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Old Friends and Old Flings.

Grandma glanced down, smiled, and took my hand to lead me through the entrance into the kitchen. She told me about her travels and other current affairs as she prepared some snacks. I could only nod back as my eyes roamed her body from head to toe as she strutted around the room.

Her big breasts bounced lightly as she walked around. I couldn't see any tan lines; she must've been tanning topless. Grandma bent over to get something out of the fridge and I got an eagle's eye view of her ass and pussy lips through her bikini bottom. I dick was about to bust out of my pants as I made my best effort to conceal it and went upstairs to the visitor's room.

Afterwards, as I was unpacking my suitcase, Grandma knocked on the door and asked if I wanted to join her by the pool. I accepted and dug through my clothes for my swimwear. Just as I found it, I thought about how hard it would be to conceal any erection with the thin Speedo I held in my hands. I said fuck it and thought about how much I would tease my Grandma with it.

I was halfway down the stairs when I heard her calling me to bring her a bigger towel from her room. While I was looking, I couldn't help snooping through her bras and panties. Buried beneath one of the bottom drawers was a red satin teddy; I could only imagine how sexy Grandma looked wearing it. Under that I found a vibrator and some magazines. My eyes nearly popped out when I read the title of the first subscription: Keeping it in the family. It had pictures of real life mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and grandparents with grandchildren performing lurid sexual acts. I sniffed the vibrator, it reeked of pussy.

I grabbed the towel and walked downstairs. I was at full mast as I stepped outside and walked towards Grandma. Her chest was so busty that the tiny strips of fabric that she called a bikini top covered almost nothing except for her nipples. The triangular shaped bottom rode in on her lips as I got an eye full of camel toe.

Grandma sat up and turned around to greet me but it seemed like she was at a loss for words as her gaze wandered down my body. Her nipples started to get hard as I came up right next to her chair and enjoyed the erotic view. Grandma's mouth dropped a little as she continued to marvel at my erection which was now pointing straight at her. I had her just where I wanted.

"Do you have something to eat?" I asked, turning my waist slightly, swinging my hard on in front of her face. "Um..." she moaned, as she broke her gaze and looked up at my eyes, "I have some pastries and fruit." Grandma had never looked at me like this before; lust was in her eyes. "Both sound good," I grinned, pausing briefly, "do you have any melons?"

Grandma's eyes had now wandered back down to my huge bulge as her right hand instinctively reached up to her breast and rubbed it slightly.

"I'd also love to eat some cherry pie," I teased. "I bet you would," Grandma replied, as her eye roamed across my abs and chests, her hand was now between her legs. "Are you hungry, Grandma? Would you like something to eat too?"

Hearing that, her eyes shot up and locked onto mine. She wanted it, badly.

"How about some sausage?" I said, thrusting my hips slightly forward.

That was the last of our conversation as the most incredible thing happened. Grandma reached up with her other hand, pulled down my Speedo to free my raging hard on, and opened her mouth to suck. The sensation of her lips touching my head nearly caused me to blow. She played with my balls as I came closer and held her head with one hand. I fought the temptation to thrust my erection deep down her throat as I matched the rhythmic motion of her bobbing head. A trail of saliva and precum leaked out of Grandma's mouth as she took more and more of me inside.

There I was standing poolside with a gorgeous gilf sucking on my dick as one of her hands massaged my balls and the other rubbed her pussy lips.

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