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Loving on a boat with a dominant man turns into 3-some.

He just moaned again quietly, kissed me and pulled me against him as we went to sleep. He wouldn't even let me clean the come off us, leaving it to dry on us until the following morning.

I woke the following morning expecting a huge backlash to all of this. I felt reasonably sure that there was a gray area in his mind as to what was truth or fiction, but surely he would question some of it. Instead, except to walk up behind me in the kitchen, hold me very tight and tell me what a great night it had been, there was no reference to my admissions. With that out of the way, I felt relief to the point that I started becoming a little wet when I started thinking about our little fantasy night.

He must have felt the same. All day he would make little passes at me, kissing and touching me almost to the point of making me come. It became a torturous tease that I was really enjoying. As for him, I think he had a permanent hard on. I would rub it lightly ever now and then, slipping it once out of his pants and taking the head in my mouth for a few minutes.

That night when it was our regular time for bed he went to our room about ten minutes before me, which was a bit unusual. When he came out, he leaned over me and started a real deep kissing session, moving his hands over my breasts then under my jeans. After a few minutes of slowly tantalizing my clit until it was swollen he whispered in my ear.

"When you go to the room strip slowly for me, then lay down on the pillows I put out and bring yourself off."

I leaned back from him, laughed and said "What?"

"Come on, do it for me. I want to watch through the window."

Then he walked out. I sat there for a minute in disbelief and then thought why not. We had been teasing each other all day and, after last night, this was tame and no danger. I went on in and saw that he had positioned a couple of large pillows on the bed that, when I laid down on the bed, would leave me facing our large sliding glass door. He had turned on every light in the room like he did last night and had opened the curtains on the door just a little.

Assuming he wanted to see me being natural and not trying to do a strip tease, I casually but slowly removed my clothes, sometimes facing a mirror in our room and sometimes facing the door where I knew he was. Looking in the mirror, I spent some time massaging my breasts and nipples, and then slowly slid my hand down my stomach and to my crotch. I teased my clit for a few minutes then laid on the bed where he wanted me. Even though this exhibition was new to me, I found it to be exciting and didn't hesitate to do my part.

After ten minutes of my fingers, my clit overrode any other distractions and I came hard. Knowing he was just feet away, I made no attempt to stifle my sounds during the whole process and moaned loudly as I came, thrashing my body as I would have done if I were home alone. I continued to spread my legs for him and rub myself until I slowed down to a stop. Ten minutes later he walked in the room, undressed, repositioned me on the pillow and went down on me very slowly and softly. He never spoke, but I could tell he was encouraged when I would become vocal so I just let it go. I came twice over the next hour under his touch and his tongue.

Later, as I was coming out of the bathroom to get in bed, I heard him coming from out of the garage. When I asked, he said he was just making sure everything was locked up.

The events of that night turned out not to be isolated, but rather the norm.

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