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She then heard it shut off and knew they had only seconds.

"Shit! Grab your clothes, follow me! Hurry!" Barbra cried in a whispered panic, grabbing her own clothes and walking quickly to her bedroom, the furthest room in the house from the front door. They all reached her bedroom just as the front door opened, Barbra peaked out and saw it open, her husband following. She ducked back and silently closed and locked the door behind her, seeing the girls standing there numbly as they breathed quickly. "Well get dressed girls!" She uttered too them, herself slipping on her own clothing. In half a minute they were fully dressed, though still breathing heavily.

"What now?" Cassidy asked her, almost in a panic. Barbra took a deep breath, then thought of something.

"The same excuse your father used on you came here to discuss your family. Thought I could help." Barbra suggested, but when Cassidy gave her a frowning look, she shrugged. "Hell I don't know, it's the best I have. I don't think he will suspect we just had lesbian sex. Believe me, sex is the last thing on his mind! Come one, we need to get out there...or it will be suspicious!" She told them and opened the door, walking out into her hallway. They stiffly walked out and into the living room and saw Reverend Granger looking at a picture that lay broken on the floor.

"Barbra, what happened...oh hello?" Steve asked his wife, noticing the two teens behind her. "Who?" He asked, his wife, at a loss for a moment, not recognizing them in his startled state.

"Ah sorry honey, this is Cassidy...Monica Morgan's daughter and her..." Barbra started to say.

"AND Cynthia, I'm sorry I should have recognized you but you surprised me. I didn't see you at service today, but your mom was there, in fact we just said goodbye to each other a bit ago." Steve told them, wondering why the girls were there. "Oh my manners, how are you and Cassidy doing...I haven't seen you in a long time Cassidy!" He rambled on, glancing at the two girls, thinking they looked flushed or out of breath.

"They just came by to talk about a few things." Barbra told him, rather lamely she thought as she spoke the words.

"About?" he asked his wife.

"Personal stuff Mr. know girl things." Cassidy told him, her heart beating a mile a minute about lying to a Reverend to his face. His wife just nodded, but he still looked confused. But he accepted it as being outside his realm being male.

"Ah ok. What about this picture Barbra...?" He asked his wife, indicating the fallen picture of a painting he had hanging in the living room. The glass was cracked where it had landed.

"Oh I stumbled and accidentally knocked it down a bit ago after I got here Mr. Granger." Cassidy tossed out before Barbra could respond.

"Yes Steve, we just forgot about it as we talked. It was an accident." Barbra told him, feeling nervous now. He looked at her funny.

"Barbra, can I talk to you in private?" He asked his wife, his face looking stern and the girls had a huge urge to not be there anymore.

"Listen we need to get going Barbra...umm...Mrs. Granger." Cassidy told the couple. The sister's started toward the door when Barbra turned to them.

"Stop just outside girls...I still had a few more things to tell you ok?" Barbra told them then walked closer to her husband. The girls looked at each other at what she said but Cassidy muttered to Barbra they would. They waited for only a few minutes outside the closed door until Barbra emerged and joined them, closing the door behind her. Her face was deeply flushed, but she grinned as she joined them. "I thought I was busted for sure!" She said quietly as she drew close.

"Did he figure that we...?" Cynthia asked hurriedly in a soft voice, afraid of what might happen if the Reverend knew. Barbra shook her head.

"No...not about us...about me! He saw the wet spot on the couch and thought I had know, fingering myself in the living room." She told them and they all giggled at the mental picture and in general relief.

"I take it he doesn't approve

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