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Steve finds medical wife likes to dish it out.

She was sitting in the chair as I sneaked up to the sofa, which was not directly behind her. At first she didn't notice me so I spread my legs out and raised my arms and closed my eyes as I stretched out with my arms tucked in behind my head showing the long bushy hair in my luxuriant armpits. With my legs spread out and having worn no panties my pubic mound with the massive muff on it could be easily seen and when I opened my eyes I could see that Sonia eyes were peeled at my hirsute body. Her eyes were fixed on the wild untamed jet-black hair of my bushy armpits and even though I was staring at her she didn't seem to notice. She even licked her lips as she surveyed my hairy body. Was this my moment. I moved from the sofa as if I was contemplating leaving, Sonia called out to me - "Bela what a surprise why don't you come home with me today I am having a small party and a very nice couple are coming over for drinks" Her eyes shifted to my underarms though clamped down still showed a sizeable amount of hair bristling out of the sides. I seized the moment and said "Sure, I had come for a facial but it can wait another day; Lets go"

We entered her cozy apartments, the other couple had also arrived and they looked more than friendly especially as the manner in which the man greeted Sonia with a very deep kiss smack on the mouth. They were introduced to me as Shane and Vera. Shane was a handsome strapping young man with huge biceps while Vera was a brunette and very busty. I suspected that they too were hairy as Vera had quite bushy eyebrows and there was a lot of hair on her legs. I realized hat they had a cozy foursome going and maybe I would be the joker in the pack today. As I shook hands with Shane my arms bent and he remarked at seeing my bushy armpits. "Vera is very hairy too- you see she has Italian blood and her armpits are extremely hairy too as well as her pubic area". I looked towards Vera and she shyly nodded her head. I said, "I love my bushy armpits and I don't mind revealing. I can't help it if I am so hairy; I know I have excessive hair in my dense underarms"

Dan, whom I had known earlier walked in. He greeted me very warmly and I thought I felt his prick swelling inside his trousers. He obviously had an armpit hair fetish as he kept staring at my luxuriant armpit hair.

He sat next to me and I felt his arm over my shoulder as felt his way downwards brazenly into my bushy armpits. Sex was certainly in the air and Sonia cozily sat on Shane's lap as Vera worked towards Dan and me. She slowly removed her dress over her head to reveal the blackest hairiest armpits I had ever seen. Dense black armpit hair spilled out of extremely bushy armpits as it grew upwards into a dense jungle. Now I knew why Dan was awestruck by her. She plonked herself on the other side as Dan played amongst her hairy armpits too. "Wow" he exclaimed "my hands are lost in the hairiest armpits I have ever seen. She unzipped him and his erect dong spat out as I bent down and took it in its entirety in my mouth. She removed his shirt and black hair spread out all over his hairy chest. I played with is chest hair as I furiously sucked on his throbbing member. Dan bent over and buried his face in Vera's bushy underarms as he licked wildly at her untrimmed armpit jungle. I could feel him cuming as his jism flowed from his enormous dong.

I hadn't seen Sonia nude but the tall sinewy brunette was just as hairy as Vera and I. Though her armpits didn't have the same quantity as Vera it grew out very sexily. It was thick and very even. Vera's armpit hair looked a lot coarser. Shane had put his tongue into the wet sopping hairy pussy of Sonia. Dan turned me around and wanted to insert his once again erect dick into my hairy asshole. He said "darling your ass is like the black hole, you have so much hair in your ass more than most women have on their cunts" e then pushed his gigantic cock into my bushy ass.

The sight of all that hair between the two luscious globes of my ass o

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