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Mary cocksucking 101, The Ritual begins for Lacy.

I heard the rustling of fabric. " Now open", Marion whispered. I saw her sheer top lifting over her head, her divine teeny breasts, crowned my erect nipples like a air of thumbs clearly visible from the soaked camisole. She stepped out of her jeans next, pirouetting to allow me to drink in her loveliness still partially clothed, in the camisole and matching silk thing panties. She leaned over the bed, teasingly running the silk covered nipple along my cheek and my lips. Then, she removed the cami, and thong, and repeated the move, now allowing me to suck her hard nipple into my mouth.

Marion kissed the top of my head as I gorged myself on her breasts. " Quietly, sweetie, someone might hear downstairs." This disruption of the dreamy quality of the moment was brief. Marion popped her nipple from my lips, and without warning, ducked down to savagely swallow my throbbing erection deeply into her throat in one gulp. She locked her lips tightly around the root, creating an exquisite suction. Her girlish fingers massaged my sac, palpating my testicles, milking me. She ever so slowly raised her lips up my shaft, keeping them as tight as possible to the flesh. I started caressing her pointed teats with my fingertips, but she interrupted her ministrations long enough to whisper: " later, dear, let this be for you."

Marion licked all around and down my erections, her hand continuing to grasp my balls. With her other hand, she teasingly twisted my right nipple. Just as she did this a second time, she did a trick where she released my balls just as her tongue licked the tip of my cock. Suddenly, a stream of cum surged out, unlike any load I'd delivered before. Cousin Marion drank it like mother's milk, then sat up and kissed me, my cum on her lips.

"Shhh, let's just rest a bit," Marion purred, gently easing me onto my back and cuddling up to me. Her soft hand toyed with my semi-hard cock. "In a few minutes, I'm going to ride you, just like a merry-go-round," she whispered, " I want to lean over you so you can suck my nipples more. I love how you do that. You are the most gentle lover I've had since your Daddy taught me about love many years ago."

" My Dad?"

"Yes, I flirted with lots of guys, and played around, but the last time I babysat for you was really my first time. I just turned 18, and wanted to learn about sex. He parked at the Bluffs and we necked. He showed me how to suck cock, and ate my pussy. I didn't care that he was my uncle. He was such a nice but strong man. Then he drove me home. Everyone was asleep, or passed out drunk, so he snuck up to my room, and fucked me. It was great."

Marion told me the affair carried on until she ran away from home. She had sex with every guy who wanted her, but none was as good as that first illicit fling. " Until now, sweetie," she added, "and we haven't really even had sex yet." Her hand idly caressed my flaccid member. " And I suspect this may take a while to recover. Can you guess what I want you to do in the meantime?" she asked, releasing my cock , using that hand to turn my face so I stared at the slow sensuous circles the fingers of the other hand were making in her faint wispy pubic hair.

Her hand then went behind my head , and gently urged me down to her honey pot. I gingerly kissed her alabaster thighs, then teased my cousin's labia just with the tip of my tongue. Her treasures opened to that touch, unfolding as her legs spread wider. I kissed the spot above her slit, then she guided me to her clit. Our fingers played with each other in the cavern below her pearl, opening her wider. She pushed me lower, which I took as a hint to stab my tongue into her like a cock. We both moved our fingers to her clit. As her bottom lifted off the bed, I gently probed her anus with a finger.

"Oh, Robbie," she muttered, " Lick harder."

Although I had tasted women before, there was something about my experienced, older cousin that felt, and tasted, exotic.

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