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He assuredly told her to relax and that he would not hurt her.

Cindy struggled with the size of Art's cock but now that his cock was in her ass there was no turning back. As Art eased his cock into her ass the head cleared her sphincter and Cindy uttered an audible gasp. The pain was sharp but brief as Art's thick cock worked its way deeper and deeper into Cindy's ass. It was the biggest cock that she ever had in her ass. She was more used to her husband's 5" long and thinner cock.

Her eyes watered as she felt her anal channel being stretched to new dimensions. Art continued to ease his cock in and out of her asshole feeding her an additional __ to __ inch at a time, each time waiting until she relaxed. It seemed to take hours before his entire cock was lodged deep in her ass. Art was so hot that he shot his load immediately when his cock was fully embedded in Cindy's ass. Art stayed hard however as he always did with a new ass. He knew that he could cum two, three and even four times without removing his cock from a woman's tight asshole. Cindy felt the warm cum shoot into her rectum and she loved it. She liked the soothing feel it gave her ravaged asshole but she felt unbelievably full this time. Art started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes as he admired her beautiful ass accepting his huge cock. Art stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick skewering her luscious ass.

The initial pain had subsided completely and now Cindy felt more of a bloating and cramping sensation. The cramping then stopped and now Cindy only felt somewhat constipated with the cock in her ass. Art felt his second orgasm start down in his balls and rush up through his cock flooding Cindy's rectum again. He came more than he expected and cum soon filled her asshole to overflowing and backed up coating his cock and running down the inside of her thighs. However Art was not done with Cindy and he continued fucking her tight ass. Her rectum held his cock tightly and Art felt as if he could stay hard forever in Cindy's beautiful ass.

He watched his cock saw in and out of her beautiful ass. Cindy had her head turned to the side of the massage table and she was gripping the sides with both hands as Art fondled her shapely buttocks and plowed into her. Art could feel the verge of yet another big orgasm and it felt like it started in his toes. All of a sudden it let loose and he filled her asshole with cum for a third time. His cock seemed to swell up bigger than ever and it seemed that his seed had no where to go.

He kept slowly fucking her ass until his cock started to soften. Cindy' ass involuntarily was milking his cock draining it of all his seed. When Art's cock slipped from her asshole with an audible pop, his cum shot out and ran down the back of her legs and over her pussy. It looked like Cindy was shooting cum out of her ass. She collapsed face down on the table and Art stroked her buns lovingly as she lay quietly. Art was drained and he knew he had nothing left for Cindy's pussy.

"Oh Cory said you would be a great ass fuck and he was right," Cindy cried out.

"Cory told you. How do you know Cory?" Art asked confused.

"Cory is my husband. He told me all about you two and I couldn't wait to try you myself," Cindy told Art.

Art was flabbergasted. "Cory told you that I fucked him. You two are married and you wanted me to fuck your ass too. This is too much!" Art blurted out.

Art was in a state of shock and he was about to be even more shocked by Cindy's invitation. "Cory and I would like you to come over for lunch tomorrow and then we can have some more fun," Cindy offered.

Tomorrow was Sunday and the salon was closed so Art had the time off if he wanted to lunch with Cory and Cindy. "Okay, I'll be there. Should I bring anything?" Art asked.

"Just this," Cindy replied as she took a hold of Art's impressive cock.

Cindy and Art got dressed and Cindy wrote down the address and phone number for him.

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