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From here the path could still clearly be seen through the tree-trunks, but Jack's main worry now wasn't being seen, but whether he could maintain his erection, which was already starting to wilt. Tentatively he undid the drawstring of his shorts and pulled them down.

Debbie, on the other hand, was consumed with lust, and in a instant had stripped off her bikini, top and bottom, to reveal full swinging boobs and (in contrast to Eva) a fully shaven crotch, which Jack found even more sexy.

'Let's get you stiffened up,' said Debbie, and, kneeling before Jack, held his now quite shrunken cock up and fastened her lips round it. For all his nerves, Jack couldn't help but revel in the cool succulent pressure of her mouth. Closing his eyes, he stood there, pressing his hands gently around the back of Debbie's head, and listening to the rhythm of the waves, whose gentle cadence seemed somehow to blend naturally with the glide of Debbie's mouth up and down his penis. His fingertips strayed from Debbie's curls and down to her shoulders, which he massaged tenderly. Gradually he relaxed, feeling himself swell once again.

Debbie, giving head for the very first time, found the transformation of his little limp organ into something that stretched right to her throat a curious experience, but nothing more. So, in glorious selfishness, she decided she would pleasure Jack a little longer, but then it would be his turn to go down on her. And, as her mouth withdrew to the very tip of the cock, at which she nibbled gently, her thoughts were all on what would happen when she drew his mouth to her own groin.

Swiftly she moved away and lay on her back, drawing her legs up and splaying them wide as she gazed up at him with coy inviting eyes.

'Lick me. Lick me, baby,' she pleaded in hushed tones.

Obediently, Jack knelt down and lowered his head between Debbie's thighs. Slowly, caressingly, he prised her slit open, felt for her clit with his tongue and began to sweep the tip of it round that tiny dome in swift circles. Debbie heaved her groin at him, shrieking, and rubbed her mushy pussy over his face in ecstasy. Jack probed more deeply into her, and suddenly she came, her womanhood contracting on his tongue as she shuddered in disbelief.

'That was....amazing,' she intoned dreamily, staring vacantly up at the seagulls wheeling high above. Jack didn't reply, but instead moved his face gradually upwards to her mouth, brushing her peachy skin lightly with his tongue all the way. For a few moments they French-kissed passionately. Then Jack hoisted himself to arm's length above her and gazed down, admiring the generous upper curves of her boobs. She looked back at him, smiling.

'Get off me a moment,' she whispered. Jack eased himself back onto his haunches.

In what seemed to Jack the twinkling of an eye, Debbie now rolled over and positioned herself on all fours. A moment before Jack had been admiring her pretty features. Now her pale broad rump mooned up at him.

'Fuck me,' she commanded him. Gingerly Jack knelt behind her, slid the flat of his hands between her thighs and pulled them apart. He pink fleshy pussy was now fully exposed to his view. He guided his prick to her lips and eased it into her, feeling the soft clamp of her insides against him as he slowly drove the full length of her. Pressing his palms into her flanks, he hammered in and out, frenziedly trying to achieve ejaculation. Debbie gasped, softly at first, then more heavily, and finally moaned out loud. Her knees scrabbling in the undergrowth, she reached underneath herself to rub her clitoris with her right hand.

But now it was over in seconds. Jack climaxed in silence, waves of his seed flooding the girl's belly. His penis shrank and flopped clear of her. Debbie rolled onto her back and Jack collapsed on top of her, panting, his head resting on her big bosom.

Debbie lay still, cradling Jack's head in the crook of her left arm and gently tousling his hair with her right.

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