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A rainy day in London and a 19th Century erotic book.

Finally, her movements got faster and she gave a short shriek and slammed down on top of me. Then she squirmed and gave little cries for about a minute before she collapsed forward.

I was pretty busy with Victoria, but I occasionally felt Prudence's mouth sucking and teasing me to erection and then letting me decompress again. As Victoria got off the bed, I felt a pressing pain in my balls. I needed desperately to come, but that didn't seem to be in the plan.

"Very good, Mr. Morris," said Gertrude. "You did nice job of cleaning out sink. Disgusting job, no? But there are worse ones. OK, here is Nora. She teach you two things: washing around the toilet and brushing the bowl.

I looked at Nora. She looked Middle Eastern, maybe Arabic. She looked sultry and sexy and had a lot on top that was pushing against her uniform. But even before she got on the bed, it was apparent what her most prominent feature was. She was well proportioned, except for her ass, which looked like a beach ball.

Like, Victoria, Nora didn't have any underwear on, and soon I was in the dark again, with that huge ass on my face. Again, the lights came back when her skirt was folded back by Gertrude.

She was sitting so the crack between her butt cheeks was against my nose. Her ass was large, but it wasn't flabby and dimply. It was smooth and firm. I felt Prudence suck me in again as Gertrude began talking.

"Mr. Morris, washing around toilet and brushing bowl not fun," she said. "Some maids from Asia think it impure and unholy to do that for anyone except families, but because they love America, they get job done.

"First step is clear everything from area around toilet to see what we doing. So Nora spread legs and you grab butt and pull cheeks apart. Do you need a tug on balls? No, you don't. Please pull wider. See all the hair inside crack. It's fallen onto tile floor and needs mopping up. Start pushing pink mop to mop up damp, smelly hair. There, you got it! A little harder with mop, please."

After I pulled open Nora's cheeks, my head was adjusted on the pillows so my tongue could start licking up and down her crack. On the way up and down, I went over the wrinkled bud in the middle, but I tried to go over it fast. The hair tasted and smelled much worse than the hair around Victoria's vagina. I was starting to get dizzy from the atmosphere.

"Very good, Mr. Morris," said Gertrude. "You did good job around toilet. Now it's into the toilet with your brush. Nora's going to open it by pushing. Then you put pink toilet brush deep inside so you can brush down to bottom."

She stopped when she heard me retching. "Wait, Nora," she said. "He sound like some of us the first time we clean bowl. Let him rest."

After a minute, I felt a tug at my balls. I opened my eyes and looked up. There was Nora's giant ass above me like a wrecking ball that was about to smash my head into little pieces. I shuddered.

"OK, Mr. Morris, start with hands again. Spread her wide, wider. Now Nora, start pushing. OK, Mr. Morris. You lick across it. Good. Now push pink toilet brush deep inside as far as you can. Push head in more. Good. Half your head now inside her butt. Keep brush going inside the toilet. She squirming, so you doing fine. Breathe through nose.

"Now Nora's using fingers in front while pink brush cleaning toilet. There she goes. She got tight around pink brush, no? She starting to move on your face. If she push you too much into her ass, hold breath. You may not hear me if your ears covered. Just hold breath."

As Nora squirmed and pushed her spreading buttocks over my face, I tried to hold my breath, but finally I couldn't. I was suffocating. I was going to die with my tongue inside her ass, a horrible stench in my nose and a nauseating taste in my mouth. I was feeling faint. My life was almost over, and then I felt her come down hard, pushing me in even deeper.

Suddenly, with a loud sloppy sound, she was off of me.

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