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Man fresh out of prison finds a reason to live.

"No panties, why am I not surprised?"

"Makes me feel all naughty." She sneered.

Jason worked his belt off, and then pulled his pants down. Iris didn't want to wait, and she grabbed his hips, pulling him flush against her with his jeans around his legs. "Christ," He grunted.

Iris's hips rocked against him, and they ground hips against each other. "Want you in me." She murmured.

He was more than glad to oblige. Jason took himself in hand, and guided himself into her. She was warm, tight, wet. "Fuck," He growled.

"Yea," Iris moaned, and her hands gripped his hips, pulling him down.

Jason didn't want any nice foreplay. He started to thrust, driving himself into her. Their eyes met, and he saw hers, burning with lust.

She rocked her hips back, and they started into a fast, hungry pace. She leaned her head up, nipping at his chest. Those nips, as Jason started to grab her hands and pin them above her head, quickly turned to full bites.

Skin slapped against skin, and Jason pounded into her with reckless abandon. He thrust again and again, each as fantastic as the last.

Iris slowly started to relax, her hips becoming the only part of her body that moved. Every thrust drew a whimper, a growl, or a purr from her.

Jason knew he hated this woman for what she'd done. She'd lied to him, stabbed him in the back, and done something to him he couldn't even begin to describe. But even still, he couldn't help but feel at least an animal lust from her. What the fuck is wrong with me? He asked himself.

And then, like someone answering, the beast inside of him spoke. Asserting. He was taking revenge in the way of the jungle. He was asserting his dominance, in the way a male took a female.

Even if he wasn't paying any particular attention to her pleasure, Iris's moans slowly grew shorter, higher. Her breath hitched several times, and finally, in a long, wordless moan, she climaxed. Her pussy spasmed, wrapping around him and milking his cock's length.

Jason knew he wouldn't last much longer than that. He tossed his head back, grunts falling from his throat in rough, excited sounds. His climax was glorious, exploding in him with delicious pleasure. His balls clenched, and his cock spurted long and hard into her, filling her.

Iris's hips clenched around his waist, and she started to pant in his ear. "I was right...so right."

And Jason knew in that instant, he was in way over his head.


Kara and Owen-she thought of him as Owen now- drove up to the station. They'd gotten a cap, gotten Owen's car back, and driven to the precinct. The two of them hadn't talked much, but Kara's mind was racing. What would the other cops think of them coming in at the same time? Was she going to do the walk of shame in front of the detective's floor?

"How do you take your coffee?" Owen asked as they parked in the lot.

"My coffee?" She arched an eyebrow. "Uh, lots of milk and foo'foo'ed up."

"All right." He smirked, and that smirk sent a shiver down Kara's spine, in a fantastic way. "I'm going to go grab coffee for us, and I'll be in about ten. Save us from the awkwardness. That all right?"

She chuckled. This man was fantastic, really. "All right. I'll be seeing you then."

They parted ways, and Kara headed into the statino. She'd dressed a bit slightly less professionally than she had yesterday, and replaced her shoes with flats. If it had been up to her, she'd have worn boots, but that was a bit unbecoming of a detective.

She headed up to the detective's floor, and booted up her computer. She started looking over the files that the ME's office had came through, and noticed an email from the tech department. She read it, and saw that the guys with glasses had popped into her email. They'd found a number of emails from a newsletter for a club in town, Nox, as well as a few from friends in San Francisco.

She memorized the two names that also mentioned Nox; Rebecca Lin, Kyle Quinn.

"Is Owen Reese in?" A male voice brought her out from her deep train of thought.

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