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Another home invasion story but with a different conclusion.

"If you could fool around with each one of us, what would you do?" Sophie asked, all nerdy coquettishness. I loved her look, her dark hair set above a pair of black framed glasses and her pouty lips. "Go person to person."

"Well, my fantasy with Savannah is about to come true in another turn." I winked at the girl on my lap and gave her prodigious ass a good squeeze. "I'd tit-fuck Jenn, obviously."

"Men." Jenn said, playfully rolling her eyes.

"Amber... I'd let Amber take control. Show me something I haven't seen before. Let her blow my mind."
"That's not all." She grinned.

"Sophie, I'd want you to suck me off before I came all over those tiny titties and glasses of yours." I said, off-handedly. "Candace..." I looked at my manager in her icy blue eyes. "You've disciplined me enough here. I'd like to tie you up and discipline you."

"Don't make promises you can't fulfill." Candance replied, slurring her words the slightest bit. I felt an energy crackle in there, a tension that seemed to arc from the tip of my atom-hard cock which threatened to burst and ruin both my boxer-briefs and Savannah's dress. I pressed on and spun the bottle. It landed on Amber who stood up and gleefully took off her jeans. She was wearing a pair of yellow boy shorts that matched her bra.

"Are you real a redhead?" I asked, trying to play the innocent for a round. Amber saw through my ruse and pulled down her panties, revealing a neatly trimmed, fiery red bush.

"Ring of fire." She said, sitting back down. Candace cleared her throat.

"Time for your guess, Savannah." She announced. Savannah sprang up from my lap like a nimble mountain goat before sitting back in her place in the circle.

"How big are they usually?" She asked, tapping her chin. "His is bigger than that. Nine inches?"

"I'm flattered." I said, honestly before flipping over the scrap of paper where I had written the more accurate measurement. "But you owe me something once I pull it out."

The girls burst into laughter, save for Savannah who sat there in stunned silence. Excited or horrified, it was hard to tell. After another round of drinks, Amber spun the bottle around, landing on Savannah as if by magic. Savannah unclasped her bra and wormed it from her dress, tossing it onto the pile of clothes, the owners of the garments becoming more muddled by the minute. "Truth." She said.

"Y'all need to start picking dare more often." Amber said, shaking her head. I had almost forgotten that Amber was from South Carolina, and so did everyone else. It only came out when she was deep in her drinks. "But on a scale of zero to ten, zero being Sahara Desert and ten being May in Maine, how wet would you say you are after sitting on Rosie's cock? Be honest." Amber slurred. I pointed to the bulge on my boxer-briefs, where a Savannah had made a small trail of wetness. Savannah blushed.

"A nine, obviously." She said, hurriedly spinning the bottle before anyone could comment further. It landed on Sophie who chose "dare". Savannah pondered her options for a minute before deciding.

"Sophie, spin the bottle. It's that person's turn after, but they have to suck on your nipples for an entire minute." Savannah declared, obviously proud at how bold she had become. Sophie shrugged and the bottle landed on Candace. Candace tried to disguise her excitement, but it was obvious to everyone that she was going to enjoy this. Candace started by kissing the Asian girl's tan chest, slowly working her one from one small breast, cupping the other with her large, strong hands. Finally, she settled on the right one, sucking and licking it, twirling it around in her mouth while her hand toyed with the other, squeezing, walking her around up and down Sophie's long torso. Sophie moaned with pleasure, her chest becoming flushed with color before she cried out in both agony and ecstasy as Candace bit down gently on the tip of one of her nipples. Everyone stared, enthralled, before Savannah called "time!" I looked at the clock. Three minutes had passed. I didn't mention this.

"I gu

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