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She gets caught stealing and pays the price.

Curiously, one of her meditation books looked like it was put away in a hurry and there were a couple of used candles by it in the cabinet. There was just so much going on that was confusing and I did not know what to do...and I still could not stop thinking of the pictures.

Chapter 4

Sleep did not come easy. Normally I will myself to sleep with ease but it was not happening this time. My wife was on her back and breathing quite heavily, the baby was disturbingly quiet in her crib, and the occasional dog parking could be heard outside. I took the opportunity to do my own meditative exercises.

I laid on my back and wiggled myself into a comfortable position and began concentrating on various parts of my body, starting at my feet and hands and moving proximal every 10 breaths. I eventually focused my concentration on my upper torso and slowly moved down, finishing up at my little friend. At this point, I was mentally traversing a beach. There were white sands, blue water, and I allowed my mind to freely add palm trees and the noise of waves crashing. As was my usual, I explored this mental plane, allowing my mind to fill in the gaps and typically providing insight into my life.

This time something was different. A purple haze on the horizon crept closer and closer and as it loomed near a purple sheen covered the water. I know that purple is my wife's favorite color and something about this haze made me think of her. Out of the mist, a body condensed. This body was short, toned, with very large breasts and defined curves and light purple skin. The body was cloaked in a translucent white gown and had the face of...my wife!

Chapter 5

The "apparition", as I could think of no other name, gazed into my eyes. I was fully aware I was in a lucid state but I could feel everything. The sensation of the white-turned-purple sand between my toes, the purple-sheened water lapping at my feet, and the feel of this 'person' as she grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes was surreal.

Her gaze shook me to the core and made every sensation in my body intensify. She gazed into my eyes for what seemed like hours and then came closer and locked in a deep embrace...something about this apparition was extremely familiar...I yearned for more. After what seemed an eternity but also a brief speck of time, she pulled away and said "Have a great day."

I came out of my trance and looked at the clock...it was time to go to work! I looked to the side and my wife was not there, but then I smelled eggs and bacon. I went in the kitchen and she looked amazing. She was wearing a new light purple silk robe which barely covered her butt and had already done her makeup. She looked at me and gave me a smile I hadn't seen in years, and kissed me, gave me my food, and went to the bathroom.

I ate, got dressed, and went to kiss her goodbye and she responded with "Have a great day."

Chapter 6

On the way out, I kicked a box of candles. It hurt like hell as I had not put on shoes yet. I finally decided to ask her about the candles that kept popping up but neither she nor the baby could be found. I went out to get in my car and realized hers was gone.

Things were just getting too weird. I called and texted and got no response.

I got to work on time and began setting up for the day. My phone started buzzing like crazy. There were no words, only pictures:

She was laying on her stomach on the bed propped up on her elbows and taking a selfie of her face...with very prominent cleavage underneath. In the next she was laying back in that same light purple robe with her legs crossed and her breasts barely covered. The next she had one leg propped up and one leg outstretched with her breasts barely covered and a light purple thong. She was staring into the camera with a slight smirk and biting her finger. The next picture her robe was open but she had an arm across her chest and finally the last picture was her licking her lips while holding her hand inside her thong.

The day

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