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Dull company meeting leads to night he won't forget.


"How did they know?" I was now getting real curious as to what I was getting into.

"For the most part its like going back in time, clothes or coverings are optional in the tribe. It wasn't until a few years ago when the tribe started accepting the idea that they needed to wear clothes. You know tourists, white man's interference in the culture. Also the act of sex was not entirely private. Kids learn in an early age about sex by watching the sex acts going on around them. So everything is seen by all. Kids watched and played together."

"How big is he?" I remembered the short feel I had in the office. He had seemed huge but I didn't really know.

"I have seen him and he is longer and fatter than either Mau or me but I haven't measured him if that is what you want to know. I don't even know how long I am or Mau for that matter or how thick. You can handle both of us but I think you will need to be slow and careful with Jake. I don't recall anyone larger."

I fell asleep after that and was awaken the next morning by the alarm clock. I didn't remember setting it and discovered it was set several hours earlier than I usually had it set. Wayne wasn't in bed with me. I got up and looked for him but he had gotten up and left before the alarm. I was glad I had several hours to get ready for work and took a leisurely shower taking time to get squeaky clean. I thought about the night and was more sure than ever that I would go through with it. I just needed to schedule the week off to do it. After a quick breakfast, I left for work and was soon immersed in the problems of the day. I let my boss know I would be taking the following week off. I rushed to get everything done so I could.

This was Wednesday and it looked clear sailing for the following week. I had rescheduled all of my appointments. I called Wayne and told him I would be ready Friday night if that was OK. It was.

Chad called and asked if I would meet for dinner. He was leaving Friday and had a few things of mine that I had left at his house. I had some of his things that I needed to get to him so I told him I would meet him around 8:00 tonight at what was "our" restaurant. That would give me time to get home and get his stuff together and take a bath. It was going to be our last night and I wanted to look good. The day went by faster after that and I headed home as soon as I could. I was out the door at 5:00. Arriving home I quickly gathered his things, put them in a large bag and stripped and hit the shower.

I was excited that Chad would be out of the way now and as I stood under the hot spray I reflected upon what might take place this next week. I was really curious about the ritual I would be put through. I needed to know more and thought I would grill Wayne a little more. That is after I got through dinner tonight. I hoped Chad wouldn't insist that I go home with him or something like that. I really didn't want to go to bed with him again. I was still afraid he would sense the change in me, that he didn't satisfy me anymore. My shower over, I patted myself dry and dressed in a casual shirt and slacks. Nothing glamorous or seductive, I didn't want to encourage him or hint to him I might go to bed. I still wanted to part as friends and going to bed with him again would ruin everything. We met in the restaurant parking lot and exchanged our things with laughter. Chad kept cracking jokes which livened up the exchange. Then we went inside and ate. There were times it was awkward as he tried to hold my hand but we got past that. We parted with a kiss on the cheek and that was that. I was home by 10:30.

I set the alarm for morning and stripped and slipped between the sheets thinking about Friday night and the following week.

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