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Will Tom be able to keep up.

I washed off the physical remnants of my viewing.

Another hour later the cell phone buzzed. It nearly made me jump out of my skin.

"Clear the rest of your day. Go to the tree beneath your window. There are further instructions."

I used my own cell to cancel my afternoon and evening. I went to the tree to find a box with a white micro bikini with rio bottoms, a white trench coat, and letter.

"I know it is a tid bit cold still at 60 degrees. But, I found it refreshing to have this Indian summer and wanted us to make the most of it. Put on the garments from this box, travel south on the highway fifty miles, go west on Route 66 and take exit 113. When you get to Tri Delta Park, park in the parking lot on your left."

As I walked back upstairs I thought at least I would not know anyone fifty some miles away! I stripped in front of my full length mirror, and tried to figure this bikini out. It was micro! The triangles meant for the tits were two inches at most. Now I am not large chested, but these things only covered my nipples. And I was not sure how I was supposed to wear it. I mean does the string go around the bottom of my tits and around the back. If that was the cases, you could absolutely see the shadow of my pink nipples around the edge of the triangle. Or, was this supposed to only cover the nipple, and the ties would go across my tits with my tits hanging out of the bottom. I had not decided... Then thought whichever I choose, would shift during the car ride. I could quickly figure out the rio bikini bottoms. They were a standard kind of bikini bottom that tied on each side. I put them on and was excited about my rendezvous. I looked in my closet for some heels. I was not instructed on what kind of shoes to wear or any. But, I couldn't see how high heels could hurt! I threw the white trench over my outfit, buckling it closed. As I walked down the hall, I thought that I looked fairly normal to the girls in my house.

I got into my car and drove as the directions said. As I was getting closer to my exit, I stopped at a restaurant for a quick recheck. I went into the bathroom and decided the top should only cover my pink (and erect) nipples. That meant the string cut across my tits allowing most of beneath my tits to be exposed. It was a good thing my tits were perky and did not need support to hold them up! I then adjusted the bottoms of my bikini hoping they were not too wet, but I did not check. I placed my coat on again securely and drove to my final destination and parked.

A black masked man knocked on my window. I could only see his eyes and mouth.

"I am going to do you a favor today. Get out of the car and take off your coat."

"It's a public park!"


Hearing my name said this way gave my chills. I got out of the car and slowly removed the coat. I knew I was white hot in this bikini. I let it fall to the ground.

"Hand the coat to me."

I did as told. Then he sat in my car telling me to get the items a few yards away.

"I am going to let you wash your car. And I am going to enjoy the show. Do a good job for me and your car."

I went to get the car washing supplies and he closed my car door. I returned and turned on the hose. It sprayed back at me a bit. Then I adjusted it so it sprayed the car. After the car was wet, I turned to bend down to the bucket. I watched as he struggled to crane his neck to watch my crotch as I bent forward. I returned with the wet sponge. I washed the hood.

I made sure to seductively bend as I tried to reach the middle of the hood. No doubt he was plotting in his mind what he would like to do with my laid out body. My tits rubbed against the car as I stretched across the vehicle.

I moved to the windows.

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