feel his erection straining in his jeans. He would train her to take care of him, since his wife was away so much. But first, he would have to deflower her gently and introduce her into the ways of love.

He gently sucked and licked her tiny breasts, and began fumbling with her shorts.

"Take these off," he said huskily. She complied, and was soon completely naked in front of him. He was astonished at her beauty and submission. "Lie on the bed."

She got on the bed, and he told her to spread her legs. She did, and he gently and tenderly explored between them. She was wet, aroused, and her tiny cunt was tight and very delicious. He gently fingered her, then began to lick her. He was so turned on but he knew to get this beauty under his spell he would have to make her cum hard. He licked and sucked her virginal pussy, which was sweet and tight. She had a light layer of hairs on her pussy and was becoming visibly turned on and breathing hard. He took two fingers and gently pushed her hymen aside. It was tight, very tight, and he wondered if she would be able to accommodate his huge cock. He found her G spot, and licked and sucked her clit as his fingers massaged deep inside her womanhood.

"Cum for me, Gina, it's OK, let yourself go completely."

He continued his gentle but firm assault on her body, and soon felt her orgasm and heard her cries of astonished joy. He felt her pulses deep inside her virginal pussy, and the wetness flood inside her. He licked and gently kissed her there, and knew she was his.

"How did that feel?"


"Have you ever had an orgasm before like that?"

"I touch myself, but nothing like that."

"I can teach you everything, Gina, do you want that?"

"Yes, sir, yes."

"OK, now I'm going to teach you how to orally pleasure a man."

"OK." She recovered, and he took off his clothes and lied on his back. She glanced at his huge cock, and looked away.

"Look at it, Gina, don't be afraid. Take your hands and put them on it like this." He showed her how to hold and rub a cock, and she was a quick study.

"Now put your mouth on it."

She complied, her small Japanese mouth almost too tiny to accommodate his large cock.

"Open your mouth all the way and try to get my cock all the way down your throat. I want you to take all of me inside your mouth."

She struggled to do as he asked, and after a moment of hesitation, opened her mouth and throat as wide as it would go and he pushed further down into her beautiful face.

"Now suck me, up and down, that's right." She sucked him eagerly, he stroked her long black hair which fell elegantly around her as she orally serviced him.

He could feel his orgasm coming close, but he wanted to hold off. He wanted to cum inside her virginal pussy, to claim it as his own.

"That's very good, sweetie, v

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