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The end of Dan and Ellen's story.

We talked about Singapore and about Australia - where I come from. She said how much she loved my blonde hair. I explained to her how I was on a packaged tour and that this was one of my free days.

After a while she said she was going to have some lunch, and asked if I'd like to join her. I was enjoying her company and was happy to accompany her into the hotel restaurant. The food was good but very expensive - but she said not to worry, she would put it on her room account and her company would pay for it. I didn't want to get her into trouble and said I'd pay for myself, but she insisted so I let her have her way.

I felt very comfortable with her, as if we were old friends, and we even started talking about our sex lives. Not in any detail, just the fact that neither of us were married - though I'd been divorced - and that we were both hoping to one day find a companion for life.

I was telling her how I had been to the Royal Palace the day before - it really is spectacular - and she told me she had a good view of it from her hotel room. After lunch, she invited my up to her room to look at the Royal Palace from overhead, and I was more than happy to go up with her.

She was right. The view from her room was amazing. I was able to look right across the whole Royal Palace complex. While I was admiring the view, Wahnee, which was her name, excused herself and went into the bathroom. A few moments later she called my name.

I turned around and saw her standing at the bathroom door. Naked.

To be honest, I was stunned. I didn't know what to think. But I couldn't help looking at her. She really was beautiful. He skin was a cool, golden colour. She was so slim, so gentle looking. And she had no hair on her body at all. She was smooth all over.

I didn't move. I was frozen to the spot.

She walked up to me slowly and stood in front of me. I was a full head taller than her and would have been much stronger, but I didn't resist at all when she started unbuttoning my top. She slipped it off gently, then reached round and unclipped my bra. As it fell away, she let out a sigh.

"Oh, you have such beautiful breasts. So round and full."

I've never thought of my breasts as special, but Wahnee obviously thought they were.

For a moment she nuzzled her head between them, hugging me. My mind was on fire. How could this be happening? I didn't know what to do. Without even thinking about it, I put my arm around her and hugged her back. Her soft skin felt so good against my body.

Gently, she pushed me backwards a little and made me sit on the bed. She kneeled down and undid my shorts, then slowly pulled them off. Then she pulled off my panties. She smiled.

"Now I know you are a natural blonde."

I couldn't help laughing along with her.

She looked down at the place between my legs, then into my eyes.

"You have such a lovely cunt. Do you mind if I use that word? I like to use it. It makes me feel sexy. And it is a lovely cunt. Your lovely blonde cunt hair looks so beautiful."

Then she leaned down and gently opened my legs. A moment later her dark head was bending down, and I could feel her tongue running softly over my clit. It was the most amazing feeling I ever had. I pressed my hands down on her head and moaned deeply. Her tongue and fingers explored every part of me. I rarely reach orgasm with a man, but with Wahnee I came after only a few minutes. It was unbelievable. She lifted her head and smiled at me.

"Have you been with a woman before?"

I had to confess I hadn't, not like this. So she told me she would teach me. And she did.

Over the next two hours she showed me how to lick her cunt - I have to use that word because she prefers it.

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