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Domestic discipline turns erotic.

"I did that?" she asked him.

"Yes." He saw no reason to hide it from her, it would only come back to bite him.

"Sorry." she said to the room in general.

"Don't worry about it, they are used to being thrashed by beautiful women." he teased.

"Beautiful women? Plural?" she demanded with mock severity. "Just how many 'beautiful women' have you kidnapped?" she gave beautiful women air quotes.

He smiled at her. "None as beautiful as you."

Laughing she gave him a light punch on his shoulder. "You're not funny."

Absently she rubbed the spot she had punched as if to soothe the hurt away. Trevyn wasn't going to tell her he hadn't even felt the punch, he loved her light loving touch. A caress meant to mollify but instead managed to excite him. Taking hold of the hand he kissed her palm, she looked up to him, her eyes intent. "How did I do it?" her voice was little more than a whisper.

"You were only defending yourself against what you perceived to be a threat."

"But how did I do it?"

"I don't know."

Resting her head against his chest she sighed. "I think I'll go lie down like you suggested," she sighed. "I can't take more of this right now."

"I'll come and tuck you in."

She blushed then gave him a shy smile. He knew she was a bit embarrassed by the audience they had but at least it took her mind off the fact that she had just realised she wasn't human. He knew she would sleep; she looked like she could barely keep her eyes open. When she woke up they would have to talk about a few things. With her head down she walked out.

"That's a dangerous woman." his friend Tate stated drawing his eyes away from where he had been watching Tara.

"What do you mean?"

"Remember how the women of predatory races always look so fragile and vulnerable?"

Trevyn couldn't get what he was trying to say. "Yes?" he questioned.

"Your mate goes beyond that." he explained. "I want to go out and slay dragons in her name and you know I don't exert myself all that much." Trevyn looked to the stairs she had just gone up. He couldn't deny what his friend was saying; Tara's vulnerable air went beyond the norm. Innocence radiated about her as if it were a halo. "All of which means she is the biggest predator we have ever encountered."

Damn it, this was Tara they were talking about. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Yet there was no way he could deny what Tate was saying. Tara had a vibe that drove men to defend and take care of her. Moreso now that she was immortal. Before he had never taken it into consideration, used as he was to immortal women with that hint of innocent vulnerability.

It made sense though, if she was akin to the immortal fire she was more than your average predatory immortal. Maybe he needed to have everyone out of the house until he knew what her powers were. She would never forgive herself if she hurt someone. Not that he expected them to agree, he couldn't recall a time in his life where he had been left totally on his own.

"I think you should all leave until we figure out how to control her powers and what they are." He had to try at least.

"Right," the sarcasm in his friend's voice was hard to miss. "We'll leave you alone when we know the council is going to be gunning for your hide and that of your new-born of a mate. That's a real good idea Trevyn, why didn't we think of that?"

Trevyn raked his hand through his hair in frustration. "Damn if Tate, she just manifested immortal fire without even being aware of it. We both know how hard it is to conjure even a flicker of it and all this while maintaining a human aura. There is no telling what she's capable of and if she inadvertently kills any of you she'll never get over it. I'm immune to whatever power she has but none of you are."

"She is our Alpha; we will stay to protect her." His enforcer stated.

Trevyn blinked at that, he had not taken that into consideration.

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