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An end of school party ends quite unexpectedly.

A truck noisily whistled by.

"Should I do you in your asshole or in your pussy?" Andrew extended his thumbs and pulled, expanding her tight hole.

"Oh god, please not in my butt." Julia did not even look around. Andrew could do what he liked, and she knew she would have to comply.

Andrew gripped her hard and she gasped again. "You know I can do whatever I want with you." When she said nothing, he spanked her roughly. In the frigid air a red handprint appeared instantly. "Answer me."

"Yes! Yes, I know you can do whatever you want with me." Julia felt herself tingle down below. No boy had ever treated her this way, and as disgusted as she made herself, she couldn't get enough. The fresh slap on her asscheek only left her wanting more.

"And that's because you're a slut. You're my slut. Tell me what you are."

"I'm your slut."

"Tell me how bad you want my dick."

"I need it. Please."

"Good girl."

Andrew slipped a finger up her vagina. Julia gave a two-tiered gasp as her body expanded to allow him inside. Without thinking she pushed back against him, riding his finger.

"You're a horny bitch," Andrew grinned, pulling his digit out. Then, without ceremony, he inserted the same finger up to the knuckle in her asshole. This time Julia moaned as she gasped.

"Tell me what you are," Andrew commanded.

"I'm your slut."

Andrew removed his finger, and Julia felt her body crying out for him. She waited anxiously for his next order.

"Strip," he told her.


He slapped her again across the ass, this time on the other cheek. "Do as I say."

Julia stood up, turned to Andrew, and nervously unzipped her vest. Then she pulled the long sleeve t-shirt up over her head, leaving her in nothing but a bra and the pants that had fallen to her knees.

Andrew grabbed her tits greedily. He squeezed, rougher than Julia had ever felt before. While she was moaning he reached behind her and swiftly unlatched her black bra. It fell to the stony ground.

He gave each nipple a two-fingered pinch. She watched the ground, gasping at his touch, arms wrapped around her waist for heat.

"Get back in position." Julia complied, hugging the stump tightly, spreading her legs wide for him, and lifting her ass invitingly. His handprints still glowed fresh. It was so cold.

"So what'll it be, ass or pussy?"

"Pussy." Julia turned her head to look back at him, a mischievous grin on her face. Andrew practically drooled at the sight.

"First," she added.

The hurried jingling of his belt was a huge turn-on for Julia. Then the sound of his pants coming down. Then the touch of his hands about her waist, and the gentle grip he put on her. By the time he actually entered her she was soaking wet.


Julia waited distractedly for her ride. Going home for the weekend she would finally be able to see her boyfriend again, and get a much-missed fuck. Fingers were only so good. Her boyfriend tried his best to keep her satisfied, dirty-talking his way through the entire sex dictionary four or five times a day.

She needed her Vitamin D.

Without a car on campus her only way home was catching a ride with another student going home in the same direction. At first Julia would split the gas money, but with the frequency of her visits home this proved to not be a sustainable solution.

Instead, she turned to oral pleasure. A well-sucked dick or a happily-eaten pussy later, the $20 gas charge would be completely forgotten. Once, on a particularly long ride, she had let the girl driving take her with a strap-on.

Today her companion was named Andrew, a bulky boy from the lacrosse team. They both studied Mathematics and knew each other from class. She was of course anticipating him asking for head somewhere along the drive home, but she never expected him to pull off onto the side of the road, order her out into the freezing air, and fuck her over a stump in the nearby woods.

Once he did, though, she knew she was his permanent cockslut. He could ask anything and she would comply. She wasn't joking about the anal, either.

When the two returned to the car she imm

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