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Cammie and Rory find completion.

He was managing quick breaths through his mouth, but that wasn't easy around the massive lump of flesh he was sucking and licking. He didn't care though because he loved being in this position. As he sucked, he could feel her leg muscles tightening as she approached her orgasm. He also could hear his twin sister Kristen moaning and knew that she would be cumming real soon.

While Kevin was sucking his sisters swollen clit, he was slowly stroking his eight inch cock. He couldn't wait to put it into Hannah's pussy, but he wanted her to cum first. Running out of air again, Kevin came up with another idea and spit her clit out of his mouth, instead grabbing it with his fingers and pinching it. Intending to surprise her, he slid his tongue up through her slit and kept going until he was at her anus. Hearing her sudden intake of breath, he knew that he had hit on something that she wasn't expecting.

Hannah was more than surprised when Kevin began rimming her asshole with his tongue. She tried to raise up to ask him what he was doing, but Kristen had taken control and grabbed her head as her orgasm was very near. It was a different feeling for sure, but it was very nice, and soon she was moaning loudly into her sisters cunt. It was hard to concentrate on what her mouth was doing while there was such magic going on behind her. She was so close to orgasm and when she felt her brother pushing his tongue into her asshole, along with the pinching of her clit, she was pushed over the edge and started to cum

As Hannah began to cum, her teeth clenched somewhat, putting just the right amount of pressure on Kristen's clit, which sent her over the top and into her orgasm. She squeezed her legs together, pinning Hannah's head tightly between them as she screamed and came, her pussy throbbing and spewing creamy cum.

Kevin had just managed to push the tip of his tongue part way into Hannah's asshole when she started to cum causing her sphincter muscle to clench and push him back out. His hand was still pinching her clit though and he started rubbing it while pushing the first two fingers of his other hand into her dripping pussy. He hooked his fingers down and and wiggled them against her G-spot.

The feeling for Hannah was so intense that she tried picking her head up out of her sisters cunt, but her head was still trapped between squeezing thighs. Her hands were useless too because Kristen was gripping them so tightly while she rode out her orgasm. Unable to speak, unable to move away, and unable to push Kevin away, Hannah felt a huge gush from inside that felt somewhat like peeing, but was way more pleasurable. It took a moment for her brain to register what had happened and realize that her very own eighteen year old brother, the youngest in the family, had made her squirt for the very first time.

As Kristen finally came down from her intense orgasm, she released the death grip hold of her older sister's head and let go of her hands. Through half lidded eyes she watched Hannah lift her face up out of her crotch. Hannah's face was a mess of pussy juice and saliva, and Kristen thought at that very moment, she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Hannah turned her head to look at her brother, who was standing with his prick in his hand, and smiled a dreamy smile. "Holy shit Kev, where did you learn how to do that?" she asked, her thighs quaking from the aftereffects of her orgasm.

"Let's just say that I have a good teacher. Now, who wants to get fucked first?"

Hannah and Kristen looked at each other and Kristen said "You can go first sis, you've been missing out on his cock lately."

Hannah smiled brightly and crawled up on her hands and knees until she was even with her sister's face. "Mmm, thanks sweetie," she said and kissed her on the lips. Kristen tasted her own pussy on her sister's full lips, and she drove her tongue deep into her mouth looking for more..

Kevin couldn't wait another minute and climbed onto the bed behind his older sister.

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