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"Did you know..." Susan said as she leaned forward, revealing a copious amount of cleavage between the three undone buttons at the neck of her shirt. She lowered her voice so that Johnson had to lean slightly to hear her breathy words: "It doesn't work."

"Doesn't..." he swallowed "work?".

Susan pressed the sole of her shoe into Johnson's crotch three times, emphasising each word. "It. Doesn't. Work."

"I was on the initial build of that project." he spluttered. "I led the design the architecture."

"None the less." Susan smiled, hopping down from the desk. She stepped between his knees, bent forward with her lips to his ears giving him a view clear down her shirt front and whispered "It doesn't work."

"I want you to walk with me Johnson." Susan said and headed out of the door, not even bothering to see if he followed.

Along a short corridor Susan paused, seemingly for no reason. At four separate places along the corridor Susan paused. She didn't look back to see if Johnson were there or not she simply paused as if expecting or waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. She walked to the end of the corridor and stood beside a plain wood paneled door waiting now for Johnson to catch up.

When Johnson was within a couple of paces Susan pushed at the door which opened ponderously and very obviously not from the slight pressure she had applied. She turned on the threshold and faced Johnson squarely. Johnson for his part, in his attempt to catch up was now standing toe to toe with her.

She leaned forward. Johnson held his ground. The very tips of Susan's chest pushed into the fabric of Johnson's shirt, holding him at bay. She spoke softly and with a throaty voice.

"You have passed through four checkpoints, this is the last and most dangerous if you are not who you are supposed to be." Her eyes indicated glowing beads embedded in the door frame which Johnson could see were readied lasers.

"Are you sure you're Johnson?" she asked.

Completely stunned and confused by the recently flirtatious and now apparently deadly woman in front of him Johnson simply nodded not trusting his voice.

"Absolutely and entirely certain?" she asked.

He nodded his head again and his usually immaculate fringe of hair flopped forward onto his forehead rimed with sweat. He was also acutely aware of the embarrassment potential afforded by his state of arousal.

'Covered with confusion' was a phrase that Johnson had barely given thought to before now. Now that he was experiencing it he understood completely.

Susan smiled a wicked grin and piped: "This way then." as she turned and marched through the doorway.

Johnson was a theory tech. Not quite an engineer, not quite a physicist, he was what had come to be known as a practical mathematician. He could envisage his dreams in solid form. In machines. Specifically in theTemporal Probability/Redundancy Field Generator or TAP. However practical he was he was not prepared for the sight or size of the TAP chamber.

Across two walls of the chamber were video panels, many with different scenes, some obviously historical, some contemporary and quite a few of them a murky, swirling grey. The scenes on the far wall were too distant to make out clearly, not because they were unfocussed or fuzzy but simply because they were so far away, about the distance of a football field.

Separating each panel and rising in tiers were doors, in and out of which there flew, trotted, strolled or ambled a number of people in the classic white lab coats and carrying the ubiquitous clipboard of every mad scientist B movie.

The opposite walls facing the screen banks were both blank and bland. Unadorned, smooth faced, plaster work. Except for two doors both as ordinary as the one he had entered.

Susan took his arm and waved at a cubic... something. situated towards the centre of the chamber. Susan indicated theatrically with a sweeping open palm and intoned "Behold; Don Quixote."

"You told me it didn't work." Johnson muttered.

"It doesn't.

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