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A security guard is put through a deadly sexual gauntlet.

While she was busy with his cock, the enemy were all jacking off each other while watching. He had the thought that it was like a daisy chain of homos.

The image was locked in his pleasure center as a night of red light shadows, and from then on he always wanted an audience when he had sex. He eventually left the tunnel with all of them and explained that the woman knew English and sent her through channels to the interrogation center where she eventually became one of the best interpreters and interrogators for the U S and South Vietnamese forces.

When he had time on the base, while he waited to be forced back home, they would meet for a cigarette and have hands and mouth sex. She could suck him off in about 42 seconds average, and fuck him to an orgasm in about a minute. They both preferred to do it in the open, hoping someone would notice. Most often they would hear catcalls from the other GI's.

He became even more of a loner in the tunnel after a fellow rat nearly got them both killed. His CO and all others up the chain of command disapproved of him, but put up with his nude tunneling because he was the best of all of the tunnel rats any Marine knew about. His team named him 'Robin' since the Army already had a tunnel rat named 'Batman'

His favorite strategy was to be dropped off near a hole and then await night when the men and women fled the tunnel to create havoc and kill the invaders. As soon as they cleared the tunnel he would enter it and ransack it for information. When he had all he could either carry or hide, he staked out the entrance again and corralled the returned tired troops in the tunnel and brought them back out of the tunnel as prisoners. Most times the women were wanting sex in exchange for freedom, which he could readily promise and had no way to fulfill. He had always promised sex after he could get them to safety. Once out of the tunnel he never followed through with the sex, only the safety.

He mostly received their grateful blow jobs. He most loved fucking and watching the eyes of the enemy as he treated and enjoyed sex with their women with his very long cock. The Viet Cong seemed to consider his long black cock as a serious weapon, and often he disarmed them while they were in shock from seeing him naked and hung so well, he was obviously not white skinned even under the charcoal, which seemed incongruous to the Viet Cong.

He eventually was knifed by a man, and when released from the field hospital, found out he was without a job, because of the wound, his third, he was being sent 'Home'. He didn't want to go home, so again he located the Interpreter he had salvaged, and she found him an 'advisor' job at intelligence where he and she ended the war when he returned as a civilian as soon as he was discharged from the Marines.

He was eventually sent home as a civilian after a total of 9 years in Viet Nam and came back to 'the real world' in April of 1975 when everyone had to leave Viet Nam. The interpreter wouldn't leave her homeland. He pined for her for over 20 years. He finally got the nerve to revisit Viet Nam even though there had been a reward for his head for a number of years during and following the war. He had been assured by special forces command that he could go safely. So, away to Viet Nam he went in 2016. He looked for the Interpreter for days and had to give it up, as all his leads had petered out and he could look no farther.

He decided on a lark to attempt to find the tunnel where he had met her.

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