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The end of a broken relationship.

She stood there naked for but a moment, then made her way into the warm water. And she let the healing begin.

The natural buoyancy the water gave her made her feel so good, so cherished and alive. She swam under the ripples and waves, then came up, staring at the sky so very far away.

She could feel the changes inside her soul, the new scars and wounds she carried. They might never heal. They didn't have to hinder though, nor did they have to change who she was. She went to her feet and stood up, then turned to look at him.

He was exactly where she had left him, laying half on his side on the shore. His mouth was open as he looked at her. She swam towards him and slowly came out of the water, knowing he was enthralled by every step she took, by every droplet of water that slid down her almost perfect and mostly unmarred skin.

"I feel better," she whispered, going to her knees before him. "I can tell."

He gulped and the gesture made her feel such warmth. She was affecting him in the same way she affected all men. It was good to note that she could seduce a man of his race, if she so wished, she told herself. But she didn't want to do any seduction today. This day, it had to be something else.

"Thank you for saving me," she whispered, gulping as a very real lump came into her throat. "You were only in danger because you came to me. You never should have." "Yes, I should have. I had to."

She crawled to him, until she was next to him, cupping his face again in both her hands.

"I should have come, a long time ago."

Then she was kissing him again, and his arms were sweeping around her and holding her close, easily drawing her over and then under him. His mouth moved against hers, then fell to her neck, kissing along her wet skin til he was at her shoulder.

"My gods," he whispered, looking down at her for a moment. "You are a vision, so very beautiful to me."

The elven woman couldn't help it. She blushed. Her face became warm as he stared down at her. He moved to the side so his eyes could take in all of her faultless form, then he lifted a hand and put it to her chest. His fingers moved between her round breasts, and her chest rose up and down as she watched his eyes. Such wonderment filled his gaze as he put a single breast in his palm and rolled it gently beneath his grip.

"My skin is so very dark over yours," he whispered, as if stunned. "And your hand is so big."

He looked at her then, his eyes squinting almost as he stared. She forced herself to push on.

"Is it just your hands that are big?"

He swallowed again and seemed to shake his head at her.

"My lady, you have no idea what you're saying to me." "I really do," she whispered back, putting her hand over his and sliding it slowly down her belly. "I really do."

His mouth dipped to kiss her then, his lips grazing across one of her dark nipples. His fingers cupped her naked mons gently, as if he were afraid to touch her too much. She had expected he might feel that, after what he had witnessed her going through. She moved her legs apart and guided his long thick digits into her folds, letting him feel the wetness and excitement there. And she moaned as he moved his mouth to her other breast, his lips and tongue teasing at the erect nipple there. His fingers were dancing over her clit now, expertly. She was not bruised, she knew. She had checked just this morning, not in anticipation of this moment but out of pure vanity. And she had been pleased to see that whatever damage had once been done had now healed.

"Please," she whispered to him, her voice almost pleading in its tone.

He left his head, staring at her, hardly breathing.

"What are you asking of me?" "You know..." "I can't. I shouldn't." "But you want to."

She drew his hand away from her sex, keeping her eyes locked to his as she opened her mouth, suckling the moist fingertips, tasting her own excitement there.

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