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Regan finds herself the centre of a massive breeding project.

I looked up at her face and that expression that I had never seen before. She meant this to happen and she was enjoying the fact that she was in a dominant position over me.

"Ok, do it!" Jason cried out. With that Jody grabbed my body top at the neckline, and with one tug tore it apart. My breasts were exposed and she pinned me down even harder licking my nipples in turn and playing to the camera. I struggled at first and then resigned to it. I began to enjoy it. Her tongue and lips lifting my nipples with the dampness in the cool air making them peak.

She sat up across my thighs and unfastened my shorts. Her fingers began to reach into my panties and over my mound. I looked up at her as she probed her fingers between my barely dampened lips, seeking out my love bud, which she touched gently, making me jerk. "That's it Louise, get nice and wet for me," she whispered.

Because roughness was part of the theme, I played along with it as much as I could, but most of the emotion was real feelings to me. She pulled away both my shorts and panties quickly, freeing them from my legs. I had never known Jody to actually take on such a dominant role before during our past sexual activities. There had always been an equal gentleness between us.

Spreading my thighs, she went down on me. And I looked up at the camera showing my feelings, moaning and licking my lips truly loving her ministrations as she dug her tongue deep into my pussy and licked my clit in a way that I always enjoyed. Jason zoomed in on the action and I put my fingers on either side of my lips, opening myself wider so that nothing was hidden. I tried to hold back as much as I could, but my orgasm soon reached it peak, forcing me to release and lacquering her lips with my juices.

"You know something?" Jason began. "You two really do give me some great female cum shots. That's unusual sometimes, especially in the studios when I used to film this stuff."

What he did not realise was, this stuff was more supercharged with raw emotion. Neither Jody nor I was used to doing it. We were pure amateurs and this was for real feeling we had for each other.

After a while, and a few more of those cumming moments later, we rested. Jody was still fully clothed, and I was the only one naked. We shared more of the wine and I watched the tape as I ran the whole thing back.

"Why don't you two get naked so I can tape you?" I suggested. "I have the camera and it's my turn to do some directing."

"What would you want us to do?" Jason asked.

"Fuck her like there's no tomorrow." I said. Jody began to laugh but I was serious. "Do it!"

"I have a better idea first." Jason said, raising his hand.

"Ok, what's that?"

"Get her to strip."

"Wait a minute! I can't strip to save my life." Jody replied.

"Yes you can. I watched you do it once, remember." I reminded her.

"That was fooling around."

"So is this." Jason said. "Just fooling around for the camera and us three."

"In the open air?"

"What is the difference? We are all alone here. There is nobody around for miles." I said. With that she stood up and looked at me pointing the lens at her. "You look good Jody. Now, show us what you can do."

Without music or rhythm, she looked awkward but like me, I knew she was playing a tune in her mind, which helped a little. She swayed and opened her dress, slipping out of it with grace leaving her with just her underwear. I could see Jason enjoying the tease of it all and pointed the camera at him almost drooling before switching back to Jody removing her bra.

In an articulate way she used the tree as a prop, gently rubbing up against the rough bark, which must have been a little harsh. Then teased off her panties, throwing them into Jason's' eagerly awaiting face so that he could savour her sweet aroma.

"Oh God! My cock is going into seizure!" he shouted. That comment made me start to laugh and I had to stop taping.

"Now it's your turn Mister Luvaluva." I told him.


"Strip for the girls.

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