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Discovering the toys in the desk drawer.

When this, too, failed to bring an objection or a slap in the face, the hand continued to fully cover the large globe. Abu felt the thick nipple protruding under the cashmere top, and then felt it grow as he squeezed, encouraging him to continue.

Just then, headlights appeared at the end of the alley, coming from the street, and both Kelly and Abu recognized the sound of a car. They quickly parted and scurried to the front of the cab, away from the alley. The car, moving slowly down the alley, continued its monotonous journey toward them. Kelly, heady with lust, excited at the prospect of being penetrated, elated at the thought of getting fucked by a stranger in her own backyard while her husband was inside, pushed Abu against the hood of his taxi, and grabbed at the waist of his ratty pants, pulling the button free. Her long, manicured fingers had trouble grasping the zipper, but eventually she managed, and Abu's pants fell to his feet.

Kelly pulled his thickening cock through the opening at the front of his boxers and tugged on it, causing blood to rush toward the head. Wanting to feel it grow in her mouth, Kelly squatted and lowered her red-lipsticked mouth to the cockhead, allowing her tongue to twirl around it once then twice, before burying her face in his Abu's crotch, his cock now fully encased in her hot mouth. The sound of the car - probably a neighbor's - drowned Kelly's moan out, but Abu, his cockhead now planted firmly against the back of her throat, could feel it reverberate into his stomach.

As Kelly sucked, Abu grew to his full length, maybe six inches. 'Not the biggest, but I've had smaller,' she thought. Satisfied with the rigidity, Kelly began bobbing her head quickly - violently, almost - on Abu's cock.

"So nice," she heard him breathe as his cock repeatedly hit the back of her throat.

Removing his cock from her mouth, Kelly let her displeasure be known. "Ssshhh," she whispered, her left hand replacing her mouth on his cock, her diamond engagement ring glittering in the faint glimmer from a faraway alley light. "That's my house. We're thirty feet away. My husband might hear you," she said, as she again placed his cock between her bright, shiny red lips.

She felt his hands in her hair, pulling her deeper into his crotch. Kelly reveled in the dominance. Sucking his cock hands-free, Kelly let her left hand drop to her crotch, and began rubbing her wet slit through the leather pants. Her other hand squeezed one of her gargantuan tits, paying special attention to the erect nipple that had swollen within the confines of her 34D bra. "Oooohhh gggaawwddd," she mumbled around Abu's cock.

Without warning, she pulled it from her mouth with her right hand, and began furiously stroking it, aided by the saliva that covered the brown rod from root to tip. "I love sucking cock," she whispered, looking up into his eyes from her squatting position, her left hand cradling his balls, tickling his scrotum.

The lust in her eyes was apparent, and Abu once again grabbed the back of her head, forcing his cock back into her mouth. Her warm, slick mouth squelched around his cock, and she moaned in hunger. "Mmmmmm," she hummed around the brown phallus. Lust burned within her. She could feel it dripping from between her cunt lips, soaking her thong. She could feel it in her nipples, inflamed, aching for attention. She needed to get fucked - now!
Kelly let Abu's cock from her mouth, rising to her feet. As she did so, it brushed against her chin and then her cashmere-covered tits, leaving a trail of saliva behind. She again threw her arms around his neck, intending to jam her horny tongue into his mouth. But Abu turned his head. "You not kiss me. Not after my cock in your mouth," he said, with a sour look on his face.

"Fuck you, asshole," Kelly responded with a hiss.

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