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Kim continues the story of her changing life.

Eve barely broke stride as she hauled the dress over her shoulder, hugging the shoe box to her side.

"Right Paula, let's crack on."

A little later there was a knock and Val leaned round the doorway,

"Hi, Tony says sorry, he'll be out all afternoon with the Baines deal, said to have lunch and he'll see you back at the hotel."

"OK, what's the time, lunch in half an hour?", she said looking up from her watch.

"I'll get it organised, any preferences?"

"Pizza, large, I want pepperoni, spicy meatballs, the whole load, you can do that."

"I can do that, Paula?"

"Small Four Seasons please."

"Great, see you in thirty minutes."

"Ohh good you eating with us too?"

"Sure, why not, I've got time, thanks."

Lunch was riotous, stories swapped, as shoes off they sat on the carpet and ate. Finally Paula called time and with a trio of giggles they went back to work. At six a knock brought Val back in,

"Limo's here, Mike is driving you back, have a good evening."

"Thanks Val you too."

Chloe rose and began to clean up the papers.

"That's OK Chloe, that's my job, you go on down, I'll finish this up."

"You sure, it's no trouble,"

"Oh course, and thanks."

"What for?"

"Being so easy to get on with."

"Oh! I thought that about you, night."

Paula was surprised to feel herself drawn into a hug , then left standing as the whirlwind departed. She grinned tidied and went to get her coat.

"Cute kid,"

"Hi Val, yeah I really like her."

"Me too, so does the boss, his eyes light up when she's around."

"Ain't seen that in a while."

Downstairs, Chloe ran to the car as Mike lumbered out and opened the door for her. The car moved swiflty away from the curb and joined the traffic leading towards west side of the city. Thirty minutes later she stepped out and towards the Hotel doors.

"Evening Miss,"

The commissionaire smiled as he tugged the door open, she smiled then stopped.

"Hi, I'm Chloe, what do I call you?"

"Arthur, ma'am, it's Arthur."

"Well have a good evening Arthur, see you later."

"Thank you ma'am I'll look forward to it." He winked and she turned and went in. Making for the lift she saw George smile as he recognised her.

"Hiya George, how's your day been?"

"Up and Down mostly," he dead panned and then grinned, she laughed and stood back as he closed the doors. They stood in a cosy silent companionship as the lift hummed.

"Eight, your stop Miss Chloe."

"George, do me a favour, drop the Miss, will you, at least when we're on our own, makes me feel about ninety."

"Will do Chloe, you look great by the way."

"Oh these old things, why I've had them on for hours." He laughed and she giggled.

"Right, " he opened the door and stepped back, she exited and saw Eve at the door. Waving she stepped into a run and went and hugged her. They turned into the room and Chloe blurted out her day, Eve nodding and smiling. Tony looked up from the table and grinned.

"Hi Honey I'm home," he shouted. She shrieked and ran to him, jumping onto his lap.

"Tone, I missed you, but I had a great time."

she kissed his cheeks and jumped off.

"Need a piss, 'scuse me." She hurtled round towards her bedroom.

Tony roared as Eve put a hand to her mouth. They heard the bathroom door slam. Tony shook his head and glanced at Eve, who simply stood and shrugged. As they looked silently at each other the door opened and Chloe hurtled back.

"What!" she said a huge grin splitting her face.

Tony laughed and stood, she ran and hugged him.

"It's going to cost a fucking fortune to educate me right?"

"Yup," he said holding her tightly and smiling. Eve felt a tear, but held her poise. Tony had not been this alive in the last two years, and Chloe was exactly what he needed. Separating Tony looked at her, pleasure all over his face.

"Don't change though, you imp, don't ever lose that sense of fun and wonder."

"No sir, thank you sir, will that be all sir, kiss your a..."

"Yes exactly like that," he cut across her. She squeezed his hand and looked at Eve.

"OK Chloe, time to tart yourself up, I'll help if you like."

"Please, I never c

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