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He wants her to be emotionally hurt.

Over the next few days, I was jammed with work and Michael kept asking if I thought any more about his idea and if I had time to get away to do some apartment hunting. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was to find my inner peace on the couch with a glass of mead and a good movie.

As was drifting in and out of scenes of "Out of Africa" a few nights after I got back from Chicago, I swore I could hear chords of "I Could Drink a Case of You" being strummed in the hallway outside of my apartment. I thought it was my half-awake mind playing tricks on me until I heard a voice that sounded like Robert's sing: "Just before our love got lost you said/'I am as constant as a northern star/And I said 'Constantly in the darkness/Where's that at?/If you want me I'll be in the bar.'"

I cracked the door open and saw him playing and singing in a voice that wasn't rough and gravely in the way it got when he tried to tear down my defenses to bed me. Instead, light and sweet. He stopped as soon as he saw me, put down his guitar, and took my face in his hands to give me a long, lush kiss that swept me away from the door and onto the couch. His touches were soft and all over me as if he was a hopeful beau who finally got the courage to touch a longtime crush. His kisses ran along my cheek, the side of my neck, and up to my ear where he whispered, "I want to make love to you like it's the first time."

I returned the purposeful stare that he cast into my eyes. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't even speak. I just returned the kiss and let him lift my old, baggy T-shirt over my head, completely forgetting that I was hardly dressed to be romanced, let alone be seen by anyone. My hand found its way up to his chest underneath his shirt and I could feel his heart pounding as his warm breath quickened from his kisses that trailed to one of my breasts. Instead of attacking my nipple with a deliberate pinch like he usually did, his lips savored it. I could feel a light tingle on my pussy, but I wasn't ready to let him go there, and he was in no hurry to do so.

In one swift swoop, he lifted me from the couch and carried me into my bedroom where we undressed each other with our eyes locked in place, not saying a word. I had no idea what he wanted to say if he could, but the message that I got as he sat me on the edge of the bed and pulled off my shorts was that this was going to be more like a slow ride on a still river instead the wild, racy romps we had been on before.

I felt as if I were floating as he laid me on my back and spread my legs open to lavish his tongue inside of me. He slipped a finger along the lower part of my walls and stroked it in and out slowly as his tongue swirled around. My sighs were barely audible, almost like a soft wind. As his finger and tongue picked up the pace, still in a gentle way, my pussy softly pulsated toward his mouth.

But for as much as he was putting me in such a blissful state, what I wanted even more was to be able to touch him and be touched all over, to which he totally obliged. Our arms and legs and hands and feet tangled everywhere as if we were discovering each other for the first time.

As if he were asking for permission, he got up, lifted my legs straight up, and said, "I have to have you."

He slid into me slowly and I felt his wanting cock pierce into me as if I were a virgin. His strokes inside of me were long and languid as if he was aware of every slick contour inside of me. My fingers didn't dig into his skin like they usually did, but my fingertips tousled through his hair and then ran up and down his arms as I wrapped my legs around him like a hug. There was no rush for me to come like a rabid animal. Instead, his protrusions from on top and then on my side produced one, long almost orgasmic buzz that kept going and going and kept him wet and well-paced for a long haul.

We must have twisted and turned with each other at least a half dozen different ways until we both knew there was no holding back.

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