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He invites a friend to join us...

We were curious how it would feel so we decided to do it to each other. I don't mind telling you that it made me hot as hell to have her hands, the warm lather and the razor sliding all over me he like that. We were both virgins but had masturbating a few times in private."

"By the time I finished shaving her, there was juice dripping out of her pussy, so, just like in one of the stories from the magazine I licked it. The moment I touched her, she had an organism. Then, she did me. It was so good that we did it quite a few more times after that. I have always wanted a man to do that to me."

"You have never had a man eat your pussy?"

"No, would you like to? I know it's making me hot as hell just talking about it. My panties are soaked and I am going to have a wet spot on the back of my uniform skirt. Look the other way so I can slide out of my panties and wipe my pussy."

I looked away and there was a lot of movement in the passengers seat. When I looked back, there was a pair of very soggy, white cotton panties on the seat between us. "It looks like the conversation bothered you too, didn't it. You've got a hard on haven't you?"


She leaned over and put her hand on my crotch. "Well, I thought so, it feels as big and hard as a flashlight. Do you eat pussy?"

I couldn't help but remember Mrs. Muller, my instructor in the art of cunnilingus. "I sure do." I didn't tell her that I had only done it a couple of times and then, each time with the same woman. "I would love to taste a shaved one. Do you still do that?"

"Yeah, do you shave around your dick?"

"No, I've never tried that."

"Well, I'm not going to suck your cock and get hairs in my mouth."

"I will shave tonight!"

"To hell with that, were going somewhere and have sex right now! My pussy is aching for a big cock. There is a sleazy little motel just a few blocks ahead. Don't worry, I'll pay half. We can take the hand-held radio in with us and stay in touch. Nobody will miss us."

We found the motel. I took off my leggings, sidearm, arm band and helmet and went in to register. The clerk was probably used to sailors coming in for a quick one. He barely looked at me when he shoved the $20 bill into his pocket and handed me the key to unit No. 9, way in the back. I stopped in front of the cabin, let her out and went to conceal the car.

By the time I got back to the tiny room, she was just stepping out of the shower. The military uniform had been hiding something from me. She was very well built, short blond hair, hazel eyes, perhaps 5 ft. 5 in., 130 pounds, nice breasts and a firm, flat tummy. I could see that she was in excellent physical shape, but the most outstanding feature was the complete lack of hair anywhere on her body. Her pussy was white and creamy, and looked delicious.

"OKAY sailor, hit the showers and then we can get to work."

It took me less than two minutes to wash my face, arm pits, cock and ass. I came out of the shower drying off with my dick sticking straight out in front of me. She was sitting on the bed and my heart dropped when she said, "I've changed my mind."

"You mean were not going to..."

"No, no," she said as she reached out for me. "I mean about sucking your cock. I didn't know it was so handsome. Come here and let me have a taste."

I stood in front of her while she slid her lips all over my cock and fondled my balls with her soft hands. Now and then she would run her fingertips up against my ass hole, making me jump. I hadn't realized how much our earlier conversation had affected me until I felt her tongue swirling around the tip of my dick and experienced the suction of her mouth. I tried to hold back, but it was like trying to stop the tide from falling. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and enjoyed filling her mouth with my sperm.

"Now, it's your turn to do me sailor. Make me cum with your tongue."

She lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide, bent at the knees.

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