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She can't pay the bill in cash.

"Take as long as you want. I'm not going anywhere."

~ * ~ * ~

It was a speed bump that hit us pretty hard. Well, hit me pretty hard. Jennifer didn't understand what had happened and I didn't fill her in on it. She was still eager to have her mother with us, and after a week I relented, and we had another family outing. It was still a couple more weeks before I took Sarah out on another date. We didn't end up in bed, but it was better.

Two more dates, and once again we finished in her apartment. We were slow and hesitant, moving the action to the bedroom. She was cautious, getting me naked and erect, before mounting me. Tricky woman, she took the decision out of my hands, controlling the action and tempo. It was good and she was loving and attentive. After she got me off, we cuddled, but she was careful to keep the bad thoughts away, distracting me, talking about our daughter's schooling, while teasing me back into action.

I knew that no matter what I did, she wasn't going to say a word about it. She wouldn't risk another blow up like last time. I enjoyed it, enjoyed her, my mind free of thoughts of the past for the moment. We worked our way through a few positions, before finishing with her under me, face-to-face.

We cuddled afterward, and she kissed my chest. "Stay?"

"I can't. The babysitter can't stay. I'm already going to be late."

She nodded. "I understand. That was wonderful."

I wondered if it truly was, or if she was just trying to make me feel good. I could tell that it wasn't as good as the last time, when she had complained. She had come repeatedly for me then cried about it. Tonight, it was quieter, more loving, but less passionate. She certainly didn't respond as well. Maybe it was all in my head.

~ * ~ * ~

It became more regular. We went out once or twice a week for dinner, and got together for lunch when we could. We ended up in her bed a couple of times a week, and it got better. I'm pretty sure she was hoping that I'd invite her back to our home, where she could spend the night, but I still wasn't sure if I wanted to get Jennifer's hopes up that high. Yes things were good, but they weren't perfect.

It had been four months since we'd started dating, and I was still trying to get past the last of my insecurities. Sarah, for her part, was loving, patient, affectionate, and willing.

Jennifer had a friend's birthday party to go to, and it was a sleepover. Sarah and I hadn't been able to spend the night together, but I figured it was time. We did a movie together, and a light dinner. Afterward, she didn't say anything as I drove her back to our home, rather than her apartment. She did reach over and caress my thigh, up to my balls.

She had been at the house many times in the last few months, but it was the first time it was just the two of us. I opened a bottle of wine for us, and when I handed her a glass I saw the tears in her eyes. "Something wrong?" I asked.

"No. I'm happy."

We finished the bottle, and ended up in bed together. She went down on me, and looked up slowly. "Can we skip the condom tonight?"

I had insisted on using one up until then. I finally nodded, and she mounted me. She was as wild and passionate as she'd ever been, and wore me out before finally letting me come. It was obvious she wasn't done with me. As soon as I'd finished, she had her mouth on my cock, and wouldn't let up until I was hard again.
"Will you do something for me, baby?" she asked.

After that? She hardly needed to ask. "Sure."

"I . . . I want you to have my ass. I never should have denied it to you, and one of the things I most regret was not stopping that jerk from taking it first. Please? Do my bottom." She got up on her hands and knees, lowered her head to the bed, and wiggled her hips. "Please?"

I probably should have been mad, but damn, her butt looked good. I knelt behind her, and kissed her pale butt cheeks.

"In my purse," she said softly. "Lube."

She searched through her purse after I passed it to her, and came out with a small tube. "Here. You can't use too much."

I lubed her up, and

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