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An internet affair turns to fantasy.

One of the guys came up to our car flirting with Dena and told us to follow his truck as there was a big party in the country. So we figured why not and followed him. We took a highway out of town then turned off on a gravel road which finally turned to dirt. Then up ahead we could see headlights and a lantern or flashlight or two and a bunch of cars and trucks just parked around a big barn full of hay.

There was a campfire, classic rock blaring from somebody's truck, and a big cooler loaded down with those yellow cans from the famous Colorado brewery. Someone handed me a beer and I opened it and drank some of it. There were I'm guessing 8 to 10 cars and trucks there and probably 20 to 25 people. I sat on a truck tailgate and watched everyone for a while and talked to a few people. I had only been to a couple of pasture parties with my husband before we married and then we just hung out a bit and left. So I was enjoying the music and party atmosphere. A girl offered me a drink of vodka and I turned it up. It really burned but wow it made me feel good, so I had another one.

Before long a guy in a cowboy hat walked up and started asking me who I was and where I was from and such. His name was Greg and he was from a small town nearby but I had never met him before. He was a couple of years younger than me but he was a cutie. We talked for a while and I noticed he was fairly drunk. He kept leaning closer and closer to me to talk and before long he kissed me. Dena came by and handed me a red cup of Tickled Pink wine which I was glad to get. We decided that we needed to pee and excused ourselves to the back of the barn. She asked me if Greg was bothering me and I told her no not really, that he was kind of sweet, and that we had kissed. She laughed and said "well don't worry, what happens at the pasture party stays at the pasture party." Somehow I doubted that to be the case, but the more Tickled Pink I drank the less I cared.

I walked around with Dena for a while. Greg, clearly enamored, came up to me and started talking again. At this point some of the couples had started to fade into the shadows. Everyone else had gathered around the campfire and were chatting. Greg stayed at my side. Dena had been flirting with a cowboy all night named James who was kind of loud and crazy, but so was Dena. They started kissing and whispering and I watched them walk out to his truck. Greg grabbed my hand and said "Let's go over here".

I went with him and he led me to his truck and opened the passenger door for me to get in. I was pretty tipsy by that time but he steadied me as I climbed up. It was dark and it didn't seem like anyone was paying attention to us. I was glad of this because I was very worried someone who knew me would tell my husband on me. However I had not seen anyone so far that actually knew me well enough to know I was married.

Greg got in the driver's side and began kissing me again, and put his hat on the dash as if to say "okay I'm getting serious about this now." He tasted like beer which I found kind of sexy and I began kissing him more passionately. He took that as a green light and got a little more aggressive, holding me tighter and dancing his tongue around in my mouth. I felt his hand move up my side and over my right breast which he began to knead. The windows had fogged up now and no one could see us if they even wanted to. I stopped worrying and let him do as he wanted. He went under my t-shirt and groped my bra for a while longer, then tried to go down the front of the bra, then underneath, neither of which worked. Rather than deal with his clumsy fumbling I finally just pulled off my tee and reached around and unhooked the bra, releasing my fullness, much to Greg's delight. He fondled and kissed and licked them to his heart's content.

As we kissed more I leaned backward against the door and he moved more on top of me.

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