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Husband is told some bad news Monday morning.

She had not lied when she had said that it was nice that she was still in Saphy's thoughts. She still hoped that the girl would make something of herself. She hoped that her appearance once more in Jane's office would signal her return to Pembroke, even though she quickly saw that was a false hope. However, even to talk with her on Jane's favourite subject for that one afternoon made her feel good. She was pleased to see Saphy remained interested and sharp, whatever new trouble she was getting into.

She had known Saphy get into more than her fair share of scrapes in Cambridge, but this seemed in a whole different league. A woman was dead and, if Saphy was to be believed, she could prove to be the next target. Jane knew that Saphy felt she could handle herself most of the time, so to ask for help like this she must be pretty worried. To team up with another person was equally unusual for her. Saphy's companion had not at first seemed much to Jane, a pale skinny boy with not a lot of brains, but the professor had begun to suspect that he too had a few hidden depths. However things went, she was pleased that Saphy had this boy tagging along with her. Something, however, was still troubling her and she could not quite put her finger on it.

Deciding to clear her head in the hope of dislodging whatever it was that lurked troublingly at the back of her mind, Jane headed across her living room, as lined with books as her office, and into the bathroom. She turned the taps until they ran warm and flicked the switch to make the warm water run from her shower. She slipped out of her skirt and blouse, leaving them in a messy heap on the floor, and stepped under the running water of the shower.

As she pushed her greying hair back from her face and let the warm water snake through it, dripping down onto her back, Jane felt her anxious mental jumble untangle. Her mind began to clear and she felt able to think a bit more clearly. She relaxed as the shower's waters soothed her aching body, running in streams and rivulets over and around her fleshy curves.

Jane was proud of the shape her body was still in, she felt totally comfortable with the nakedness of the moment. She ran her hands over the warm mounds of her breasts, tracing the course of the water as the tributaries joined in a cascade between them, tumbling down her cleavage. Her hair dripped water down the small of her back until it converged over the curves of her backside, it ran down between her thighs and over that piece of flesh that was decidedly less feminine.

As Jane rubbed the soap suds into the feminine orbs of her breasts and down to the masculine rod of her penis, completely cleansing all parts and sides of her, she smiled to picture the image of herself. There she was, the body of a woman, still, she flattered herself, fairly decent looking, with the curves of chest and hips you would expect of a woman, but with the reproductive organs of a man. Standing beneath the cascading waters of the shower, she was the image of the legendary Hermaphroditus washed over by the waters of Salmacis' Fountain.

With that image, Jane felt her mind begin to focus on the detail of her earlier conversation that had been troubling her. Like many people, she did all of her best thinking in the shower, when she was able to just let all of herself be, without concealing or dressing it up. Now, under the falling water, she began to sort out the many disparate threads of her earlier thoughts. There was something about that symbol that was bothering her. Something that she had not remembered to tell Saphy and her friend.

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a warm, fluffy, comforting towel as her mind reached for that missing piece of the puzzle. It was the image of Hermaphroditus that made her think of it. The symbol she had identified was the transgender symbol. She had seen it time and time again in both her personal and professional life and yet it seemed wrong here.

A sound from the next room momentarily broke her chain of though

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