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"You don't stand a chance lasting longer than me here, so you may as well just relax and enjoy the attention."

Goatie's eyes roamed Raz' body, paw wrapped around the wolf's throbbing cock.

"You deserve it."

Razak wavered, lips parted as if to counter his words, but the only sound that passed his lips was a full-throated moan. Smirking minutely, Goatie savoured his momentary victory and folded to his knees, letting his body arch and do the talking for him. He wrapped his lips around the wolf's shaft and pushed his head down quickly, taking him into the back of his throat in one swift gulp. The wolf moaned and bucked his hips, rocking into the goat's muzzle with no encouragement at all as the audience screamed and cheered for their lewd display, Goatie's backside presented to the audience as his tail bobbed and twitched.

Could it be so easy? The goat's head swam, thick, male musk sending his mind into a trance as he bobbed his muzzle instinctively, that thick rod of flesh sliding easily between his lips. Pre-cum poured straight down his throat as he swallowed, tail bobbing and own cock hanging wantonly between his thighs, begging for attention that he wasn't willing to supply at the moment. All he had to do was keep the wolf going, let him think he was in charge and could hold out. He'd win. Goatie would have smiled to himself if his mouth had not already been full.

Bringing his paw up, he cupped Raz' balls tenderly, only for a blue-furred paw to shoot out and wrap possessively around his wrist. The wolf's cock slipped from his lips, a string of pre-cum briefly connecting them before breaking. Raz smirked, lips pulling up wickedly on one side.

"Not so fast."

Goatie's heart pounded against his eardrums, a dull roar, and he yelped as he was hauled up off his hooves, back pressed to Razak's chest. The hard cock that he had just been sucking - and so enjoying himself! - pressed up to his backside, leaving a smear of pre-cum in its wake as it pressed between his rear cheeks. He fought down the urge to squirm back against the wolf's shaft, his own cock bobbing in the air before his crotch, unable to touch anything in full view of the screaming audience.

"I know what furs like you are like," he snickered, holding the goat off the ground with one arm as Goatie bleated. "And you are just as easy to tame as you think a wolf is. We're not dogs, you know, not like everyone likes to say."

Paws firm on Goatie's upper arms, Raz lifted him easily, demonstrating his impressive strength as he handled him like he weighed nothing at all. The tip of his cock pressed up to the goat's clenching tail hole as he fought and bleated, eyes wide as his mind tried to work quickly enough to get him out of the situation. This wasn't what he'd wanted at all! Okay, having a muscled stud hot and ready to fuck him was a good alternative, but he wanted the stallion, damn it!

Razak chuckled and Goatie shivered the sound rolling through him as he tipped his head back, baring his throat submissively.

"It'll be more fun for them to see two muscled studs going at it. I'll have that pony on his knees and his reins in my paw before he knows what's happening."

Goatie took a deep breath, a comeback on the tip of his tongue, and then the wolf's cock sank into his tail hole, lubricated only by the pre-cum drooling from his tip. The goat squirmed and arched, struggling to contain the stretch as his ring was forced open wider and wider, Raz sinking inch after inch determinedly into the goat's backside. Breathing harshly through his nostrils, Goatie bleated plaintively, torn between wanting every bit of that thick shaft buried in him and wanting, well, just a little bit more foreplay first! Surely they had lube? But neither of them had had the chance for much preparation coming into the competition and a rough entry was the best either of them could hope for.

Grunting in the goat's ear, Razak growled triumphantly, the full length of his shaft swallowed by Goatie's hungry tail hole, twitching and clenching around him as

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