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The plot thickens.

Again I fired the massive cannon, for a minute I have let loose 12 rounds and waited for the enemy is within five miles away. The UAV's pin-pointed each shell from our tanks' guns and as it stated to shower the enemy armored column with tank killing shells. From the distance I can see the night lighted by fiery explosions, soon the thunder of the exploding shells can be heard as our rounds found their mark. Over half of the enemy combat vehicles were destroyed in just a short period of time as our tanks entered the bend.

"Pumas and Boxers, flank the enemy," I shouted over my tactical communication gear, "Leopards, hit them hard."

In quick succession within fifteen seconds I have fired 3 shots at the massing enemy armor, because of the firepower a 145mm cannon have, one shot is enough to puncture through the enemy's protected armor and for the shell to detonate inside the soft interior of the enemy's tank. Three Zulfigar burst into flames as my tank's rounds found their mark, searching for another target. I set my sight out for a BTR-3 firing my laser guided round onto the lightly armored wheeled combat vehicle. The BTR-3 blew up in a massive fireball spewing out sizzling hot metal around the battlefield. Enemy ground troops started to fire their rifles madly at my Leopard tank, squeezing the trigger of my joystick. I let the 50 caliber machinegun rip a group of three enemy soldiers in a medium sustained burst.

"Infantry, disembark and engaged enemy ground troops!"

Not wanting a surprise ambush by the enemy, I let my infantry troopers seek out and destroy any pillboxes, potential fox-holes, and hiding spot for the infantry of the enemy.

"Colonel, these men aren't insurgents," reported an infantry officer, "Sir, these men are Parthian soldiers."

"No shit Sherlock," I replied.

"Take them out and make sure they will not pose a threat to us."

The Templar's six man team did their solemn duties to eliminate the threat for our armored units FN-SCAR rifles, Minimi SAW and machinegun, and snipers started to mop out the enemy ground troops as I focus on finding more armored vehicles for my tank's gun to set it's sight on. Parthia's army started their withdrawal out of the battlefield and towards their border.

"No you don't," I pressed down the firing button and let 145mm main gun boom to life.

A fleeing tank burst into flames as I smiled my death smile upon the fallen victim. Six enemy ground troops falls into my sights and fired the two machineguns of the tank, each Parthian ground troop was cut to pieces by the long burst of two 50 caliber machineguns.

"Colonel, my Pumas can cut off their line of escape," suggested the Puma element commander.

"Good, do so Captain Montano," I replied.

The twenty Templar Puma CFVs rushed out firing their 30mm SABOT round cannons at the remaining enemy armored vehicles. They divide themselves in two groups of ten Puma CFVs and started a wheeling maneuver causing the Parthian forces to melt, from behind came the Leopard 2A6EX firing their tank killing 145mm cannons. The Rim-Cat's infantry troopers took out their shoulder fired anti-tank missiles, took their positions and started to snipe on any remaining vehicles. The Parthian infantry troops flee in disorder from our shock and awe effect, it was not they were expecting. Though the client government may lack experienced fighting men, it is supplemented by mercenary forces, that they gave to us the Rim-Cat Mercenary Regiment.

"Three remaining Zulfigars left colonel," informed my gunner.

"Let our infantry take care of them," I have replied.

Our infantry troopers took pot shots at the remaining Parthian MBTs and as soon as the battle started it was over in less than an hour. Parthia and its military brass was humiliated by such a defeat from a small but well trained, organized, and equipped force. Calls started to come in from open frequency that the Parthians were lost and they were there for military maneuvers.

"Bull shit, they send them across the border to harass us and support their friends in the insurgency," rema

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