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She waited for years and then found that she liked it.

I like watching Ellie above me, she has such pretty tits, smooth white globes, perfect pink cherries for nipples. I lift my head slightly, taking one of those cherries between my teeth.

"That feels good." She seethes. " you know what you're going to do to Melody when you have her?"

The very thought of it has my blood boiling. I reach down, stroking my own clit in smooth circles. "Oh gosh...I have so many ideas...mmm." I can feel the dildo, hard and cool forcing it's way deeper and deeper inside me, hitting me all the way back with the force of Ellie's powerful thrusts.

Ellie leans down, kissing my neck, biting my shoulder. Her lips brush against her ear. "I have an idea."

I let out a moan as a reply.

"Let me watch." Ellie is gripping onto my thighs, spreading me open wider and forcing the toy harder into my sex. "I want to watch you take her. I can film it. Then...then we can have more fun later."

I gasp, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of Ellie's ass, fingernails racking across her skin. "You sure?"

"I like watching." Ellie pants. "And two girls?" She kisses me hard on the lips, our tongues swirling. "How exciting!"

I gasp, shuddering with the anticipation of everything, my on coming orgasm, Melody's own wails of pleasure. "Ah...yes!"

"Unh...good." Ellie heaved. "I'm close."

I nod, barely able to say anything else save for the grunts and groans of pleasure. Ellie takes the toy in her hands and begin thrusting it, pumping it like a piston between us. I feel it, the exquisite hot and tightening feeling of my muscles clinching in anticipation of the release. The quickening in my belly becoming unbearable.

Ellie let out a long wail and I joined her in the chorus as our bodies fall together. She rolls over beside me, panting. The toy remains inside me, my juices dripping down along it and splashing onto my feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

"Thanks Ellie," I gasp, running my fingers through my hair.

Ellie sighs contentedly.

I reach down, removing the toy from between my legs, the sensation of it making me quiver slightly.

"We can use that tonight." Ellie mumbled, reaching out and massaging my breast.

"On Melody?" I ask.

She nods, closing her eyes, smiling. "Fuck her with it. She won't know what's happening to her. Is she with a man, a woman? Both?"

I lick my lips. If I get her where I want her at the party I could deprive her of her sight. Ellie was right. Melody would never know what hit her.

Ellie grinned. "See?"

I return to classes, sated and happy. Ellie would meet me again after school, she was going shopping to her favorite sex toy shop to help me in my adventure this evening. When I got to class, Melody was there, her eyes darting about, looking through the faces of everyone in class. I notice she's changed out of the skirt she had been wearing and now had on a pair of pitch-black jeans. She looks up at me and smiles cautiously.

I smile back, shyly of course. "Is something wrong, Mel?" I ask.

She shakes her head quickly. "Oh. I'm fine. Just...bored." She sighed and she turned away from me. She pulls out her cell phone and texts someone. I know it's me, but I can't do anything about it. If she saw me reach for the phone I use to message her, she'd know something was up. Instead, I reach for the remote in my pocket, thumbing it gently to turn it on.

Melody's shoulder's stiffen and she moves her jacket over her lap. Her eyes dart around for a moment and then look back at her phone. She texts again.

As the classroom begins to fill up and I am blocked from her view I take the phone out and read her texts.

The first one says: "Are you here now?"

The next: "Why are you doing this?"

I turn up the dial more and I see Melody stiffen in her seat, her arms placed on the top of her desk, fingers clenched against the edge.

I text her back: "Tell me you enjoy it."

She doesn't reach for her phone, so I turn the vibrator off. She reaches for her water bottle taking a few deep drinks.

I smile.

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