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So I deduced they must have gone, and left for my own work.

That night was much the same, as Morgan arrived home at about 8, after me. I saw that the car that dropped her off was different, and it drove down the road after dropping her off. She was smiling widely as she walked up to our front door, and I asked who that was, quite annoyed it wasn't Tim. I didn't know what to expect her to say, and when she said it was Tim's director of operations at the office, I didn't know how to react. She walked past me and sat down at the table once again.

I joined her and her mother as she told her that today she had spent more time helping out Ross, the man who Tim reported to. My wife was very pleased with this, saying that our daughter would be able to get a good recommendation from such an important figure in the company. I had not thought of this immediately, rather concerned that Tim had let our daughter ride home with someone we didn't know. When I brought it up, my wife too found it very inappropriate, telling Morgan she should have called to tell us. Morgan reasoned that she "had her hands full at the office as Ross had to close a deal that forced him to stay later than Tim. Tim had not wanted to wait behind, so I told him I would be fine to get a ride with Ross." We refused to admit that it was alright, insisting she call us next time, and ate dinner with less conversation than the previous night.

The next day I was at work early, which gave me a long lunch break. I thought I would make the ten minute walk through the city to Tim's office to pay a surprise visit on him and my daughter. I thought it would be weird seeing my daughter in an office, as I asked different people at desks which floor and where on the floor I could find Tim Andrews. I finally found myself outside an office door with two names on plaques, one being my neighbour's. The blinds to the office were drawn, but I could hear movement inside so tried opening the door. It was locked. The moving stopped and I knocked on the door.

Tim replied through the door asking who it was and went very silent when I mentioned "a surprise visitor". He said in a jovial tone that he wouldn't be a minute, that Morgan was just helping him with something. More than a minute later, he opened the door, "I was wondering who would be knocking in lunch hour! Come in mate."

"Dad! What are you doing here?" My daughter greeted me with a hug. She was very warm, and I thought I could see some perspiration on her forehead.

The office was quite large, and had two desks in it at either end. Morgan and Tim directed me to chairs at one end with a very messy desk. I had not thought of Tim as a messy guy, but papers we're everywhere and it all looked very unprofessional. "Obviously you can see why I needed Morgan's help here," he motioned to his mess. I looked around at the other end and was surprised to find another man inside. He looked busy, but still not busy enough not to open the door if Tim or Morgan couldn't.

He looked up and Tim introduced me to Greg. He was a sturdy man with glasses and a balding head, the hair he did have was a little messy. But he seemed like a nice guy and spoke very well. I thought it a little strange that there was a pair of black trousers hanging over one side of his desk. Who takes two pairs of trousers to work? Well, their office was a little different to what I had expected, but I still thought it would be a great place for my daughter to get some experience. So Tim had Morgan go get some sandwiches for the three of us and we had lunch together.

About half an hour later, I was getting ready to leave, saying goodbye to Greg and noticing the pants were gone from his desk.

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