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You feel your cheeks redden as I push a tank top into your arms, telling you to go try it on.

Your bare pussy lips dripping as you walk towards the dressing room. Your mind in a daze as you are shown to the room in the back, pussy lips quivering as all you can think about is a release. Trying to fight it as you hang the top up, your forehead against the wall. Your breathing shallow and far as you reach under your skirt, tugging on the string peaking out as you slowly start to pull your new toy outside of your soaked little pussy.

You feel a hand on your wrist, and my voice in your ear as I stop you. You new toy half way out as I offer to help. You feel my fingers inch closer, my body pressing against your back, and my hardness throbbing against your tight ass; grinding against your plug.

"You have to be quite, more people came in since you walked back here. You can do that can't you" I ask, and you respond back to me as my fingers hook around the soaked string, pulling SLOWLY downward. You feel your wet new toy slowly leaving, my other arm wrapping around you holding you close to me as your body shudders. The two balls about to pop out, as my warm hand closes on your neck. Squeezing gently but firmly. Just enough so you know you are mine as the first ball pops out. I hold you firmly, as you are pushed to the edge. Trying to focus as I kiss your neck, the other ball slowly slipping closer.

"Do not cum" I whisper in your ear as you feel the second ball about to slip out. My hand squeezing a little more, as you gasp your response and feel the ball slip out of you. Your knees weak as you lean against my strong arms, my throbbing hardness against your plug, grinding as you try to keep from going over the edge.

"Such a good girl" I groan in your ear, feeling me pull away slightly. Catching your breath as you lean forward against the dressing room wall, hearing the metallic clink of my belt being undone. I gently push you forward a step closer, as you feel the back of your skirt sliding up. Your legs parting as the tip of my hard cock slips between your smooth wet pussy lips.

I push forward, the head grinding against your clit, your plug going in farther at the same time. I lift one leg up onto the only bench in the fitting room. You feel my hands on your hips. One leaving one side briefly as the head of my cock presses against your opening. Both hands on your hips, trying to remember what my face looked like. Realizing what I am about to do while I slowly push inside.

Slowly sinking inch after inch into you, stretching you around my hard throbbing cock. Nearly completely inside you when you hear a sharp knock on the changing room door.

"Did that top fit for you alright?" the changing room attendant asks. Your cheek nearly against the wall as you try to accommodate the last inch of my cock, filled completely.

"Answer her" I breath quietly into your ear, handing you the tank top. I slide out slowly, leaving just the tip in as you respond, tossing the shirt over the top of the changing room door for her to grab. She starts to pull the shirt down as you finish talking to her, my cock pushing back in mid sentence. My hands on your hips squeezing, as I thrust deeply into you.

I take you up against the wall, right there in the changing room as the attendant goes in search of another shirt for you. Each thrust pushes the plug in deeper, as I rock back and forth, long deep thrusts. I keep one hand on your hip under your skirt. My other hand slides around across your chest, pulling you back against me as I drive upwards; filling you. I squeeze your neck again, whispering in your ear that I am going to let you cum very soon.

My deep voice groaning in your ear, as I push faster and harder into you. Feeling every gasp and stifled moan against my finger tips as I hold you close. Nothing too hard or rough, just firm. Firm enough for you to know that you belong to me right now.

The attendant shows someone else to a different changing room.

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