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A meeting with her online friend is more than she expected!

The moment the words came out of my mouth I knew I had made a mistake. Love wasn't supposed to develop in this sort of relationship, it was a submissive arrangement. I was his but he wasn't mine. The reality hurt me more than any physical punishment, my bubble burst and the gravity of my situation descended like a black cloud. The one person who mattered to me the most could walk away at any time and I couldn't do a thing about it.

It wasn't as though Kyle ran from me screaming "I don't love you, you can't be in love with me!" but he pulled back on giving me his attention. Suddenly his phone seemed more interesting than me, it was one of my pet hates, people texting whilst they are talking to me, he had work more often or he simply watched lots of clips from the net. Our time together was limited, both of us had commitments and so after the third evening of no playing I became quite agitated.

My mouth again had its own agenda and I blurted out,

"Why aren't you fucking me? I am sorry I said that I loved you but I am not one of those women who say it lightly, I fucking meant it Kyle and I am not afraid to admit it."

He looked at me with an unreadable expression and said, "Grace I know that you love me and I am honoured that you feel that way but I can't give you the happy ending that you want. I won't fall in love with you because one day I will leave you. But for now I want to be with you and that in itself is a big thing."

"What the fuck, you are planning to leave me, when tonight, tomorrow, next fucking week?"

"Calm down Grace, you will know when it is over and believe me it's not."

I reeled away from him, I didn't want to cry but my eyes pooled. He grabbed me and spun me around.

"No Grace, don't cry, I don't want to hurt you. Baby, for now you are it, I can't say we will always be together because I don't want to lie to you."

He pulled me into his chest, his kiss on the top of my head was the most intimate moment we had ever had. Although I wanted to flee I realised it was only because I didn't want to face the possibility of life without him. Being here with him was what I wanted, it was where I needed to be. Call me a fool, but it was self-preservation. Plain and simple I loved him so why deny myself, I knew I would be a wreck without him.

"Well, if you plan on leaving me you'd best not waste anymore time. I am sure there are other things you'd like to do to your doll, Master."

My invitation was accepted by a sharp slap to my left arse cheek. He then threw my over his shoulder and carried me to his room. He unbuttoned my shirt, never taking his eyes from me. My breasts were pulsing out of the tiny balconette bra I had on. He savagely pulled them both free and started feasting on my left nipple. As he bit and suckled me he undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He stopped suckling and stood before me. He slowly removed his clothes, his cock burst forward, hungry like a wolf searching for its prey.

He went to his wardrobe and pulled out some cable ties and a spreader bar. I had seen these used in the porn movies, the thought of being unable to close my thighs was exciting. He snapped a cable tie around my wrists and then used another to fasten them to his bed railing. I was leaning over slightly with my arse in a black g string poking out. He placed the metal bar between my ankles, the shackles felt cool against my skin. My legs were about my shoulder width apart. I couldn't move but I had never been more aroused in my life.

He pulled out a small whip and started to lash my arse and my thighs.

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