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Small gathering turns into creamy mess.

There were murmurs and whispers all around us as he discussed my predicament with other party goers. I heard laughs and whispers as I strained to hold still, not wanting to embarrass James in front of his friends. My breath was heavy and I could feel the weight of my tits moving with every breath. The warm air felt cold against the thin, wet fabric of my panties.

Suddenly I felt a sharp slap against my cunt, the surprise of the sting forcing me to gasp and cry out. I shied away from the pain for only a second before pressing my hips toward the air, hungry for another touch. A stranger's voice commented, "Excellent reaction. She is eager," while my James hummed his approval and agreement. I heard a woman giggle at my wanton body language as the desire built inside of me, my mouth open in a hungry gape. I felt fingers trailing up my thighs, barely reaching the edge of my lips as I moaned and pressed into them.

"How is my slut doing?" I head James ask.

"Your slut is eager to be used, James," I replied, my voice heavy and dark.

"Then we should begin," I heard the smile on his voice and knew he was eager as well. Cold steel pressed against my knee and slowly teased its way up my thigh, toward the hip of my panties. I heard the sound of scissors opening around the fabric, and the forceful pressure as they cut. The scissors then found their way to my tit, pressing the coolness against my tight nipple before trailing down my stomach, and again cutting through my panties. They were roughly pulled from me by unknown hands as I lay there, open.

Again I was forced to wait in anticipation. I could feel the eyes on me like fingers as I laid there, my dripping cunt exposed to anyone who felt the need to look. Without warning, two fingers were firmly pressed inside of my wet and hungry cunt. I moaned loudly as they opened and closed, testing my walls, stretching me. I felt myself open, desperate to take the fingers deeper inside of me, and quickly they were thrusting in and out, building my passion. James whispered in my ear, "I know you love those fingers, slut. You don't even know who they belong to, do you?" He chuckled, the sound vibrating my ear drum, before his voice became strict again. "Don't you dare cum. No matter what they give to you, no matter what they say, my slut doesn't cum until I tell her to."

"Yes, Sir!" I moaned the words as the fingers continued to fuck me, pushing in and pulling out, imbibing me with pleasure and pulling from me passionate sounds. Just as I felt my muscles begin to tense in anticipation of orgasm, the fingers were pulled from me, leaving my cunt hungry and throbbing. Soon I felt someone pinching my right nipple, then a mouth on my left, pulling and biting. Someone kissed me, the softness of the lips made me believe it was a woman, but I couldn't be sure as she didn't press to deeply. She had a tongue piercing, and I felt the barbell press against my tongue as I reached for her.

As my mouth and tits were kissed, licked, and pinched, I felt a hand begin to rub my clit. Beneath the silk, my eyes began to roll back as I surrendered myself to the sensations. My open right hand was filled with a rock hard cock, and I gripped it as the man wielding it began to thrust in and out of my fist. Lowered onto my left hand was a shaved pussy, and the woman above it began to grind as I worked my fingers inside of her. The mouth kissing me abruptly pulled away, and as I reached with my mouth, another cunt found its way to my face. I licked and sucked furiously, desperate to feel her orgasm rush over my face as my own was denied.

The hand continued to rub quickly and firmly on my clit, my hips bucking against the tightness of the ropes.

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