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A new assistant needed to take her position.

It wasn't easy, but I did my best to maintain my "cool"...

We had fun that night. We told crude jokes, danced, played darts, I "schooled" them in the finer points of shooting pool, and we drank lots and lots of cheap beer. I tried my best not to flirt too much with Jennifer, but she didn't seem to mind all the attention I gave her. She laughed at the corny-ass jokes I told and I got the impression that she was doing some flirting of her own.

The bar closed early that night and they kicked us out just after midnight, so we stumbled back to Jeff's place to watch some movies.

We hung out and drank some more (the hard stuff this time) for about an hour. Lauren wasn't too much of a drinker and started to get really "touchy-feely" with Jeff after her second or third shot. He winked at me and I took that as my cue to disappear. I told them all I had to get up for work in the morning (I actually had the weekend off). Jennifer walked me to the door.

She told me that she'd had a great time and hoped we could hang out again the next night. I was very pleasantly surprised when she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a somewhat painful bear hug. Damn! That girl was strong!

I stumbled around in my apartment in heaven. I took off my shirt and inhaled the faint scent of Jennifer's perfume on it. I remember thinking that I was gonna have the greatest Jennifer-filled jerk-off fantasies before I went to sleep. I was at the fridge going for another beer when the doorbell rang. I thought it would be Jeff asking to borrow condoms or weed (he'd done it several times before).

It was Jennifer.

She asked if she could hang out with me for a while. I almost blew my load!

I played it cool and asked her why. She smiled, pulled me into the hallway and told me to listen.

It was muffled, but clear: a loud, squeaky, high-pitched voice - "Oh God! Right there baby! Fuck yeah!"

My man Jeff was tearin' that little ass up!

We laughed hysterically and went back into my apartment. We grabbed some beer and chips and turned on the TV. We talked for hours.

She told me about her family; her dad was Korean and her mom Philippine; she had two brothers; she was a senior and co-captain of the swim team (that explained the arm strength); she was really into rap music and football.

Wow! My ideal woman...

Then she told me about "Donald", her fianc__. Damn.

He was a junior and a starting guard on the football team. They planned to get married once he graduated.

Oh well...it was fun while it lasted. So I told her about my family, what I was into and my girlfriend. I figured that since we had everything out in the open there was nothing for me to worry about.


We talked some more; channel surfed and drank more beer. At some point she kicked off her shoes and undid her ponytail. I don't really remember how it happened or who initiated it, but at some point we were kissing.

And I mean, hard-core, hungry, hormone-driven kissing! I was on my back and she was on top driving her tongue down my throat; my hands were on her ass and she was grinding against my thigh.

I wasn't much longer before our clothes were off. This woman was perfection personified.

Jennifer was moaning in my ear and stroking my cock. I was sucking on the most beautiful set of natural breasts and squeezing that athletically sculpted ass.

Then I went down on her. I sucked on her pussy like it was the first and last I'd ever had. She held the back of my head and smothered me between her thighs, showing and telling me everything she liked, from sucking very hard on her clit to shoving my tongue in her tight asshole.

And then Jennifer did what was probably the most amazing thing I'd ever had happen at that point in my life: she came on my face; screamed my name over and over again (my own girlfriend had never even done that!); and as she came, she cried.

Not sobs, just a steady flow of tears down her beautiful cheeks.

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