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Never in my life have I felt more alive than I have since undertaking this business.

The time with Annabelle and Dr. K... was refreshing. They were a great encouragement. Bernice has thrown herself into our endeavor and the Sisters of the Second Revolution has benefited greatly from her devotion. Her enthusiasm proved somewhat problematic, though. While dinning with our partners in the community she fawned over Secretary M... till the gentleman felt he could endure no more and hastily remembered a prior commitment to which he and his furious wife made an early departure. True, he returned later; meeting with Bernice in her apartments at length after the others had departed. In this matter she has again shown her shrewd eye for character and opportunity. But, it will prove ill with us if she incenses the virtuous ladies into opposing our operations. Annabelle and the Dr. have agreed to tutor her in this matter.

I found the facilities of superior quality. By comparison the Applepress appears a lowly frontier brewery to me now.

Mama, I do not pretend to know all the ways of a man with a woman; a husband with his wife; having spent so little time with my own. Yet there is a peculiarity to The Dr. and Annabelle's relations. On my last day there I accompanied Annabelle on her rounds at the hospital. I was very proud of her sacrifices for the troops and of how she generously gives herself to the men's comfort. The ward, to a man, was aroused and cheered at our very entrance. Annabelle quickly went to work taking each man in turn. With deft caresses she eases their cares and with a firm grasp releases their needs. She is very tender toward them with kisses and sweet words and she keeps their bandages clean by swallowing their every emission.

I too, tried my hand at the errand of mercy and found that they were hard after my affections also. I was rewarded likewise.

We had not made half the ward when Dr. K... called his wife to his office which was at the end of the ward separated by a door. In his office she stood at attention in front of his desk as he took her to task about the proper use of the bed trays in cleaning the wounds. To each accusation she responded with a, "Yes Doctor, thank you, Doctor." This was done with the door to the ward open. I had joined her in the office and sat in the only chair. Through the whole interview neither of them addressed nor even looked at me. Their conversation was the oddest thing; which I will endeavor to recreate for you.

He came around the desk and said, "I will have to chastise you."

"Yes Doctor. Please chastise me, Doctor. I erred and deserve to be chastised, Doctor."

This was very odd.

"Bend over, Nurse," he commanded. She did, placing her hands upon his desk, legs slightly spread, back to the open door. He raised her skirt at which I began to protest for her modesty, but her willingness stayed my lips. He raised everything until her bare bottom was exposed and he took a crop and began flicking it against her naked flesh. With each stroke she said, "Thank you Doctor, may I have another, Doctor." I was aghast and speechless.

As he stroked her reddening behind he spoke, "You're a bad nurse." I could hear the patients struggling to hear and see the goings on.

After a dozen blows he ceased and ordered her to stand. Tears flowed, but a less than embarrassed flush colored her cheeks. This was not to be the end though. Next he undid the buttons of her smock, unlaced her corset and pulled all down until her arms were pinned at her sides. Next he bound her hands behind her back and then placed a medical gag over her mouth and chin. Except for Annabelle's unresisting compliance I would have put an end to this outrage.

Next, he took what looked like medical tools and applied them to her pert young breasts.

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