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Georgie began to breath heavily and Daddy moved his hand toward Georgies chest. With his hand open, Daddy lightly rubbed his palm on Georgie's nipple. Rubbing in circles, first one nipple and then the other. He drew his fingers across Georgie's breasts ending at the nipples. The nipples were coming to attention and Daddy leaned over and licked each nipple. He pulled away and blew softly on Georgie's nipples. They popped and Georgie moaned.

Just wait...Daddy smiled to himself.

Daddy began to make circles with his wet stiff tongue around each nipple. The he grasped one breast and began squeezing and kneading it. He flattened his tongue and began to lick Georgie's breast getting closer to his nipple. Daddy pursed his mouth and began to lightly suck on Georgie's nipple as he continued to knead and squeeze his other breast. He rhymically sucked his nipple and dropped one hand to Georgies hip. When Daddy began to suck his breast in earnest, George gasped and began to moan.

Georgie's sister Deedee has been at college and came home for the rest of the summer and took a correspondence course. Deedee had a high libido and would sometimes prowl around the house looking for something new to fuck herself with.

This particular day, she wandered into Georgie's room which overlooked the yard where the outdoor shower was. She heard a sound from outside, it was almost a moan. She walked over to the window and leaned over to look. What she saw made her snap her head away from the window. Her heart was pounding and she felt and instant sexual rush.

"My god, what am I looking at? I swear, it looked like Daddy and Georgie are naked sitting on the bench with Daddy sucking Georgie's tits!" Deedee leaned over the window again and slowly moved her head until she could see what they were doing.

Daddy was licking and sucking one nipple of Georgies as he squeezed and molded Georgies other breast. Her heart began to pound as she looked at their cocks. Both of them were aroused and hard. Oh mannnnn, seeing the hard cocks of her Daddy and hot brother was a dream come true. She stood and watched, feeling her panties getting wet. And then she saw them sort of shift their weight and Georgie leaned in to Daddy and began to lick and suck his nipples.

She felt a lightning strike to her clitoris and knew she had to masturbate right then. She pulled off her clothes and stood by the window feeling and squeezing her breasts the same way Georgie was feeling Daddys. She tried to suck her nipple, lifted one leg high and put it on the bedside table so she could stroke her clitoris. She got so agitated, she knocked over the table and the lamp and clock crashed to the floor.

She pulled back from the window, afraid the boys had heard her and would see her invasion of their intimate moment. But they didn't miss a beat and Georgie continued suckling Daddy's titties.

Deedee resumed masturbating and was totally wrapped up in the sensations so didn't notice that someone had come into the room and was watching her.

She heard breathing behind her and she whipped around, one breast in her hand where she had been sucking her nipple and the other hand in her pussy.

"Oh GOD!! MOM, what are you doing in Georgie's room?" She hushed herself so she wouldn't catch the attention of the boys.

"Well, Deedee, I might ask you the same thing. I heard something fall and came up to investigate. Tell me why are you in here and naked?"

"Mom, quietly come over here. I don't know what is going on, but it has made me sooooo hot. It's Daddy and Georgie! They are still naked after their shower and are licking and sucking each other's tits as if the other were a girl! Come here and look."

Deedee moved aside as her voluptuous mother moved to the window to catch a peek. She was unprepared for the effect that two naked men would have on her.

"Oh my god, this must be Georgie's sex education.

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