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Zoe gets more than she expected from her photoshoot.

The quality is excellent, and the prices are reasonable. Nicole is wonderful, she has a brain and is so nice with it. I have been flirting with her, we shared a changing room and had a nice kissing and touching session. Nicole likes you and tonight will be exciting for all of us. Nicole has booked a table at Serge's restaurant for this evening. We will be home in an hour, love Val."

They arrived just over an hour later. The three of them wanted to shower and change for this evening. They all would meet up in the lounge for a glass of Champagne before walking to the restaurant. Paul was sipping a glass of Serge's Champagne when Nicole arrived; she looked stunning. Paul poured her a glass. Nicole said, "We had a wonderful afternoon, Val is so generous, she spent a fortune today. Bunty and I both felt appreciated this afternoon, and that's a wonderful feeling."

Paul replied, "The wines that we tasted this afternoon were excellent, and that's down to yourself and Bunty, we both appreciate that. I am looking forward to going south with you and visiting the Wine Houses that you have organised for us."

Nicole answered, "It will be good. Your old suppliers were not doing you any favours; they were resting on their laurels and doing nothing to improve the quality of their wines. Bunty was telling me that you have just graduated as a lawyer and you are about to publish a book about online trading versus high street trading. I want to read that as I believe an online wine company with the correct products and pricing could do very well. Congratulations on all the things that you have done, you must be very proud of yourself?"

Paul replied, "I'm happy that it's over, my book came from a thesis that I wrote on the legal implications and effects that online trading is having on high street trading. It's also being published in America, and the advance orders are very high. We should have a chat about us setting up an online wine outlet, that could be interesting as the majority of the wines we buy are sold through our hotels and restaurants, so we have our own marketplace."

Nicole said, "We should have a serious conversation about this. I have a website, which is a blog about wine. I advise wines that I have tasted. My books and magazine articles get me a lot of publicity; I have over two million subscribers to my blog and newsletters. I have a base from where to start."

Paul answered, "Nicole, we will do that. We have a sizeable warehouse where we could store the wines in the UK. We should maybe look for a warehouse in France and have a European business as well as the UK business."

Nicole smiled then said, "Follow me."

She then led him to what looked like a barn in the gardens of the villa. She unlocked the door, inside there was a lot of space and a reception area. Nicole said, "This villa used to belong to a Champagne producer, and there are over four kilometres of cellars beneath us. We have perfect storage facilities. It won't take much to get this up and running."

Paul was impressed then said, "Let's do it. Tell me what you need then we can get started. I have a good feeling about this."

They went back to the villa and Bunty and Val was there. Nicole topped up all their glasses, and Paul noticed the graceful way that she poured the Champagne, each glass was filled to the same level, she did it with a lot of class. Paul then told Val and Bunty what they were thinking of doing with the online wine company. Bunty said, "We sell a lot of wines but mostly to our businesses, we only sell five per cent to independent businesses. This could be a great idea as we have the infrastructure at home to accommodate it and the cellars here can easily be a wonderful storage centre. It's a great idea."

They then left for Serge's restaurant.

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