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A special anniversary date.

"Geek girls are the only females who can name off the Skywalkers' home planet. You do a really good job of hiding it, though".

I smiled. "I know my way around a good scifi saga or two. Now, how much do I owe you?"

"$29.53" he said.

I gave him thirty dollars and told him to keep the change. He hopped across the counter and stood beside me. I got another whiff of his scent, the ink mixed with that delicious cologne. I shifted closer to him. "If you don't mind me asking, what cologne are you wearing?"

"Something my sister bought for Christmas, I can't remember. Were you asking because you wanted to buy some for your boyfriend?" he said. Clever boy, he was fishing out my status. I decided to run with it.

"No, actually. I am single. I just really dig your scent. It's sort of a thing for me, the smell of the ink from the comic books mixed in. Plus, that book I was reading earlier didn't help me any. Steamy, I am telling you." I smiled as I shifted towards him another imperceptible inch.

"Would it be too forward of me if I asked you out for coffee?" he lowered his voice and moved closer to me, our bodies nearly touching. I could see the fire forming behind those cold gray eyes. I had a similar fire burning, only somewhere else.

Oh, what the hell. I was going for it. "Would it be too forward of me to ask if we just said, fuck the coffee and you took me now?"

I dropped my bag and gasped as he threw me upon the counter, the heat from his breath fogging my horn rimmed glasses as he kissed me deeply. I had unleashed something primal, his beast within. He untied the belt on my wrap dress and it fell open to reveal my naked torso. I was so fucking glad I didn't wear a bra today, less to have to put back on later. As he kissed me, he ran his hands through the back of my hair, tugging and pulling it just hard enough to make me want more as he pressed his body ever closer to mine. I felt electric.

His hand ran the length of my neck and down to my breasts, groping and teasing my nipples. I wanted him in waves, my body awakening with every beat of my heart. I explored his chest and back with my hands, the thin, fine hair on the top of his chest was soft against the defined muscle beneath. His back was smooth and warm against my cool fingers. I kissed him, more forcefully this time, biting his lower lip as I pulled away. He breathed deeply, a gravelly groan on the exhale. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I pulled him to me tightly, searching with my other hand for the bulge I knew had grown. It didn't take that long to find, and he was primed and ready. I stroked the length of his shaft from the outside of his jeans, slowly appraising and appreciating all the length he had, and it was more than sufficient. I was going to enjoy this. And as if with a snap, he had all he could take.

With fevered force, he pushed me back as he moved to his knees, kneeling before me. I was so wet at this point that fluid had begun to migrate onto the crotch of my purple satin panties, which he now pushed aside to reveal my flower, flush and parting with thrilled blood. I could feel the brush of his stubble against my thighs as he devoured me in long kisses, sucking my labia, flicking and swirling his tongue on my clitoris like a rolling marble in oil.

I moaned in ecstasy as he did his work.

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