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Now the top. And bra or no bra? This was becoming more difficult. The conservative me took over and I put on a sheer bra. But when I pulled out a tank top I liked-and remembering how much Lisa liked my cami-the naughty me took off the bra and slid on the top.

I adjusted the straps and looked in the mirror. Cleavage wasn't my strong point, but you could tell I had breasts. I loved the way this top felt against my nipples and decided it was good enough for watching a video with Lisa.

The first indication to Lisa that she was excited about having me over was when she opened her "special occasion" underwear drawer. She peered in for a second before moving some of the silky, small objects aside. There it was. She pulled out a black thong and spread the straps apart. One leg at a time, she stepped into it and pulled it up. The straps snapped into place and she ran her fingers down the inside of the front until it was just right.

Lisa turned to the side and looked at herself in the mirror. The health club membership was worth every penny. She had a spectacular ass and waist, which she fretted over and worked on constantly. The strap of her thong was hidden between the cheeks of her ass and she squeezed them together with glee.

She pulled on jeans that clung to her like skin and removed a shirt from its hanger. Not just any shirt. This was her floral sheer-no, make that see thru-shirt with patterns that concealed the nipples and that was about all. Lisa tucked it into her jeans and looked once again into the mirror.

Very nice. She unbuttoned one more button at the top and looked again. Perfect. Her last act in the bedroom was to spray herself, as she always did, with Giorgio.

Lisa checked the refrigerator. She had beer, wine and all the ingredients for margaritas. She had made a small meat and cheese tray and planned on making popcorn later. She was ready.

I arrived a few minutes past seven, anxious to see the inside of Lisa's condo. She had described it as a hole in the wall, but I suspected otherwise.

"You made it. Come on in," Lisa said cheerfully as soon as the door opened.

A kitchen and eating space opened up on the right with a hallway straight ahead and stairs on the left. At the end of the hall was a bright, open great room.

"Wow. This is a great place, Lisa," I said.

She put her hand on my back and led me down the hall.

"Thanks. It's all I need," she said.

A cathedral ceiling rose overhead as we got to the living area. A dining room on the right spilled into the family room with its stone fireplace. I looked up and saw a loft behind a beautiful wood railing running the length of one wall.

"Lisa, this is gorgeous. I'm so envious."

It wasn't until then that I had a chance to really look at my hostess. She looked stunning in her shirt and jeans. Somewhere in my mind it registered that there was nothing under the shirt. And a strange sensation ran through me. It was somewhere between excitement and lust.

"Chris, you have the most beautiful shirts. I love that on you," Lisa was saying to me.

"Oh, thanks," I said. "I assumed this wasn't formal tonight."

Lisa laughed. "Hardly. I don't do formal very well."

We decided to share some wine and I followed Lisa to the kitchen. She handed me the meat and cheese tray and I carried that back to the living room as she poured the wine. She joined me a few seconds later and we sat on opposite ends of the couch.

As we talked, ate and drank, I was absorbed in studying the woman's features. Her blonde hair, of course, was perfect without looking phony. Her eyes and nose and mouth were faultless. And looking at her from the side when she reached for more cheese, the outline of her breasts appeared under her shirt. Although disrupted intermittently by the floral patterns, the natural beauty of the breasts was evident.

This woman was every man's dream and she was sitting here on a Saturday night with me.

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