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Lady Jaye is captured & Baroness interrogates her...nicely.

I had the craziest dream..."

Zelda cleared her throat. "No, you did not."

Linkette blinked, losing some of her sleepiness, and turned to look. Her eyes popped wide open and all traces of drowsiness evaporated.

"Oh my gods..." Linkette muttered, and Malon watched her nipples grow a half inch longer, open to the air since her tunic had been destroyed.

Zelda paused, swallowing, and the Sheikahs at her back shifted in preparation. Zelda remained in control however, and bowed her head. "My name is Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. It is my pleasure to... officially meet you."

It was your pleasure to unofficially meet her too... Malon kept her thought to herself.

Linkette floundered, awkwardly attempting to copy the graceful half-bow, noticing halfway through how difficult her inflated womb made this... and that she had an inflated womb.

Her eyes went wide in surprise, but not abject horror. Malon had to remind herself that this wasn't new to Linkette, that her belly had actually been bigger than its current size just the day before, when half of Castle Town had lined up to fuck her silly.

"I-I uh, I'm Linkette. From, from Kokiri Forest."

Zelda bowed again, and Impa spoke next. "I am Royal Guardian Impa of the Tribe of the Sheikah. I am the one who separated you and the Princess in Castle Town."

Linkette looked puzzled. "Castle Town? What happened in Castle Tow-" her eyes went wide, darting over to Zelda's face, briefly glancing at the bulge of her bust beneath her clothing. "Wait, wait I remember! I saw you, and... and..."

Malon watched Linkette's nipples grow again, now the size of her thumbs. Zelda noticed this as well, and willfully forced her eyes in the opposite direction. Malon was amazed to see Zelda's nipples standing pert and pointy under her clothing. "Yes, and... that happened. It's best we don't describe the event."

"Yeah..." Linette agreed, nodding her head with distant eyes. "My cock is gushing just thinking about the little bit I can remember." And it was. Every other second found a heavy wave of thick, clear precum splash loudly against the wall of Linkette's belly, sliding down it's rounded surface to pool on the stone floor under her chair.

Her mentioning this sent a shiver of desire down Zelda's spine. Her guards tensed, but there was no need for them to act. As for Malon's part, she experienced an irrational flash of jealousy that Zelda was able to get such a reaction from Linkette while she had never so much as wet the tip of Linkette's cock. But that of course was ridiculous, Zelda was almost literally a goddess of sex, and something was magical about Linkette as well.

Linkette covered her eyes with her hands, rubbing them wearily with a soft groan. "Why do I feel like this? I'm hornier than I've ever been in my life just sitting here, not even doing anything."

Zelda nodded in agreement, pressing a hand to her forehead. "Me as well. I'm used to lust, I'm used to an irresistible need. This is... something else. Sharper, focused, all of it focused on you..."

Linkette started, staring at the Princess. Then the surprise passed, and she relaxed back into her seat. "I'm always thinking about sex. How hard my cock is, how wet my pussy... it's always there in the back of my mind, no matter what I'm doing."

Zelda's seat squelched wetly as she shifted position. She froze, a wild coloring in her cheeks. "Yes..." she stood up and turned around, presenting her heart shaped ass to the table, gentle curves widening from her waist under the creamy white silk of her dress... silk that was sopping wet and soaked through with sexual fluids, a dark wet patch that covered the entire width of her plump rear and trailed down the back of her legs to her ankles.

"I understand what you mean about being wet. This is a first for me."

Linkette was actually drooling as she stared, drinking in the sight of the Princess.

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