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You, a hot female exec, gets off at work.

"I have plenty for both of you."

Michelle pulled her mouth off of Tracy and swallowed half of her dick into her mouth before choking and letting all but the tip slide from between her lips. She gave the head a good firm suck, her teeth lightly scratching just below the head, as she reached into her pants and started rubbing her clit.

"Yeah, you do have a good point, Kayla," Michelle moaned as she unbuttoned her pants and slid a finger into her pussy. "I can't swallow it all."

Michelle then watched as Tracy sucked on Miss K's tip, then bobbed her head until her lips were flush against her friend's base. As she saw Tracy work her head on the shaft with short strokes, she thought about how her little pussy would look stretched on that huge shaft and filled her hand with wetness at the thought, her cunt aching for another finger inside that velvet vise. While Tracy came up for air before swallowing that shaft once again, Michelle jammed another finger in her pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb as gently as she could, desperately wanting not to cum without feeling that shaft stretch and rub across her pussy lips.

Tracy saw Michelle staring at the dick in her mouth and locked eyes with her as she eased herself off the shaft. Giving her friend a few quick strokes, she looked at Michelle and said, "you really wanna fuck this dick, huh?"

"Oh yeah," Michelle vacantly said, trying not to move her fingers too much lest she cum, but not wanting to take them off her pussy.

"Hey Kayla! Do you wanna fuck this girl?"

Miss K came out of her haze and looked down at a panting Michelle, her eyes pleading and her nipples hard as she gently rubbed her pussy.

"Please fuck me, you crazy bitch!" Michelle pleaded. "I wanna cum on your cock!"

Miss K felt her nipples crinkle and her dick twitch looking at Michelle lick her lips, desperate in lust for her. "Tracy, get me a condom," she said as she lightly stroked her hand. "I wanna fuck her silly."

"But I wanna feel you..."

"Nuh-uh-uh!" Miss K said with a wagging finger as she slowly stroked her sensitive shaft. "If you want my dick, it'll be on my terms."

Michelle sighed, then stood up, pulled her pants down to her ankles and bent over the nearest table, sticking her ass his in the air. "I don't care what you want, JUST FUCK ME!"

Taking the condom from Tracy's hand, Miss K twisted her hand around her tip and replied, "With pleasure, babe."

She unwrapped and rolled the condom onto her hard dick, then walked over to Michelle and slid her finger through her quivering quim. She then bent down and pushed Michelle's shirt over her bra, then trailed her hard nipples up from her ass over her back, almost hurting Michelle with the sensation. Finally, she slid her tip on Michelle's pussy, teasing her as she squirmed against her dick.
"Please!" Michelle pleaded hoarsely as she reached back for Miss K's dick. "Fuck my pussy!"

Making sure that her nipples stayed on Michelle's back, Miss K grabbed one of Michelle's hips and eased her dick into her slick pussy, the tugging on Michelle's lips it caused making Michelle cum instantly. Biting her lips to keep from cumming herself, Miss K began to pump Michelle's pussy, her nipples dragging along Michelle's back and her dick twitching from the stimulation. She heard Michelle moan as their hips ground against each other, her lusty screams filling her ears.

"Fuck me harder! Fuck me!" Michelle managed to scream out before the slap of Michelle and miss K's flesh picked up in rhythm and she began to come again.

Tracy sat on a table next to her friend and Michelle, one leg bent up and perched on the table as she watched Miss K fuck Michelle, her hips a blur as she squeezed Michelle's ass.

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