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A white boy is tormented in a future ruled by black males.

First a bit about Gail. She is 26 years old, light brown hair, well proportioned body and just misses being beautiful because she inherited a couple of dad's facial features.

Not to sound like a pervert, but one day I had happened to be looking out the window when Gail was sunbathing by the pool. She was laying face down with her top untied when the automatic sprinklers came on. In her surprise she had jumped up and as a result I know that she has good sized boobs with well-defined, dark brown nipples.

Anyway back to the story. Even though she doesn't need the money Gail has a part time job at a local burger shop. She's been there almost a year and soon after being hired was promoted to late shift manager. She is smart and good with people.

Over the last few of months several fast food places and convenience stories in our area have been robbed. The witness accounts are always about the same. Two guys come in wearing masks. One guy had a sawed off double barreled shotgun, which he uses to frighten the customers. The other guy carries a piece of pipe and a cloth bag. He has the employees put all the money in the cash registers in the bag.

In a couple of robberies people had tried to resist only to be hit with the pipe. On this particular Tuesday night Gail was on duty as the late night manager. There were three other employees working with her. Tommy and Billy were running the food preparation line and Sally was handling the counter. Gail had just gone into office to write up the activity report.

The activity report is to let the owners know when they come in each morning if anything went wrong or if something needed to be ordered or stuff like that.

Just before leaving the counter, Gail had helped Sally with a large number of orders placed by members of a local bowling league, who came in every Tuesday after their games.

Moments later in the office she was dumbfounded to hear a loud male voice demand that everyone stay still and no one would get hurt. She looked through the two way mirror to see the two crooks.

She could see that some of the customers wanted to try something and she was fearful that in the face of the sawed off shotgun, they would get seriously hurt or killed. She quickly decided that the best option was to come up with a way to try to distract the robbers so that if the customers did act they would have a better chance.

She watched as the robber with the bag called Tommy and Billy up front. He then made Sally empty her register into the bag. Gail noticed that even though he was in the middle of a robbery he took the opportunity to check out Sally's chest. It gave Gail an idea.

Knowing that he was going to wanted the money in the other registers, that as manager, she would have to come to the counter with the keys she recognized that this was the time for action.

Gail quickly pulled off her uniform blouse. It had snaps down the front. Then she shucked her bra and pulled the top back on, quickly snapping the snaps back together. She had just finished when the robber acting on information from one of the other employees, called for her to get out front with the keys. As she hustled to compile she could tell from where his eyes went that she was putting a show.

When she got to the counter, the pipe man nudged his cohort and told the him that he was missing a hell of a erotic show. Without considering what he was doing, the shotgun wielder turned towards her, Gail put the second phase of her plan into action. She jerked open her top and shouted, "Would you like fries with these?"

The bad guys were totally stunned. Fortunately for Gail's plan several members of the police bowling league weren't. Before the robbers had a chance to regain their composure, they were securely handcuffed and laying on the floor. Gail was so caught up that it wasn't until Sally noticed and then pointed it out to her that she realized that she was still standing there holding her shirt wide open.

She quickly pulled it back around herself.

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