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Getting naked in the pool with my girlfriend and her sisters.

I had to support her, for her legs seemed to weaken as I kissed slower and with more intensity, with increasing lust.

Kill me now but I wanted this woman so badly. The enticing rise of her mound gave way to the center of her womanhood as I kissed and licked her well shaved pussy. She trembled as I paid my respects, in supplication, for permission, to know her fully. Jennifer's hands pressed urgently on the back of my head, and she emitted unintelligible sounds.

She tilted her pelvis toward me as I traced my tongue lovingly along her entrance, her scent intoxicating, her desire seeping, hinting at more. Tenderly probing, her lips parted, she wasn't soaked merely from the shower. Moaning stronger, she urged me on as I delved deeper, seeking her full, heady, wonderful taste.

Holding the cheeks of her taut, clenching bum, I worked my tongue in the movements of intercourse. Withdrawing, I lightly licked her now revealed clitoris, then teased around her little female erection. Returning to suck firmly upon her sensitive clit, I slid two fingers into her flowing pussy. Jennifer jumped, groaning loud, her tunnel clamped on my fingers as I continued to suck and mouth her clit.

Crying out, "Yes, yes, ooh, yesss," she came, shuddering, then nearly collapsed, trembling.

Jennifer moaned and looked dreamy eyed when I rose, lifting her back up. Embracing and tenderly kissing her mouth, my voice hoarse with passion, I breathed, "I want us on a bed." I saw such emotion in Jennifer's eyes as she squeezed me hard and near hurt me with the intensity of her kiss.

We hadn't done much of a wash, we didn't consider towels. We didn't see anything but each others eyes, eyes full of desire as we made our way, hand in hand to the spare bedroom. I heard my wife moan loudly from the area of Fred's room. It took a moment perhaps for the meaning of the sound to sink in, but I felt indifferent as to the impact right then. Jennifer laid herself down, supine on the middle of the bed, arms beckoning me. I laid down by her side and we kissed, we seriously made out.

"Take me. ... Want you. ... Please," Jennifer lovingly sighed between kisses.

Tempting as it was to simply go for it, for surely I wanted to, instead I rolled her over and began tasting, sampling all of Jennifer I could. I took my time, kissing tenderly, each shoulder, her upper back then her sides. My lover, my girlfriend, whimpered and moaned with each new touch of my lips upon her aroused, sensitized body. I went high up again, and kissed the length of her spine to the small hollow at its base. That was a special place for her it seemed. She jolted and moaned louder, squirmed and mewled as if wanting more.

Surprising even myself, I slid a couple of fingers in her pussy and Jennifer cried out. A kiss to the little valley of her back and working my fingers inside her flooded tunnel, I then traced my tongue in circles around that small spot, like I would about a nipple. Homing in, I pressed my tongue to the center of the hollow and traced down until I was teasing the cleavage of her bum.

Jennifer was now beside herself, thrusting her hips high, "Ooh, ooh, boyfriend, George I..." She came again then promptly her hips collapsed.

Pausing my fingers, I lavished kisses all over her gorgeous behind. Kissing the upper backs of her thighs, and darting back to the undersides of her lower cheeks, Jennifer moaned and squirmed anew. I continued lower, intent on knowing all, kissing all. Trailing kisses down her legs, the backs of her knees, her legs started to twitch. Bending her leg up, I kissed and tongued her feet and toes, my fingers in her pussy all but forgotten. I'd never thought to do that before.

On a whim I decided to suck each pretty toe. This is fun, I delightfully concluded and bent her other leg up to do the same. Jennifer twisted over, seeking a kiss, panting, "No-one's ever, ever licked my feet, sucked my toes before." Exhaling, "Oh boyfriend," and she hugged the breath from me.

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