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Gloryhole in the living room floor.

Instead of being in heaven I was in the hospital.

I went to run a hand through my hair and I felt the bandages around my head. I tried to lift myself up but a jolt of pain in my left shoulder dashed any hope of that. So I laid there as silent tears ran down my cheeks. I closed my eyes against them and fell into a dreamless sleep.

When I awoke again there was a woman beside my bed with a chart in hand, popping gum and humming "Man in the Mirror".

"Hi." I rasped before breaking into a fit of coughs.

The woman bumped into one of the machines at my salutation but quickly recovered, and gave me some ice chips, which I chewed thankfully as she spoke.

"Well, I'm glad to see you awake Mrs. Harris. Your husband has been worried sick in the waiting room so I know he'll be glad to hear you're up."

"My who?" I whispered.

"Oh honey, your husband. Don't you remember him?"

I looked at her in confusion before shaking my head, "No."

The woman pursed her lips and wrote something down before putting her hand to the bandages on my head.

"Well, it seems that you may be suffering from acute memory loss due to your head injury. I'll have to make sure the doctor schedules another MRI because your hunk of a husband is definitely unforgettable."

I laughed but regretted it instantly when my side began to ache. I went to hold my left side and felt bandages there too.

"What happened?" I whispered as tears began to form in my eyes.

"You were in a car accident sweetie." I gasped and my hand flew to my mouth. "You hit your head on the window pretty hard, your shoulder is dislocated, and you have a few broken ribs but you're alive baby and that's what you have to think of."

The woman held my hand and looked at me like my mom would have in the situation, with kindness and sterness all wrapped in love.

"Now you get well okay honey. And I'll make sure you're attended to. Also, I'll send your husband right in."

I gave her a weak smile and nodded my head. A few minutes passed before there was a knock at my door. Hearing the knock, I tried to shift in my bed to see who was coming in but the simple movement had me wincing in pain. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes as I tried to lift myself up but I immediately stopped when I felt his hands on me. I opened my eyes and there his were staring back at me.

"Ezra?" I whispered.

"Yeah baby I'm here."

I moved to give him a hug and shouted out as pain shot through my shoulder. Ezra seemed to fly to my rescue as he moved pillows and propped me up. He gave me a remote that was attached to one of the machines beside my bed and told me to press its button.

I pressed the button and after a few minutes I felt the pain recede and a smile formed on my face.

"I'm not hurting anymore. What is this?" I asked.

Ezra smiled and answered, "A morphine pump."

I nodded my head and laid it back. "Well it feels good. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"You know the lady who came in here said my husband was waiting outside. By any chance was she talking about you?"

Ezra nodded. "Yeah. I had to say that or they wouldn't let me in."

"Ah." I sighed and the silence began to stretch.

Here he was, the man I wanted, needed so desperately, here he sat at the edge of my bed and it felt like miles between us. I blew out a shaky breath and closed my eyes against tears that I could feel welling up in my chest.


I took another breath before speaking. "Yes?"

"Do you remember what you texted me before your accident?"

I racked my brain for what I had said but it was blank. I could see my memories like a movie on fast forward. Ezra and I laughing, Rich fucking me, Ezra and I fighting, me crying alone, Rich and I saying goodbye, me driving home and then, then there was a disconnect. My screen blacked out and there was only static.

I shook my head, "no," and let a tear escape. Then I felt Ezra moving and suddenly he was laying beside me wiping my tears away.

"You texted me, 'I love you.' Do you remember that?"

The static cleare

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