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They visit each other's houses for the 1st time.

I guess I just never got close enough to any to where I felt a special bond."

"Do you have a girlfriend now?" Sharon looked me right in the eyes, and waited for an answer.

"No, my sisters and other friends are always trying to fix me up with their friends. The women are nice, but I'm looking for that special woman."

We almost had a trance going between us when we were interrupted by the waitress asking us if we would like dessert. It broke the trance and Sharon said she needed to get home. She was going Christmas shopping and needed a few more gifts.

"I'll take you shopping!" I said. "I know the mall better than anyone." I know I was smiling.

"A man that likes to shop. You've got to be kidding me," said Sharon while smiling.

"I'm not that big on shopping, but I like being with you." We looked at each other but neither replied. I paid the bill and we headed to the mall.

Christmas was less than two weeks away. I was pretty much done, but I had never really put much thought in my gifts. I always kept the receipts so they could take whatever I bought them back.

We entered the different stores and I was really having fun. I would peek around the racks and scare Sharon. I would also sneak up behind her, wrap my arms around her and pull her to me. She smelled and felt so good.

She would laugh and say, "Jeff, Stop it! Do you want me to call security?"

We stopped and shared a cinnamon pretzel on the way out. I remembered as kids we shared everything; it was as if I was ten all over again. As I pulled into her driveway, she told me she had a wonderful time. I asked her if I could see her again.

"Of course, Silly, but it's Christmas time and I'll be pretty busy. Call me and we'll see what we can work out."

I walked her to the door and gave her a hug, turned around and waved goodbye. When I got home, my mom was there and asked me about Sharon. I told her all I knew and she said I should invite her over for Christmas.

Two days later, I called Sharon and asked her over for Christmas dinner. I mentioned that it was my mom's idea, but I would love for her to be there. I felt both sad and surprised when she told me she couldn't make it; that she already had other plans.

The first thing that entered my mind was that she had another boyfriend, which she hadn't mentioned. I think she could tell the slight hurt in my voice, and told me that she was having dinner with her parents and other relatives.

I felt a bit more relieved and asked her if I could see her on Christmas Eve since we wouldn't be together on Christmas. She and Jessica could come over and see Mom and Dad as well as my sisters and their families. We always had a big get together on Christmas Eve. I didn't tell her about our gift exchange because she probably would have refused to come over.

I talked to her twice before Christmas Eve. My family was excited that Sharon and her daughter were coming over. I had to laugh when Cindy said she gets the credit if the two of us get together.

"So, is it alright for me to tell her you got the information for me?" I asked Cindy.

"I don't know about that. Let's wait and see. I still think that was a crazy idea." We both laughed.

Christmas Eve:

I went over to pick up Sharon and Jessica. I rang the doorbell and Jessica answered it. "Are you Mr. Warren," the pretty, little, curly-red-haired girl said to me.

"Yes I am," I replied. I didn't want her to know that I had already met her; after all, I was Santa. Sharon did tell me that she had a long talk with Jessica about life, dating, marriage and her finding a daddy. I did mention to Jessica that she could call me Jeff.

"Mommy's still getting ready. Would you like to come in and sit down? Mom said to talk to you till she was ready." I had to laugh on how forward this little girl was.

I sat on the couch and Jessica sat on the chair across from me. She was one pretty little girl. I asked her about school and her friend Gene. She talked a mile a minute telling me everything she did in kindergarten.

I couldn't help thinki

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