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Timmy's father asks "What the hell happened?"

" Dan grinned and apologized to his teacher. "Relax for a moment; drink your brandy and then we will try again." They shared off topic conversation to include an amused Interior Decorator. "Are you ready for more kisses, darling Daniel?"

"That was better; you held your aggression in check longer. When you take the kiss away from me, you show your possessive side. Learn to enjoy me without owning me. It is an important lesson for life." Another kiss. "You were all too passive. Receiving my kiss is more than letting it hit you in the face. I want you to get it right this time before you can move on to the next lesson." Dan nodded his head. "I want you to think on what I am teaching you; when you are sure this next time will be perfect, blink your eyes."

Dan blinked and then waited for his friends lips. His lips quivered as he felt her touch, but he resisted reaching out. Somehow Dan managed to roll his lower lip down to increase availability without attacking. Suddenly he felt excitement being kissed. He gave his upper body in offering without muscling into her warmth. A tongue knocked and Dan opened the door of his lips just a crack; he invited tongue in and made it welcome. All air rushed from his lungs; this kiss was so new, so different from any other with any woman.


"That was it my darling Daniel; you have learned the first lesson."

Dan looked Interior Decorator in the eye reading his reaction; amused, but inscrutable. Turning to his friend he saw a confident look and approving smile. "I was teaching you more than a way to kiss, Daniel; I was and am teaching you new ways to deal with people. There is a time for bold aggressive action, and you are often delightedly bold and aggressive. There is also a time to let others express their boldness as you accept what they are offering."

Dan only thought he understood tonight's lesson.

"Once you have mastered both kisses; mastered receiving as well as giving, you must know when to employ each kiss. When and with whom."

"I think I am coming to your point."

"Good, let's finish these brandies, and then you can watch Rupert and I kiss." Dan was surprised but gave no show. All three were wordless for a full five minutes as they drank from their snifters. "Are you ready, Rupert dear?"

"Come to me my friend."

Dan watched fascinated as the odd couple kissed. For the first minute he saw only his older lady friend kissing a decidedly gay man, and he was confused. Gradually, he transcended that narrow look. She was kissing Interior Decorator; kissing and touching him conveying feelings. The drama shifted to scene two; Interior Decorator began drawing his kiss partner into his web with kisses and touching. Gay though he was, he could be as sexually aggressive with his kisses as Dan. A lesson learned. Suddenly scene three, his friend became aggressor. Dan lost track of time and absorbed the learning experience.

Dan poured and served more brandy; he looked directly at Interior Decorator. "I think I just saw gayness, if that is a word, with a completely new eye."

Lips brushed his cheek, hers, "I knew I was not in the least bit deceived; you have brilliance in you."

"What you saw Dan, was humanity. We should reflect as we have this drink. We have all of the time we need to get to know about each other." Interior Decorator thought he knew the next lesson, and he was sure Dan did not know.

"It is time for you and Rupert to kiss while I watch."


"Both Rupert and I know you are not gay, or even bisexual; if you stumble on those thoughts you will miss the lesson. Go to him as I did; he will receive you." Dan was sure, there could be no doubt; he had never been in a situation like the one in front of him. He had never even dreamed of a time like tonight. He stood, stopped, looked at his friend, and the words trust her formed. He took a single step forward.

Dan kissed Interior Decorator as though he was a girl, and Decorator was feminine to him.

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