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Somali vampire meets Haitian werewolf in Ottawa.

She turns on her side as she gathers in the side cutters before they disappear under her body. A bit of squirming about and her hands are free; the residue of the plastic cuffs still clinging to one wrist. A moment later she standing in front of me; right in my face as Diego has brought me up to a more vertical posture. The 'sweetie pie' persona's no longer visible in her countenance. Instead I sense the girl who ruthlessly and efficiently early this morning knocked so many of my friends to the ground and had them tied up almost before they knew what was happening.

Still entirely held up by Diego - unable to even touch the ground with my feet - I've instinctively wrapped my legs backwards around his to try and give myself an illusion of stability and support.

The bombshell puts a finger of each hand inside the small roughly cut slit in my outfit that is about nine inches under the base of my left breast. Then with a roar and a violence that takes my breath away, she rips the garment open for a length that extends from the top of my hips to near my shoulder; exposing my breast along with most of that side of my torso. She repeats the process with an incision in the left side and again with those on both my outer thighs, leaving many parts of my garment just shredded.

The funny thing is that while the outpouring of violence is real, I quickly realise it's directed entirely at the garment -- maybe at what it stands for too; I don't know -- but one thing that is clear is that my physical self is left completely unhurt by it. After the second one I almost feel I need to suppress a laugh at the show; although prudence and a residual fear of what this woman might do makes the suppression easy.

When she squeezes a finger alongside Diego's cock where it penetrates into the crotch of the garment, for a moment I assume she's going to spit the garment down the front too. That's quickly disabused when she continues to slide her finger along the line of Diego's erection up into my pussy; not forcefully but nor does she permit any resistance from my body to stop her either -- allowing just enough time for my vagina to stretch that little bit more.

I've done some kinky things in my life, but this takes the cake.

With either she or Diego still moving the vibrator against my clit and with her now rubbing her finger firmly up and down the front wall of my vagina I suddenly realise, shit, I do have a g spot after all, and boy does it work. Once her finger had found its mark, she leans in to play with the nipples of one exposed breast with her mouth and the other with her spare hand.

Like most things with this girl, when she wants something she gets it. In this case what she wanted was another climax from me and having triggered my g spot, she got it in spades causing me to throw my head back against Diego's shoulder and bind his legs tightly where mine were wrapped around his as I cried out and the contractions took over my body.

Before I even have a chance to recover my composure and wonder where this will all end, she grabs me in the arm pits and lifts me up and off the end of Diego's cock; no small feat given its length. I won't say she then threw me to the ground; I wasn't actually hurt. But there's no doubt I went there fast; down on my stomach in an instant, my arms pulled behind my back and a new pair of plastic cuffs put on them with the same no nonsense efficiency she'd displayed this morning. Then with a repeat of the morning's process, she rolled me over onto my back and cuffed my feet too; as if I was going anywhere anyway.

As she turned towards Diego they literally threw themselves at each other.

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