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Husband runs an illegal business.

As Dana leaned in closer, the top of her blouse fell open, slightly, but enough for him to see right down to the upper edges of the swollen circles of her pink aureole. Her breasts made his cock jump in his palm.

Dana smiled wickedly up at him from beneath her dark bangs...her blues eyes were on fire.

She was so hot, so incredibly beautiful, Josh realized again, squeezing the length of his swollen dick under the table.

She was also crazy and dangerous...he could smell her excitement.

But Josh's hand moved over his hard-on under the table, pulling on it, pushing it to the side, tugging it upwards.

The reality was that Dana was blackmailing him. She was forcing him to do this...just as she had forced him to go naked in the parking lot.

And just moments ago, she'd nearly played her hand in the boardroom.

Josh's cock swelled even harder.

Dana smiled sweetly at him, nodding her approval. Her dark bangs fell across her eyes, almost hiding the left one. Roaming her body, with his own, Josh took in every inch of her, gorging on her, stopping at her delicious, bare thighs.

Inwardly he despised himself for it, but he couldn't stop.

She was so sexy, so irresistible...making him do things he would never do otherwise...and he would easily have done them for her without the blackmail. God, she seemed to know exactly what turned him on to the point of no return.

He'd even masturbated, thinking about her the day after the parking lot incident...afterwards recoiling from it as if he'd been burned...but secretly...he had to admit to himself that the very thought of her made him hard.

And now, he here was, doing her will again, stroking his hard cock under the table for her.

"Okay, any questions?" Mr. Cleary's voice suddenly broke Josh's reverie, snapping him back.

Josh froze as Mr. Cleary eyed him.

"No sir," he stammered, holding his cock.

Mr. Cleary glanced around the table and received the same answer from each person.

"Good," he said finally. "Let's call it lunchtime then, and we'll be back here in say, an hour."

One by one, people stood and left the room as Josh gripped himself under the table, in fear and excitement, refusing to meet anyone's eye.
"Josh? Dana?" Mr. Clearly, the last one to leave, turned to them from the whiteboard. "A few of us are meeting at Charlie's for lunch, would you care to join us?"

Josh was speechless. "I..uhm, I mean..." he stammered, his voice dying in his throat.

"Thank you sir, but we're going to stay here and go over some stuff," Dana smiled sweetly at Mr. Cleary, coming to Josh's rescue.

"Fine then," Mr. Cleary nodded. "By the way," he said before leaving the room, "you two have been doing a fine job."

"Thank you sir," Dana smiled again.

Josh nodded dumbly.

At last, Mr. Cleary exited, leaving the boardroom empty save for Josh and Dana.

Josh blew out, exhaling deeply.

"God that was hot," Dana said, standing.

Moving to pull his pants up, Josh pushed back from the table.

"No hun," Dana said quickly. "Take off everything."

"What?" Josh said, shocked.

"You heard me sweety, get naked."

"But Dana," Josh protested, pointing at the open door. "What if someone comes in?"

Dana giggled wickedly.

Crossing the room to the doorway, she stuck her head out.

"Everyone's at lunch honey," she said, turning back to Josh. "Now, please, babe, get those clothes, socks, everything...I want you totally naked."

Josh eyed the flash drive on the table.

"Oh," Dana laughed, "I told you before that if anything happens to me babe, those videos of you jerking off naked in your office will go out anyway."

"I know...I know," Josh said, resigned.

"One day honey," Dana began sweetly, stepping closer, "maybe, one day, when I've gained your full trust, we won't need those videos..."

Maybe there was a way out after all, and Josh seized it.

"Dana, you don't have to blackmail me. I would do what you want anyway," Josh smiled, trying to sound convincing.


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