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He gets 2 special gifts from his wife on his birthday

I said "What about me?" I almost cried until he suggested that my brother came over to our house to look after me, I thought that would be okay. So Scott went off to the States the very next week and my younger brother Tim came over to 'look after me'. Tim is very big for his age, he's only 18 but he looks more mature than some guys his age. He's 6ft tall, has blue eyes, a good athletic body and sandy hair. Anyway, after the first few nights Scott was away, Tim said he wanted to chat to me.

We sat down together the next evening in our living room. Tim had noticed that I had been really down, more so now that Scott had gone away. I opened a bottle of wine for us to share and I started to tell him that Scott hadn't been paying enough attention to me lately. As the wine flowed, another bottle was opened and I started to feel a little horny (wine always makes me horny). I started to talk to Tim about my sex life with Scott and how I wasn't getting any sex from him. Tim said, "If I was Scott I'd be fucking you all the time sis." Totally unfazed by Tim's comment I looked at him and asked, "If you were Scott would you really fuck me?"

Tim shifted uncomfortably on the couch and said, "Holly, I've got a confession to make. When I was thirteen, before you moved out of our house, I used to spy on you getting undressed when you came home late at night from a party. Your tits are amazing, I used to fantasize about fucking you all the time." Tim looked away slightly embarrassed by his confession but added, "But that was way back when I didn't really know any better."

"That's okay Tim", I said, "It's nice to know actually." At this point I started to see my 'little' brother in a different light. He was quite a hunk. I was feeling very horny and sexy because of all the wine I had consumed. I hadn't had a good fuck in months and right now my little brother was a likely candidate to give me what my pussy had been yearning for all that time. A good hard cock!

I got up from the sofa and said to Tim, "Would you like to my tits again?" He looked at me shyly and shrugged. "Okay" he said. I was wearing a long blue dress that I lounge around in while I'm at home and I proceeded to take it off very slowly. Tim's eyes were glued to my body as it was slowly revealed by the dress falling to the floor leaving me in only my bra and a pair of knickers.

I then unclipped my bra exposing my large firm breasts. Tim smiled slightly as he drank in the sight of my tits with their large pink nipples. He got up from the sofa as well and walked up to me and whispered, "Can I feel them please?" I barely breathed as I answered, "Yes Tim, you can play with them".

He started to play with my tits. I couldn't believe what I was doing! My little baby brother was playing with my naked breasts and I loved it.

"Suck my nipples Timmy", I said. I was so horny. I just needed a man. Any man who could give me cock, even if it was my own brother. Tim started to skilfully suck my nipples. As I looked down to watch Tim do his stuff, I noticed that he was rubbing his groin. I moved my hands to his groin area and felt that his cock was hard. Not only was it hard but also it was big!

"Tim, take off all your clothes." Tim stopped sucking my nipples and looked up into my eyes. Whatever he saw my eyes made him sure he wasn't doing anything wrong. He stripped off his clothes to reveal his hard muscled body. His cock was a BIG surprise to me. His cock was a massive 10-inches long and so thick I was dying for him to fuck me.

I dropped to my knees straight away and started to suck his massive cock. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. His cock pumped in and out of my mouth. His cock was so thick it was stretching my mouth until it hurt. His cock tasted so good. Tim's cock tasted nice and salty. I quickly had my little brother panting like mad and I just relaxed my throat as Tim started to fuck my mouth.

I stopped sucking Tim and led him to my bedroom.

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