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Mom dresses as a witch to domme her Son on Halloween.

I cut him out completely because I was afraid of my feelings.

It took six more months and a picture of him kissing someone, his girlfriend apparently, for me to come to my senses. Even if I did have inappropriate feelings for him, he was still my brother. I loved him and I wanted to be a part of his life. I wanted to know about his classes and his friends. I wanted to be able to confide in him again and I wanted him to be able to do the same. And besides, he was only my stepbrother, so it wasn't so bad that I liked him that way...right?

I apologized with a heartfelt letter that was as close to the truth as I could get: I was jealous and scared and felt betrayed. He accepted me back into his life with open arms, because he was still the same kind and loving big brother as always.


It wasn't until I was eighteen that things really started with a mess of holiday plans. My parents and siblings were all going on a family cruise for Christmas, but Will couldn't go because of his final exams, and I couldn't bring myself to leave him alone for the holidays so it was decided that the two of us would stay home and spend the holidays together.

My parents left the day before Will was meant to come home. I saw them off at the front door with hugs and kisses. My mom dragged the goodbye out for an extra thirty minutes, reminding me of the recipes in drawer beside the oven and the casseroles in the freezer until my father had to physically dragged her to their taxi. I waited to close the door until the car pulled away from the curb, waving and smiling like the good daughter I was. When they were finally gone I leaned against the door with a relieved sigh.

"Fucking hell." I mumbled under my breath, exhausted from my mother's farewell.

The harsh words echoed throughout the now empty house, reminding me that I was completely alone and free to do whatever I wished, at least for now. It wasn't the first time I had been home alone, but the novelty of being able to walk around in my underwear or swim naked without anyone knowing never got old.

"Hm, what should I do now?" I wondered aloud.

With a devious little giggle, I tugged my sleepshirt up and off of my body and shimmied out of my fleece pajamas pants. I hesitated for only a moment before taking off my panties too. I wasn't wearing a bra. There was a large mirror in the front foyer and I could see my entire naked form reflected in it. I examined myself.

I wasn't skinny by any means, not like some of the other girls in my grade or even my sisters, but I was fit from years of volleyball and cheerleading. (I didn't particularly like the sports, but I liked the boost they gave my college applications.) My mother's Cherokee heritage showed in my tan skin, high cheeks, and slightly almond shaped eyes as well as my thick, dark hair which fell in soft waves down my back. My breasts were large and heavy, and sagged just a touched. I had been insecure about them for years until I realized that boobs sagged and that was life. My waist was slim and my belly was flat, but my hips flared out to accommodate the...junk in my trunk. My thighs were on the thicker side, no thigh gap in sight, but they were firm and I loved them. My pussy was shaved bare between them. I couldn't help but run my fingers along the soft lips as I looked at myself.

I felt dirty, touching myself in the front foyer. The door wasn't even locked. Anyone could walk in and see me. I spread my pussy lips and rubbed my middle finger softly against my clit. A soft sigh left my lips at the sensation and I immediately wanted more.

I thought of my brother. If he came home right now would I want him to find me here? No, I knew where I would want him to find me.

I left my clothes on the floor and went upstairs to his bedroom.

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