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Lesbian temptation dissolves major obstacles.

Being outside only increased the tension; it was extra taboo and absolutely exhilarating.

Soon enough, Kyle was sneaking a hand around her neck to untie her top. Kyle flipped her top down, leaving the back tied so it laid against her belly. Mandy then felt that wonderful mouth take her left nipple as hands tickled down her sides to untie her bottoms. Soon enough his expert fingers completely pulled her bottoms off.

Kyle sucked and pulled at her nipple, dropping it with an audible pop. Mandy waited for another touch, just sensing Kyle above her. He seemed to be caught staring because it was nearly a minute before Mandy heard him move to her head. Grateful for her parents expensive adaptable lounge chairs, Mandy nearly smiled as Kyle lowered the top of her chair down which tilted her body down. It was as if she was laying on a hill head down.

Mandy readied herself as Kyle used the angle to straddle her head. He tipped her mouth open and slowly worked his dick around and in her mouth. Mandy loved the taste of him. The angle meant that Kyle could bottom out, so Mandy had to really work on repressing her gag reflex. His pubic hair tickled her chin, while his ass was rubbing against her chest. She struggled to keep the "sleeping" ruse.

Kyle could not believe his luck. Here he was, dick balls deep in Mandy's wet, hot mouth, resting his ass on her tits and trying hard not to cum early. Mandy was not helping that situation. Her warm mouth, lips closed over his dick, and tongue cupping his shaft were almost enough to do him in, but add that to the soft gagging noises and sleepy moans. Oh god, he pulled out and came all over her face and hair after six strokes.

Kyle backed off of Mandy and watched her cum streamed face for awhile. He quickly ran back into the house and returned with his phone. Kyle took a few pictures of her face, grabbed her tits and took some selfies. Inspired by the pictures, Kyle decided to record himself fucking her.

Mandy didn't know what was going on. She had cum drying all over her face and hair, but could sense Kyle just watching her. He left quickly but retuned quickly too. Again, he just stood there. Soon enough though she felt him grab at her boobs, even pushing his face against them. Mandy had no idea what he was doing as long as he got to fucking her soon.

Within a few minutes, Kyle moved down from her boobs. She felt one of his hands trail down her body, finding her pussy and tracing the lips. His thumb snuck inside and found her clit. Mandy was nearly trembling and it was only his thumb. She spread her legs a little. Kyle took the hint and spread her legs wide, throwing each leg off the side of the lounge chair. Mandy felt a little uncomfortable with the position. It stretched her back awkwardly, with her legs off the chair and upper body still tilted down. She didn't care at all when she felt Kyle lick a full strip up her pussy.

Kyle took a few photos of Mandy's spread pussy, but put it aside to eat her out. He loved the taste of her, and soon felt her thighs shaking with his efforts. His tongue worked her clit, up, down, around and back all the while his fingers, four now, pounded in and out of her cunt. Quickly he heard he gasping and moaning through her orgasm.

Mandy couldn't think. It was her most intense orgasm ever. She didn't know if it was the outdoors, the position, or Kyle's new boldness, but she didn't care. While she was just returning to her thought she felt something new against her pussy, Kyle's dick. God finally, she thought. It was about time.

Kyle grabbed his phone and swiftly began filming. He held it in one hand as he took the other to help harden his dock back up and position it right at Mandy's pussy. He slowing pushed in, pausing only an inch in to bask in the warmth and get some good footage of her cunt stretched around his head.

Kyle pumped a few times, each time going farther and farther into her pussy.

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