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Shea hears more about the study, and has a sexy dream.

Not his quiet wife behaving like some kind of dominatrix?

"What?" He shook his head trying to understanding the words, "What?"

"I said. You are going to suck my cock, because you are my bitch and you deserve to take it whatever way I want to give it" She lifted his face with her fingers. "Now stop talking. suck it!"

He didn't know what to say, he was totally taken aback by this new woman in front of him. His wife was a quiet woman, worked hard, got on with what had to be done and usually just 'stopped talking' when pissed off. But suddenly here she was, dressed in a tight pvc corset that hugged her figure into a perfect hour-glass, her large breasts only just covered by its ample cups. She looked amazing, like he'd never seen her before, but this?

The sight of his wife with a huge strap-on dildo was something he'd never dreamed of seeing, ever. He was almost afraid to admit it, there was something erotic about this new side to her, but he was 'the man' after all and was there something wrong with admitting that?

"Look, I don't mind playing and you look, well you look hot but there is no way," he attempted to say.

She grabbed his hair and yanked his head to one side, " You are going to do exactly as you are told because I told you to, now open wide" she said calmly.

Before he knew it she had pushed the firm tip of the pale pink rubber into his mouth, he was so shocked he didn't move. She leaned over again and said "Suck me." Her hand tightening around his hair.

He was confused, aroused but almost ashamed to be. Here was his normally mousy wife stood in front of him taking control of him and he didn't know what to do other than obey.

She stood there smiling, enjoying, watching her normally macho 'man's man' husband wrestle with his internal demons. She knew he wanted to give in but she also knew he liked to think of himself as unshakable. But she knew she had shocked him to the very core and she was loving feeling so in control of the situation and him being 'all at sea' for a change.

She watched in fascinated delight as his lips moved up and down the shaft of her new cock and was happy to discover the added bonus of the base of the shaft and the strap grinding deliciously against her clit "now this was more like it" she thought and smiled as she saw her husband glance up at her face, his eyes a mixture of desire and confusion only increased her desire.

"There's a good boy, take me right into your mouth. Suck down, how does that feel? Bet you always wanted to know how it felt when a cock is being rammed into your throat."

She arched her back and felt his gag as the hard firm dildo pushed into the back of his mouth. Her bewildered husband was now tasting the rubber of the strap-on mixed with the lube his wife had so kindly slicked over its surface, the combination of the sight of his wife so dominant, so in control and clearly loving watching his embarrassment was far more of a turn on than he would ever have thought and even the humiliation of being on his knees with her strap-on sliding back and forth and inching deeper into his throat was becoming strangely erotic and he couldn't help but feel his own cock hardening.

She'd noticed that his attention to her cock was becoming more enthusiastic, "Ahh" she thought, " He's getting too comfortable". She grabbed his hair pulling back his head and put her face in front of his.

"Tut tut, you're not getting turned on are you? Are you starting to love it? Well then. Stand up", she watched him with the same look a scientist might give an interested specimen under a microscope. Putting her hands on her hips, her legs wide she looked him up and down "Is your cock hard?"

He blushed! He couldn't believe he was blushing in front of the woman he'd been married to for 6yrs. He instinctively looked down and she laughed at him as she saw him fight the urge to place his hands over the tenting in his jogger bottoms.

He went to pull her to him in an attempt to regain some control of the situation but she pushed him away and turn

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