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Grown stepdaughter steps into a new role.

I couldn't wait to get home to it as I was feeling very horny all of a sudden.

Two nights later at around 10:30, in came Carl. I was actually happy to see him as I hadn't had a customer in over an hour.

"How ya doing Sally?" He said with a smile. "I am great and you? ....are you doing ok with all your friends on break?"

"Yeah, I'm getting by. I have been renting a bunch of movies, but getting two papers out of the way as well. The one thing is though, that I don't have anyone to put lotion on my back. Any chance you could hook me up again?"

Now, putting lotion on people wasn't part of my job description but Carl was nice and I felt bad for him so I said," Head back to room #17 and I 'll meet you back there."

When I got back to 17, Carl was standing there in a pair of blue boxer shorts struggling to put lotion on his left leg. My god, he did look good. Every part of him was so muscular. He finished up his leg and I picked up the bottle. I started in on his back and tonight I took a little longer. I was actually enjoying rubbing my hands on him. His skin was smooth and warm.

I could feel my pussy getting warm as well....I blushed as I realized it. I finished up his back and let him do his thing.

Once again, I was thinking about that boys body as I cleaned up the shop. God, I was so horny! It actually crossed my mind to go back in the office and stick my hand down my pants, but I knew I would be home soon enough and Scott could do it for me.

Two nights later, in walked Carl. Late at night again when he knew noone would be around.

"Can you lube me again?"

"Meet you in #31," I said.

When I walked in, I stopped in my tracks. Carl was standing in a pair of white briefs with his back to me. He was rubbing oil on his chest and didn't know I was there. I stared at his perfect ass for about 10 seconds before I announced my presence. He turned around to greet me," You don't care about the undies do you? It's pretty much a speedo."

"Come on, that's bigger than a speedo," I laughed. I looked down at his waist and could see the outline of the head of his cock through his shorts. It looked really big. I looked up and he was looking at me. His eyes darted away quickly as did mine and I poured some lotion in my palm. As I rubbed his back, my eyes were on his butt. It stuck out and looked so firm. The way it curved under those briefs was something I had never seen.

I finished his back, and said," Want me to do the legs? Looks like you struggle a bit with those."

That would be great," he said as he widened his stance a bit. I knelt down and started on his calves. I started to move my hands higher until I was massaging his hamstrings right up to the bottom of his cheeks. I did both legs and asked him to turn around.

I was keeping my eyes low and I did his feet and shins. When I finally looked up, I was shocked! His cock was coming to life and pushing towards the ground. His big head was twice the size and sticking out a little. Anything I did here, ventured into new ground. I averted my eyes and started on his knees and thighs.

Carl was talking about the weather and business and whatever else insignificant he could think of, but all I could think of was this growing dick in his underwear. I slid my hands higher up coming inches from his dick head. I was going slow because I liked it, but also because I didn't want to touch it by accident.

I couldn't believe how big his dick looked from my vantage point. Scott had a bigger dick than any other I had ever had and his was about 7 inches....but his paled in comparison to this one. I really wanted to see it.

I finished on his legs and said, "Did you do your arms yet? I might as well, since I am already greased up." I stood up and he looked down at me as I ran my hands over his muscular arms. I know I was blushing and he was obviously nervous as well. I looked down and his cock was obviously stuck in the downward position and it was actually pulling his briefs down and out a little bit.

"I'm sorry about that," he nervously chuckled a

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