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We play to each other's fantasies.

"God, yes" I sighed. I felt the long pent-up orgasm building up inside of me.

As my groans got louder, I felt his cock swelling more inside of me, and his thrusts became harder and faster. I started screaming "Cum with me baby!" My lover said nothing, all of his efforts and attention are diverted to his intense feelings. A bestial roar came out of his throat as he thrusted my body one last time as far down onto his cock as possible.

We both collapsed back onto the cracked leather driver seat. We rested for a moment, then I reached into the glove compartment and got us some tissues to clean up. We looked at each other and laughed. "I can't believe we just had sex on the side of the road," I said as I climbed back into the passenger seat.

"Yeah" he agreed. "I haven't done that since I was a kid." He turned the car around, and started driving back to the freeway.

I yawned and leaned back into my seat. "Now I'm all tired."

He looked over at me and patted me on the head. "Take a nap, baby. You're going to need your energy for tonight when I get you back home."

I closed my eyes for a moment, then opened my left eye to look at him. "What were you planning on doing to me?"

"You'll see" he said with a knowing look. I smiled back at him, wiggled into a comfortable position and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, we were getting off the freeway at our exit. We were home. He had driven the entire eight hours. "Oh my gosh, honey, I can't believe you drove the entire trip. You should have woken me."

He reached over and rubbed my leg. "It's okay, baby. I liked watching you sleep. You worked hard this month, and I wanted to take care of you."

We smiled at each other, and I bathed in the love I felt coming from him. He grabbed my hand and we rode in comfortable silence for the last few minutes of the trip.

We arrived at home, and he lugged my bags up the steps and into the bedroom. Then he took one long look at me and smiled, before he threw himself onto the bed.

I watched him for a moment before I realized that his breaths were becoming slower and he was slowly relaxing into the bed. He was falling asleep! With that long nap, I was full of energy and fantastically horny.

"Oh, no you don't!" I said with force, and I climbed on the bed and mounted his sleepy body. "You promised me loving when we got home, and I'm holding you to it!"

He opened his sleepy eyes, "Oh, honey, you have no idea how tired I am." He tried to go back to sleep.

"Please baby?" I persisted. I started kissing all over his face. "You can do anything you want with my body..."

He opened his eyes again. He clearly looked exhausted, but I detected something in his eyes that indicated that a second wind might be in the coming. "Baby, if you want it, you're going to have to do all the work."

That was fair enough. He did drive all the way home, after all. "Okay baby." I said, as I unzipped his jeans.

His cock was already moderately erect, so I started rubbing it with one hand while I kissed his neck. When it was nice and hard, I moved down and started to lick it, first the head, then longer and long licks, up and down his cock. I could still taste myself on him from our quickie a few hours before. I could hear him start to get into the oral loving, so I increased my intensity and started taking his bulbous head into my mouth, swirling around the tip with my tongue. With each bob, I took more and more of his cock into my mouth, going until my nose was tickled by his pubic hair. I gagged a couple times, but I refused to stop sucking until he told me to stop. I used one hand to hold onto his balls, alternating between stroking them and softly squeezing on them. With my other hand, I struggled to get out of my cloths.

"Baby, come up here so I can lick you" he told me.

I did as he asked.

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