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Suddenly, she feels Piero's lips on the undersides of her toes.

"Heehee. That tickles."

He proceeds to kiss across the underside of all ten of her toes.

Suddenly, she can feel them in Piero's mouth, being sucked on as if they were a sugary treat.

"Be careful, Piero. You're gonna swallow my toe ring. You'd better let me have it."

"That's a good idea, Signora."

Piero removes her toes from his mouth, slides off her saliva drenched toe piece, and drops it in her hand, before continuing to suck. This is the first time Laddi has had her toes pleasured, and she was surprised by just how pleasant and sexy it felt. She can feel herself getting wetter with each suck. All those girls who found foot fetishes gross, didn't know what they were missing out on.

"Ooooh, that actually feels nice," Laddi says out loud. "Just be careful with my toenails. I don't want them to cut your mouth."

Suddenly, she feels something wet in between her toes. Piero's slippery tongue is now working its way between every single one of her toes, like a worm crossing a series of mountains and valleys. No man has ever given that much attention to her feet, and every motion of his tongue makes her wetter and wetter.

"Holy shit, Piero! That feels so good! Ah, ah! Don't stop Piero. Don't stop."

Piero continues to worship her toes, and suddenly she can feel the tip of his tongue on the tip of her big toe, as he proceeds to lick the undersides of her toenails. The sensation is unlike anything she's ever felt.

"HOLY SHIT! You're AMAZING Piero! That feels SO HOT! MMMMMMMMM!"

Piero continues to pleasure her toes for a couple more minutes, until they are completely drenched in his saliva. He removes them from his mouth and kisses every inch of her soles. He grabs her by the ankles and maneuvers her feet onto his bare chest. He starts to slide them up and down his smooth, glistening skin. With the palm of his hand, he scrunches up her toes, until her long, elaborate toenails are gently scratching his bare chest, leaving only faint marks.

"Haha! You like that, Piero?"

"Si Signora. It feels nice."

"Since you're finished sucking my toes, you mind putting this back on for me?" Laddi asks as she hands him her toe piece. "I don't wanna lose it."

"No problemo, Signora."

"Right foot, second toe. Right in the middle," she instructs him.

He gladly obliges, and slides the elaborate ring back onto its home, sealing it with a kiss.

"Haha! You really like that ring, don't you Piero?'

"Only when it's on your foot, Signora."

Piero lowers her feet onto the floor of the boat. He rubs his still lotioned palms along the tops of her feet, then up her smooth tan legs, slowly inching his hands higher and higher. She feels Piero's hands on her thighs as he slides them beneath her elaborate dress. Suddenly, she can feel his fingers reaching into the waistband of her panties.

"Wait, Piero. Stop! Can I get out for a few minutes?"

He immediately pulls his hands away.

"Oh no! I knew I should've asked you first. I'm so sorry Signora! Please stay! I won't touch anymore, I promise!"

"Oh, no! No, Piero It's not YOU, it's ME!" Laddi assures him. "I want you to touch. It's just that, I haven't gotten a wax in months and it's like the Amazon down there. Just give me a few minutes to clean it up."
"Signora, relax! I'm Italian. Our women are hairier then Bigfoot."

"But I'm not Italian. Us Indian women are supposed to be smooth. And it'll be more comfortable for both of us. Please, just give me a few minutes. I'll be quick. Trust me, you really don't want to see it."

"With all due respect Signora, I really don't mind. Plus, I don't think it's a good idea for you to wonder off alone. You will get lost."

Hmmmm. He did have a point.

"I'll do it in the boat then. Just turn around for a few minutes."

"Then let me do it, Signora. I have a sharper razor. It'll go a lot faster. I forgot to tell you, I work as a barber during the off season."

Although she really didn't want to scare off the handsome young Italian with her massive bush, the thought of a man shavin

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