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SGT Brittin brings a friend this time.

cock sliding out from between those gorgeous boobs, and asked;

"Do you want to me to massage your cock with my pussy now, Gary?"

She didn't need to hear my answer, just see the look in my eye and the smile on my face to know that I couldn't wait to feel that beautiful little treasure between her legs slip down over my prick. She leaned in close and pressed her lips to mine. They were full and soft, and after a few moments they parted to let her tongue and mine pass through.

I could have lost myself in that kiss. I have always been oral and loved making out, and I would have been content to let it go on for hours, but Bella pulled away and as she climbed on top of the massage table and straddled me, I braced myself for the even greater pleasure that was to come. I could feel her heat before her flesh ever touched mine.

Wet warmth and a soft, but tight grip enveloped my hard penis as she lowered herself, very slowly, until her ass came to rest on my hips. I watched intently as the smooth shaven lips slid sensuously down my manhood until every last inch was inside her and was concealed behind her own flesh, topped by a soft, thick triangle of dark brown fur.

Both of us ground our hips against one another, savoring the smooth friction of skin against skin, of cock against pussy, of me inside of her. Bella put her hands, still warm and slippery with oil on my chest and began a slow, shallow up and down motion. The silky sensation was delicious, and the sight of her lovely face and form spurred me on. I let my hands move freely over her hips and ass, and those lovely big tits.

A familiar squeal drew my attention and I turned to see Sara, red faced and shuddering with an orgasm as Grant thrust away inside of her while sucking one of her nipples. Bella turned my face back to hers and kissed me once more while she increased her pace, riding me faster. Her tongue in my mouth and her pussy wrapped around my cock were doing their work and I felt the orgasm building within me.

Her inner walls were like slippery silk around my stiff column of meat and her juices were overflowing and dripping down over my balls, mixing with the massage oil. Though she had a thick brown bush of hair on her mound Bella's lower lips were shaved bare, and the smooth skin glided over my own shaved groin. The erotic sensations built until involuntary spasms began deep inside me.

I relaxed my muscles and let the sweet climax take me, like a twig swallowed up by a river. The orgasmic ecstasy crashed into me and I moaned with delight as a stream of hot cum was carried by my flexing inner muscles up through my cock and into Bella's clenching pussy.

"That's it." She cooed. "Let it all out. Give me all of your cum."

Expert that she was Bella slowed her bouncing up and down on my cock to draw out the moment and rather than ending almost as suddenly as it began the pleasure of the climax slowly ebbed into a warm contentment that spread like a blanket over my whole body. A satisfied grin spread across my face and Bella smiled back.

"Good boy." She purred as her pussy milked the last few drops from my satisfied shaft. She made no immediate move to get up off of me but just rocked back and forth on my cock while massaging my chest, shoulders and arms with fingers still slippery with oil. I turned back to the side to see Grant slipping his lovely big tool out of my red-faced girlfriend.

"How was she?" Sara asked breathlessly. I reached up and began caressing Bella's big, round tits.

"Tasty." I replied with a smile.

"Not fair." Sara responded with a playful pout. "I want a taste."

Bella smiled broadly and Grant took two steps back, his still hard cock bobbing, as though to make way for his partner. I watched Bella's shapely ass sway from side to side gently as she strode over to the other massage table. She walked around to the opposite side so I could have a nice view as she began tracing oily fingertips around Sara's nipples and then bent down to give her a languid French kiss.

They broke the kiss after a minute and Bella repositio

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