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She learns sex with the gardener.

As horny as I had been all evening, I found it so satisfying, so erotic, just to finally passionately kiss Natalie's fine, fine lips.

Things progressed pretty fast after that. Since neither of us had expected company, neither of us had taken much time to secure the belts on our housecoats, and it didn't take much movement before both of them hung open. Underneath, Natalie was wearing a rather thin satin gown that left her graceful neck completely exposed and did little to conceal her bulging nipples. A slit up each side showcased her impeccable thighs. I wore only boxers and no shirt, and Natalie's hands began to explore my chest and back. I moved away from her lips and began kissing and lightly biting her neck. God I loved her neck. I'd spent hours - during dinners, parties, movies, at the beach - daydreaming about running my lips along the curve of her neck and collarbone, kissing her hair out of the way, nibbling her ear, nipping at the impeccable skin of those perfect shoulders. I was finally living that dream. She moaned quietly and pressed her crotch into my erection, now free to express itself. I returned the gesture and I began to slip the strap of her gown off her shoulder. Natalie stopped me.

"No, Jake", she said between gasps. "We have to have some restraint. We can't take my clothes off." Then she continued to grasp my ass and kiss my chest. It seemed a bit of an arbitrary boundary, and I wondered what it meant exactly, but at this point I was way too drunk, stoned and horny to contemplate the morality of it, or the logistics. I began to kiss down the front of her gown and settled on her nipples. They were as hard as steel, and each appeared to be the size of a nickel. My tongue circled them one by one through the sheer fabric.

"Ahhhhh, ohhhoooo..", Natalie moaned, quite loudly. She caught herself, then stood upright and gestured for me to follow her. We went down to her basement into another guest room. She pulled me onto the bed.

"We can make more noise here", she said with a wicked smile. She lay back and I continued exploring her breasts with my tongue. Meanwhile my right hand ventured down to her panties, which proved to be quite wet already. I tried to slip my fingers under her waistband but she slapped my hand away. She was serious about this clothes-on rule. I began to massage her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. This she permitted, and it drove her wild.

"Ohhhhh, Jake...yahhhh, ohhhhh!!" She started thrusting her pelvis into my hand and mewling like a cat in heat. Her own hand, which had been gingerly massaging my cock through my shorts, trying, I suppose, to avoid direct contact, suddenly got serious and pulled it right out through the front. I guess she decided this was OK as long as I kept my shorts on. It sprung to grateful attention, overdue for some direct action. As she stroked it she looked up at me with a mischievous smile.

"About time we got formally introduced", she said. "This tall fellow has been standing around all night." So she did notice my erection earlier, I thought. She read my mind. "Oh, yeah, I noticed", she smiled slyly. "Major distraction for the whole night. No big deal. I mean, he'd already brought me to an orgasm, so hey."

"What? What do you mean?" I stared at her though the fog of drunken lust.

"Oh yeah", she said. "Under the table at the market." I looked at her, in utter shock.

"What, you mean you-"

"Yup. You made the earth move", she grinned, enjoying my reaction. I'd been embarrassed, completely mortified, about the state of my cock at the time, thinking she'd end our friendship. And she was getting off on it?? I couldn't believe it.

"Holy shit.

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