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Matt fights losing battle on Brambleton end maneuver.

The labia were similarly scaled. We each bought one of each gender, laughing about who gets which one.

On our taxi ride back to the hotel, I took the anal dildo out of the package and began to play with it. Licking it and giving I head as I played, Dawn shared it with me then licked my tongue, The taxi driver was watching this with disbelief, so I decided to unzip my pants, pull them down to mid thigh and rub my clit with the new toy. Dawn took it from me, and licked it clean. We were exaggerating our moans and slurps just to excite the cab driver.

"Dawn don't you want to lick my nipples?" I asked with a voice deliberately loud to entice the driver.

"Oh yes, I do, then when we are in our room, I'll lick your pussy." Dawn loved this play-acting as much as I was.

I turned toward her, lifted my shirt and let her lick my hard nipples.

"I'm coming," I shouted with mock emotion, "finger my pussy quickly."

The cab driver almost wrecked his car at that time so I faked an orgasm and lowered my shirt back down.

"Thanks Dawn, I'll have to lick your clit extra hard for that." I was such a tease.

The cab had stopped just short of the hotel doors because of the traffic. I pulled my pants up and we bailed out there. Dawn leaned in to pay him for the ride. She thanked him for being such a good host, and as an added tip, she flashed him her tits, took his hand and rubbed them against her nipples, then pulled her top up and exited the cab door.

We quickly walked into the lobby and toward the elevators. As we passed the concierge, he asked if we enjoyed our shopping trip. Dawn walked over to him, flashed the dildo package at him, and giggled. He just smiled and gently shook his head.

Once in our room, we took inventory of our purchases. I told her how much I loved her teddie. She pointed to the snaps that closed the crotch. "I expect you to unsnap these with your teeth tonight." She said with an expectation in her voice.

I took my dildo from the package and began playing with it. I rubbed it over the crotch of my jeans and could feel myself getting wet. I needed an orgasm and I needed now. I slipped my jeans off and lay on the bed, rubbing my labia and clit. As I continued this activity, I felt myself getting wetter. I turned to phalus in my hand, and inserted it into my moist area. I was beginning to enjoy my first play toy that I had ever owned.

As I lay there, I closed my eyes briefly and began a small hip rotation in concert with my dildo use. In a moment I felt a smooth brush of a hand on my mons. I opened my eyes to see Dawn kneeling beside me, dressed only in her panties. She began rubbing my clit with her fingers as I played with my toy. I slid my hand over between her legs, and found her panties sopping with her juices. I pulled her panties aside and inserted two fingers into he wetness. She then lowered her head and began to lick my clit. She took the dildo from my hand and began using it on me as she licked. I tried to move her toward me so I could lick her while she took care of me. She raised her head from my crotch and said "not yet". I complied and just continued to rub her labia gently.

Suddenly I realized I was coming and could not hold it back anymore. A shattering orgasm filled my body.

Dawn then straddled me in a 69 position, and asked me to use my still wet dildo on her as I ate her. I obeyed without a second thought. As Dawn became even closer to her orgasm, I slid the dildo in and out with even greater action. I began to slightly suck on her clit as I did. Dawn began to beg me to pinch her nipples with my other hand. As I did, she began to buck like a bronco and flooded my face with her juices. I took the sopping dildo and slid it into my still wet slit, mixing our two fluids in the process. Dawn took it from me and began to lick it dry.

At lunch, we plotted how we wold spend the rest of the weekend and how we would include the guys.

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