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He found her clitoris and suckled it. Waves of ecstasy shot through her body; her moans were lovely.

Mike loved the taste of her cum. He was enjoying it as much as she was. His tongue entered her vagina. She squealed in delight. Mike smiled; he was glad she was enjoying this. He wanted her first sexual experience to be perfect.

As Mike fed on her juices, Carry arched her back and pushed her hips to meet him. The ecstasy was almost more than she could bear. She didn't want him to stop.

Carry felt Mike penetrate her with his tongue, then his fingers. She writhed in pleasure; she never imagined that sex would be this good. This was just the beginning. She grabbed his head and signaled that she was ready for him. Mike obeyed her command. He worked his away back up her body to her mouth. He kissed her firmly; she welcomed his mouth.

She was nervous again. This was the moment she was waiting for, but she was trembling again. Mike kissed her to reassure her. He would still stop if she said so. Though she was quite nervous, Carry seemed very sure. He nervously unwrapped the condom and put it on.

"Are you ready?" He asked tenderly. She nodded. She couldn't speak.

Mike made penetration. Carry gasped at the initial pain, but he was gentle and sensitive to her needs. He slowly pushed his penis deeper and her passion returned. Her hips rocked in time with his movements. The pain of her nails in his back and teeth in his neck increased his pleasure immensely. He was moaning from the sensation. His passion rose to new heights. He kissed her milk white neck. Her skin felt good to his lips and tongue.

Carry climaxed over and over. Her high pitched screams were music to Mike's ears. She knew she had made the right choice. She decided she was in love with him. Her legs circled his waist tightly. When Mike came he sighed and relaxed on her chest. She loved the feel of his weight on top of her. She stoked his soft blonde hair. She could smell the sweat on his skin and inhaled the aroma deeply.

Mike had never felt this satisfied by anyone before. He wanted her even more. It was funny that the way she satisfied him made him even hungrier for her. "You are so beautiful," he told her as he started kissing her again. "I've never felt this way before. I love you, Carry."

"I love you too." Her eyes glistened with excitement.

She was happy. She pressed her body to him as he caressed her breast. His touches were so loving; she wanted to feel them to the fullest extent.

She caressed every muscle of his torso. They were firm and smooth. She liked how his breathing became heavier with every movement of her hands.

Carry felt the scratches she made in Mike's back. She studied the bite marks on his neck. She couldn't believe she'd done that. He did seem to like it though the thought made her excited.

"What did it feel like, when I did that?" She asked as she ran her hand over the scratches again. "I don't know how the explain it. It was wonderful. I really liked."

Carry smile coyly. She made him lay on his stomach and kissed his wounds. The soft velvety kisses made Mike tingle all over.

"I want to know what it feels like."

Carry's request shocked and excited Mike further. He rolled over to face her and smiled. She kissed him hungrily and smiled too. She might be the perfect woman for him. He was becoming more certain of it everyday, but this greatly increased his certainty.

Carry's heart pounded. She couldn't believe what she was saying. She was asking Mike to injure her, but the thought made her almost giddy. She kissed Mike deeply.

This was way better than her dreams of him had ever been. And he loved her; at least he said he did. His sincerity when he said had her convinced. He lightly ran his nails over her flesh. It tickled and made her squirm under his touch. The sensation sent shiver through her entire body.

Mike liked seeing Carry squirm like that.

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