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Kyrhan had told him his wife had a very good control of her internal muscles and he hadn't believed it. Dhanraj couldn't wait any longer : he needed to cum. His cock was swollen but he tried a last time to regain the control of their fucking.

- Ready to receive my cum, slut? I'm going to fill your snatch with my baby making seed!

Kyrhan hadn't told him that two months before, Kira had been inseminated in vitro for the first time in her life. She was now carrying twin babies and Dhanraj couldn't do anything to it, now!

With a groan of bliss, Dhanraj let himself go. His seed flooded her delicious cunt. Her muscles were spasming rythmically around him, milking him dry. It was a reflex developed for the benefit of Kyrhan and Dan. She smiled when she thought that her present lover would need some rest before he was able to honor Leena in the same way! A garam gilli choot, indeed but Dhanraj didn't know how much!

Kira's lover fell asleep almost instantly. His cock had obviously lost a big part of its hardness but it hadn't gone limp and its length was still quite impressive. It was still embedded in her flooded love tunnel. She didn't try to push him out. On the contrary, she just wiggled her hips to find a more comfortable position for him in his sleep. Finally she found it : her long hair made a soft cushion for his head and his left hand grabbed her right tit and squeezed it playfully in his sleep. The position was quite perfect for Dhanraj but somewhat awkward for Kira still tied in her bonds. She didn't mind : everything considered isn't a girl's primary duty to give her lover comfort, support and sexual release. She had done her job!

Dhanraj woke up about one hour later!

- God! I fell asleep! You drained me completely, houri! You may be older than me but I would make you really and definitively enter my harem if I had one really. I would surely visit you daily!

- Thanks, master but the other women in the harem would get jealous and league against me!

- Who told you there would be other girls? Just one or two belly dancers for the pleasure of my eyes!

- When we reach your harem, I may dance for you if you want, Master! I often perform in public!

- An Indian princess dancing for strangers!

- Not in India but in France, of course! Would you be kind enough to unbind me, Master?

- Unfortunately I must deny you that luxury. I told you that you'll stay tied until our arrival when you'll be about to be locked up in my small harem! I may be occasionally very stubborn.

He called for Abdul to bring back the cushion that had dried out. He laced it back under her buttocks to her intense relief.

- You have soaked this cushion with your own love juices and now you are going to drench it with my cum oozing from your cunt. I think I'll keep that cushion as a souvenir for a long time!

Dhanraj climbed out of the pod directly to the saddle of his camel and sped off. The last view she had, he was approaching Leena's pod. This man recovered pretty fast! The next days should be interesting! She tried to find a comfortable position. They were still a long way to their destination and it could get boring unless this Abdul decided that he finally liked sloppy seconds!


Leena was bored with the length of their camel trip. She wondered how men and women could follow a caravan for weeks or months from China to Damas or Istambul in the ancient ages. If, at least, she had someone to talk to, she would have chatted happily with Kira or anyone else. Leena had recently heard of the kitty parties Kira held in Paris. If it was reserved for girls in sarees, she could wear one as elegantly as any Bollywood star and if speaking Hindi was mandatory, she was now quite fluent with it and she worked on her accent to make it sound as if she came from Mumbai. Surely, Kira would agree to invite her...

Suddenly with no warning, the veil covering the opening o

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