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He & Karen get showered in memories.

She turned around in Michael's arms and looked up into his eyes. He leaned down and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back hard, beginning to slip back into the mood from before. Their tongues played inside each others mouths as Michael's hands roamed along Ashley's back. His finger tips slid along her skin, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her whole body.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this now..." Michael said, looking towards the closed door to the room. "With Lacey here and everything...."

"Ssssshhhhh!" Ashley said, kissing him again. "She's exhausted from her trip and probably fell asleep right away, she won't hear anything. Besides, she's a big girl. She knows what we'd be doing and is ok with it."

Michael smiled and kissed her back, giving in to the pent up lust and love built up inside him. He moved his hands lower down her back, gently running his hands over her firm ass. He gently squeezed each cheek and gave one a little smack.

"Mikey!" Ashley giggled, putting her hands around his neck and kissing him harder. "Careful with the roughness...."

Michael picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on with her hands around his neck. He carried her over to the huge bed they shared, laying her down with her head on the pillows. He began to kiss her neck, gently sucking on it just the way she liked. He didn't suck too hard though, not wanting to leave any tell-tale marks that Lacey might find the next day....

Michael ran his hands along her stomach as he kissed her neck, running his wet and warm tongue along her soft skin. He kissed his way along her neck down to her shirt line, running his long fingers all along her flat stomach.

"Your shirt's in the way baby," Michael whispered, looking into Ashley's eyes.

"Then get it out of the way...." Ashley whispered back, smiling mischievously.

Michael made Ashley sit up and hold her arms above her head. He reached down and helped slide her shirt over her head and threw it to the side. Just like before, she wore no bra, allowing her beautiful round tits to spring free as soon as the shirt was removed.

Almost like it was his first time seeing them, Michael could only stare at them as they bounced and moved with Ashley's breathing. She reached down and took one of his hands, moving it and gently placing it on her right tit. Michael started to gently massage and squeeze it, feeling how firm yet soft they were. He leaned it and started to kiss Ashley's mouth as he did so, slipping his tongue into her mouth again.

All this sexual buildup was starting to make Ashley extremely excited. Her nipples were hard, sticking out into the cold air practically begging to have attention paid to them. Michael rubbed his fingers over them, gently tugging on Ashley's lower lip as he did so. He took one in between his fingers and gently pinched it. Ashley moaned softly.

Michael stopped kissing Ashley and lowered his mouth to her right tit. He began to kiss it all over, running his tongue in circles around her hard nipple. He quickly flicked his tongue across it, teasing it. He took her nipple in between his lips and gently began to suck on it. Ashley let out a low moan and placed her hand behind his head, holding him to her sensitive nipple. He sucked and licked it, reaching up to massage her other tit. He loved to do this to his baby...loved the way her nipples tasted and the amount of pleasure it brought her....but he loved tasting another part of her even more....

Michael switched to her other nipple, sucking on it harder. He reached down and slowly unbuttoned Ashley's pants, getting no resistance from his lust overcome lover. He released her nipple from his mouth and put both hands on her waist. Ashley lifted her butt off the bed, allowing Michael to slide her pants and hot pink thong off. Pink thong on the outside to match the pink color inside....

He pushed her legs wide open and began to kiss her along her thighs.

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