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" Well, I'll have to ask him if he would care to have me for lunch."

Jake always had a stiff dick, and when he looked at Lisa, that dick became hard like the branch of a Maple tree. "I could definitely have my way with the shapely blonde lady of this house" Jake thought as he blew the leaves and pine needles from the driveway. "Maybe she'll offer me a drink, or lunch."

Rather than ring the front doorbell as he usually did to collect payment, Jake decided to go around back and knock on the deck door. Jake savored his view of Lisa working in the kitchen. She was wearing shorts that rimmed the cheeks of her taut ass, and high wedge slip on sandals with red, white, and blue bows. As she stretched across the counter her pussy dripped sweet juices and flowed into the shorts. She wasn't wearing under panties.

Jake tapped on the door and startled Lisa. She turned to face the back door and was pleasantly surprised to see his handsome face. "Oh come in Jake" Lisa spoke with a flirty smile. May I offer you something to drink? Perhaps a nice taste of pussy juice, Lisa thought to herself as she poured Jake a glass of iced tea.

Jake entered the house without hesitation, and grinned at Lisa. "I would love something to drink", replied Jake as he mentally stripped her tight body. His deep brown eyes met her lovely brown doe eyes. Without wasting any time, Jake approached Lisa from behind and bent her over the counter. Her small titties mashed into the cool granite countertop. Her nipples felt like marbles rolling around the hard surface. He hovered over her, his chest and arms pinning her down and his stiff dick pushing against the crack of her ass.

Neither of them spoke a word. Lisa surrendered to the lusty man who pinned her down. She wiggled her ass to feel his stiff cock. Juices started dripping from her pussy, saturated her shorts and glistened on the inside of her thighs. He flipped her over and on to the counter, tore off the shorts and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was shiny and wet with a huge gleaming cherry clit. He dove into her hot cunt with his face and began sucking and licking the juice from her crotch. Once he was satisfied with the taste of her, he wrapped his soft full lips around her clit and began to suck.

Lisa was crazy with passion as she writhed beneath him. She grasped his head and held him down on her pussy until she felt the pulsations of her entire body; she reached her point of no return, drenching him with her cum. He raised his head and kissed her mouth with pussy soaked face, forcing his tongue down her throat. She was still hot with lust and returned his kisses.

Lisa sat up on the counter,glanced down and saw his immense thick red cock. Jumping down from the granite countertop, Lisa dropped to her knees for a taste of Jake's pulsing dick. She backed him up to the counter's edge with her head and hands as she sucked him. Backing off for a moment, Lisa waited for Jake to hop onto the sex workspace of the kitchen.

He laid on his back while Lisa lifted his legs to her shoulders and immersed her face into his fleshy mass of balls and hair and dick. She spread his beautiful butt cheeks and licked his asshole long and slow. Using her tongue to rim his ass, she spread his bud with her fingers.

Lisa thrust her tongue into his smooth tight asshole and tasted a true delicacy. Jake uttered something undistinguishable, maybe speaking in tongues. Whatever it was, Lisa knew it was a positive uttering so she continued mapping his ass with her tongue and lips.

Easing away from Jakes ass, Lisa licked his balls and gently sucked them into her wet mouth. Up to his cock, licking it wet from base to head, Lisa engulfed it. She released her oral grip slightly, and stroked him with a rhythmic motion, her head rising and lowering on his cock as he watched.

He grasped her head with his large mitts, and guided her head down to the base of his cock.

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