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Anna Kendrick's backstage at a Paramore concert

She spread her legs widely. She had shaved herself leaving only a narrow V which, itself, was closely trimmed. With two fingers she spread her now puffy lips revealing her clit. She looked up at at us, wriggled her hips and winked. Carefully watching herself she pointedly guided the tip of the dildo. When it touched her engorged clit, we could see the effect immediately.

She hesitated, then holding the buzzing dildo in one hand she she pulled her tube top up pushing her bra from her breasts as she did.

She took aim with the dildo again, then pressed it again lightly against her clit. She stood for a minute, then sat on the floor. She watched herself closely as she applied the dildo. She ran it up and down, around and around. Finally, her eyes staring blankly, she lay back and plunged the humming device deep inside. She pulled it out then pushed it back in. She lay on her back with her knees bent. She pinched and pulled her nipples with her free hand. She pushed the dildo in and out ever more rapidly until she almost doubled up in a climax. It was a surprisingly noisy climax which included her hips pounding against the floor and loud gasps.

When it seemed to have passed, she quieted, then lay still. She left the dildo inside her, whirring, and said rather breathlessly, "Who's next?"

Barb spoke up tentatively, "I'll try it." Then, "Do I have to take my clothes off?"

"Of course, silly," Jenny said from her position on the floor, vibrator buzzing. "That's half the naughtiness. Being naked in front of other people."

She seemed reluctant to do it, but now Jenny removed the dildo she had held with her tightly closed legs. She turned it off and set it aside after wiping it.

There was widespread encouragement from the others. Barb stood. "Well, here goes." She unbuttoned her Capri's and let the zipper down, rather slowly, I thought.

I couldn't wait to watch someone else do it. God was I hot.

She wore low rise panties in a shade of rose. She looked around at the variety of dildos. "Which one . . .?" She gestured at the table with the dildos.

Jenny made a selection. It was a smooth, slender one, pink. It might have been a beginner's model. "You turn it on by twisting the base like this," she said demonstrating then turned it off and handed it to Barb.

Barb was still standing somewhat awkwardly in her panties. Her top hung only to her waist well above her panties. It was meant to reveal her flat stomach and perfectly shaped navel. She looked like a model in an underwear ad. Her lightweight top let her nipples reveal her excitement.

She pulled at the crotch of her panties as if to try to insert the dildo with her panties just pulled to the side.

Jenny poured a glass of wine. "Chug this, then take those panties off, all the way off," she said handing the wine to Barb.

Barb hesitated then set the dildo down as she took the glass from Jenny. "Down the hatch," she said with a tense smile and threw back her head. She coughed as she guzzled the entire glass. "OK. Let's do it," she said with confidence even before the wine had had a chance to take effect.

Jenny took the glass back and set it down. She turned quickly back to Barb and pulled the rose colored panties off surprising Barb and the rest of us.

"Oh, OK," Barb sputtered. She stepped out of the panties Jenny was holding on the floor at her feet.

Jenny stood holding up the panties as a sort of trophy, then sat to watch with the rest as Barb learned about dildos.

Still tentative Barb turned the base of the dildo. It quietly came to life. She turned it off, embarrassed.

"Put some lotion on it first," Jenny suggested.

Barb took the lotion and carefully applied a small bit to its tip.

"Use it just like your husband's cock only this time you can make it do just what you want, not what he wants!" We all laughed appreciatively.

Still tentative, she gently touched it to her clit. "Mmmm," she said.

Jenny got up from her chair.

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