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How to split up a happy couple.

"Dad I'm back." I call out to him.

"Ok, take the turkey out and put it in some warm water for me in the sink." He said turning to look at me.

Heading back in Mom was placing the donuts over on the counter to cool while Karen was bending over to check the oven giving me a great view of her ass (which was almost as perfect as Tiffany's). Stopping to stare as her ass swayed slightly under the skin tight sweats she wore I swear she wasn't wearing any underwear, no panty lines were visible that I could tell.

"Be careful David, Karen hasn't gotten laid in months." Mom said suddenly.

Startled I look over at Mom as she stood there leaning against the counter grinning at me.

Karen standing up and looking at me, grinning herself now, had my face flaming, I mumbled to Karen that Dad wanted them to put the turkey into the sink with warm water to help it thaw then in a dignified manner strode to the stairs.

Just as I started up to my room I heard my sister giggling and my mother's voice.

"You have a nice ass too David." She called out laughing.

Hunching my shoulders at their laughter I climbed the stairs.

Entering my room I found Tiffany on my computer, browsing around looking at her usual garbage. Celebrity sites giving all kinds of star rumors and politic scandal bullshit. I could have saved her the trouble and just told her all celebrities fuck each other till they get tired then move on and all politicians are crooks and sex-offenders, wonderful role models. But of course she never listens; after all, I'm just the little brother.

"What are you doing Tiff?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Just reading up on what celebs are doing, I'm gonna be on here one day so I need to know what to avoid." She said not even turning around.

"What's wrong with your laptop?"

"The Wi-Fi modem is horrible for this area and you have the only dsl connection in the house except for dad's computer and he needs it for work."

"Well you can look up all the star bullshit on your laptop, I don't care how slow it is, get off mine." I said seeing what she was looking at now.

"I'll be off in a few minutes." She said waving her hand at me dismissively.

"Did you hear what I said?" I said angrily.

"Fine!" She said turning around and getting up glaring at me, I thought she was gonna slap me there for a second, then she just stormed out.

As I watched her leave I couldn't help but notice how nicely the tight jeans show off her ass.

And of course she turns around to give me one last comment and catches me staring.

Looking up at her just as she was about to speak I turn red, knowing she had caught me and knowing she was going to take advantage of it.

Grinning now she lays in.

"So you like my ass do you David?" She asks teasingly.

I kept silent, just looking her in the eyes, keeping them locked there.

Turning around she pulled the back of her jeans down slightly to show me the top of her panties.

"Oh look, you're staring again, poor little brother, never seen one of these before have you?" She said in her same teasing tone.

With a great effort I turned away from that marvelous ass and started taking my shoes off. Hoping it would piss her off and she would leave.

"Poor little David doesn't want to play anymore, too bad, I was feeling like taking these jeans off." She sighed as she pulled up on the back of her jeans and as I watched her walk across the hallway to her room and after looking back and giving me a wink shut the door.

Getting up I angrily shut the door to my room and take off the sweat shirt and toss it into a corner, laying back on my bed I put my headphones on and listen to some music from my I-pod as I stare up at the ceiling thinking about Tiff's perfect ass while slowly getting a hard on.

After a minute I can't stand it anymore and get up and take my jeans and boxer-briefs off and lie back down and slowly start to stroke my cock, thinking of that fabulous ass on my sister while listening to some alternative.

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