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He shows more of his priestesses what it means to serve him.


She paused, "Thank you for your trust in me Jaqq'Xorrucus'Sec'Rileth, it is an honor." She found her page and began collecting her reagents. "I may shorten that to Xorrucus when I talk to you, if you don't mind." Jaxus laughed loudly as she began her final preparations. She placed her reagents in an incense bowl before lighting them, and began to chant her incantation. The candles in the room flared as magic gathered. Jaxus could feel the tingle of it around him. When she finished, Cassia directed him to the grand four poster bed sitting against the middle of one wall. She disrobed slowly, revealing her body to him in a way he enjoyed before walking to him seductively. Jaxus drank in the sight of the beautiful woman walking towards him, the thin green runes that covered her now exposed. They swirled on her breasts, focused around her pert pink nipples. They moved across her toned belly in waves, and pointed toward her shaven slit. They travelled down her legs and arms in intricate patterns. They would mean little to any but Jaxus, the one who had etched them, and knew all the power they contained.

Cassia reached the bed and unpinned her hair, letting it fall down once more. She fixed her demon lover with a lusty glance. "And now for the fun part."

"Indeed." he said as he grabbed her hips and guided her to lay down beside him. The pair continued their tongue duel from before. Fierce and passionate with no clear winner in sight, they drowned in each other as their hands roamed freely over each other. Jaxus stroked and lightly massaged her breasts, occasionally teasing her nipples. Cassia's hands explored his chest and abdomen, feeling his hard muscles, and lightly stroking his rigid cock.

It didn't take long for both sets of hands to travel downwards. Cassis began to play with his thick member in earnest, stroking it and teasing the head while she cupped and pulled on his balls. Jaxus gently stroked the warlock's moist pussy, his fingers tracing around her puffy lips, between them, circling and rubbing her clit, producing moans from her that matched his grunts from her hands on his member.

As they warmed up Jaxus began to probe Cassia's hot, wet pussy with his fingers, curling them against her inner walls. He pressed his thumb to her clit and stroked it, making her moans deepen in pleasure. In response Cassia attacked his cock as best she could. Years of practice allowed her to work magic with her hands despite the stretch to reach his lips and his crotch across his massive torso. She stroked him roughly and played with his tip, tracing a finger around the rim of his head and stroking the sensitive slit. Jaxus began to snort and grunt louder, breaking the kiss. Cassia grinned in her triumph and continued to play.

Wanting revenge he rolled her over onto her back and pinned her from above. Starting from her lips he began to travel down her body with his mouth. Nipping her ears, kissing and sucking along her neck in a way that made her stretch in pleasure. Jaxus continued down, kissing the top of her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples and the underside of her breasts. Cassia arched her back to present herself to the pleasure he provided. When he was done teasing her chest, Jaxus moved down her belly, briefly stopping to tongue her perfect belly button before continuing to her hungry slit.

Jaxus attacked her pussy and clit with his mouth and hands, probing into her to reach her most sensitive spots and attacking with vigour.

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