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The messenger delivers a message.

One of the guy's must've had some range shooting his wad because there was a dried cumstain on the pillow case.

"If I wake up and see you're not sleeping on that pillow, stain side facing up, we're going to have problems, is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

And with that I went back downstairs, fluffed up my cum stained pillow and laid my head to finally rest. The remainder of the evening was peaceful to sleep through though I knew I had to be awake before them.

The following morning I woke and headed back to the kitchen. I started making a stack of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee. I filled a tray with the food, cups, plates and silverware and headed up stairs to the bedroom. I knocked advising that breakfast was served and Alex opened the door for me. John and Angie were wrapped around each other in bed, cuddling. On a small table off by our bedroom window I set the place settings for each person to eat breakfast, poured their coffees and added sugar and creamer as they requested. When they were all up and eating I went ahead and made the bed again and left them to their meal. Upon going back upstairs to get the remaining dishes I walked in on my girl blowing Alex. She stopped for a moment and looked up to advise me to ensure the bathroom was properly stocked and that I was to help everyone get clean.

Upon finishing up with the dishes I made sure the bathroom had enough soap, shampoo, towels and such. I had gotten out 2 of my bathrobes for the guys to use if they needed. I turned the shower on and let the water warm up and then John came in the shower first. I undressed as well and got in with him. I lathered up a rag with soap and began scrubbing his body, every inch of it for him. He was slightly more muscular than me, and I couldn't take my eyes off his tool. I am not attracted to men, but you know how we all peak? Well I was up close and personal. His dwarfed mine in size and I was amazed at it. Cleaning it with the wash cloth I felt tiny and insignificant in comparison. He was double my 4 inches and at least 3 times as wide around as me. When he was done with his shower, I dried him off with a towel and helped him into my bathrobe. As he was brushing his teeth, putting on deodorant and such Alex stepped into the shower to take his place and I repeated the process. Alex was only about 7inches, but again he was a bit more than double my girth. He about my height, and a stocky guy. You could tell he had muscle but he had a bit of pudge over it all. Again I finished up with him.

Angie's turn came and she kicked me out of the shower and told me I wasn't allowed to see her naked.

Through the the remainder of the weekend we will continued to play out like this. I prepared all the meals, they took her in any room they saw fit. I was never allowed to be present and if I was when they initiated she'd bark at me to leave at once.

I cleaned the house, i cleaned any mess they made. If they fucked on our couch, bed, or counters I had to be summoned to wipe up the mess they made so it wouldn't stain the furniture or so someone wouldn't have to sleep in a wet spot.

Sunday for lunch we all went out to lunch. I chauffeured in our Explorer while Angie and Alex rode in the back on the way there and her and John in the back on the way back home. As I drove I watched in the rear view as they flirted endlessly, sometimes making out.

Throughout the weekend she exclusively remained easily accessible, during the day choosing to stay in skirts and matching nylons and heels and a matching blouse. At night she dressed more formal but remained in a dress. She was sex incarnate all weekend even when she wasn't getting laid, always looking her sexiest. Our home had been transformed so all of us got to play out our fantasies and the fantasy seemed more like real life now than reality.

Sunday morning I helped them shower again and at this point I've almost become used to being a servant from the time I wake up until I fall asleep in the wee hours.

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