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Lauren gets it on with Greg Proops.

k with you?"

"It's very ok with me, I thought perhaps I'd screwed up with James. Do you still want me to have sex with other men?"

"Yes, I do. I wasn't sure for a little while there, but I'm sure now. I'm really looking forward to showing you off, and if something happens, then I won't stop you having sex with as many men as you want."

"I'm glad, for you because it's your fantasy, and for me, because I love the excitement of being seduced, or just fucked by different men. We'll just do without the humiliation. What do you think?"

"I think that we need to go now, or I'll have to pull you back into bed."

"We can't have that, my love, it isn't your turn to fuck me." I announced as I finished dressing.

We drove around the M25, with fairly heavy traffic, and went to a lovely pub on the banks of a canal, near Ripley. It was quite hot, and the outside tables were almost full, but we managed to get a small table, near a group of fairly raucous young men.

A couple of them noticed me, and as I headed for a seat facing them, they nudged their pals, so they were all watching me when I got to my seat. It was one of those bench types, which are attached to the table, so that it's necessary to swing one's leg over, followed by the other leg in order to sit down.

The guys watched intently as I swung my left leg over, giving them a quick flash of my purple thong, then with my second leg I faked a bit of a stumble, so they got a longer and clearer view.

"That was fun," I remarked to my husband.

"Do you think you can keep them out of your knickers until I get back with the drinks and menus."

"I'll try, my love, but I won't try very hard. Unlike you, who already has a little bulge, and will soon be hard if you don't go."

Rob went off into the crowded pub, and I opened my legs a little, so at least two of the guys could see my panties.

I was just starting to get warm and tingly from watching the guys looking up my skirt, when they all started getting up.

"Sorry love, we've all got to go, but how about a goodbye kiss for all of us?"

I spotted Rob coming out of the pub doorway carrying two menus, and behind him was a very pretty, and very young waitress, carrying our drinks for him. I don't know how he does that, women adore him, and all of them, young and old, want to please him.

"I think a kiss would be alright, but be quick 'cos my husband is on his way back."

The first guy came up, bent to kiss me on the lips, and slipped his hand up under my dress. I guessed that this was their plan. Just a kiss indeed.

"That's enough, next!"

The next one did the same, and I was starting to get nicely turned on. Rob arrived, put down the menus and took the drinks from the girl, who gave him a very flirtatious smile. Luckily she couldn't see the third guy's hands under my dress, and with all the kerfuffle, he managed to get his fingers inside my knickers and into my vagina. I liked what he was doing so much, I let him carry on as Rob sat down.

"Having fun darling?" Rob asked, smiling.

"Yes thanks, next one please."

I hurried the next two, as I was worried that other people could now see what was going on, and the guys were off.

"I see you charmed yet another waitress." I said to Rob, teasing him a little.

"It was nice of her to offer to carry our drinks, don't you think?. Her name is Stacey, by the way. I guess you didn't wait for formal introductions before letting five guys finger you."

"They had to leave so there wasn't time, but they really got me turned on, and also, I'm famished, so let's choose our food."

We chose our meal, and Rob went off to place the order. While he was away, two of the five guys came ambling across to our table. I sized them up, and decided I liked them, they were both fit, in their thirties, obviously they were regulars at the gym, and they were nicely dressed.

"We were able to re-arrange our meeting so we could spend more time with you. I'm Ben, by the way, and this is Oliver."

"You know I'm with my husband?"

"He didn't stop us a few minutes ago, taking turns fingering your pussy, so we figur

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