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Man finds freedom only a vacation can give you.

He slowly moved forward and bent down slightly in order to lick Mistress Allison's breast. Quite frankly, he couldn't believe his luck! He'd only been at the mansion for about an hour, and already was getting "intimate" with his new "owner".

"That's it darling little baby boy, lick and suck it. Please your Mommy Mistress and she won't forget it," Mistress Allison purred with delight, as Ethan began slurping at her breast with all the energy he could muster.

The Mistress moaned aloud with pleasure and leaned her head back. Ethan continued to feast on her breast - sucking hard on her large dark nipple and then toying with it with his tongue. The Mistress grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down as if intent on gaining even more pleasure from the new blood. Ethan knew he couldn't keep this up for too long, but he'd try his very best to please the Mistress. He continued to suck and slurp for all he was worth!

"Okay baby boy, that's enough. No, that's enough I said." Mistress Allison had to push Ethan off her breast in order to get him to stop. "My oh my, you are a greedy little boy now, aren't you. Don't you worry though, there will be plenty more where that came from, I promise you," the Mistress smiled gleefully towards her newly found sex slave.

Ethan pulled back on his Mistress's insistence, breathing heavily, face flushed - partly from the slap, and partly due to his heightened sexual attraction towards his tormentor. His appetite for pleasing his Mistress was suddenly all-engulfing, but he had no choice other than to follow her orders. After all, she was the Boss.

"Pity, my little darling boy, I know. But we must get a move along since we have important guests coming for dinner tonight." She looked down and gently pulled her dress over her breast. Next, she pushed both her breasts together, to make sure they were in perfect order. Her breasts were always perfect, but she still insisted on taking the necessary "precautions".

"Jane - Mistress Jane may already be wondering where the devil we are. And we can't upset Mistress at any cost! Come along, I'll show you the vegetable patch tomorrow. There's other matters to attend to now. We can resume where we left off a bit later on," the Mistress taunted.

Ethan remembered to slide the glasshouse door open for the Mistress even though his mind was focused almost entirely on the events a moment ago. She stepped out, and Ethan followed, sliding the door back in place before following Mistress Allison back to the mansion house - back to Mistress Dechaump. "Remember boy, four steps to the rear at all times, or you will be punished for insolence."

"Yes, of course Mistress Allison," Ethan replied, still gasping a little for breath from his ordeal.

They reached the house. Ethan opened the door for his Mistress. She glided in. He followed then turned to close the door behind him.

"Follow me, boy." Mistress Allison commanded.

She made her way through the hallway and turned left at the end. Ethan scurried along behind.

Mistress Dechaump was busy barking orders to a small figure who was leaning over a stove stirring the contents of a large cooking pot. "This must be the kitchen then," Ethan thought.

She turned around as Mistress Allison entered, with Ethan in tow. "Ah, good to see you Allison. I hope you had a pleasurable time with the new stock," she shot a glance at Ethan.

"Mmm... indeed I did, Jane, indeed I did," Mistress Allison replied. "This one has a whole lot of potential. I'm sure he'll make an excellent addition to the mansion house."

"I'm happy to hear it, Allison," Mistress Dechaump replied. "I knew that my niece would not let me down."

"What does that mean?" Ethan thought. ""I knew that my niece would not let me down"...? Has Kat been in on this all along? Cannot be."

Ethan looked at the figure leaning over the large cooking pot on the stove. Although he could not see the face of this individual, it appeared to be a woman - her copious dark brown hair was tied back tightly and rested on the top of her head.

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