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At once I craved more of his flesh and dove my hands under his shirt, feeling the smooth skin of his back and chest, tight with my fingers caresses. He moves back a bit and breaks the kiss to remove his shirt, tossing it wherever shirts land when they were forgotten. No one knows, because after they are off they are no longer necessary.

I marveled at the newly revealed flesh like a new toy and pulled him closer to my mouth. His flesh was warm and sweet under my lips, and made my tongue tingle at each lick. I ran my mouth over his chest and stomach. This moment took on a whole new level of fantasy. It made all dreams come true and wishes fulfilled.

"Anna? Gregory?"

Marie's voice brought us back to reality like kids with their hands caught in the cookie jar. Gregory pulled away and before he could find his shirt, Marie walked into my kitchen. "There you are. I saw you fall outside and wanted to make sure you were okay."

The innocent concern in her voice makes me feel so dirty, so foul sitting there telling her I was fine through kiss bruised lips. "Gregory saw me fall and took care of me."

She smiled at me again, and then looked at Gregory, "He's always patching up my kids. You couldn't be in better hands." Her voice started to trail off when she noticed Gregory didn't have a shirt on and he was standing intimately close to me.

I pointed to his shirt on the ground and said, "I got dirt and blood all over it and told him to take it off so I could wash it. It's the least I can do, right?" Marie smiled and nodded, accepting that lame excuse but I know I would have some explaining to do later.

After making sure I was alright, she left and I awkwardly dropped my head to my chest. Gregory moved towards the door and it figured he would leave. We were caught doing something we shouldn't and at my insane confessions, it would make sense that I scared him off. The door closed and before I could drop from the table, the dead bolt slid into place and I look up to see Gregory smiling at me.

"That way we won't be interrupted when I'm kissing you again."

He sauntered over to me and wedged his body in between my thighs once more. His hands moved up my legs and held my hips, pulling me closer to the edge of that table.

"Now," he said as he brought his face close to mine, "Where were we?"

Excitement ran through my veins as he savagely took my lips and pulled me even closer, his erection rubbing against the seam of my jeans. He pressed his body into mine and hit just the right spot to make me break the kiss and cry out. A ripple of pleasure soared through my body and I ground my pelvis into his, digging my fingers in hair as his lips moved to my neck. He sucked the skin under my ear, moving outward towards my collarbone and after meeting cloth, he pulled away in frustration. My tank top was ripped from my body and tossed it to the floor to meet his and bare chest met bare chest. Flesh to flesh, we pressed close to each other and I wrapped my legs around him before kissing his warm lips once more.

His hands moved down my back and gripped my ass hard, lifting me off the table and setting me to my feet. Gregory came back to my mouth and dove his tongue inside, twisting with mine and making my body shake with anticipation of his next moves. When his kisses were all he gave me, I became impatient and moved my hands to his jeans, tearing at them like all the worlds riches rested beyond his zipper. I pulled back from his lips and moved to the task at hand, disrobing him.

I pushed his body back to lean against my kitchen counter and he rested his palms against the cool marble.

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