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In which Dale works out with a gymnast.

The stinging on my nipples is excruciating and as they simultaneously release a clamp each, I can't control it any more and start to come against the hand, crying out in a combination of pain and pure ecstasy.

Then they each withdraw from me. None of them leave, but no one is touching me. I take a few minutes to regain control of my senses, my breathing returns almost to normal. I look toward where I think they are, and wait patiently to be released.

Some time passes and none of them come over to me. I clear my throat and ask to use the bathroom. There is no reply but they approach me and untie me from my chair. Pain shoots through my shoulders and hips as I regain a normal standing position and I am led slowly forward. I hear the door open and can hear something really heavy being dragged into the room. I am suddenly shoved forward over some sort of pommel horse, my head pushed down towards the floor. The pressure of this on my bladder is tough, but manageable. My hands are pulled down and snapped into restraints, and then something cold and hard whips my inner thigh so I spread my legs wider, wider still then my ankles are snapped into restraints. The roughness of the horse is really painful against my massively tender nipples, but I soon realise that rocking against it gently eases the sharp pains and turns them into waves of something that promises to be really good.

I hear the door to the wardrobe open and some quiet unintelligible conversation is going on. I hear them doing up buckles, snapping leather and an unmistakable female chuckle but have no idea what is going on. As this is going on, someone approaches me and I am offered a drink of water through a straw. I gulp it down, realising too late that I already need to pee.

Everyone is silent but I can hear them move around the room. I tense up, but am getting excited as being bent over with my arse in the air leads me to expect a little spanking. And I love a good hiding.

My knickers are roughly pulled to one side and I feel something cold but hard pressing between my arse cheeks. Slowly but firmly it pushes harder against me, finding my arsehole and trying to get in. I breathe out to relax myself, and then feel it pull away. I have no idea what they are doing until suddenly two hands spread my cheeks and a finger is shoved forcefully up my arse. All my muscles contract and grip hold of it as it moves in and out repeatedly; two, then three fingers are in there, stretching my arse, making it ache. I can feel long nails slightly scratching the inside of my butt hole and know this is a woman. It stops as suddenly as it starts and she moves back behind me, grabs hold of my hips, and rams something hard inside me. I feel her grinding against my arse as she forces it inside and I realise she is wearing a strap on. As she pounds into my arse, I can feel my arse stretching to take it. My pussy is dripping again and the elastic on my panties is rubbing against my clit as I tense and relax my muscles, as though I have a cock in my pussy and I am trying to milk it. I am groaning again, it feels so damn good having my arse filled.

She withdraws as if she can feel my mounting pleasure. I sigh with regret as I know my gaping arsehole is empty and they start to move around the room again. I decide that I really can't wait any longer, so I ask again if I can use the bathroom. For the first time since entering the room, I am spoken to.

"If you leave the room for any reason, you can't come back in."

I hesitate. "But, I need to pee," I reply.

"Then pee."

Again I am thrown. Really? Here? Now? I am desperate to pee but I am more desperate to stay and see what else they will do to me; I want to come again.

I let a little bit go. "Are you going to piss your panties?" I stop.

"Is that all? Barely worth the fuss."

The blindfold is untied and falls to the floor.

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