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Claire is forced to battle with her sexual consciousness.

Let's see Timmy's stuff."

Timmy panicked a little bit, grabbing the tops of his pajama pants, and flipping on his side. But he was giggling, too; I figured this wasn't the first time Sis had seen him.

So four of us grabbed him, whipped his pants off, and held his rather skinny legs apart. There it all was. The poor little bastard protested; but by then he was so excited. Wow. His dick was so stiff that his foreskin was pulled way back and his dark red berry was swollen and glistening. Seemed like just a good time, for him.

Then, Janey ordered: "Hold him open just like that," and disappeared from the room. More excitement coming, I figured. When she reappeared, she walked straight over, stopped and stood staring down at her brother's impressive cock and balls. There was a huge blue elastic band in her hand. I figured she would snap it around his package, making it swell up even more. I had done that to myself.

But very suddenly, with a smile on her face, she bent over, placed one end of the elastic against Timmy's pulled-tight balls, and drew the elastic band back to its full length. She never took her eyes off the target; her lipped were parted in excitement. Timmy was trying to jerk his hips away, in terror, yelling, "No, Sis, no.

I cried out, "Wait," but none of us acted fast enough. We were staring in fascination, not believing this was going down. The giant elastic band was back 18 inches and Janey, looking right into her brother's eyes, let go...

I'm not going to tell you in detail what Timmy did. I mean, it's private how a guy takes that sort of thing. But I haven't forgot how, for hours, as we lay in our beds in the dark, we heard him moaning and weeping, groaning again and again, "Oh, my nuts, my nuts, my nuts..." What could anyone do for him? It kept me awake, I think, for three hours.

Janey watched just a few seconds after she zapped him, while Timmy was screaming and writhing all over the bed, his face bright red, his hands thrust down between his legs to nurse himself. A man will do anything, when it first happens; he doesn't care who is watching. He was screaming in a high pitched voice. I know he felt he just couldn't stand the pain-but what could he do?

Janey flounced from of the room. In the morning, her brother got out of bed and limped from the room, not looking at us or saying a word. It took months before he even spoke to any of us, again.

Timmy was with us today, standing beside me, taking in the view of his sister. He had no expression on his face as she thrashed in her bonds, heaving her hips, desperately bring together her legs. He was staring at that most tender part of her anatomy, the sweet, slick, light pink head the pokes assertively from the swollen tube of her clit. I have no clue to what he is thinking.

Right now, you are thinking: They are all headed for jail for kidnap-at the very least. Nah, no way. Janey had come home from Vasser very full of herself; she seemed to have acquired a taste for coke. She got her coke. One of our buddies from high school is a local cop. What he told her, when her caught her with maybe six-hundred bucks worth of coke. After, um, negotiation she came here to meet with someone who would "fix" her problem. She protested, of course, but she came.

It's probably the last place in the world Janey would choose to go. Down by the river, where "no one goes," is a shack that is the home of "Miss Debra," a black lady who keeps the men of our town faithful to their wives. Because the occasional trip down along the muddy path through the reeds to Miss Debra's is not viewed as cheating, in our town. Deb guards the virtue of our men.

Janey arrived, striding rather angrily along the muddy path, through the puddles and high reeds, and all the stinking shells and stuff, and banked on Deb's door. Pretty gutsy of Jane, not that she had any choice. How many years in the federal penitentiary on a drug conviction?

Debbie stepped from the door, held out her hand to Janey, with a big smile, and said, "Hi,

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