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Tonight her fantasy becomes reality!

Slurping and twisting his mouth between his Daughter's obscenely spread thighs, Tucker alternately sucked and nibbled at Angie's pierced clit before clamping his mouth down hard on her burning cunt to ingest the resulting spray of vaginal dew his manipulations had produced. Over and over he did that until Angie was melting like a stick of butter on a scalding skillet beneath his face. Tucker could hear Angie's heaving moans increase in urgency each time he plowed his tongue deeper into her womb, but the moans sounded strangely muffled. Assuming the distortion in sound was due in large part to the way Angie's thighs repeatedly flapped against his ears each time he scraped his lips and tongue across her clitoris, when Tucker finally did steal a quick look up to gauge his Daughter's reaction, he saw there was another reason for the strange way she sounded.

From his nest between Angie's legs, Tucker looked to his right and saw that his Wife had snuggled down beside their 19 year old Daughter, and was slowly rubbing her left hand up and down Angie's trim belly. Focusing his eyes a little more intently, Tucker gulped seeing how Ellen had wrapped her mouth around the lower part of Angie's left breast, and the blood that was already boiling through his system raced that much faster seeing how the muscles in his Wife's neck and throat worked as she sucked her Daughter's tit.

Shaking his head with disbelief, when he did Tucker then saw that Mikala was on her knees and leaning forward directly over top of Angie face. Twisting his head to the side to get a better look, Tucker could see Mikala's lips had created a vacuum seal around her younger Sister's right breast, as her own full bosom hung straight down on top of Angie's hidden face. Narrowing his focus as best he could, Tucker's failing vision could make out just enough of Angie's mouth chewing hungrily at her older Sister's heavy and swaying endowment.

His dick was pressing so hard beneath him, Tucker swore he could have burrowed it straight through the floor if he'd wanted to as he laid there eating Angie out, the whole time keeping his eyes fixed on Ellen and Mikala ravaging her from above. Angie's arousal was now splashing in slick, rapid bursts against Tucker's buried face and suddenly a knot of desperation formed in his stomach. A lit fuse seemingly burning down the expanse of his spine, the older man knew there was only one way to make that all-encompassing heat go away.

Almost as if his youngest Daughter could read his mind, or at least divine the urgency and lust pouring from his pores, Angie uttered the words, "Fuck me Daddy" in two angelically soft whispers just as Tucker was about to pull his mouth away from her pussy.

Looking like a dazed and punch-drunk boxer pulling himself up from the canvas as he got to his knees, a wicked, almost psychotic grin spread across Tucker's face as he stared down at the three women. Licking the accumulated layer of Angie's juices from his lips as he took his cock in his right hand, the rock hard cylinder of flesh felt like freshly forged steel as Tucker guided it towards his Daughter's vagina.

Just then, as if answering a primal call of their own, Mikala and Ellen shifted their weight around until they were flanking Tucker on each side. His dick jutting straight out from his groin, Tucker watched as Mikala crawled closer to him on his left while his Wife inched towards him on the right. Holding his breath as Mikala's shadow drifted across his face, Tucker stared deep into her smoky brown eyes as her lips came together with his. Kissing his oldest Daughter back until their mouths appeared to become one, Tucker synapses crackled when he felt Mikala's right hand close around his painfully erect cock.

"You just fucked me with it Daddy," Mikala whispered into Tucker's ear, "Now fuck Angie with it."

The hair on the back of Tucker's neck stood on end feeling

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