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Can they get back to where they were.

She leaned forward to kiss me and her right hand went down to my locked up cock. As she teased me with her fingers I felt the pressure increase against the steel collar, the dozens of screw points pressing into me more painfully.

"Is this thing hurting badly now?"

"Yes it is."

"That turns me on so much... I'm really starting to think I'm sadistic. Are you sure that doesn't freak you out?"

"No... I want to be the victim of your sadism."

She kissed me again and as our mouths opened to each other she reached up and pinched my left nipple very hard. I moaned into her mouth and she trembled with excitement and murmured, "My victim, oh yes you are Baby." Then she did the same thing to my right nipple.

Then she pulled back from me and slid over to the left side of the couch, and pulling on the leash, told me to sit beside her to her right. It was a little awkward scrambling to my feet with my hands cuffed behind my back but I managed to get up and onto the couch next to her.

There we were sitting side by side with Karen still in her business suit and me naked save for my steel cock ring, the tight handcuffs holding my wrists behind me and the collar around my neck attached to the leash she was holding.

"It would be fun to just sit and watch a movie like this," she said, "although I'd have to keep doing things to you every once in a while."

"Would you feed me popcorn?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied. "Would you like some wine now?"

"That would be great."

She opened the bottle and filled one of the glasses, and after taking a sip from it herself she held the glass to my lips. It was overwhelming how completely I felt under her control by this simple act.

"Do you think you're a masochist, Jack?" she asked as I took a sip.

"I guess to some extent I am, but it's not really that I just like pain... it's exciting when I know that hurting me is turning you on."

"You were telling me last night about how pain and pleasure got mixed coming from the nerve endings from your ass."

"That's right."

"What if I whipped you on your back? Wouldn't that just hurt, and not be like, you know, sexual?"

"Um, yes."

She was quiet for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "You remember those cowboy movies I told you I liked watching as a kid?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied. "You liked it when a guy got whipped."

"Well, when a guy got whipped it was always on his back. If I wanted to whip your back, would that be okay?"

"That would be fine if it excited you Karen."

"Um, it would... I think I want to do that later. I'll start slow again like you asked."

"That would be good," I said, as my cock throbbed painfully inside the spiked cock ring.

"Do you know what the hottest part of last night was for me?" she asked.

"Um, no, what was it?"

"When you started crying while I was whipping you. That's kind of sadistic, isn't it?"

"I think that's pretty hot," I said.

She reached over and began toying again with my trapped cock. "Some time Jack, when we're in a place where we can make all the noise we want, I'd like to whip you until you scream. Would that be okay?"

I winced as my cock swelled even harder against the cruel spikes. "Yes," I said.

"Mmm, I can tell it excites you. Oh God, that thing must really be hurting you now."

"It is."

"I've got to use your mouth now Jack, I'm so hot for it," she said breathlessly.

She lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up to her waist, and then she pushed her panties down over her legs and kicked them off. She lay back on the couch, parted her thighs and put her left leg up on the coffee table to give me full access to her. As she pulled my head down to her lap with the leash she told me to get on my stomach, and she helped me move my legs up onto the couch so I could. The spikes hurt even more as I lay down with my cock under me against the cushions.

After I got into the position she wanted she pushed my face against her crotch and said simply, "Lick.

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