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Sydd and her friend 'R' attend a fetish party.

"Alright you naughtee boy, now it iz my turn to cum!"

Sebastian eagerly crawled out from beneath the desk, the front of his uniform spotted with the splattered sperm, though he did nothing to clean himself up, the black-haired boy instead carefully unbuckling the front of his pants and letting them fall down his smooth, slender legs. As he slowly bent over the desk, presenting the smooth curve of his pale ass to his teacher as Miss Redding reached into the top drawer of her desk and produced a small jar of petroleum jelly.

"Not that stuff, it's all sticky and hard to wash off!" Sebastian complained, wiggling his supple little ass as he frowned up at his teacher.

"Mmm and that iz why it feels soooo good!" His teacher replied gleefully as she dipped two fingers into the jar of lubricant and then pushed them between his supple cheeks, her fingers effortlessly sliding into Sebastian's hot pink little love hole.

Once his warm little boycunt was properly lubed up, Miss Redding slipped her fingers out and admired the way his cute, pink little hole stood out like a pink target in the pale curve of his supple young ass, a target for her cock...

Miss Redding reached down and unzipped the side of her tight black skirt, letting in hit the ground at her feet as she bent and carefully removed her black silk panties, leaving her wearing only a tight black blazer and pink silk dress shirt. Her groin was waxed completely smooth, only serving to visually enhance the dimensions of her stiff, engorged cock as it bobbed excitedly in front of her.

Her heavy, pink balls were separated from her cock by a thick, black leather cock ring studded with black metal spikes all around the length, a similar leather, spiked ring also tightly secured at the base of her very thick cock, causing the member to swell up to nearly nine inches, the numerous veins standing out taut against the skin as they visibly throbbed and pulsated.

"I am to have dinner with my husband shortly, so I have no time to discipline you for tearing my stockings. Now take it like a good beetch!" With that, Miss Redding smeared the bit of the reaming slippery, greasy lube over the thick tip of her throbbing, pink dick and unceremoniously shoved herself inside of her student.

Sebastian resisted the urge to clinch his moist little boycunt as she suddenly forced herself inside of him, knowing full well that he would tear and she would more than likely keep fucking him until she was finished, so he shifted around, gripping the edge of the desk in front of him with both hands as he took his teacher's massive cock.

A sultry giggle escaped from the teacher's lips as she began pushing her hips forward, not stopping until her student's plush little rear was pressed firmly against her groin, the entire length of her cock, right down to the ring, nestled deep inside of his incredibly warm body. Immediately she began to move, watching with an almost sadistic grin as Sebastian's until recently, virginal hole, struggled to take the length, his smooth, elastic little fuck-hole stretching outward, only to be pushed back inside as she forcefully thrust forward into him.

"Ouch! Ow! Miss Redding, the spikes are hurting me!" Sebastian protested hissing sharply in pain each time she thrust forward into him.

Indeed, each time her body roughly smacked against his, the spiked band that was clenched around her balls smacked noisily into his, the sharp metal spikes giving him little pricks and pinches each time.

"Oh shut up you little beetch!" Miss Redding hissed, her cheeks flushing as she breathed very deeply, roughly topping her cute young fuck toy. "Take my deek like a good boy! It iz what your little hole was made for!"

The woman groaned enthusiastically, their bodies smacking loudly together as her monster cock violently slid back and forth inside of the boy, causing him equal amounts of intense pain and pleasure as he clung to the

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