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An ex-army guy and girl team up and let it rip.

Her weight came down on me and I yelped as my dick started to bend. Joni quickly bounced away and I grabbed my dick to guide it into its new home away from home. Joni slid back down and I removed my hand as her warm, slippery flesh consumed mine. As always, our perfect fit overwhelmed me and I had to restrain myself from cumming immediately.

Joni moaned softly as she sat momentarily still while I flexed my muscle inside the steamy, sloppy sleeve of her womanhood. Slowly, oh so slowly, Joni started moving on my cock and the slow movement was exquisite torture. She moved a fraction of an inch at a time, stopping after each tiny movement to squeeze. Time after time, she stopped and squeezed until she finally, mercifully had just the head of my dick grasped between the petals of her well-trained flower. She paused longer there than she had at any point along the length of my fleshy rod. I could feel her dripping folds grasping and lapping at the sensitive knob and the delicate touch was driving me crazy. I had to curb my desire to grab Joni by the hips and drive my hungry cock into her juicy, grasping cunt. Joni had shown she wanted to control this coupling by making it excruciatingly slow and gentle. My desire was growing exponentially with each passing minute, however.

Finally, after seemingly hours of perching on the end of my dick, Joni started a slow descent, her pussy devouring my staff one excruciating inch at a time. After an interminable amount of time, she settled in my lap, which now contained a growing puddle of our combined juices. I hadn't come, neither had she, but we were both leaking copious amounts of lubrication. Joni stilled, staying on my lap and then she leaned back against my chest.

"Studley?" She whispered. "Touch me...make me cum, I want to feel your fingers on me, loving me, caressing me, making me yours..." Her voice drifted off as her head sagged back against my shoulder.

Gently, I slipped my hands under the fluttery fabric of her sundress. I didn't want to disturb the dreamlike trance she seemed to have drifted into, so I moved my hands slowly, smoothly and softly against her skin. She sighed as she felt me approach our coupled flesh. I dipped my fingers into the pool between her legs and she settled more deeply against my chest. I found her little nubbin and rubbed in a small circle and a little 'ooooh' escaped from her lips. Joni made no effort to move, so I continued to make tiny circles on her clit, gradually increasing the pressure. I changed up the rhythm, so it was not as smooth, making her flinch as the pleasure began to spike.

I turned my head and dipped so that I could kiss and nibble on her ear and she relaxed even more, her head lolling back further, exposing all of her neck to me. I matched the pace of my finger on her clit, with the speed of my tongue on her ear. Suddenly I flicked her ear with my tongue and pinched her clit between my forefinger and thumb. She squeaked and I was rewarded with another gush in my lap. She had been pulsing her muscles around my dick, slowly, sensuously, but after the pinch, the speed and pressure built as she rapidly approached orgasm. I moved down her neck as far as I could kissing the smooth skin and then worked back up to her chin. She turned her head for a kiss as I began thrumming her clit as fast as I could and her pussy clamped hard, almost painfully hard, on my dick. I slid my tongue through her soft lips and she tried to suck it down her throat. (For one very weird moment, the thought flashed through my mind that I was going to be licking the end of my own dick. THAT'S how hard she was sucking my tongue.) Suddenly she was cumming as she started thrashing on my lap. She almost bit my tongue off and I tasted blood. As suddenly as she began twisting and flopping on my lap, she stopped, spent, her head falling back to my shoulder. I pulled my hands out from under the dress and spread it back over us. Her flailing around had caused it to slide up dangerously high on her thighs.

I still had no

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