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A slow descent or rising above?

"Now that was a real mistake."

Shanon dropped her eyes. She couldn't bear to see him angry at her.

"Do you know what that mistake was?"

She nodded, eyes still downcast.

"Say it."

"I didn't address you respectfully, sir."

"Exactly. Now let's see if I can figure out why." He stood up and walked behind her.

Shanon wanted to cry. She knew her place. It was just a mistake. But she couldn't tell him.

"Maybe you got distracted by the pretty flowers," continued James, "Yes, that must be it . . . but wait, you didn't mess up on any of the other ones."

James paused and got in front of Shanon so he could see the panic in her eyes.

"Actually, I think I know exactly what was going silly, little, puppy-dog, brain of yours," Shanon's arms and legs failed her. She felt small and helpless. She reveled in the loss of control, her body was failing her from nothing but his words.

James watched her carefully, he didn't want her to fall apart. He continued, "It's pretty well known what a black rose means. I'm sure my puppy knows something like that, too. So when you saw the rose you thought only about how I was going to reward you for a correct answer."

Shanon tried to sink deeper into the carpet, desperate to escape his words. James gripped her pony tail and dragged her back up.

"So, pet," James could see the name reassured her so he continued, "were you thinking of me as a toy for your pleasure?"

"Yes, sir." She said meekly.

"Am I a toy, pet?"

"No, sir."

"Who am I?"

"My owner, sir."

"And who are you?"

"Your puppy, sir."

James' eyes sparkled and he smiled wickedly "What do you think happens to a puppy that forgets her place?"

"She . . . she gets punished, sir."

"I think you've felt enough punishment," James stroked her hair and smiled, "The mistake is forgiven."

Shanon bit her lip and nodded. Suddenly James' voice brought her back to reality.

"What kind of rose is this?"

"A black one, sir." James worked his fingers in and out of her pussy for a few seconds.

"What does it symbolize?"

"Death, sir." James toyed with her clit for just an instant. She held back a moan.

"Last picture, pet. What kind of rose is this?"

"A blue one, sir." he teased her clit and pussy

"What does it symbolize?"

"Magic, sir." Shanon guessed.

More weight was added gently. The pull was starting to become exciting now. She gave a tiny sigh of pleasure.

"The blue rose represents mystery or unattainability," he giggled like a little kid, "Ironic, wouldn't you say?"

Shanon didn't think it was funny but she held her tongue.

"Let's review," James' voice suddenly took on the tone of a schoolteacher, "What does the red rose symbolize?"

"Love, sir."

"And the yellow one?"

"Friendship, sir."

"The pink rose?"

"Grace and happiness, sir."

"The black rose?"

"Death, sir."

"And finally, the blue rose?"


"Or?" He teased.


"I wonder if you really know what that word means, pet. I suppose that will have to be the next lesson."

Shanon whined playfully. As James looked at her he could see the expression he loved so much. Somewhere inside Shanon did want permission to climax, but her devotion was enough to make her fight against it so he could see her squirm. Most importantly though despite everything she was still smiling at him.

"Now let's see," said James as he tore his eyes away, "I'm getting something to eat. Heel."

James made himself a snack and let Shanon curl up at his feet while he ate. He looked at his puppy lovingly. She was going to be begging again soon but for now she was just enjoying the comfort of being controlled and protected.

"Time to . . . what is this?" James got down on one knee to examine the floor where Shanon had been, "Clean this up, pet."

Shanon look at where he was pointing. Her juices had puddled on the floor. She bent down and licked them up, never looking away from him.

"And it gets worse," James was at the entrance to the living room now, "This mess seems to have gone all the way from kitchen to the living room. Clean up all of it."

Shanon complied subserviently.

When she

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