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JT begins his new job as a guardian angel intern.

Without even wiping off her pee hole she yanked up her silky panties and tight fitting slacks and ran outside. There she saw Aaron rolling over onto his side and their eyes again met.

"Are you hurt?" she asked

"Just a few bruises I think, but, mostly my pride."

"Let me have a look at you Aaron."

"I guess so."

She kneeled down beside him and noticed a cut on his cheek. "Come with me, you are bleeding a bit, we need to get you fixed up." All Aaron thought of at that moment was the apples saying, "No, I have to get the apples first."

"Ok, but then you are coming with me so we can check you out."

Felicity was formulating a plan as she had thought Aaron would be an easy conquest as were the three other young men she already had. She would have preferred if her opportunity had come after she had taken her shower as she felt stinky and grimy now. They ran about collecting the scattered fruit. Aaron reached out grabbing for an apple causing Mrs. Peacher to yell, "Aaron, you cannot put that apple in the basket, it is my breast, now let's finish up." He quickly jerked his hand away as his face turned red. They continued to gather the apples in silence.

When all of the apples had been recovered Felicity ordered the kid to follow her into her house. He knew he had to do what she said because of grabbing her boob and seeing her in the bathroom. She sat him at the dining room table saying, "We will get you cleaned up then we will talk. Now, take off your shirt as you probably are scraped up some there as well." Aaron let out an audible gulp dreading the talk and slowly took off the shirt.

Mrs. Peacher brought ointment, wash clothes, and bandages to fix this young stud up. She took her time applying the repairs being sure to let her boobs and ass brush against him every chance she got. And, as she tended to the cut on the cheek she gave him a direct view down her top. Aaron swore he could see her nipples as she leaned in front of him.

Now he was confused as the older lady kept doing stuff that he thought might be flirting.

When she was done she sat down beside him and put her hand on his lower thigh and began, "So, Aaron is this the first time that you have spied on me in the john."

"I didn't mean to look I was just picking the apples and there you were."

"Do you think your Mother will buy that story.

"No, no I don't."

"Be honest and blunt, what did you think of what you saw through the window?"


"You can do better than that. Did you like it? Tell me or I am calling Virginia."

"Oh yes. You have pretty legs."

"My legs are not what you were interested in, tell me bluntly or I'll tell Virginia."

"First, I noticed your sexy panties across your knees. Then I could not believe how hairy your vagina is and I was getting turned on looking at your breasts when the branch snapped."

"That is more like it." She patted his thigh and began ever so slightly caressing it as she noticed a large bulge forming in his crotch.

Sure of herself now she asked, so, what made you think you could squeeze my tit out there?"

"I didn't mean too, I thought it was an apple."

"You mean you thought these were apples?" she said putting her hand under them holding them up for the boy to admire.

"I, I was in such a hurry, I guess I wasn't paying close attention." He stammered. With that, Felicity quickly pulled her top off over her head placing one hand back higher on the boy's thigh and the other tugging at one of her nipples purring, "Now, Aaron I could understand a little more if I had my shirt off as then at least there are stems to grab. Would you like to grab one of my stems?"

Not waiting for an answer she grabbed his trembling hand and pulled it tight against her left breast. "Try the other one, too," she growled as she placed his other hand on the right boob and wasting no time both of her hands slid up his legs and grabbed his bulge.

"Looks like you are a little happy to be here.

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