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Jenn's first time..... and not how she planned.

"I, I'm sorry Jim, I got caught up in the moment, it's just with your dad gone im not used to having this around the house." She stammered.

"No mom, it's ok, really. It was hot. Look at me." I said, trying to downplay it.

She stared at my fully erect cock and for a moment it looked as though she was going to lean over and do what she and I both wanted. But she didn't. She got up and said she was sorry as she left the room. I sat there dumbfounded trying to figure out what went wrong.

An hour later I heard the front door open and I heard Linda's voice. I wondered why she was here. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later that I found out.

Both Linda and my mom came into my room.

"Hi Jimmy." Linda greeted me with her smile. She was wearing a pair of dark blue gym shorts and a matching sports bra. It looked like she had been working out.

"Jimmy, I thought it would be best if we talked about things, all three of us." Mom said and sat down on my futon that was on the other side of my room parallel to my bed.

Linda came and sat by me on the bed. I could barely make out her musky smell from working out. Since I could tell this was going to be a serious talk, I pushed my sheet over my dick because I was getting turned on.

"Ok, look mom about earlier don't worry about it. I know that girls have needs to. I don't think anything of it." I said, trying to make mom feel better.

"It's ok Jim, really. This whole ordeal is my fault. Lin and I had a different relationship when we were growing up. We moved a lot since grandpa was in the Navy and there were many times where it was just us and grandma, and she wasn't exactly opened minded like we are." My mom explained.

"Yes, and when we went through puberty, our mom was too embarrassed to explain things to us, so all that we had was each other. " Linda added.

"One day, I was, you know, taking care of myself in the basement and Linda discovered me. I was embarrassed, but at the same time I remembered how grandma had never explained it to me and how I had to discover things on my own. I was always scared and felt guilty about doing it, but after reading a sex education book at the local library, I realized what a natural thing it was. I didn't want Lin to go through the same thing I did, so I taught her how to do it, and it developed into a lasting thing between us." Mom said.

"Ok I understand..." I said not sure where this was going. I didn't want to reveal that Linda had already told me this.

"The thing is Jim, and I don't want you to think any less of us but I feel that you should know about this since were being really open around here now. Lin and I went a bit further than just getting off in front of each other." Mom said very hesitantly.

"We loved each other Jimmy, and we shared ourselves with each other and we still do." Linda added.

Wow was all I could think at this point. Were they telling me that they are lovers, and have been for years?

"So like, you guys get it on still?" I asked hopefully.

"Well to be honest, yes. Like you said, I have needs too Jim, and Linda fulfills those needs unlike anyone else ever has. Even when dad was alive, Linda and I shared a bed from time to time. I never told your father because it was just between Linda and me." Mom said.

I was in seventh heaven. Visions of my mom and aunt having sex filled my head.

"Are you okay with this?" Linda asked.

"What do you think?" I responded and moved the sheet from my very erect cock.

"See Bren, I told you he would be okay with it." Linda said and grabbed my cock with her left hand and began to stroke it.

"Yes, I can see that." Mom said also staring at my cock.

Linda was still stroking it and I couldn't believe what a turn on it was to have my mom watching.

"Well, I'll let you two do your thing. Thanks for listening to me Jim." Mom said and began to get up.

"Wait, don't go mom. Please." I pleaded.

"Yeah Bren, I think Jimmy wants you to watch.

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