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'Training Panties' and the hairbrush.

That day last summer out on the Sandy river was the first time I ever accidentally, then deliberately exposed myself to anyone in a public setting. It excited me beyond anything I could imagine. I knew I would do it again!

Ted and I went to Rooster Rock, a nude beach near Portland. That was fun, but everyone was nude, they took almost no notice. I tried spreading my legs a bit more than the norm, and got ignored. There was even a group of young men playing ball not 30 feet away, they glanced my direction with no reaction!

Then one weekend we went to a nearby resort, that has a bit of a reputation for catering to swinger types. There was a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a nice park on the grounds. Even a small stream nearby. The staff would serve drinks out by the pool, and it was nice!

Ted and I were lying on some blankets down by the stream, when two men came down and sat down not far away. I was wearing my loose shorts and a tiny green bikini top which I had removed the liner from. The top was so small it just covered my nipples.

I sat up and got some lotion, and started rubbing it up and down my arms and legs. I noticed the two men were glancing my way, and one of them moved around a bit to be facing more towards us. Ted lay there reading his book, but I knew he was watching from behind his dark glasses.

I brought my legs up and opened them a bit so I could reach my ankles with the lotion. I love this pair of shorts, the crotch hangs about 3" below my groin, and the legs are flared, and loose enough I can get both legs in one side. I knew that all I had to do was move my leg over, and they would gap open completely!

I turned to set the lotion down, sticking my right leg out as I did, and bringing my left leg up. That gapped the opening, and as I turned back, I saw the one man nudge the other and say something. Two pairs of eyes went right to my crotch! I lay back with my legs a good foot apart, knowing I was completely on display!

I felt the familiar warmness in my stomach, and stretched out my arms over my head with a little shudder...I glanced their way, and then it hit me! The one man's penis was visible up HIS pants leg! I looked again, no doubt about it, and it wasn't small! He knew I was watching, too. His member started to engorge, and actually grew until the head was sticking out of his pants leg!

Now I was getting hot, so I ran my hands up my ribcage to the bottom of my bikini top. They were both looking right at me, so I pressed and slid the top up and off! I watched as the one man's cock actually lifted the edge of his shorts as he sat there, now with his legs spread wide.

He knew I was looking at him, I knew he was looking at me! The other man just sat there and stared, almost in shock.

I watched as the first guy reached down, and pulled the leg of his shorts up, baring what had to be 9 solid inches of hardon! I grinned and reached down and pulled the leg of mine aside, too! We sat there and stared at each other for several minutes.

Then we heard voices coming down the trail, so we both hurriedly covered up.

A young couple came by, nodded and went off wading down the stream. As soon as they were out of sight, the man looked at me and said, "Hi, I am Benjamin, they call me Ben for short". I giggled, and said, "Nothing short there, I am Lee, this is my husband, Ted." Ted looked up and smiled, and asked them to join us, popping a couple of beers.

They got up and moved over by us, as I sat there crosslegged, knowing they had another clear view.

We chatted awhile, then Ben said simply, "You like to flash?"

"Yes," I replied, "You too, I see!"

"Yes, so does my wife", he replied, looking pointedly at Ted.

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