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i>a) Make use of his knowledge in certain financial areas, in which I was lacking,

b) To keep the now invaluable Mr. Wainwright close at hand, and

c) With Scotland Yard not totally convinced of my innocence with respect to Mr. Gray's demise, I thought it prudent to have legal advice that I might trust close at hand.

Mr. Wainwright made himself invaluable to me almost immediately with several sound suggestions as to how I might invest my fortune. To wit: I should hold the real estate for the foreseeable future as London was growing as no city in history ever had before. The jewelry should be properly appraised and then placed in a bank's vault for safe keeping. But most importantly, that I should immediately take advantage of the coming conflict in America between the North and the South, playing both ends against the middle as it were before the inevitable war broke out.

On close examination, I determined several opportunities presenting themselves to anyone willing to take a marginal risk. I was certainly up to that and more. I requested Mr. Wainwright prepare a list of men he deemed trustworthy in business matters. I did not mention that I would have the names checked and double checked by some people at Oxford who were reputed very knowledgeable of bankers, traders and businessmen in London's circles.

Within a few short months Mr. Wainwright proved he was worth every penny, earning himself a smart bonus by instructing me to sell my North American holdings forthwith; thereby averting certain grievous losses in what was to be called the Panic of 1857.

That choice piece of history came about with the failure of the New York branch of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co., a major financial force that collapsed following massive embezzlement. Mr. Wainwright had the good fortune to have a cousin in America working in the Attorney General's offices who was kind enough to supply him with certain advance information on the matter. Hard on the heels of this event were other setbacks that shook the American public's confidence:

• The decision of British investors to remove funds from American banks raised questions about overall soundness.

• The fall of grain prices spread economic misery into rural American areas.

• Manufactured goods began to pile up in warehouses, leading to massive layoffs and then widespread railroad failures occurred, an indication of how badly over-built the American system had become.

• Finally, land speculation programs collapsed with the railroads, ruining thousands of investors.

Of course, as soon as it was deemed safe to do so, the monies were reinvested right back and reaped tremendous profits before, during and after the horrific Civil War.

But I digress. It was dizzy with plans of bright future that I wandered back to the Mooring's boarding house. Perhaps I looked a bit drunk, but as I'd had but a few pints with the regulars I was certain it would not be evident to the casual observer. Drunk I was though, I conceded readily enough. But with the power of my future prospects for I was now an incredibly wealthy man.

As I made myself at home, quaffing half a pint in one long swallow, then plopped my arse heavily upon the couch. Soon enough I heard a sound in the next room. "Who's there?' I asked, burped and then laughed at my actions. I knew it was Annabelle Lee readying herself for me and I listened all the harder to make certain it was she and not her mother.

With lewd intent, I kept myself still and heard movements as of a woman undressing. I emptied the tankard of its ale and had myself half-undressed, and then barely able to suppress a giggle, I picked up the honey-pot and brought it to the door and pissed, long and hard. Thinking in my nearly drunken state (the pint easily taking advantage of me after a stress-filled day) the sounds of my piss would arouse and excite the lovely Annabelle Lee.

I knocked gently, and called

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