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Rozy Made Me Cozy.


The next morning, the three of us ladies were talking over coffee and I spoke up.

"WelI talked with the lady about your problem..."

The daughter butted in and asked "Did she say yes."

I laughed at her smiled and said "Yes she said she'd love to take care of them when ever they want it."

"Who, and when do we meet her?"

"You're looking at her."

"You mean that you'd fuck each of the men whenever they want?"

"Yes, my husband approves of this as well."

They both agreed to it and I told them that their hubby can come to me whenever they want to have lovin' just plain sex.

Together we talked about the decision, First of all they asked me what I liked to do with men..

Daughter asked "Do you like to suck cock?"

"Oh yes I do love the feel of the cock in my mouth."

"Do you like them to cum in your mouth.?"

"I like to suck cock before and after getting fucked."

"What position do you like when you get fucked?"

"I like it anyway they want to fuck me, face up, doggie style, any way they like, my goal is to pleaase them."

"When can they start, my hubby is horney as all get out." spoke up Mary.

"Any time he wants to fuck me just come over."

"I might want someone to watch my children when your men want to fuck me.?"

I added them "I will wear very little clothing from now on so they have a good look at what I am offering them."

They both went home, and I went in the house and returned wearing only a blouse, unbuttoned, and very short skirt that when I sat down revealed my pussy.

Soon both came back with their hubby. It was Saturday and my children were playing around so I told Mary "Ok you watch the kids at I can get aquainted with the men."


The two hubbies entered the house and then the bedroom where I soon was naked for them to look over.

"Oh this should be nice, look at those tits, and shaved cunt."

"Do we have to use a condum?"

"No, I can't get pregnant so no condum needed."

"And I hope you like your cock sucked as well, I like the taste of cum."

The landlord was first as he slipped his cock into my very wet cunt. A cock about the same as my husbands and he felt nice as he slid it into me and slowly pulled out and slid back in. The first man in me other than my hubby in over a month and ooh it felt good. I motioned to the other one to come close so I could suck his cock.

Soon it felt nice to have both men hard as a rock and sliding back and forth getting ready to unload their cocks.

The landlord was the first one to make me cum as he began to fill me with his cream. Once he was finished he switched places with his son-in-law. I cleaned his cock and was pleased as he began to get hard again and soon was ready to feed me another load of cum in my mouth as the son-in-law emptied his balls in my cunt. I sucked him clean as well.

Both men dressed and as I walked them back to the women wearing my short skirt and unbuttoned blouse showing me 38dd tits.

The woman were glad to see them come back and asked "how was it?"

Yhey answer in unison "Excellant and we are planning on more daily."

I answered "That's ok as long as your wife's agree, come over any time you want to play."

I asked Mary is she would watch the kids for a short time as I needed some things from the store.

I stopped to see my hubby and told him things went well. I told him that both men were gentle and knew how to fuck. I expect them to visit every day."

Just then the manager of the hotel walked in to see my hubby and my hubby introduced me to him. Hubby then told him I would love to entertain him some time.

I told Tom "I can come over in about a half hour after hubby closes the store."

"OK that will be fine, I'll waiting for you. His eyes were looking me over and he commented "You have a nice pair of tits."

I smiled at him and as I unbuttoned my blouse to bare my 38dd tits told him "They love to be fucked and you cover my face with your cum."

"Yeah I like those and maybe I can get some time with them, huh?"

"Sure any time you want to fuck me let me know or hubby know."

That late afternoon hu

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