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A slow descent or rising above?

My wife's clit emerges and grows - longer and stiffer than it ever becomes when I lick her out. Wendy thrashes and struggles to no avail. Charlotte's tongue is relentless, repeating the journey from arse to clit over and over again, each time a little faster and more firmly than before. Wendy begins shouting, calling Charlotte a lesbian slut. But the process of sexual torture continues and suddenly, getting really hot and aroused, my wife stops shouting and starts to moan and makes incoherent animal grunts as she gets ever closer to orgasm, the sweat now forming on her body. Suddenly, Charlotte, an excellent sexual tormentor, stops. Wendy, denied her expected sexual release, pleads to be allowed to cum. At that very moment, Charlotte brings her fingers into play.

First, she explores the outer edge of Wendy's back passage with her left hand. Wendy hates that and screams "Don't touch my anus!" But her body betrays her. Even as she is protesting, the trickle of girl cum from her cunt grows into a flood. Charlotte notices and licks her lips in anticipation. Next, without stopping the relentless probing of her left hand, Charlotte inserts one finger of her right hand into Wendy's cunt and starts to finger fuck her. Wendy stops screaming and begins to moan. Squelching sounds issue from Wendy's wet cunt. Charlotte inserts a second finger and then a third, all the while slightly increasing the pace of her thrusts. When her fingers find my wife's G spot, Wendy starts to burble and blather incoherently under the sexual overload "That's so nice! It is so nice to have your fingers in my cunt! Don't stop! Don't ever stop! Charlotte continues.

Stepping up the pressure, Charlotte starts to tickle Wendy's clit with her probing tongue and at the same time she starts to finger fuck Wendy's arse really hard. My wife tenses up, starts to sweat profusely, trembles all over and shrieks out "Yesssss" in a prolonged, banshee like wail and is consumed by an immense orgasm which lasts for almost five minute and sees her lapse into a deep coma .At the final climax, Charlotte's mouth was clamped tightly over my wife's cunt, drinking down the copious amounts of girl juice that Wendy was giving off. I am slowly wanking myself off. Charlotte notices. "Stop that! I need your cum. Come here to me!" I obey her command.

"What kind of sex does Wendy refuse to give you? "" She will never suck me off", I reply. "I will" says Charlotte who immediately takes my stiff prick into her soft, warm mouth. She gives me easily the best blow job that I have ever had and one that was better than I had ever imagined possible. I do not last long between these skilful, experienced, sensuous lips that were still sticky from Wendy's recently spent orgasm.

A little while afterwards, Wendy begins sleepily to stir. "Quick" said Charlotte "we now have to introduce your wife to the joys of anal sex. Turn her over so that her arse is exposed and in the air, retie her legs firmly apart like you did before and tie her arms with her hands above her head. Then watch and wank!" As Wendy returned to full consciousness, Charlotte, standing behind her, started to rub her slit and clit. Wendy moaned and purred in anticipation.

Charlotte then bent down close to my wife's arse, breathed upon it - making her victim go rigid with fear -and began slowly to run her tongue around Wendy's rim, occasionally opening it a little wider pushing her index finger in a tiny way at first.

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