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We took turns "accidentally" grazing each other every time we passed. I'd lift my hand to grab a cup from the shelf, and oops, did my wrists make contact with her breast? She'd walk past me to get to the food tray and, uh oh, the back of her hand slid across my ass. The game got sillier and sillier and I was worried that we were becoming too obvious but I was enjoying myself too much, so I kept drinking the margaritas she made me and I kept finding myself looking into her eyes. I wanted her, bad.

Brian would be out of town with his brother on a camping trip all weekend. It was getting late and I needed a ride home. I was in no condition to drive. Rocio had made me margaritas all night, but hadn't sipped one herself, cunning little trollop that she was.

"I'm happy to drive you Is." she volunteered.

"I'm so very happy to let you Rocio."

I slid into the passenger seat of her little black two-seater and waited, anxious, I would pounce as soon as we were out of the office parking lot. I was hot as could be and my inhibitions were being held prisoner in an empty bottle of tequila. I could barely constrain myself. I admired Rocio's thighs as she raised her skirt, no doubt for my benefit, and took a seat behind the wheel. I placed my hand on her thigh, saw her bite her lip and she pulled the car out of its spot. I looked up to see my god fearing boss looking at us through the windshield. I gave him a smile and he gave me a nervous little grin.

The car was three blocks away from work and my hand had slid to the top of her thigh. I'd raised her skirt up enough that I could see her pretty black panties and I couldn't wait a second longer. As Rocio kept both hands on the wheel I kissed her neck, behind her ears, pulled at her hair. My hand worked up and down her amazing sexy thighs. I let my hands venture between her legs, felt her push back and then continued on up to her stomach. I felt her breasts, large and firm. I squeezed her shoulders.

I was anxious to get this woman home, and undressed and to fuck her properly but I was also loving this almost bondage scenario. She had to keep her hands on the wheel, her feet at the pedals, and I was free to run my hands over her at will. I gave her terrible directions to prolong the short drive to my house. I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her lacy black push up bra down just enough to have two firm brown nipples peaking out over the top of each cup.

A honking horn let me know I was getting her hot. She'd closed her eyes at the stop light and the car behind her had to let her know it had turned green. The impatient man pulled up next to us at the next intersection to see what kind of idiot can't see a light turn green. What he saw was me sucking Rocio's nipples. The car behind him honked as the light turned green.

I had my hand in Rocio's panties now and she was wet and swollen. "Pull over, there, behind the gas station." I ordered. The station had been out of business for years. Behind the building Rocio parked and made to jump at me.

"No. Sweetheart," I kissed her on the mouth. "You keep your hands on the wheel." She did as she was told. I parted her knees wider now that she had no pedals to worry about. I kissed her mouth, her neck and her breasts while sliding my fingers between the full lips of her pussy. She pushed against me hard, begging me to enter her. With my other hand I pinched her nipples until she moaned. She flashed me a look of surprise as much as pleasure and it occurred to me that Rocio had not experimented much with the pleasures of a little pain. I pinched harder and she cooed.

I imagined the spankings and pinching ahead of us.

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