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Stephanie starts teaching Loren to be Laura.

I figured it was the kids calling to see what I was up to, so I didn't bother to turn down the music. When I heard Cole's voice, I almost fell off the ladder that I was on. "Hello, Lynn. This is Cole. Am I catching you at a bad time?"

I hurriedly skittered down the ladder. "No, you aren't catching me at a bad time. Please let me just turn down my music." I put the phone down to catch my breath. Something about this guy was really getting to me. I felt like I had run a marathon before I picked the phone back up. I had to actually slow my breathing down a bit. "Okay, I am back," I said settling onto the couch.

"Girl, what you know about some Monk?" Cole laughed. "I don't find many folks cuddling up to Thelonious when I call them."

Talking to him about music put me at ease. Before I knew it, we had moved on to a few other topics and one seemed to be flowing into another. I happened to glance at the clock and saw that we had been on the phone for four hours. Boy, did that time fly. "Cole, do you know what time it is?" I asked. I was so surprised that it was almost nine at night. "We have been on the phone for hours."

Cole sounded surprised as I was when he noted the time. "Wow, I am not a phone person by nature. I can't believe that you have had me on the phone, talking and joking this long." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I had to talk to you, Cole." I smiled back into the phone. "After all, you were my knight in shining lambskin today." It seemed so weird that we had just met today. I felt like I had known him all my life.

"Okay, Miss Thang. It is now the time for you to pay for your groceries. Come over and I will make you a little dinner and I will play some Miles Davis for you. Might even let you sit at the big boy's table while I beat you up in some dominoes." He was trying to get my goat, because I let him know I was a certified dominologist. We had been going back and forth all day on who had the mad skills.

I couldn't resist joking back. "Sure, just let me know where to show up. I am coming with my big girl panties on and my A game, baby. Bet you can't do it like me." As mad as I was at being suckered into this date, I was ready to go and spend some time with my new friend.

Cole laughed deeply. "Girl, leave them big girl panties at the crib. We likes thongs and thangs over this way." We both giggled over that. "Seriously though, Lynn, dress up a little and we can do it up nice. You are so cool that I want to impress you a little bit." I could still hear the smile in his voice.

"Okay, okay. Sheesh! Make a girl dress up at all hours of the night. I will see what I can pull together at such a late hour." I was already trying to figure out what I was going to wear over to Cole's. I wanted to surprise him a little and give him something to think about when I left.

After a couple more minutes of joking and getting directions, I headed off to get ready for my evening with Cole. I made sure to shave anything that could be shaved. He wasn't going to get to see any of it. I just wanted to know I was coming with my A game altogether. After shaving, I took a soak in a milk bath. After that, I rubbed my body down with my favorite body oil and air-dried my skin. In case he rubbed against me, I wanted my skin to be as soft as possible. Before I slipped into my stockings, I sprayed all my pulse points with Issy Miake perfume. Even though he wasn't going to get to touch, I still wanted to be alluring.

My stockings were from a recent trip to France. I don't know why I wore them. I only know I wanted to feel sexy. Silk pantyhose with the seams up the back made me feel sexy. As I fastened my black silk garters, I giggled to myself. My sexy underwear would be my little private joke. Only I would know how sexy I was under my clothes. I pulled out my sheer black lace bra and put it on. I was admiring how my pretty milk chocolate breasts overflowed just a little, when the phone rang.

I knew it was Cole before I picked up.

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