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They get caught parking and she pays for it.

He could smell her, it was driving him crazy. He stroked his cock faster, knowing that she would cum against his hand at any moment. Or she would wake up, and he knew he would never get this chance again. He laid his head against her stomach and breathed her in. He kissed his way down to where the heat was building in her, tasting her thighs, his tongue running against her skin. God, she tasted good.

Her body was giving in to itself, to the pleasure it was feeling. The deep feeling inside her made her body quiver and she felt it building intensely. Let go, her body told her. She felt her body shiver with anticipation and excitement, felt the heat burst and lost herself in the sensation.

He felt her tense and heard her gasp of pleasure as she came against him, her body arching and bucking. He could feel the hot juices flow from within her, saw the dampness spread against her shorts. His body jerked and he grasped himself tighter, he too letting go, his hot cum spurting with force. He shook with the release, his body draining its strength. He straddled the log where her legs had slid over the edge and tried to calm himself. His body may be spent, but his mind was still full with the need to feel more of her.

Her body felt hot. Every nerve in her tingled. More, she wanted more. She had been sated in one way but was still full of desire. Slowly she blinked her eyes open and pushed herself up from the log. Much to her surprise there was a man sitting right beside her, with a look on his face that said he had enjoyed her nap as much as she had.

Speechlessly he watched her as she awoke. Maybe, if he didn't move, she wouldn't scream or run or possibly attack him. He held his breath and stared into her blue eyes. At least he had tucked himself away before she had awoken.

She smiled at him. He looked more frightened than she felt. That made her laugh. Her gaze fell on his body, his hair damp with sweat. Apparently it was not just a dream and this stranger had brought her to the place where her body loved to be, where she still wanted to be. Reaching out she took his hand and brought it to her breast. Her heart was still racing and his hand felt strong against her as his fingers splayed across her nipple. Again she felt the touch on her nipple shoot threw her body to the already damp spot between her thighs.

He was frozen, couldn't move, couldn't speak, he was barely remembering to breath he thought to himself. Her smile was beautiful and her laughter bounced off the trees. "There are angels on earth," he whispered quietly. He almost jumped out of his skin when she reached forward and took his hand to her chest. He felt he should say something, do something. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to see the rest of her naked, to feel her moisture against him, to lick and taste the dampness of her, to lose himself in the deepness of her. As though reading his mind, she drew herself up off the log and, locking her eyes with his, undid the buttons on her shorts. "Breath, man, breath," he had to tell himself. She stood before him, unclothed and beautiful, the sun casting itself in a halo around her. Looking to where her legs met he could see the wetness glistening in her pubic hair. He felt his loins stir again.

She watched him as she got up off the log. His eyes said so many things to her, but mostly the one thing that she wanted to know. He wanted her, she could see it. She held his gaze as she gently slid her shorts down and stepped out of them. The sun felt glorious against her skin, the breeze coming across the creek brushing against her. She reached out and touched her fingertip to his lips, "Shhh," she told him, "No words." Softly she traced the outline of his lips, wanting to feel them on her when she was awake. She reached for his hand and rested his palm on her cheek. Turning her head she drew one of his fingers into her mouth. Flicking the end of it with her tongue, she heard his breathing start to grow stronger.

As she stood by the log, her eyes fi

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