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A submissive man and his dominant female partner.

first Buster!"

With a sigh and a throb, I took the agreed upon pose, hands on top of my head. Anne put a hand on my stomach and reared back and gave me a big swat. I jumped at the impact, not really expecting such a hard spank.

"Count them out Mister!" Nezza ordered.

"ONE," I replied.

Anne gave me three more spanks in a row as I counted them out. I decided it wasn't too bad really; in fact it was as exciting as I thought it might be.

Anne's hand on my stomach had drifted down some and was pushing the fabric of the boxers against me, accentuating my now growing erection.

"I guess you were right Nezza," Lia smirked, "He is really 'growing' now.

All three of the girls chuckled and smirked.

Anne continued her turn and now my ass was getting warmer and my cock was pushing against the fly, threatening a surprise appearance!

Her last spank was the hardest, and my fly gapped a bit and the head of my cock was slightly visible to all.

I quickly adjusted my boxers as I blushed again. Nezza fanned herself and asked if the AC could be turned up since it was getting so hot in here.

I looked at Lia and she was standing in the doorway with my tiny thong hanging from her finger. "This is next you know."

I needed a drink first to settle down and cool off if I was ever going to fit in a thong. The alcohol was also helping me with my nerve.

I took the thong and went into the bedroom to change. The pouch in front was enough to cover me now, but I worried what would happen with an erection.

And I was sure that would happen during the spanking. The strap in back totally exposed my ass cheeks, which was the purpose for the spanking.

I walked back out in the thong and the girls crowded around, wanting to see my ass for redness, and feel it for any heat.

"My turn now," announced Lia as she stood beside me and like Anne, put a hand on my lower stomach, giving me a swat.

The feel of her hand on my naked ass was twice as hot, both in heat and lust. Even the sound was sexy.

She spanked me twice more before Nezza pointed out I forgot to count.

"I think we need to start over since he lost his place," Nezza announced. Anne thought that was a great idea since she wanted to spank on my bare ass too.

Lia spanked me again and again, while I winced at the blows but counted out each one.

I felt the lust start to overtake the pain as my cock twitched and uncoiled in the pouch.

Her hand had drifted down and was cupping my erection as she spanked me several more times.

With three more to go, a wet spot was growing in front, as my slippery cock pushed higher in the pouch, threatening to pop out.

Her hand found my cock as it found it's freedom.

Lia stood back to admire her handiwork as the three women gazed at my half-uncovered erection.

Using my shaft as a handle, she delivered the last three swats, half stroking me with each spank.

No one said a word as Lia knelt down and slid my thong down and off my body. "That wasn't doing much good anyway," she smirked.

Nezza perked up and said, "MY turn, and just the way I wanted him!"

She zeroed in on my ass as she too used my cock as a perfect handle.

The pre cum was flowing now as she too spanked me and stroked me the twelve times.

Anne asked for her turn at the naked spanking, and she got 6 more spank/strokes in also.

I was very near orgasm now.

Any thought of my embarrassing position was gone, lost in a wave of lust and desire.

In my imagination I could see myself spurting as I was spanked, with the heat of their eyes inflaming me.

I turned to Lia and with shaky voice asked her to help me. She and I locked eyes and she understood me completely.

She looked down at my throbbing cock and used her hand to glaze the head.

Her other hand went to my ass and felt the heat of my burning cheeks. I shuddered at her touch, and then jumped as she gave me a hard spank in time with a full stroke of my cock.

"ONE,", they all shouted in unison.

My mouth was as dry as my cock was slippery wet.

"TWO," another stroke/swat.

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