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Sharing his bound wife in the garage.

I think it's too bad people aren't more open about it."

He studied his bottle, picked at the label and said, "You know my dad is just weird sometimes."

I felt compelled to glance between his legs. The split was now bigger. The seam of his underwear was cutting into his thigh and a bulge behind the white shorts was straining to break through the split.

I took a quick glance to assure he was still preoccupied with peeling the label ...my eyes riveted back on the split seam.. ('Shit! That must be his dick. Look away!') I could feel my face flush. I reached over and put on my sunglasses.

"How so?" I asked, hoping I sounded more calm than I felt.

"He said that I was better off and that a girl like that could give me a bad case of The Blue Balls. What's THAT all about anyway."

"Hmmm, that's a new one to me. I think he was just sympathizing with your being in a constant state of horniness."

"Well he even said I should jerk off every day to relieve the pressure. Can you believe my dad telling me something like that?

Now hiding behind my sunglasses I looked directly at his thigh. THERE WAS EVEN MORE mass pushing his white shorts out the split seam.

I giggled, "Yes that does sound like your dad. Especially when he's trying to be funny.

TJ set the bottle back down on the table and while doing so quickly rearranged his 'package'. When he did his cock slipped under the seam of his under shorts and out the split in the seam. (Whoa. It's a cock now. Not a dick. I never say cock. Things in my brain are getting seriously out of hand.)

TJ squirmed and covered himself with his hand. His face turned beet red.

"Gosh! I think my pants just ripped. I better go."

He raised from his chair holding his hand to cover the split seam.

"Let's see.", I said playing innocent. "May be I can fix it for you."

"Uh, no I better go."

"TJ!" "Don't' be a dufus. Let me take a look."

I pushed his hand away and grasped his hardening cock.

"OH! GOD!! JEEZUS H KARIST!" he moaned.

I held firmly in case he tried to back away. He didn't.

I figured I must now have about half his cock in my hand

He grabbed my hand with both of his (but didn't take my hand away) and groaned,

"My god, STOP! I'll come all over you!"

My brain had just jumped from sort of rational to BONKERS!

NEVER, EVER had I acted so.... Stupid? Willing? Ready?

"If you don't want to squirt it all over the deck, I have a suggestion."

Still holding his cock I slid down on the lounge and reached between my legs pulling my pants and shorts as far to the side as possible.

TJ looked at my cunt and let out an animal growl, " Ghhaaah!"

He slapped my hand away. ... Jerked his pants open and shoved his shorts down to his ankles.

I let my hand relax allowing my shorts to cover my crotch and TJ demanded "NO! DON'T."

He roughly grabbed my hand and pushed it back to uncover my crotch, dropped to his knees his cock grasped in one hand the other roughly pushing my legs farther apart. His cock looked BIG ... compared with Double Al's anyway and had a huge purple head. Double Al was the only sex partner I'd had for years so....

TJ planted his free hand above my shoulder and attempting to guide his cock jammed it hard against me. He missed. It hurt!. Two or three more jabs and I adjusted myself to take him in. SHOVE, SHOVE he was IN.... All the way in. His wiry crotch hair tight against mine. He held himself there, full in, breathing hard.

I was totally lost. I had no idea what I was doing or where this was going. Was I completely off my rocker? TJ was a big guy and I was getting a little concerned this could get out of hand. Hell it WAS out of hand.

I felt his cock begin to twitch as he held it tight inside me. God I felt stuffed....like a turkey? I sure was acting like one.

I pressed my hands on his fine, smooth buttocks holding him to me.

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