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Is that on the agenda for tonight?" She pulled away slightly and indicated the table next to them. As they sat, the waitress came and took their drink order and left the single page menu of light dishes available in the bar area.

"I don't really want a lot to eat, do you?" Lisa smiled seductively and with a wink at Jeff that left nothing to his imagination about what she really wanted to devour. He smiled back with something of a wicked grin.

"No, nothing heavy or too filling - don't want to get sleepy. I took a nap today."

"Brat! I worked my ass off today. You're lucky I'm not already asleep. Just how long have you been planning this, anyway?"

"You have no idea what today is, do you?" Jeff asked, smiling.

"No. It's December 9th, I know that much. What about it?"

"This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the day we met. Remember that bar? Chris introduced us and you told me that you didn't want anything to do with the male gender. We talked until closing and the rest is, as they say, history!" Jeff was quite pleased with himself that he remembered and she didn't. His grin was so self-satisfied.

"Honey. It wasn't the ninth, it was the twenty-ninth - after Christmas, remember. I had just broken my engagement to that asshole, Pete. I had been drinking and whining that I was S.O.L for New Years, just like I had been for Christmas. My parents had moved south that year and I was going to be alone and right then, I thought that was what I wanted. Then I met you and you changed my whole life. Oh and it's not twenty-five years, it's twenty-six - we've been married for twenty-five years." Lisa giggled at the look on Jeff's face. "But darling, the exact date is unimportant - what's important is that you thought enough of it to want to celebrate it." She took his face in her hands and kissed him.

Jeff, looking chagrined, pulled back slightly, and asked, "So I get credit for trying?"

"Oh yes! And I can't tell you how much I love you for this! But I love you everyday, more and more. The date really doesn't matter. Just being with you is all I need. Well, that and a drink and something to eat and then I'm going to show you just how much I love you!"

As their drinks arrived, the music started. The other three couples in the bar area got up and moved onto the dance floor. Lisa noticed that all the men wore tuxes and all the women were wearing versions of her little black dress. She wondered silently if any of them were also sans panties and then looked closer.

One woman wore a dress very similar to hers except that the neck plunged even further - nearly to her navel. With her athletic build, it was a good look on her. On another, the neck line in back went so far down that Lisa thought she could see just the top of the crack of her ass. Her narrow waist and wide hips were very sexy in that frame. The third woman was about her height and a bit heavier, more an hourglass figure - voluptuous, but her dress fit like a second skin - and didn't look bad at all, but that sexy/slutty look that some women can pull off. Looking around, Lisa noticed that no one else had come in and that the waitress and the bartender were dressed the same as the rest. The candle light was soft, the music seductive. Jeff stood and took her hand. After a moments' hesitation, Lisa stood and allowed herself to be led to the dance floor.

"Tonight is about fantasy, romance, desire, all things I want to give you and take in return. Do you trust me? Will you let me give you all of that? Will you give it to me?", Jeff looked into her eyes. Not pleading, just asking. If she said no, that would be okay and she knew it. But she wasn't sure to what she would be saying yes or no. And if she said no, she may never find out.

They both had fantasies and had discussed them during lovemaking. They had even fulfilled a few. Jeff's friend Bill had helped with one. That was a weekend to remember and they hoped to repeat it again soon.

Lisa had been nervous then and she was nervous now.

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