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Almost invisible blond hair covered her pubic area. Despite himself, his cock hardened. His mother groaned. He realized he was squeezing her breast and quickly loosened his grasp.

Cynthia finally got her garment down. She was red with embarrassment. The torrent let up briefly. She could clearly see her father and grandmother. His hand lay familiarly on her breasts. She pointed toward the cave.

Barton could see her pointing ahead. Using his free hand, he motioned her to go into the cave. Holding his mother tightly, he followed his daughter into the cave.

Exhausted, Barton let his mother slip from his encircling arm. She collapsed to the moss covered floor of the shallow cave, her chemise around her waist, exposing her large mature behind, full thighs and hairy crotch. Cynthia watched as her father unabashedly pulled her grandmother's undergarment down, restoring her modesty. She smiled as he affectionately patted her grandmother's leg. He loves her as I do, she thought.

Barton looked up at his daughter. Her cotton chemise was transparent from the rain. Her lithe body with her outsized breasts was on full display. So like her mother, he thought.
She began to shiver uncontrollably. He realized they needed heat. However, there was no possibility of a fire. He reached for her hand.

"We must all lie together using our body heat to warm us." Barton lay down behind his mother. She was also shivering. He extended a hand. " Lie down behind me."

Cynthia hesitated. Her Victorian training said this was improper. "Father, I..."

"Damn it girl lay down. It's this or death." The command of her father's voice was irresistible. Cynthia lay down, spooning her father, wrapping her arm around his body. The warmth of his body eased her chills. His closeness caused a familiar aching in her privates. She watched her father spoon her grandmother and throw his arms over her. Exhausted they all fell into a troubled sleep.

Cynthia awoke in the dim confines of the cave. Just outside the opening the moon glistened off the wet leaves of the trees. She raised her head. She lay behind her father with her arm thrown over his waist. His lower body seemed to be moving. She rose on one elbow. Curiously, her father's crotch was pressed against her grandmother's behind. His hand was inside the sleeve of her chemise holding her breast. In their sleep they ground against each other.

A 20 year old female's sex education in 1860 was limited. Her grandmother was her sole tutor in all things. Grandmamma Allen taught her that men were naturally polygamous and women naturally monogamous. Curiously, clandestine girl talk with other girls her age in the village revealed they were taught it was their duty to have sex with their husbands whether they wanted to or not. Her grandmamma said that with the proper partner it could be enjoyable.

Since she had no siblings, the concept of incest was foreign to her. She was not exposed to the juvenile fumbling of a sibling. She took the affectionate embraces and kisses between her grandmother and her father as a natural part of family life. Often on mornings when her father was home from a voyage, she observed him emerge from her grandmother's bedroom and walk down the hall to his own.

When she asked about this, her grandmother first admonished her that family matters must stay in the family. She went onto say it was normal for mother and son to share a bed. When Cynthia asked whether this familial bed sharing extended to her, her grandmother looked at her long and hard. Then she said it was a topic they would discuss later. It was shortly after that her father insisted she no longer sit on his knee but in a chair when he shared tales of his voyages.

Variations of this response were given when she asked about her mother. All she knew of her mother was that she died in childbirth while at sea with her father. Her earliest memories were of her grandmother.

Barton slowly awoke from a troubled sleep.

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