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Joey loses her virginity.

It wasn't that I was crazy jealous or anything, I wasn't. But there would be the chance whoever did father a child with her would find out. That could cause problems of course.

Plus how were we supposed to set up what would be a one or two night stand with a stranger? We could of course, but how would we know about important things like family medical history, on and on?

Damn complicated situation, we could see.

So off we went to a clinic that was suggested by our doctor. They had a sperm bank, there were charts and DNA tests and we could pick from physical characteristics.

Much better, I thought.

We even sat and chatted with the physician that would do the "procedure" as he kept calling it. Dr. Burns was a nice looking guy about 45 or so, and seemed very calm and professional.

I went the first time, sat bored out in the waiting room for what seemed like 2 hours, finally Donna came out.

She was quiet on the way home, I managed to pry some of it out of her finally. I had this vision of a test tube, some kind of squirter and that would be it. But she told me that Dr. Burns wanted it to be a natural as possible.

They had her lay back on a table, pulled a screen down to her waist, so she couldn't see what he actually did. First he placed some kind of mild vibrator on her to cause her to "open up and relax", he had said.

Then he told her it would feel a lot like intercourse and to just relax and let it happen. It was supposed to increase the odds of success.

I didn't think much more of it, but I did tease the hell out her that it was only fair that I went somewhere and got a hand job. All that got me was a whop on the arm.

We were pretty happy about the idea of having a little one.

I began to get curious by the 4th visit with no results, noticing each time she came home quiet and seemingly a little flustered.

So we talked some more about the "procedure". She told me that it felt just like having sex in a way.

She was lying back, unable to see past the drape. She would feel the probe insert, then move back and forth as the vibrator caused her to almost orgasm. Then as she did orgasm, the sperm was sprayed into her. A couple of times she said she felt something bump her inner thighs and had asked Dr. Burns. He had told her it was just the equipment and to not be concerned.

I began to get concerned.

I went along on the next visit, Donna went into the back and I was seated in the waiting room again. The receptionist was shuffling papers, then the phone rang. She pushed a button and said something, a male voice answered but I didn't get what he said.

She looked at me and told me they would be finished soon, picked up her purse and left.

I was sitting there all alone.

I thought about it for a few minutes, then mustering my courage, I walked over and opened the door to the rear quietly. There was a short hallway, and a door just down the hall. I walked back, hesitated when I heard voices.

I peeked in the slightly open door, there was Donna's lower body, nude. Her legs were spread completely. I could see the Doctor's hand holding what looked like a small vibrator against her, and she was shiny from some kind of lubricant, her lips gaping open, ready.

Just as I was preparing to sneak back, afraid of being caught, the doctor stepped forward.

I got a shock when I realized he was also nude to the waist! His erection jutted straight out, I watched as he reached out and rolled his foreskin back. He stepped forward and pressed his erection into her and began stroking as I stood there in shock.

I have no idea why I didn't rush into the room and beat him senseless, that one I can't explain.

I just stood there and watched until finally I could see him orgasm.

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