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He must have died and gone to heaven.

...underneath I wore a half cup bra, red thong, and a garter belt with red stockings. Red was Matt's favorite color, so I knew that little thought would add to the excitement.

I put the music on and began to slowly sway. I took my hands and toyed witht he spaghetti straps of my dress. Matt had promised to start jerking himself off when I started to strip, and he was just now unfastening his pants.

I took my hands and eased the straps off of my shoulders...letting my hands run over my breasts, I smiled as I saw his erection starting to grow.

He looked at me with a lazy grin on his face....as he rubbed the head of his cock with his index finger and thumb. I reached up and pulled the dress down...over my breasts, to reveal my lacy red bra.....

I started grinding a little as I ran my hands over my stomach...and then turned around so he could get a back view of my red thong. I bent over on the chair (Matt was an ass man so I knew the thought of this would drive him insane). I could feel the thong inching its way up my ass as I bent over further and ran my hands over my ass.

I could hear him panting over the microphone. He started to mumble something but it was so low and inaudible that I couldn't hear. I turned and looked at him confused. He then shouted, 'THE BRA. TAKE OFF YOUR BRA!'

I turned around, sat down on the chair, and complied with Matt's wishes. I slowly (purposely slowly) removed my bra. I flung it to the ground and began pinching my breasts and tweaking my nipples....his erection was getting huge now.

'I can't take it anymore! Take off your fucking panties....let me see your pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Again, I slowly complied.

I told him to hold on for one second that I would be back. When I returned, I asked him if he was ready for the real show to begin. His hard on was all the answer I needed....

I sat down and put my legs up on the computer desk, spreading my legs as far as they would go. I took the camera and positioned it so that it was just a few inches away from my pussy.....

Then, I picked up the jelly vibrator that I had run to get and asked if he was ready to begin.....I told him, he was in total control, and that he got to tell me where and how to use the vibrator.

He first told me to suck it....to pretend it was his cock...

I greedily took the vibe in my mouth and began to suck it hard and fast...I glanced at the monitor and I could see he was losing it. I slowed down and started to gently tongue the vibe. This almost drove him over the edge....After a few minutes of sucking, he instructed me to run it over my tits which were fully hard and my nipples looking like pencil erasers.

I didn't need any urging from him to run the vibe down my stomach and over my outer lips....I knew he wanted this.

I turned the vibe on full speed and I began to caress my outer lips with it. I was already dripping wet, so I took some of the juices and spread them over the vibe and my outer lips along w/ tasting some of it for my own pleasure....

'Rub your clit! Rub it hard and fast!' I did....oh God, I could feel the first wave of orgasm about to hit me...my stomach was churning and my juices were going all over the place....

'Ung....mmmmm, oh God yes!' I screamed and twitched and convulsed through my first series of orgasms...my tits flopped every which way and I nearly fell out of my chair....I kept rubbing and rubbing, enjoying the sweet vibrations and the heat that was coming from the vibe.....My legs were sore and my feet had cramped up I had cum so hard....

I flopped back in the chair and I could barely move....

'Susan', Matt said, 'you're not done yet. You still have to make me cum.'

I looked and saw that he hadn't cum yet. I was somewhat torn, I was so exhausted, but it hardly seemed fair to let him just sit there with a hard on and not do anything to help him.

'What would you like me to do?' I asked. Even though I already knew the answer.

'I want you to put it in.

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