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Someone witnesses a little Christmas magic.

Nothing happened, except the woman laughed, and it was an evil laugh of triumph.

"Clicking that mouse will do nothing now, slut!" she hissed. "It's only job was to let me know you were ready."

"Who... who are you," Tanya asked nervously. "What do you want?"

The woman's lips stretched into a sardonic grin, letting Tanya get even more nervous. Finally, she said, "My name is Keegan. And, as to who I am..." She leaned close to the camera so her face loomed. "I was David's steady girlfriend... until you came along, BITCH!" That last word was spat with such vehemence that Tanya flinched in the chair's restraints. The volume of the word was such that the vibrator buried inside Tanya's cunt buzzed briefly to life, making her flinch for a completely different reason.

"We were so good together!" Keegan claimed. "We shared common interests in computers, and hardware design. I taught him how to build many of those devices there in his house. We played with them for hours." Her expression turned wistful. Then it hardened again. "We were doing fine together, until YOU came into his life. You took him away from me! Once he met you, he tossed me aside like garbage." She glared. "Well, you walked into my little trap, and now I'll have my revenge."

"You mean... you mean it was you that left those envelopes with the notes?" Tanya asked, incredulous.

"Sure," Keegan replied. I knew he'd be out of town for the week. It was simple to open that primitive door lock. I can duplicate his handwriting well enough to fool a casual glance. And I know his style of teasing, and kinky play."

Tanya was mad with herself at how easily she'd been duped. But she was a lot more worried than mad. "Does this crazy woman live near here?" she wondered. "She has to have been close enough to visit the house, and it must've been right after David left on his trip. I wonder what nasty things this woman can do to me in an hour?" Her eyes flicked to the timer, checking what time remained.

Keegan saw her eye movement, and laughed mirthlessly. "Checking the timer, are you, slut? I have a confession to make. I lied when my instructions said the timer was set for an hour. And that's a fake countdown that you're seeing. I'll leave you guessing as to how long you'll really be trapped." She actually rubbed her hands together gleefully. "You ruined my life, so now I'm going to ruin yours, you high and mighty harlot. Or rather, you're going to ruin your own life," she cackled.

Suddenly, the formerly dim basement became brighter, the new lighting focused on Tanya, cuffed into the chair. Feeling even more exposed and embarrassed by being lit up, she struggled against the cuffs, but it was hopeless. They wouldn't yield one bit. Her heart was hammering in her chest, as adrenaline raced through her bloodstream.

Keegan continued, "I'll get off the screen now, so I can show you what your audience will be able to see." Her face was replaced by an image of the restrained Tanya. And it was a live image, because every movement she made in the chair was clearly displayed on the screen. At the same time, Keegan's words 'your audience' echoed in her mind. "Audience? People are going to see this?! No! No! She wouldn't!" Tanya screamed in her mind. She whimpered as she squirmed.

Seemingly oblivious to Tanya's emotions, Keegan continued to narrate.

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