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A couple finds romance when it's least expected.

Rachel had bought them on her own and would wear them around the house to feel sexy when he was away. Slipping them on, Rachel stood tall and gave herself one final look in the mirror feeling sexy and empowered.


Rachel planned for her escapade to happen in the evening, figuring very few people would be on campus at this time of day, especially during the summer. She wanted to take this new adventure slow and remain in control of any situation she might find herself in. As she picked up her car keys, her phone rang. It was Jacob calling.

"Hey dear. How is everything?"

Rachel wanted to keep the conversation as short as possible. She had painfully been waiting for this opportunity and didn't want anything to keep her from her plan. "Oh it has been great!" Rachel said faking some enthusiasm. "I had a quick photography session with a client." She lied to make her day sound more interesting to her husband, "And I cleaned up a bit around the house. How was your day?"

"It was great. Got to meet a few new clients to day. They want me to finish up all the paper work so it looks like I will be home around 11PM."

"Don't worry about it. Hey, I hate to cut it short, but I have to get back to a client about planning a photoshoot. I'll see you tonight." Rachel knew this lie would work.

"Okay, Bye!"

"Love ya. Bye!"

Rachel ended the call and took one final glance in the mirror by the front door before leaving. Seeing her nipples through the white blouse and her pronounced cleavage sent a tingle down her spine.

Rachel drove to her old college campus in her rusted maroon sedan, the one she had learned how to drive as a teenager. With each minute that passed, her excitement grew as the warm summer air rolled in through her open car windows. She looked in the rearview mirror to check her makeup and caught a glimpse of her, now, green eyes. She had the kind that could look either blue or green, depending on the lighting and she always loved when they were closer to a shade of green, feeling it made her look more exotic. The familiar land marks on the way were now only indicators that she was speeding towards a new sexual frontier, which caused her to become more and more wet. Driving along the flat and open road lined with corn fields, she placed a hand between her legs and felt her wetness, pulling her hand out to smell her own beautiful scent. She had come to associate her own smell with her sexual hobbies, so, now it this moment, it excited her even more.


Rachel pulled into the small visitors parking lot at the far edge of the old campus. The college and the small town itself was a green oasis of trees and red brick buildings among the endless sea of golden corn that stretched for miles in every direction. At the very back of campus, away from all the academic buildings, was a forested area that was encircled by a running trail. The trail was an asphalt moat, separating the dense forest from the surrounding farmland on the edge of campus. Rachel was certain that it would be here she could find a someone to gaze upon her body. She turned off her car and sat for a moment while her heart picked up its pace. She opened the door and her heals connected with the newly finished, black pavement. She felt tall in her heals, normally being a girl that was just under average height. There were only a few other cars it the mostly empty lot. She tingled with anticipation as her heart fluttered in her chest. She could now feel a drop of her wetness running down the inside of her leg.

Rachel walked to the back of the studentless campus.

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