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His sister turned up with two suitcases and a baby bump.

ested in her, but he is pretty studly!"

We both laughed. I said, "You know, I think I could take a nap right now. And if things go the way I expect, we will need all the energy we can muster. She's 24 years younger than me, and he's a fair amount younger than you."

We set an alarm and stretched out on the bed, cuddling each other. Good thing we set the alarm. The combination of a night of hot sex, a big breakfast, a fun but energy-sapping time at the spa, a filling lunch and Long Island Iced Teas had the cumulative effect of a powerful sleeping pill - we were both asleep in a New York minute.

I awoke to the sound of the alarm, a little disoriented. Then I remembered - dinnertime, and everything came rushing back. The day had actually been stressful, emotionally and intellectually. But now I felt refreshed and very relaxed, no anxieties.

Jan sat up and stretched. Damn! I was a very fortunate man to be married to my curvy little red-headed nymph! I thought about what was up next and that we were going to "teach" two young people how to have sex. Does it get any weirder?

We quickly showered and dressed - no sex. We kissed and headed downstairs.


When we reached the dining room, they were waiting. At first they greeted us almost shyly. They both looked a little nervous.

I put an arm around Sandy's shoulders and said, "Come on, let's eat, I'm starving!"

She relaxed and laughed as she slipped her arm around my waist, "Me too, I could eat a whole cow right now!"

Jan hooked her arm in Tom's and said, "Hey big guy, will you be my dinner date?"

He flashed his boyish grin and replied, "Why young lady, I'd be honored."

Jan cracked up at the "young lady" part. Tom grinned even bigger.

After a relaxed and enjoyable meal, I could sense a little tension building.

I suggested, "Hey, how about a couple of after dinner drinks and we relax a bit? Who has the biggest room?" I thought that was a nice way of moving to more private digs without announcing were going to the room and fuck!

Tom remarked, "We have the honeymoon suite. It's pretty big."

Jan spoke up, "Honeymoon suite it is!"

We headed upstairs on an upbeat note. When we got to their room, Tom wasn't kidding. Their living room was larger than our whole room! I thought our room was fabulous. I couldn't imagine how much this cost. Dad was loaded!

As Tom let us in the room, Sandy spoke up, "I'm a little nervous, um don't get me wrong. I mean, I'm excited too, but a little scared."

Jan answered her concern, "Sandy, why don't we start with those drinks and talk through some things and not force anything, okay?"

"Thanks. Sorry, I just got a little anxious."

I added, "We understand. Remember, everything we're going to do is going to be enjoyable, and anything that isn't, we won't do."

Tom, who had been silent since dinner ended, spoke up, "You guys are the best. And, honey, I'm nervous too, but I really want to see what I can learn to make you as happy as I can. But I can sure use that drink, first!"

I joked, "That's the plan Tom, but stop calling me 'honey'!"

Everybody laughed and the tension was broken.

I called room service and ordered a pitcher of top-shelf margaritas on the rocks with about half the booze. After a couple drinks, everybody seemed more relaxed, but I monitored the consumption; I wanted everyone "loose" but not so much it inhibited performance.

After a couple of drinks, I decided it was time, "If everyone is ready, I think it's time for the first lesson, and that's cleanliness! You know, sometimes sex just happens. You can't wait, and you just go to it - hot, dirty sex! But, whenever possible, it's nice to be fresh and clean for a really good lovemaking session. If you like, you can put on a pleasing scent but don't overdo it. The most important thing - get really clean, both front and rear. In fact, if you are ready Tom, Jan can show you how to prepare and I'll show Sandy."

Jan saw concern in Tom's eyes and guessed he wasn't ready for us to split up. She asked, "Tom, how big is your shower?"

"It's huge.

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