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I heard a soft chuckle from Mr. Stillwell before he continued as I bowed my head in embarrassment. "She provided the forensic accountants in the FBI with the hidden clues they needed to unravel his whole criminal enterprise and help us shut him down."

Still feeling the scrutiny of the entire room, I wanted to crawl under the table and hide. Finally I looked up at Claire and her father they were both smiling warmly down at me. I saw nothing but love and pride on their faces and I felt my discomfort quickly melting away.

He continued with his explanation no longer drawing attention toward me, "It appears now that Adams was trying to hide his double dealing in among the flurry of claims that comes in after each hurricane in the past few years. There were indications that He may have been doing it over at Allied for years before that. Miss De Marco found out how he was running a shadowy scheme electronically duplicating payments to our legitimate customers and sending that money to his own offshore account before erasing his tracks. Jane caught on to it and brought it straight to my baby girl here. That's when the FBI was called in. It took quite some time to track where the money was going after he stole it, but just this week we found than out too. That's why he was taken into custody this morning and I can tell you all about it now."

The room erupted into applause as everyone picked up on the relief in Bart's voice.

His voice strained to brake through the excited murmurs so he could continue when the group was slow to settle down, "That young fella sitting next to Jane there is Mr. Daniel Phillips. He designed a sophisticated data trap on Adams computer activity without ever being told what it was about. He did such a fine job of it we have an unbroken record of every dirty little trick Adams tried to pull on the good people at Continental. That information is now in the hands of the U. S. Justice Department. Actually, I can tell you now the data trap he designed collected information from every workstation in the company. Therefore, in the next few days some of you may be hearing from the Human Resources department. They seem to feel some of our folks need a reminder of the proper behavior on the company's computers," his wide smile brought a quiet murmur of uneasy laughter from the assembled group.

"Thankfully thought, Ms. De Marco and Mr. Phillips uncovered only the one thief. Because of the solid work done by our own people with the help of the authorities that evidence will be used to help send him to prison for a very long time." The spontaneous applause exploded around us but my eyes were fixed on a single point in the room, Claire's radiant face and happy smiling eyes.

Even though his voice grew more serious, his mood remained buoyed, "Now the board members will have to get to work. We will have some hard decisions to make in the next few days." He scanned the room looking for the faces of those he was addressing, "We will be filling the vacancy of a corporate officer. As well as beginning some preliminary reworking of the budgets we've all had to strangle. Those changes need to be ready to implement as soon as the funds are released by the courts. The funds recovered from his off-shore account will give us a bit of elbowroom that we haven't had in a good long time."

Everyone was on their feet clapping wildly when he turned away from the podium and the older of the two FBI agents stepped toward it. I watched him as he stood and moved along the dais. For some reason as he walked to the podium, his eyes never left mine. He was a very handsome man, tall, distinguished, and impeccably groomed but something in the way he kept his eyes fixed on me was a little unnerving. When he finally spoke his voice carried with the instantly recognizable accent of an upper crust native New Englander. I smiled to myself privately deciding that was something else not to like him for.

"Without taking up too much of your time this evening," he started finally looking away from me to scan the room.

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