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He lowered his head and sucked the nipple, wrapping his lips around it and flicking it with his tongue before taking his lips off and licking it. It tasted of cherries now as well. Her hand stroked his hair and pulled his head against her soft breasts where he kissed his way along her chest between her nipples. His right hand caressed her stomach and navel and he traced the tidy line of pubic hair under his finger until it stopped and her soft skin began. He gently trailed his finger up and down along her pubic hair while he kissed and licked her softly undulating stomach, her skin burning hot now against his lips.

He felt her pubic hair under his lips and he could smell her sweet scent as it filled his nostrils and aroused him more. Slowly he brushed his mouth downwards and felt the soft hair as it teased his lips, and then he felt her bare flesh touching him and it felt like heaven. Christy always had more hair, he remembered that from the last time he watched. It had to be Ruth.

His lips opened and closed around her clitoris. His fingers opened her slightly and he sucked it gently between his lips before it slipped away again. He kissed it and ran his tongue along her warm skin, tracing her outline before copying his kissing technique and using his own lips to gently push hers open, then slipping his tongue inside a little.

He flattened his tongue over her entire pussy and felt how warm it was. It tasted of cherries now as well. He pushed his tongue deep inside her and tasted her fully, she was sweeter than cherries and he took another, deeper lick before his slippery tongue slid up onto, and then off of her now erect clit.

She pulled his head away and kissed him again, sucking his tongue into her mouth and taking her own juice hungrily.

Her hand found his cock and stroked it gently as it hardened fully, he felt something wet and warm run along the tip and knew it was her tongue tracing a circle around it.

Laying on the bed he felt her kneel up and throw a leg over his head. She knelt over his face and he reached up and grasped her butt, it was soft and firm under his hand as he manoeuvred her over his mouth and felt her pussy touch his lips. He slid his tongue inside her and she moved in small thrusts, pushing it deeper into her.

She leaned forward and he felt a warm sensation around the tip of his cock, then her lips surrounded him. She licked the tip firmly with her soft tongue, then gently sucked him further into her mouth, using the tip of her tongue to massage around the shaft and the thicker part to rub against the head. She moved her head slowly up and down, taking his full length in her mouth and sucking as she moved, all the while gently using her nails to tickle his balls.

He pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her ass with his finger, causing her to moan with surprise and sending a resonant vibration through his entire body. He could feel his orgasm getting close so he sat up a little and lifted her off of his face. The two kissed until his excitement was under control again, then she lifted her leg over his waist.

He pressed his cock length-ways against her pussy and she pressed against him and moved back and forth until her juice covered him, then he pressed the tip against her clit and massaged it firmly while he sucked her neck. Her hair smelled like bubblegum shampoo, he had always found that smell pleasant, but now it was arousing. In the back of his mind he remembered that Ruth was allergic to the bubblegum-smelling shampoo, so he decided that his partner was definitely Maria. He felt silly for not recognizing his own girlfriend sooner.

He pressed his cock against her pussy and slowly leaned backwards, letting it slide inside her inch by inch, feeling her soft warmth envelop him entirely, then as he laid back fully she leaned backwards too and he felt her ass press down on his balls while his cock strained inside her pussy.

She moved slowly at first, from deep to shallow, making h

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