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You keep coming back. Because you keep cumming.

I adjusted it and bent over, leaning onto my toes with my hands against the glass in front of me. I especially enjoyed the jets pushing into my bottom skin and running down my legs. I took one of my hands from the glass to grab my shower puff and press it between my legs. I rubbed it with my labia, thrusting forward to it and sliding back on it firmly to raise my buttocks, opening my legs for the shower jets to stream in. I had only to rub a few times before I knew I could bring myself to it, so I let my mind return to a favorite scenario as I tightened my focus. I saw myself being seduced into having sex with a stranger at a party. I knew I couldn't, but somehow in my mind I was. I could see it, and my body felt the forbidden indulgence coerce until I was liquid shimmering flow, moving out and finally twisting round, round and down. I pressed my hands firmly to the glass to reaffirm reality as my orgasm subsided and my focus returned. I watched the water whirlpool gently down the drain.

The strength of the shower jets wasn't as satisfying as my carrot, but the shower puff had done its job nicely, and I once again smiled at my satisfaction. I emerged from my shower fully ready to face my day.

That night was band practice and my daughter was playing with a friend in her room. I had finished dishes and had a few minutes before bedtime, so I went into my bathroom with my Hitachi Wand and locked the door. I really enjoyed my wand and knew I could cum in no time, but it was really noisy, so I only used it when no one else was home. I removed my jeans and underwear while I hoped they'd play a set with no breaks, and I switched it on.

I rubbed it on my lips, but standing up just wasn't working. I desperately wanted to lie down so I could better maneuver my legs. I tried leaning over the counter, but it was too high. I got down on my hands and knees as my arousal grew to the beat. I loved it when I could feel the music. It vibrated the floor, the walls, the door knob rattled. I could feel it in my stomach. I felt a rush of heat at the idea of being on all fours in my bathroom, but I just couldn't get the wand where I needed it.

I grabbed onto the sink and pulled myself up to squatting while pressing hard onto my wand. It was wonderful. My wand vibrated very strongly (thus the volume), and if I pressed it firmly into my lip on my right side, I could feel my entire being get pulled in to the all-consuming pleasure spot. I could focus on it and feel my orgasm rise as I remained perfectly still. It all happened within me. I was electric at that moment, and I longed to be grounded by touch as each part of me heightened, but I myself would not move a muscle. I just focused on the idea that it was coming. I tried to maintain it. I could crest it and just stay there. I loved that moment, and although I had previously only done this on my back, my bathroom position turned out to be even better.

The first song had barely rolled into the next. At first I thought I would have to turn it off, but since the music continued to surround me, I buzzed myself to the peek. I held my breath and pulled in as I crested. It fluttered and rolled over me thickly. I thought I might ball in and roll to my side, but I held fast to the sink and released my breath. I drew a few more sustained breaths before standing and attending to bedtime. I could still feel the after-buzz in my lips as I closed my eyes and slipped into sleep.

The next morning, I had a few extra minutes to shower, so I took my camera into the bathroom with me.

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