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So here is the deal. You play with yourself, talk a little bit of nasty talk and we leave."

"You are not going to fuck me?" He said no taking out of one of the three gym bags they had brought up with them a small white vibrator and some lube. "And all I have to do is play with myself, and you won't touch me or anything?" He said that was right. The men pulled up chairs to watch. I wondered where this was going, Eric shot me a quick wink, he had a plan.

"What should I do first?" she asked. She was told to feel her own tits. She hesitated then she placed her hands on her breasts and gave them a squeeze and stopped, she realized they wanted more so she continued to knead her soft little tits through her blouse cupping them and lifting them and squeezing them.

James told her to open her blouse so they could see what they were not going to have. She looked at them to make sure they were not getting up and almost spitefully she took her opened her white blouse, slowly button by button.

"Wait what are you guys doing?" she said as they opened their flies and pulled out their dicks. Despite herself she focused on their cocks, I have to say again, compared to mine they were huge.

Eric said they were going to jerk off as they watched her or they could come over there and fuck her if felt better about it. She turned to me and acting like the wife she was not asked me to bring them some towels as she continued to open her blouse. They reminded her about the bra as they took off their own shirts claiming it was warm in the apartment. I caught her glimpsing at their buff chests and six-pack abs. Was she regretting her decision? I wondered.

Under their direction she squeezed her own nipples, and even sucked her on her own tits. She got nervous when they kicked off their shoes and socks but they remained seated. John told her to rub her pussy. She reached up her gray business suit's skirt and clearly started to fake it. The guys then got off their chairs and she realized one of the rules to keep them seated was she had to do what they said for real. She got up and unclasped and unzipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Then she slid down her panties, and to the surprise of all we found that her pussy was shaved bald.

She sat down and rubbed her cunt with her legs closed, then she spread her legs as she grew a little bit more bold. "Sure you don't want none of this?" John asked in a taunting voice. She told them she couldn't, all the time she watched them jerk their own monster sized black dicks off, was she weakening?

She started to pant a bit as she rubbed her pussy, we started to hear a wet sound. She was told to suck her tits some more as she played with herself. "Now you sure you don't want some of this big old nasty black cock inside of you?" Eric asked. At this point her "No!" became a lot more tentative.

"Why I bet it is just what you have been waiting for." James said as the two men went over to the couch sitting on either side of her.

"You guys said you wouldn't." she said.

"And we are not; we are just sitting on either side of you watching you rub that tight little pussy of yours." James said.

"Keep working it." John encouraged her as he got up. "Besides you don't want any of this big old nasty black dick in you." He dangled his cock in front of her face. "Isn't that right, you have all that white fear and self control, right?" he said.

She sheepishly answered yes, though she could not take her eyes off of his cock. "Come on rub it a bit, it is not like you are going to get pregnant or something from doing that.

"If I do that will you leave me alone?" she said. He laughed and told her he would see about it. She slowly reached over and grasped his shaft in her hand and started to rub it. I noticed her staring at it as she stroked him.

"You see.

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