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Salvation enters gay bar and is given finally his due.

"Oi! Brothers, hold her fast while I pour," said Olaf.

The young were-bear approached the bed. He raised the jar over his head and tipped. Cynthia's sweaty breasts quivered as liquid gold cascaded from the jar.

Cool honey covered her breasts. The shock perked her nipples; Cynthia heaved and gasped. Olaf ran the jar over her body, covering her quivering torso, quaking belly, and restless legs in cool, sticky sweetness. He poured an extra thick layer on her pussy.

Cynthia's golden crowned rose drowned in thick syrup. Gurd allowed his thick moist shaft to be smothered as well. "Har! Har!" he laughed. "Candy for you my morsel." Cynthia wasn't sure she wanted his candy.

Olaf moved the jar to her face. Cynthia whipped her head to and fro but could not prevent the honey facial. Honey covered Cynthia's nose, forcing the cheerleader to open her mouth.

Golden sugar flowed over her tongue, overflowed her orifice, forcing the cheerleader to swallow the divine nectar. The aureate syrup choked the girl as she desperately gulped the honey into her belly.

"Oh God! I'm drowning! They're killing me!" she panicked. "I'm turning into honey baked Cynthia!" Her fearful thoughts clashed with a startling revelation, "Hey! This stuff tastes good!"

Sigmund, sensing the girl's distress, relaxed his grip and propped the cheerleader to a sitting position.

Honey showered down the girl's golden hair, over her shoulders, down her back, to the ass. Some got on Sigmund, making his crotch and sizable cock sticky sweet as Gurd's. Soon the cheerleader was smothered, head to toe, in sugar sweet effluence.

Olaf poured the rest of the jar's contents over his own humungous dick. His penis, already erect, stiffened into iron hard rigidity. The sacred nectar turned his brothers' assets into rock hard throbbing pricks. The Gundersson brothers' softball sized sperm sacs inflated to basketballs.

The frenzy seeped into the were-bears' bodies. Freyja earned her reputation as a fertility goddess. The lust engorged brothers let the honey work its magic on the girl.

"What's happening to me?!" Cynthia thought. Heat bloomed in her belly and radiated outward. The heat entered her crotch; her pussy grew moist as her clit swelled. "'?' I'm wet!"

The cheerleader's skin blushed a soft pink; her nipples plumped into rush buds. Cynthia squirmed, a sinuous undulation. Outrage and terror washed against a tide of honey induced lust.

"I can't believe this is happening! (Oh God!) Three freak men are holding me captive! (! God! Those cocks are huge!) I'm covered in honey! (I'm wet!) They're about to rape me! (I'm sooo horny!) I've got to get out of here! (I want more!)

Cynthia's pink tongue licked sensually at her lips. Her honey coated skin gleamed in the afternoon light. The cheerleader's golden hair plastered in sticky wet curl lets to her shoulders.

Sig loosened his grip. "I think our little pie is sweetened, brothers," he growled hoarsely.

Cynthia's hands moved down her sticky body. One hand went to her boobs, tweaked a nipple, and pumped the flesh. The other roamed down her hitching belly to her caramelized crotch.

Glazed fingers dipped into her swollen vulva. Her own honey spilled out of her flower to mingle with the outer sweetness.

Cynthia looked at the bear man facing her; his honey coated cock dripped with pre-cum. She licked her lips and opened her legs wider. "Oooo! Mmmm!" she cooed.

"Yes brothers, I believe she is," snarled Gurd. "Time to seed her."

Gurd, whose erect dick was closest to Cynthia's moist vagina, had the honor of first penetration. He grabbed her legs, raised them to his shoulders, and drilled forward.

Cynthia's last shreds of sanity howled, "Noooo!" Her lust hissed, "Yesss!"

Gurd's glans brushed against Cynthia's clit. The mere touch sent spasms across the cheerleader's body; a spurt of cum splattered Gurd's candied stick. The were-bear's self control frayed. He wanted to be deep inside this honey before letting loose.

Cynthia gasped a lusty "Aaaah!" stunned by the hot cli

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