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With the Lady of Ice moving aside Vivariel crawled in front of him. She stopped, looking at Zalen's erect cock - and then slowly spread her thighs, beginning to caress herself in front of him.

"You've made me so wet..." she whispered. The squelching sound coming from her fingers as they pushed inside her confirmed her words and made Zalen groan out loud.

It was also clear she was quite enjoying having his eyes on her, along with everyone else's. Her caresses were quickly turning from slow seductive to hard and needy.

Just before hitting her peak she stopped, giving Zalen a wink. "I want to wait for you..."

Their shared look was interrupted by a curvy halfling figure.

"My turn now."

She pushed him on his back, grabbing a hold of his hard cock. She climbed on top of him, aligning her cunt with his rod and slid down - but stopped right before the tip would have touched her crotch.

She began moving up and down. His hard member slid in her grip and as she was making sure to keep her delicious looking cunt aligned with him, he couldn't help but imagine his cock sliding inside her.

"Oo, I think I want you like this now," she murmured, whirling around on top of him. She tilted his cock forward, now backing her butt towards him. Again she stopped just before actual penetration, using only her hands as the rules demanded.

Her erotic show was finally cut off by the dark shape of the demon empress.

"Time's up."

Zuz gave Zalen a wink over her shoulder and was about to head to her seat but the Empress stopped her.

"You're not going anywhere yet," the demoness murmured and began caressing the halfling goddess!

The demonic beauty was certainly quite skilled as well, with her smaller target quickly beginning to squirm and moan under her caresses.

Her administrations didn't look that gentle either. More than a few times he found himself wondering whether she was getting a little too rough. But as the halfling never made a move to stop her or pull away he just watched and listened to Zuz moaning in pleasure.

By the time the Empress finally pulled away the halfling goddess looked quite razzled and it took her awhile to turn her eyes towards Zalen again.

"This was about hands but do you mind if my use my feet instead?"

The question made Zalen turn his attention back on Vana who was looking around.

"No objections then. Good."

Use her feet? How?

He got his answer quickly. Vana had moved closer and before he even noticed her feet had begun caressing his cock.

With the strange, diaphanous material covering her legs their touch certainly felt like a new experience for him. And with the skill she was displaying with her feet it was certainly a pleasurable one.

"Feels good, doesn't it? So soft... I know you like looking my thighs... What about these?"

Vana emphasized her question by raising her chest a little. "They're just waiting for your touch. Just like this..."

She spread her thighs to provide him with a glimpse between them.

And so she continued, caressing his thick rod while talking more and more naughty.

Finally she pulled her legs back, crawling again to her place.

"So... who won this time?"

Zalen blew out a breath. "A hard choice again."

He had raised his hand to scratch his beard and his nose picked up Dumanna's smell from his fingers. He smiled.

"But I think I'll have to say Dumanna this time."

She bit her lower lip and gave him a sultry look in response.

Zuz had finally recovered properly from her earlier treatment and was now crawling towards Zalen.

"After all that teasing I think you deserve this," the halfling goddess murmured, leaning down to engulf the tip of his cock with her mouth.

Despite her small size Zuz's oral skills were quite - well, divine.

He was even more surprised when Dumanna moved closer to join them! And a moment later so did Vana!

So now there three mouths alternating on his cock and every now and then kissing each other right above it. It both felt and looked divine.

"You were right Dumanna," Vana muttered," This is a gorgeous cock!"

He wasn't su

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