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Another sequel to Troubador's classic.

"Now baby, I've done my best to get you ready for this, but he's a very large young man. You know I would never lie to you sweetie, so when I tell you it's gonna hurt, you know I'm telling the truth. Are you ready?"

Alana's voice was weak, as she lay face down on the bed, in an almost drunken stupor.

"Mama, I'm ready."

Jane gave me the nod, and I moved forward. The fat, broad head of my penis pushed down against Alana's sphincter, and it dented, but it wouldn't open for me. I tried again.

Jane leant down to Alana again.

"Honey, I need you to push out for me. Make believe you're pooping, and push it out."

Alana took a deep breath, and I felt her ring flex against me. Her anus pouted and ever-so-slightly opened for me, and I went for it. Using my fingers to angle my dick down the way, I watched as my head popped into Alana's back passage. I just held it there for a second, enjoying the incredible tightness below my head. I was in heaven, but Alana sure wasn't.

"Ah ah ha! Take it out! You're hurting me!"

Jane laid down alongside her daughter and cuddled into her.

"Sweetie, just let him stay there, just for a minute. I know it hurts like hell, I know, but it gets better. Your little tush will get used to it. Your body's an amazing creation. The good Lord made you so you could do such things."

Jane looked up at me as I hunched behind Alana, my fat penis lodged in her butt, feeling the guilt of hurting her daughter.

"Now sweetie, I'm going to put some more oil on you both, and then Jack's gonna put it in a little further."

Alana didn't say anything, just kind of whimpered as Jane took another lump of the oil and began to work it into the scene of the crime, wiping a big old lump of it around Alana's massively stretched ring and the start of my shaft. She drew back her and placed her other hand on my buttocks, gently pushing me on, deeper into Alana's rectum.

I watched as my slick shaft pushed Alana's anus in on itself. The crinkles disappeared as I forced another inch, then another slowly into her rear passage. Alana gripped the sheets on the bed, her knuckles whitening as leaned forward. I stopped for a second, to catch my breath, then pressed on. This time I didn't stop until the hairs at the base of my penis met the smooth whiteness of Alana's butt cheeks. She had the best part of eight inches of penis inside her now, and she squirmed with the discomfort. But the pain, it seemed, had gone.

"How are you feeling sweetie?" Jane asked her daughter, as her oily fingers slipped between my own buttocks.

"I' up!"

Jane smiled. "That's right precious. You're full up of dick. Isn't that the greatest feeling?"

I began to slowly draw back, watching Alana's anus stretch out around me. I began to thrust back and forth, slowly, as I felt Jane's long, oily finger press up against my own asshole. All the time she was talking.

"Even when it was Uncle Milton, forcing himself on me, I loved that feeling of being so full up. Feeling all my insides stretching, moving around to let another human put himself in me. I loved how uncomfortable it felt."

Jane's middle finger pushed past my own anal ring and I gasped, breaking the rhythm of my thrusting. I don't know if Alana noticed, but I had to rest, just for a moment as I felt the penetration. Jane looked me straight in the eye, with just the slightest smile on her face as she began to move in and out of me. Getting used to it after a moment, I took up her movements and passed them on to Alana. My eyelids grew heavy as she fingered me. I'd tried most things in my time, but I've never taken anything up my butt before. I knew now how much I'd been missing out on.

With the assault on my asshole and the incredible tightness of Alana around my shaft I knew I was going to come very shortly.

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