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"I'm not sure it's gonna." Waverly murmured as she stood up and stumbled over to the older brunette.

"Oh it will." Wynonna boasted, "I'll make it fit."

Before Wynonna could elaborate like she'd been planning too Waverly left her speechless by dropping to her knees in front of her, closing her eyes and taking the head of the dildo into her mouth and gently beginning to suck it.

Which was probably for the best, Wynonna had a nasty habit of putting her foot in her mouth, and she no longer wanted to talk Waverly out of this.

Exactly the opposite, especially when Waverly dropped to her knees and treated Wynonna to a sight which would haunt her dreams, and fantasies, for years to come and making sure the only thing that came out of her mouth for the next few minutes was the odd swear word.

Even when Wynonna finally blathered something it wasn't that bad, "Fuck baby girl, you look so good with a cock in your mouth."

That was the gospel truth, and Waverly didn't seem to mind it none. In fact she began to gently bob her head up and down the dildo, gradually lowering her lips until about half of the toy cock was in her pretty little mouth.

Then she opened her eyes, looked up at Wynonna with those big brown eyes of hers and started sucking the dick at least twice as more enthusiastically as before, even allowing some drool to escape her mouth and slide down the shaft.

That caused Wynonna to let out a primal growl, grab a handful of Waverly's hair and pushed it back and forth for a few long seconds, encouraging her to go even faster and harder. Wynonna then pushed Waverly further down than ever before, causing her little sister to choke and gag on the strap-on cock.

"Fuck yeah, deep throat it baby girl! That's so hot!" Wynonna growled lustfully, "Get it all wet for your little pussy. Mmmmmm yeah, get it ready by taking it down your throat."

For a few seconds Waverly struggled, then Wynonna let go of her hair and looked momentarily horrified over what she'd done as Waverly immediately pulled her mouth off the dildo and practically began dry-heaving. But before Wynonna could freak out Waverly forced herself to reply hoarsely, "It's... it's too big."

Initially Wynonna opened her mouth to apologise, only to scoff, "What, Chad not this big?"

Waverly shook her head softly, "No."

"Ha! I bet he's not even close." Wynonna mocked, and then when her sister blushed added, "But that's okay, cause I'm about to give ya the fuckin' you deserve. We can work on your deep throatin' skills later."

With that Wynonna reached down, picked Waverly up and carried her back to the bed, gently lowering her down upon it before kissing her again. Oh how Wynonna loved kissing her sister. Which was possibly living up to a stereotype, but right then Wynonna didn't care.

She didn't care about anything except kissing her sister, and making sure she was nice and ready for her strap-on, Wynonna sliding first one and then two fingers into Waverly's cunt to give it some much-needed stretching out before she tried putting her dick inside this wonderfully tight little hole. She was rewarded with some happy moans, each one being pushed into her mouth as Waverly enthusiastically kissed her back.

Waverly was also whimpering into Wynonna's mouth, partly out of pleasure and anticipation, but also out of fear. Because the thought of being able to take a dildo that size was hot, but it seemed impossible, especially after she had just got an up close look at it.

Sure, if you were as experienced as Wynonna clearly was then maybe, but Waverly had only ever been with Chad, and that could hardly prepare her for something like this.

Hell, the fingering was doing a better job of preparing her, and part of her wanted to beg Wynonna just to stick to that. But it was clear that her big sister wanted this, and more than anything else in the world Waverly wanted to please her sister.

So she didn't complain when Wynonna replaced her

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