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Son wants mum, mum wants son.

I then lifted one of her leg up to balance it on the chair and thus got an access to her pussy for my hungry cock. I pushed her back to the table next to the chair making her bum to partially rest on it. This enabled me to pull both of her legs around me. Penny had already pulled down my pants and underwear and was continuing to play with my cock while kissing me under the ear thus making it impossible for me to restrain myself any further from fucking her sister. As I entered her Penny's sister cried out part in pain because of the large gap since she had last had her sex and also as the entrance to her cunt was not fully lubricated and partly due to the pleasure it was giving her. I commenced the in out motion and kissed her lips. I pulled open her top and moved my one hand to caress her boobs that were bigger than Penny but still firm and smooth.

I pressed her nipples a number of times. She responded with equal eagerness and was pushing her bum to meet my thrusts. I could feel that the yearlong suppressed sexual desire had opened up in her with such a vigour that I had to pump in my cock in her cunt with almost hurting force to satisfy her desire to be fucked. She seemed to have orgasm a couple of times but did not stop her own thrust until I reached my zenith and cried that I cannot hold any longer. She virtually shouted, "Don't stop. Keep fucking and fill me with your cum". We were oblivious of the presence of Penny during this period and I gave a few final thrusts and ejaculated with full force to fill her deep cunt with hot cum. Penny now pulled my face towards her and kissed my lips as if she was thanking me for the relief I had given her sister.

We sat down in the state as we were and had snacks and tea even though it had become cold without our realizing it as our minds were still occupied with what had just happened. It was a funny gathering. Penny's sister was naked, I was naked below the waist and only the top of Penny was open. Penny's sister then got up and came to Penny and pulled her top and skirt. Penny was wearing a pink panty. She then took off my shirt and pulled away my pants and underwear that were gathered around my ankle. She got down on her knees in front of me and started to suck the few drops of cum from my slightly limp cock. This attention as well as the first look at almost naked Penny had the desired effect on my cock. I pulled Penny near us and started to kiss her with lot of passion. Penny's sister got up to hold Penny from behind as I bent down to kiss Penny's pussy from top of her panties. I slowly pulled her pink panties down continuing my kisses from top gradually down to her now uncovered pussy. I then started to kiss her cunt after spending a minute to see it minutely as if to copy it in my mind. She responded by extending her both hands to hold my head pressed to her pussy. In the mean while Penny's sister pressed her body to Penny from behind and started to play with her naked breasts and nipple. All this made Penny reach an orgasm.

As she jerked and became tense, I got up and picking her up in my arms I laid her down on the nearby carpet.

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