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A haughty elf is taught a little lesson about bigotry.

The occasional straightening of my already straight shoulders and the clearing of my throat in lieu of the moans that wanted to come from my lips.

Stephen looked at Dana more than once, also looking for her reaction, is my guess. His girl watched me, and the look on her face was somehow pitying. I couldn't help but smile at her. What was happening to me wasn't anywhere near as embarrassing as I had feared it would be. Sir knew what he was doing, letting me get used to the feel in private so I would not give myself away in public.

I squirmed slightly when our meals came. The vibrations came whenever Sir saw fit to send them and he turned it on as soon as he saw the waiter coming with the food, I think. My clit was begging for a touch I knew would not come, at least not then. I am very clitoral and Sir was well aware that, without stimulation on my clit, I would get turned on, get wetter and wetter, but I would not cum.

The waiter saw my squirm as he set the plate before me. I saw his nostrils flair, and I suspect he could smell my sexual excitement. However I only smiled at him and said, in a voice that was shaking almost imperceptibly, "Thank you."

He nodded at me and, once all had their meals, took his leave. Then Sir turned the vibrating egg off and kept it off as we ate. Knowing that we were going out to eat, I had fasted during the day, which allowed me to clean my plate. Again, my Sir smiled at me in pride for finishing all my food, as he knew I was a very light eater.

Once the meal was over and the waiter came to clear our plates and ask us if we wanted desert, Sir turned the vibrator on high and casually ordered desert for himself and coffee for me. A small moan escaped me when he did this, but I was able to play it off by saying. "Ah, yes. Coffee would be wonderful, Sir. Thank you."

As subtly as I could, I moved my hips each time Sir turned the vibrator on throughout desert. I sipped at my coffee, enjoying it immense,y right along with the incredible vibrations in me. Using the great tasting coffee as an excuse, I was able to allow myself a few moans of pleasure.

Desert over and my coffee a memory, Sir paid the check and we stood to leave. As I was with my Sir, I was not required to cover my hair with my shawl, as I would have been had I not been with him. As a result I could use my shawl to cover the wet spot on my skirt. I draped it at my elbows until it covered my ass.

I shuddered visibly, I know, when Sir ran a finger along my neck, bringing pleasure to me as we began to leave the restaurant. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I thought I saw men looking at me, on my Sir's arm. I hoped I was making him proud of me and that my behavior reflected well on him.

The valet brought the car around and as we waited, sir put the vibrator on its medium setting. I licked my lips but stood still, fighting the urge to buck my hips. Tightening my grip on my Sir's arm, I welcomed the deep kiss he gave me, allowing a shaky moan to escape from my mouth and enter his. He turned the vibe off when the car arrived.

Seated in the back again, I sat back, slightly. Dana sat beside me and touched my elbow as Sir and Stephen got situated. "Are you alright?" she whispered, looking at me with concern.

Chuckling, I whispered back, "I am so turned on right now I can barely see straight."

Pulling off, my Sir looked at me through the rear view mirror. "You may let go a little bit, my Angel. I am very proud of you." he smiled. "No cumming." he warned.

"Of course not, Sir." I replied and sat back a bit more, resting a bit. The four times Sir turned on the vibrator on the way home, I was able to moan softly at the feeling, grabbing onto the seat and closing my eyes in bliss. When I opened them each time, I saw Stephen watching me with a small smile on his face.

Sir had the vibe on as we pulled into the driveway but turned it off as we all got out of the car.

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