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An older man, a younger woman, and a flat in London.

I play this game for a few moments but I tire of it quickly. I materialise next to her and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her into me. She yelps and pulls away from me but I easily overpower her.

She lashes out at me, kicking my calves. "Get off me! I'll scream!" She struggles against me as I pin her to me, pressing my hips against her back. I utter a spell and quickly she is pinned to the wall, unable to move. I touch her face and gently lean in to kiss her and she presses her lips together. I decide to leave the romance and go straight into moulding her to my will.

"Shall we play that little game we did at your party, Natasha? The one where I made you wet for my fingers? Oh, wait... I never did put my fingers into you." She stares at me, horrified.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" My hand drifts to her stomach and swirls across it, fingertips gently brushing against her. She shudders.

"Please. Please, stop." She whimpers. I place a finger to her lips and let it fall to her thigh, where I stroke her gently. I circle the top of her thigh and I can feel her relenting slightly. I unbutton her shorts and unzip them, tossing them to the corner. I mutter a quick spell and suddenly she is forced onto the bed, laid flat with her knees bent. I stroll over to her.

"Ryan touched you, but I will take you." Her legs are clamped shut as she fights against me. I place a hand between her knees and prise them apart slowly, fighting her as she pushes them together. I use both hands and tug her legs apart, using my knees to secure them apart. I pull her towards me so her crotch rests against mine. I lean over her, placing a palm next to her face while my other hand slips into her panties.

She gasps and struggles to move away from me but the spell holds her captive. She will come to enjoy this. I rub my hand along her folds, stroking the soft, smooth skin around her inner lips. She cries out, begging me to stop. I reach her hole and slowly circle the outside with a single finger. She goes rigid, her lips clamped together. Suddenly I push my finger up into her and she cries out, squeezing her eyes shut. I pump my finger into her slowly and I feel her body accepting my obtrusion. I circle her clit with my thumb and she whimpers again, refusing to give in. She is amazingly tight. I don't think I could fit another finger in without a struggle. I shudder and relinquish my hold on the spell. She is no longer spell bound and taking me by surprise, shoves me away from her.

I growl and chase after her. She leaps across the room and backs up against the wall, wrapping her arms around her petite frame. I lunge at her and she darts away but I catch her and pin her to the floor. With one yank I rip off her tights, leaving her with her underwear and crop-jumper on. She pulls away from me, crawling across the floor. I grab her, flip her over and straddle her once again.

She kicks out at me and I grab her leg, pulling it apart from the other. She grabs at the bed post in an attempt to pull herself away from me but I mutter a quick spell and a rope wraps around her hands, tying her wrists to the bed. She yanks at it furiously, pulling away from me. I slip my hands into her panties again and decide to teach her a lesson for running away from me. I yank her panties to her ankles, spreading her naked sex apart. Without warning I thrust both fingers into her. She cries out in pain. I leave them still in her for a moment, letting her adjust to my slender fingers. I have stretched her considerably.

Slowly I pump them in and out of her while she struggles against her binds.

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