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Greg sat there, holding the card.

"Alright!" Even at 18, my pride was strong and I was a stubborn girl.

The party we went to was wild, from the moment I walked in. I'd shaved especially and, with a few drinks in me, was happy to walk around all night letting guys lift my tiny dress. Once or twice, I dared to sit straddling the arms of sofas with my legs apart and, in the small hours of the morning, with Luke watching on, I even allowed a couple of guys to finger me.

"Is she a pro?" I could hear one girl whisper to her boyfriend, as I lay on a table, enjoying the sensations of hands and fingers all over me.

That was the first time I went home almost naked from a party, but over the next year or so, that became fairly normal. I developed a reputation as a party animal who would get her clothes off at a moment's notice. Luke and I would fuck like rabbits when we got home, as we'd both been getting worked up with my exhibitionism.

"Let me take you right here!" Luke said once, before we'd even got into his car. He pushed me over the hood and, before I knew it, was sliding his cock between my legs. The idea that people were still leaving the house and might walk right past us only made us both hornier.

+ + +

One summer day, Luke had some friends around to watch tennis on TV; three guys - Craig, Will and Ewan - and Ewan's girlfriend, Monica. I was getting ready to go to the pool with a girlfriend and wanted to paint my toenails before she arrived.

"Hey Christy," Luke said, "Show these guys your new swimsuit."

Luke had bought me an amazingly sexy swimsuit the week before - I couldn't wear it to the public pool, that's for sure, but I was planning to go the beach in it some time soon.

"OK, hon," I said, as I got up and went to the bedroom.

I could hear Luke explaining something to his friends and I heard the words 'sexy' and 'hot' being murmured out there, so I knew Luke would love it if I showed off a bit.

The swimsuit was pink - a slim thong just hid my pussy, while the top only barely held my heavy breasts up. The cups were shaped like flowers, held together with slim pink threads. To make my legs look longer, too, I put on some strappy pink shoes.

"Man!" said, Craig, as I made my entrance.

The rest of the group clapped and cheered as I pirouetted around. The look on Luke's face was one of sheer pleasure as I danced around before lying down on the rug at his feet.

On my back, I started to squirm, running my hands up and down my body, letting my fingers brush my pussy and nipples. I squealed and giggled and shook my breasts, and kicked my feet.

"You're so sexy, babe!" Luke said to me from above and I knew all eyes were on me.

I knew that this swimsuit was so small that it would only take a bit of wriggling before the thong slid between my lips and, sure enough, in less than a minute, I could see my shaved lips at the edges of the thong. I started to pinch my nipples, too, as the guys egged me on.

"Take it off, honey" Luke instructed me - so I did.

Lying on the floor, I untied my top and threw it to Craig, then slid out of the thong as well. I remained on the floor, spreadeagled, giggling and wiggling my toes.

At this point, the room was silent. Luke was grinning from ear to ear - I knew he was probably rock hard - and his friends, even Moira, were all fixated on me, even though the tennis match on TV was still continuing.

"That's better!" I giggled, shaking my breasts, as I got on all fours and pushed my butt towards Luke. I knew my pussy was wet and I was feeling totally horny at the thought that Luke's friends could all see my swollen lips.

"Do you want me to lick you, babe?" Luke asked. He and I had often fantasised about him doing this to me in public, but we'd never had the opportunity. I didn't know if he - or I - in fact, would be brave enough but, all of sudden, here we were.

Luke dropped to the floor and knelt behind me, lifting my feet up onto his shoulders.

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