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Adam and Ben are taken advantage of.

I struggled to keep my eyes open as you feasted on me, sucking, licking, slurping and gobbling - I came inside your mouth with such force you nearly choked but you didn't spill a drop, but there were some specks of cum on your chin. After you had popped me back inside my trousers and straightened your clothes you turned to face me in the seat. Slowly and sluttishly you caught up those specks of cum on your fingertips and licked them clean one after the other. Your eyes never left mine as you did this.

Now in the hotel room you are ready to be fucked hard. You are kneeling on the edge of the bed so your feet are hanging over the edge, and I kneel on the floor behind you. I caress your whole wide plump bottom with my hands, gentle but firm, both hands drawing circles on both cheeks, my left clockwise my right anti clockwise so both circling inwards. My palms are open, my thumbs trailing, and as I progress both thumbs get nearer to your inner parts and your wet, hot pussy. I start to kiss one cheek, nipping it with my lips, and pretty soon am taking large, wet sucking biting kisses of your cheek. Your cheek is getting quite wet and pink from my powerful sucking. You moan as I suck harder. I take a deep drawing of your plump bottom into my mouth and you moan again. I pull back and deliver a very sharp slap to where I have just been sucking. I continue this for quite a whole, deep sucking bites and very sharp slaps on my bite-marks, you are moaning much more loudly now and my face is soon covered in your sweet arousal - I take some of that juice and lick it all over your sweet arsehole, licking into you so you moan deeply. I am holding your beautiful bottom in both hands, my face buried between your cheeks, my tongue deep deep inside you, pushing, licking, sucking, adoring you.....

Are you ready for this, I ask. Yes, you say, do everything you want to me, to my body, to my mind - fuck me without boundary or limitation.

My face is level with your amazingly luscious bottom and juicy pussy. I spread your thighs wider and start to caress you. I run my hands all over your bottom, your skin plump and soft to the touch - I open my hands wide so I feel your flesh between my fingers, cool firm and fleshy to my fingers. I continue kissing your cheeks, licking and nibbling them and you moan loudly, more more, you say.

I continue "suck-biting" your fat bottom cheeks really hard and spanking you very hard just where I bite. You are moaning continually and I reach for the lube - I take some on my non-spanking hand and start to lube up your arsehole itself - I just rub my fingers over it at first, then start to edge just my fingertip in - you start to moan more loudly - push in a little more you say - I feel your arsehole grip my finger and I pause without you telling me to - I feel it relax and gently push my finger all the way in as far as it will go - you moan again as I finger-fuck your arse gently, all the while still suck-biting your fleshy arse cheek and spanking you nice and hard. I push a second finger gently into your arse and you moan and push back onto my fingers - fuck it, fuck it really deep, you say.

You push back more and more onto my finger and I circle gently round as I push into you and then I slowly pull my finger out. I stand behind you, my hard cock at a perfect angle for penetrating your lovely fat bottom. I take a little lube into my hand and give myself a few strokes to cover my cock. As you see me reach for the candle I ease my cock into your arsehole up to the engorged head. Now, you say - fuck my arse hard now. I push into you with one swift deep hard thrust - you gasp as my whole cock fills your beautiful arsehole right up to my balls that are ready with my cum for you.

As I start to thrust slow and deep into your lovely fat bottom I drip a little hot wax into the very fleshy part of your arse cheeks - you moan at its sharp bite - I drip little drops all over your very

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