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It seemed that by arrangement with the person drawing up the roster, Jessica had requested that those who were supposed to entertain me relinquish the task, and let her take me over for the day.

We went direct to the church where I conducted the morning service. From there we went to Jessica's house, and I comforted myself that at least Henry and the children would be there, and however much Jessica played her amorous games, nothing could happen.

Henry and the children were not there. When I asked after them Jessica replied jubilantly, "Henry's taken the children to visit his mother for the day. You've got me all to yourself."

It was more the other way round; she had me to herself.

We managed to get through lunch without too much strain on the emotions, but even her manner of eating had sensuality about it. As she slowly chewed and swallowed her food, I pictured it being transformed into sexual energy. She had a way of looking at me and pushing out the pink tip of her tongue and flicking it over her full lips, that made me think of a gourmet about to devour his favourite dish.

After lunch I helped her wash up, then she excused herself, saying that as it was such a hot day she'd like to change, if I didn't mind. I muttered something like, "Of course not."

When she returned I wished I had raised an objection. She glided into the lounge where I was sitting clad in the scantiest garment I had ever seen. It was not as revealing as much female swimwear is these days, but for the time it was extremely daring. It was a bikini of the nineteen fifties era, just covering the essential and no more.

From time to time during that afternoon of hot temptation Jessica seemed to find endless reasons to adjust the top of the garment, each time exposing a little more breast to my view.

In addition, with me sitting opposite her, she frequently sat on the sofa with her legs drawn up and parted, so the cloth passing under her crotch sank into her cleft to reveal the shape of her vagina. As the afternoon wore on I thought I could see a wet patch starting to stain the cloth.

I also became aware of an fragrance coming from her which later I learned was her vaginal odour that I think of now as "Woman smell." It was this as much as anything else that drove me crazed with lust for her.

Verbally Jessica said nothing by way of direct invitation to fuck her. Her method was clearly to drive her prey insane with desire for her, thus forcing them to make the final move. She adopted every possible voluptuous pose and held her lips slightly open and eyes half closed in a "Come and take me" manner.

At one stage she suggested that, given the hot weather, I might like to undress and she would provide me with a large towel to wrap round my middle. I politely rejected the offer, saying that I was "perfectly okay." In fact I was sweating profusely but less from the heat than from my struggle with the temptations before me.

Jessica steered the conversation in directions that might lead to matters sexual. For example, asking me about girl friends, how many had I had and did I have one now? Did I like women? What sort of women did I like? Was there one that interested me at the moment?

I battled and manoeuvred my way through this hellish forest of enticement with what skill I hardly know, as I was fighting a mighty throbbing and dripping erection. Eventually Jessica sighed, stood up and said, "I'd better get the meal ready, come and help me."

"This," I thought, "might provide some activity to distract me from my thwarted libido." I was wrong. Jessica found every possible excuse to touch me, and at one stage to back me against the sink and press herself against me.

Still I resisted.

During the meal she seemed to give up. Conversation became non-threatening, sexually speaking, and I relaxed a little. When we had finished and Jessica had changed into her "church going clothes," I felt the war was over. She drove me to the church, and retained a modest mien throughout the service.

When the service was over it was usual for o

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