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"Carol I mean did you get laid?" she asked with a laugh.

It barely covered her own exceptional breasts and left most of her ribs and tummy bare. She was sitting, so he couldn't see her legs, but the top of her worked just fine.

Blondie nodded toward the dance floor and he followed her gaze to a group of ladies dancing together. No one was wearing a veil, so he figured it wasn't a bachelorette party, just a bunch of women out on a Friday night.

He looked back to the bar and saw his own wet dream standing even closer to Blondie, then running a hand down her arm. What was she doing now? She dipped her head toward him and Blondie checked him out. He raised his beer in acknowledgement; Blondie seemed to approve, because she smiled and returned to their conversation.

He turned again to people watch while the ladies finished their discussion. Soon he felt a presence by his side and looked down to what he was beginning to think of as his corset.

"Let's dance," she said and pulled him back to the dance floor. He saw no signs of Blondie.

Again they forced their way into an open spot in the crowd. He was just get into the song when Blondie showed up.

"Amanda," he heard her yell over the music, "I'd like you to meet Zach."

Zach? Who the hell was Zach?

"Zach," she called, staring at him intently, "this is Amanda."

"It's really great to meet you and Taylor," Blondie Amanda shouted. Damn the music was loud. But he figured out who Zach and Taylor were. Apparently they were under alias for the remainder of the evening.

"You too," he answered.

Then his Taylor slithered up his body and licked his ear.

"I've invited Amanda back to the hotel with us tonight."

His world stopped spinning.

It wasn't often that she could actually surprise him, but this seemed to have done the trick quite nicely. The plan had hatched not long after the purchase of what was quickly turning into her favorite piece of clothing. He had asked about a threesome previously, but it had taken her awhile to find her own boundaries for such a situation. A city hours away from home, where some random chick didn't know their real names, seemed like the best plan. That way there was no chance of said random chick going stalker-psycho later on and trying to kill one of them or boiling rabbits or committing any number of other unsavory acts.

Amanda had been watching them all night. Mostly staring at him, but often her gaze would catch on her too. Or maybe the corset. It didn't matter. When she approached the blonde at the bar it hadn't taken but a few sentences to turn the conversation where she wanted it to go. Amanda swore this was the first time she had done something like this, but that was almost laughable. The girl was way too comfortable with the situation for this to be a first time.

Of course, her alter ego Taylor seemed pretty damned comfortable as well, but she was very good at playing a role and bluffing her way through obstacles.

Zach, and she would have to think of him so for the rest of the night, still had his mouth dropped open when her absolute favorite sex song began to throb through the speakers.

"You let me violate you," she whispered and dropped to her heels in front of him. Amanda seemed to catch on pretty quick and slipped around behind him. A nice little Zach sandwich was formed.

Zach liked sandwiches and pulled Amanda's arms around his waist. She writhed against him from the back while Taylor slowly brought herself up to full height again, grinding against him wherever she could, nails scratching up his pants and into the sensitive skin at the vee of his thigh. She could see his dick getting hard again, and she was pretty sure it would stay that way for awhile now.

All in, she told herself, and grabbed a handful of erection with one hand while the other gripped Amanda's fingers and pulled her around front. In the little triangle they formed, she surreptitiously pumped her hand up and down on Zach's cock, while Amanda leaned in to lick a hot path across the top of her breasts. When she dropped her head back in abandon, he attacked her mouth with his own.

"I want to

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