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It was simple: get in, get out. But I always hated parties.

"It's just that he's one of the better players on the team and he deserves a chance to show it." The truth was that Mark was mediocre at best, but I never had to heart to tell parents to their face that their son sucks.

We were about halfway back to school, when the clouds blackened and it began to downpour. Good thing I was in a car, but I couldn't stand having this conversation.

"Mrs. Sullivan, I do my best to make sure that all my players get equal amounts of playing time no matter how good they are. It just wouldn't be fair to the other kids if your son is on the field for a significantly longer time."

She took her eyes off the road long enough for her to look over at me with a disappointing expression on her face. Her full lips shimmered as she gave me a pouty puppy dog look. I didn't know what else to say. As I struggled to find the words, luckily she broke the seemingly eternal silence.

"Okay Pete. I was prepared for you to feel that way."

We were just a couple blocks from the college, when Mrs. Sullivan unexpectedly pulled the minivan to the side of the road. Looking out the windshield, flashes of thunder and lightening were accompanying what had to have been the worst storm in months. Why was she stopping the car?

Mrs. Sullivan opened her mouth once again, "I think I can change your mind." She shot me an almost devilish smile.

Without another word, Mrs. Sullivan unbuckled her seatbelt and proceeded to learn across the car's center console. She moved her hand over to touch me. Her red polished nails started to run through my hair. Her eyes were locked in with mine, and as she leaned over I caught a glimpse of her supple cleavage. The back of her hand slowly moved down my cheek and came to rest on my shoulder.

"Pete, I think we can help each other out."

At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. But I was definitely interested in finding out. I sat there dumbfounded in the passenger seat of this mom's minivan.

She leaned further towards me, and put her knee up on her seat. Her rock hard ass was in the air and her face was inches from mine. The car's shifter was poking into her stomach.

We never lost focus between our eyes, except for my occasional glance down her shirt at her tits cradled in a black bra. Mrs. Sullivan stuck her tongue out next to my face, and began to lick her lips very sensually. Right when I thought she was moving in to kiss me, her eyes diverged towards my shorts. I was becoming pretty hard, and couldn't really conceal a tent forming.

Placing a hand on both sides of my soccer shorts, she grabbed the elastic waste band. With once quick tug, my shorts and boxers were around my ankles. Standing straight up, in perfect view of Mrs. Sullivan, was my stiff cock. Luckily, the rain made it nearly impossible for anyone passing by to see what was going on inside the car.

In my ear, she whispered in a seductive voice, "Yum, looking good Pete. You're bigger than I thought you would be. I just want to take it all in my mouth."

I was far from a virgin, but never had a girl talked to me like that before. I couldn't find the words to respond to her. But then again, if I said anything I would probably have ruined the moment.

Her left hand wrapped around my cock, and gave it a couple of quick jerks. Slowly, her lips moved closer towards my lap until my dick was right in front of her. Mrs. Sullivan stuck her tongue out and touched the very tip. It tweaked as soon as contact was made. Her mouth opened wide, and she took it in.

As I looked down towards my lap, all I could see was blonde hair bobbing up and down. Her lips cradled my cock, forming a tight seal. With every dip of her head, I felt an immeasurable feeling of pleasure in her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue would gently massage my shaft.

I was close to shooting wads of cum into her mouth when Mrs. Sullivan pulls her mouth off of my cock. She leaned back towards her seat.

"Get in the back seat. All the way in the back."

I just sat there staring at her.

"Come on, what are you waiting for?"

I start to pull my

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