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A story of one person's feminisation.

I screamed in that weird combination of pain and pleasure that I occasionally got off on, and I could feel another climax starting to pick up steam.

Earl pulled back slightly and began to slowly, but steadily, work his cock back and forth in my frothing hole, fucking me with his big fat dong in rhythm. My eyes were clenched shut as I felt my orgasm build to a white-hot pitch, so I felt, rather than saw that Jeanine had maneuvered herself so that she was straddling my head.

I opened my eyes to the sight of Jeanine's purple pussy, the fat lips open and dripping with desire. Her pink insides were slick as she held herself open with two fingers. I was ravenous for her pussy, almost as much as I was hungry for Earl's cock to fuck me into oblivion.

I reached up and pulled her hips down, so that her meaty pussy was over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and just lost myself in her steamy twat. I sucked her lips, her clit, I tongue-fucked her hole, and I even gave her asshole a few good licks.

All the while, Earl was causing sparks of lust to crackle through my body as he expertly fucked me. I have to say, the man's control was impressive. To look at him, you wouldn't have thought this slightly-overweight, 50ish banker could be that good, but he proved to be better, with more stamina and more ability to get back up to speed quickly, than just about any young stud I fucked during my four years of whoring.

He just kept working his cock systematically back in forth in my churning cunt, and it didn't take much more of that before I tumbled over the edge into another tumultuous orgasm. My whole sweat-covered body shimmied and shook, but Earl didn't miss a beat. He just kept right on working that meat in my box, and I could feel another hard climax following right on the heels of the one before it.

I could feel - and hear - Jeanine getting close as well. She was rolling her plump hips in a frantic motion, covering my whole face with her twitching pussy. My mouth was going 90 miles an hour as I lapped up the juice that flowed from her hole.

I was in sex heaven, and as another climax crashed through me, I felt Jeanine's body shake like a bowl of jello, and she screamed out her passion.

"Oh God, baby, I want more of that," she panted. Me? I was beyond speech; beyond any coherent thought except getting more pleasure from this couple who knew how to give it. I heard Jeanine and Earl talking in a soft voice, and I couldn't make out what they were saying.

However, seconds later, Earl suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy with a loud sucking sound. To say I was bereft doesn't do justice to how empty I felt at that moment. My cunt felt like the Grand Canyon without Earl's massive meat packing my pussy.

I wasn't empty long, though. Jeanine also climbed off my face - which was drenched with the fruits of her passion - and rolled me onto my knees. Then she laid down on her back underneath me, her head between my legs, and spread her legs wide. She reached up her arms for me, and I didn't need to be told what to do. I straddled her head, she grabbed my hips and I let her pull my pussy down onto her mouth.

The second Jeanine Johnson got her tongue up my blazing pussy, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. I have never met anyone, male or female, who ate pussy as skillfully as she did. She had a fairly long tongue, and she used it everywhere. She licked my clit, slashed her way through my lips and tongue-fucked my pussy like it was a cock.

As she worked me into a frenzy of lust, I knew instinctively that I needed to reciprocate. I bent down, spread her thighs open and put my mouth to work on her fat cunt. Now we were really soaring, and for just a second I almost forgot about Earl. I mean, we sucked each other's pussy like starving sailors, giving each other pleasure at an ever-higher level, until we simultaneously shuddered in a mutual climax.

Suddenly, at the height of my orgasm, I felt Earl's cock at the entrance to my cunt, and I eagerly pushed my hips back to get his cock b

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