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Romance is in the air.

Joe got up and headed down the hall. He knocked on Mar's door, peeked his head in and said, "Hey, Mar, can I see you a sec?" Marianna tells Brenda she'll be right back. Joe takes one look at Marianna and tells Brenda, "There's been an issue, nothing big, but it may be a while; just make yourself at home."

He closes the door and tells Mar, "Follow me." She follows him back into his den. He closes the door behind her, not noticing when it opened an inch or two. She has a worried look. "Everything ok?" she asks.

"Yes and no," replies Joe, as he unzips his pants and frees his completely hard cock. "My cock needs sucked."

Mar looks down, licks her lips and says, "Right now, Joe?"

"Yes, Marianna, right now. Be Daddy's good slut and come over here."

Marianna steps forward then looks back towards her room. "B-Brenda," she stutters.

"Don't worry about Brenda, angel; Daddy just wants you to make him feel good for a little bit. Be a good girl and come here." He looks at Marianna, knowing she can't resist. The girl loves her Daddy's cock. Sure enough she gets on her knees and helps him by unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down to his ankles. Once out of the pants his cock, oozing pre-cum, smacks her in the face.

"Suck it," says Joe, as he pushes her face into his cock.

She knows exactly what to do. She gently grabs his shaft down at the base and holds it firmly with her hand and begins to run her tongue up and down his shaft, getting his dick wet with her saliva. She uses her other hand to reach up and gently rub his balls, beginning to slowly suck his head into her perfect little mouth. She never takes her eyes off him while she is running her tongue all over his cock sucking him deep into her mouth. She starts to use her hand to jack him off while she is sucking him. She changes her rhythm often, just like Daddy taught her.

Joe watches her sucking him; he is trying to get all 9 inches shoved down her throat. He loves watching her work his knob. He knows she is wet just from the idea of what he will give her.

"Get up." She immediately takes his cock out and stands up. No more hesitation, no more worries about poor lonely Brenda. "Daddy's hungry." That's all he has to say. She starts to undress. She is in her regular tank top and shorts. No bra, no panties, just the way he likes her. Sure enough, her shorts are wet. She stands before him, naked, practically panting.

"Where do you want me, Daddy?" she asks.

"Bend over the desk." Joe likes to fuck her at his desk. He has a big mirror right behind it and he likes to watch himself make this little 18 year-old beg him to fuck her. He likes to see the look of joy on her face while he fucks her from behind, on top and every other damn way he can get his cock in her. Judging from the fact that you can see her pussy juice running down her legs, she does too. He walks to her, presenting her ass and pussy, turning back to look at him.

"Are you Daddy's girl?" he asks.

"Yessss," she breathes. He delivers a hard and fast smack to her ass.


"YES!" she cries.

Joe starts to massage where he smacked her, kneading her ass cheeks; she moves her body in rhythm with his rubbing. He starts by sliding her ass cheeks apart, kneading, rubbing, barely touching her, working his way from her tight asshole, down to her slit, never penetrating his fingers into her, just gliding them over, spreading her pussy juice all over. She is moaning now.

"Do you like it?" he whispers into her ear, as he leans over her, pressing his cock into her backside, still rubbing and gliding his fingers over all her sweet spots. In response, she moans louder and whispers back, "Yes, Daddy."

"What do you want baby girl? Tell daddy." Joe smiles to himself, waiting for it. "MmmmmMMmmm Daddddy....oommmmm....please fuck me. Make me cum, Daddy, please."

Joe slides two fingers into her pussy after she tells him. "Like that?" he says.

This time she says it louder.

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