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I've had my eye on him for some time.

In spite of the fact of having ejaculated only an hour earlier, Billy's treacherous cock thickened against the fresh jeans he'd put on.

Before he realised what he was doing, Billy was kissing the top of his mother's head and running his hands over her voluptuous body. He kissed Jenny's mouth when she looked up at him and was surprised when his mum responded, returning his kiss eagerly.

The lust fired through Billy's when his tongue danced with his mother's own snaking, wet tongue, and he ground the his stiffness against Jenny's soft body as they kissed.

Suddenly, as though coming to her senses, Jenny pushed her son away. 'No.' She said firmly. 'This is so wrong. You're my son for God's sake.'

Billy stood, the hurt rising in his face as he looked at his mother in confusion. He turned and ran from the kitchen, slamming his bedroom door behind him with the rage of frustration biting deep. He threw himself onto his bed and lay in the darkened room, his mind whirring with a jumble of confused thoughts all fighting for supremacy.

He had no idea of how much time had passed since the moment of madness with his mother in the kitchen, but he guessed it must have been at least half an hour, judging by is mother's slightly slurred speech when she asked to come into his room.

'No, go away,' Billy answered his mother's knock.

'Please honey, we need to talk.' Jenny opened the door and came in anyway, despite Billy's obvious reluctance.

Billy rose up from his lying position as his mother's silhouette slipped quietly into his room. She closed the door and sat on the edge of his bed, Billy could smell the scent of her once more as she settled in close to him. 'I'm sorry baby... so sorry.' It was only the slight slurring of the sibilant s, which betrayed his mother's state. She must have knocked back a couple more of the pills after his hurried exit. They were intended as pain relief, but one over the edge could cause her to become drowsy and a little disorientated.

'Yeah, me too,' he spat back at her shadow vehemently, trying to hurt the object of his torment, to make her suffer as he was suffering.

'Your dad, he's such a bastard to me.' Jenny carried on regardless. 'He never shows me affection... hasn't touched me in months...' The intimate reference to her sex life disturbed Billy a little. He had no problem rationalising his own lustful longing for his mother, but he found he was strangely prudish when it came to hearing about his father and her.

Billy remained silent, not knowing where his mother was heading with this. 'You're so tender, so loving and warm,' his mother placed her cool hand on his thigh in the dark. 'My body responds when you massage me... I know it's wrong, so terribly wrong... but when I saw your erection today...' Her words stumbled and Jenny fell silent.

His mother's words stunned Billy. So she did become aroused when he massaged her, just as he had earlier, her body responded to him she said. What did that mean? Did her pussy juice at his touch? He could recall the sight of her hanging breasts when she'd moved to face him on her bed, were her nipples puckered and stiff at the time? He vaguely recalled that they may well have been. She might have blocked his maturity from her mind, pretended to herself that he was still just 'her little boy' but all the while his touch had been awakening sexual urges within her body, urges for him, her son.

'What do you want mum?' Billy's voice trembled as he spoke. Trembled with the anticipation of what may follow.

'Love, darling,' she said simply. 'Love and affection; is that too much to ask?'

'I love you mum.' Billy whispered the words into the darkness. 'Oh my baby,' sighed Jenny. She kissed her son lightly on the cheek, somehow finding her target in spite of the blackness.

A moment later the tender kiss on the cheek had turned into a full embrace, and Jenny's tongue was probing her son's mouth as the dam holding back the waters of

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