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Cat trick-or-treater gives Lauren an unforgettable treat.

..if only you were here." Emily said.

The doorbell rang yet again and she ran and opened it.

"Mrs. Emily Davis?" Tyler asked.

"Yes." Emily said.

"I have a package for you." Tyler said.

"Thank you." Emily said.

She took the package inside and opened it. Inside she found red satin sheets.

"Naughty boy." Emily said.

The doorbell rang again and Emily nearly yanked it off of its hinges opening it.

"Mrs. Emily Davis?" Nicole asked.

"Yes." Emily said.

"I have a package for you." Nicole said.

"Thank you." Emily said.

She opened the package and found some makeup including red nail polish and ruby red lipstick. The doorbell rang again and Amy's heart was pounding as she answered the door.

"Mrs. Emily Davis?" Scott asked.

"Yes." Emily said.

"I have a couriered letter for you ma'am." Scott said.

"Thank you." Emily said.

Emily took the letter inside and opened it carefully. On a single sheet of parchment in a beautiful old style script Emily found a letter.

"My dearest Emily. Long have I yearned to be with you again my love. Being away from you so long has pained me deeply as I'm sure it has you. Take heart my love as we will soon be together once again. If my instructions were followed as directed then you should have received 9 other deliveries on this morning of our anniversary. Each individual delivery is a gift intended for you my love, but their combined effect is a gift intended for both of us. Put all of the things that you have received to use my love. Pamper your beautiful body with the soaps and lotions. Put the satin sheets on the bed. Put the roses all about the bedroom. Slip into the lingerie. Slip into the dress. Step into the shoes. Dab some of the perfume on your neck. Put on the jewelry. Put on the make up. Tonight around the hour of 7:00 you shall receive another delivery. Please be dressed and ready by then my love." Emily read.

Emily held the letter to her chest as her eyes filled with tears.

"Could it be possible? Could he really be coming home for our anniversary?" Emily asked herself.

If he was coming home then Emily was going to be ready for him so she quickly started preparing as he had directed her to. She had just put the finishing touches on her make up when the doorbell rang at 7:00 sharp. Emily rushed to the door and threw it open...hoping to find him standing there...only to find 3 men with chef's smocks on.

"We have brought your dinner madam. If you would please show us to the dining room so we may properly arrange it." Henry said.

Emily led them to the dining room and they set up a candlelight dinner...for two. That restored Emily's hope. They placed the foot itself into a warming tray and left.

After the caterers had left Emily stood pacing around...her heart pounding in her chess...wondering if he was really coming. She had to keep herself from screaming when at 7:20 the doorbell rang one last time.

Emily walked to the door, opened it, and was then overcome with tears.

There he stood. Four months, eleven days, ten hours, and 40 minutes since she had seen him last...there he stood...Col. Andrew Davis back from the war safe and sound.

"Hello my love." Andrew said.

"Is this...real? Are you really here?" Emily asked.

"Yes my love...I am here...I'm here to stay." Andrew said.

Emily threw her arms around Andrew's neck and sobbed into his shoulder for a few minutes, then she pulled back and kissed him...she kissed him with a passion and fire that only a woman who had spent four months worrying that her husband might not come home alive could kiss their husband. Andrew kissed her with just as much passion.

"Well...I can smell our dinner...we should go eat before it gets cold." Andrew said.

Emily laughed.

"You don't have to worry about that...they put the two plates in a warming tray...it should still be nice and hot." Emily said.

"Well then...shall we?" Andrew asked.

He offered his arm. Emily took it and they walked into the dining room. They carefully removed their plates from the warming tray and began eating.

"Are you really home to stay?" Emily asked.

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