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Alicia starts divulging.

She loved her nipples being played with.

"Oh Alex that feels amazing. Oh don't stop. Don't ever take your cock out of me! I want you inside me always."

Christine braced herself on the wall with her hand and reached behind her with he other, fondling his balls; she grew closer to yet another orgasm. "Oh baby I love when you fuck me. Oh yes. Oh Yes. Oh Fuck me. Oh. OH OH YES FUCK YESS OH OH! OHH!" Christine came. He body tensed and her pussy clamped down on his dick. This sent him over the edge and he pumped his seed into her.

They stayed in their rear embrace letting the water wash over their hot bodies. The steam surrounding them, filling the small space. "I can't wait for tomorrow night," said Christine. "I want that bitch to suck my cunt. It's been so long since another woman licked my pussy. Junior year in college was the last time. I can't wait to watch you fuck her too. I picked up a few things for the main event." They dried off and slept naked again. Alex's dick pressed between her cheeks all night, spooning her. Alex swore he was hard more time than he was soft nowadays.


Game Time! It was Friday night and the doorbell rang. She was here. "I'll be hiding upstairs. You get her going and bring her to the bedroom. Have a little fun with her first," Christine winked and disappeared up the stairs.

Alex opened the door, "Hello. I'm Alex, what's your name?"

"Hi! I'm Alisa (Aleesa). I guess we're supposed to fuck now? I'm so wet I was playing with myself on the way here. I've only done this one other time."

"This will be my first. I've been hard all day thinking about you. You're so hot. I want to kiss those lips of yours," Alex reached for her hand, pulled her close, and closed the door. He wrapped his arms around her back and locked lips. Their tongues battled fiercely. Alex ground his rock hard cock into her stomach.

"Oh my!" she broke the kiss looking down. "That looks painful trapped in there. I can help you with that."

"Let's go up stairs. I'm bursting in these pants." Alex led her to the bedroom quickly. She shut the door and pulled his shirt over his head. They locked lips again and Alex ran his hands down her back and squeezed her ass. She moaned slightly. He moved his hands up underneath her shirt and unclasped her bra. The blonde broke the kiss and quickly pulled her shirt and bra off revealing a magnificent pair of tits. Alex immediately grabbed one and stuck the other in his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue in her nipple. She let out another moan.

Christine was hiding in their bedroom closet with the doors cracked. It was dark where she was so she wouldn't be detected. The door was cracked leaving her with a perfect view of the scene unfolding. "This is so hot!" she thought to herself. Christine started undressing in the closet and began rubbing her pussy.

Alex reached to unbutton her jeans and the blonde did the same. She removed his boxers and his cock sprang free. She gasped, "Oh my god! I thought you were being arrogant on your profile. Turns out you were being modest. Holy fuck! Doesn't that hurt when you get this hard?"

"Yes it does. That why I need you. Oh baby I need to fuck you. To feel my cock inside that hot wet pussy of yours."

She finished striping naked and shoved him back onto the bed. She climbed up onto him putting her hands on his chest. She lowered herself onto his cock and rubbed his rod up and down the exterior of her lips, grinding her clit into the head of his dick, she moaned.

Christine was masturbating quietly, watching the scene unfold.

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