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"Please forgive me." she said. "I've been miserable all week. I know I..." she said as I put my finger to her lips. I handed her a bouquet of roses and pecked at her lips. Katherine did not reply, except to wrap her arms around my neck and to kiss me passionately.

"I'm so glad you are here and I am so sorry for being so stupid last week. It'll never happen again. I promise." she confessed, as she led me to the plush sofa.

"I know. Why don't you put these in some water?" I smiled at her as I sat down.

She took the flowers and disappeared into the kitchen. As she took care of the flowers, she glanced up at Sandy's suspended body. "Soon." she whispered.

When she returned, she placed the vase on the mantle and then stepping around the corner of the wall, to the counter where Sandy was tied, but outside of my view, she proceeded to pour me a glass of wine. She looked beautiful wearing the flowing satin robe. With the sash tied so loosely in a bow, the collar opened accentuating her swelling breasts and the skirt opened as she walked, showing off her shapely legs. I was pleased and Katherine could tell.

As she handed me the wine, Katherine sat down beside me on the sofa and turned her body, raising her knee onto the cushion and parting her firm thighs before me. "I am so glad you are here." she said as she stroked her finger tips across my thigh. I smiled at her and she placed her hand on my crotch and began to caress my cock.

Placing her glass on the coffee table, she turned her body a bit more and her fingers reached out and opened the front of my pants. Her long fingers reached into my shorts as she grasped my rigid tool. Having retrieved my cock, she began to stroke it and then leaning over, she lowered her mouth to suck on me. As I felt her lips encircle my cock, I let out a moan and Katherine was encouraged further as she sucked hard on my shaft. Katherine's mouth was indescribable. Her lips and tongue were talented beyond belief. Her fingers reached between my thighs and massaged my balls through my pants as her mouth pleasured my cock.

Sandy sat suspended and blindfolded on the bar but clearly able to hear the noises emanating from the living room. Her own juices began to flow as she anticipated what was in store for her. Reluctantly Katherine lifted her mouth from my cock and then sliding off the couch stood up in front of me. Reaching down to the sash of her robe, she slowly pulled on the end until the knot opened. Pulling on the lapels, she slowly opened the front of the robe, revealing her magnificent body. Her nipples were rock hard as she let the robe slide off her shoulders and slip to the floor.

Katherine looked magnificent as she stood naked before me. She leaned forward slightly until her hands rested on my knees and her beautiful tits swayed in front of my eyes. I reached up and caressed her breasts as I smiled at her. Smiling back at me, she pressed down on my knees and slowly sank down to the floor, kneeling between my legs. Sitting back on her knees, she reached down and began to slip my shoes off and then undress me. I helped her a little and once she had my pants off, she once again leaned forward and sucked my rigid shaft back between her talented lips. I moaned deeply as she licked and kissed my cock. Her fingers slid under my thighs and her long fingernails began to caress my balls. I slid forward to give her greater access to my balls as she continued to suck on me.

Easing my cock from between her lips, Katherine raised herself and stepped up onto the sofa. Straddling my thighs, the young beauty lowered her pussy onto my cock. Carefully she guided the tip of my shaft between her swollen pussy lips and then holding onto the back of the sofa, brought her hard nipples to my mouth. I sucked her tit into my mouth as my fingers wandered over her back and ass.

Katherine was so excited that she ground her pussy hard onto my cock and I felt her love muscles begin to massage my cock.

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