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Debbie in Jersey.

"The problem with virgin pussy," he said to Katie, "is that it is a little lose. I don't get a lot of friction, so it means I have to fuck it longer before I cum."

Katie looked at him through half-open eyes and heard what he was saying, but did not understand. He quickened the pace and started slamming into her causing her to moan, yelp, and beg.

"Please, not so deep. It hurts, oh please be gentle. I promise I will do anything you want me to, if you will please be gentler. Brad, Brad, you are hurting my pussy. It hurts, it hurts so bad. Oh God, you are hurting me all the way up to my belly!" Katie was pleading when she said the last.

"Okay, I'll slow down," Brad said to her as he slowed his thrusts and looked over at the camera again.

"I need to suck your tits." Brad said lustily as he leaned his head down and inhaled her left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it greedily. He grabbed it with his teeth and stretched her breast up as far as he could without drawing blood.

"Oh shit, don't bite my nipple, please. Just suck on it. It feels so good to have them sucked on. It will help me cum." Katie said.

"Okay." he answered. Then he decided to make her tits bounce some more and to make her cum. He had never felt a woman squirt all over his dick and wanted to experience it. He said to her;

"Do you want me to make you cum? Do you want to drown my dick with your pussy juice?"

"Yes, oh please yes, make me cum, Brad." Katie begged him as she felt the head of his dick begin to rub her g-spot causing her to moan and whine.

"Shit, your eyes just rolled back into your head and I think you are about to..." he never got to finish his sentence as he felt the walls of her vagina clamp down on his prick and then felt the flood of her pussy juice bathe his cock and balls.

This triggered his own orgasm and as he slammed his hips into her he cried out;

"Oh crap." as he began to squirt his semen into the condom he was wearing.

He squirted seven or eight times as he violently shoved his dick into her one last time and then collapsed on top of her sweating, heaving body with his cock buried as deep in Katie's pussy as he could. He lay there a few minutes as the last spasmodic squirts of cum left his balls, and then rolled off of her with his forearm over his face. She rolled over onto her right side so that she was facing him and tried to snuggle up to him.

"Brad, that was really wonderful," she said to him.

"I know you had to be a little rough to get what you needed. It felt so good when you came, it was like I could feel you shooting your semen into my pussy, even though you were wearing a condom," she continued.

Now, though, she was sure she heard loud cheering and yelling. "He did it! God Damn, he did it!".

"Is there a football game on TV?" she asked Brad, who seemed to have no interest in cuddling with her.

Brad rolled onto his left side and looked her right in the eyes and said,

"No, there is no football game on TV. That is the cheering of the guys who have been watching us for the last two hours. The House Officers have been recording everything that has gone on in here since you changed into the clothes I loaned you after you got douched by the water boys on the deck. The water boys want to feel your naked tits, by the way. I told them it would be okay. It's their reward for getting you wet so I could get you up here."

"You mean there's a camera in here?" Katie asked as she sat up and looked around, the color draining from her face.

"Actually, there are three cameras in every bedroom in the house and several in the hallways," Brad told her.

"So, everything that we have done, everything I have done to you, me walking topless in the hallway, has been recorded?" she asked, as the reality of the situation began to set in.

"That's about it," he replied, "and I am looking forward to seeing you walk to the bathroom with your tits hanging out"

"Oh God, what a fool I've been.

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