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Kala responded and kissed him back . Satish now lay next to her and kept kissing her. Kala inserted her tongue into his. Soon Satish felt her hand travelling down his navel and clasping his prick. Satish also put his hand on her breasts and felt their weight in his hand. He started kissing downward and kissed her neck and the lobes of her ears.

As he trailed his tongue further down he licked her nipples before he started sucking them. Meanwhile his other hand was busy squeezing her other breast or at least what part of it fit in his hand. Soon he was sucking her other nipple. After some time he started going down on her till he reached her vagina. He saw a nice thatch of pubic hair, mostly black but flecked with grey. He first inserted a finger in it as it had become well lubricated by the foreplay that both Kala and he indulged in. Kala was sighing and her hips were bucking about. Soon Satish's mouth followed his finger and he was busy licking her clitoris, making Kala jump. She was quite desperate now and asked him to mount her. Satish inserted his prick into her cunt and moved in and out slowly to allow her to get used to the size and length of his organ. Kala asked him to move faster and he increased his thrusts.

She started raising her hips and clasped him closer to her body. Satish lowered his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth while continuing to fuck her. Soon both were as one. Satish went faster and faster and Kala responded energetically despite her years. Soon both came together and Satish lay on top of her utterly spent. Kala clasped him to her body till the minor spasms subsided. She smiled contentedly as she had not had sex for over a decade. Kala got up from her bed and asked Satish to stay right there. She walked nude to the bathroom and washed herself. Satish followed her and surprised her by hugging her from behind and playing with her breasts. He put one of his hands lower and fingered her cunt. Kala asked him to stop after she came again. She asked Satish to return to his room and go to sleep, as she always got up early. However, she told him to come to her room the next night.

The next day, after a relatively easy day at work, Satish returned home. As usual he was treated with care and after a delicious dinner and a fine discussion on politics and movies he retired to his room. He was reading a book and waiting for the time when he could go to Kala's room. He recollected the sex he had with her and marvelled at how easily she seduced him and the passion she exhibited despite her age. He was always under the impression that women lose their urge for sex after 50 or so.

His maid with whom he had his first experience was around 48 and he was around 19 years. He was in college and had to go to a place away from his home town. He had taken a small flat with a drawing room and one bedroom. He had engaged the maid, whose name was Chameli whom he called Aunty to clean and cook for him. Chameli had been widowed a few years earlier and her only child, a daughter, was married and stayed in another town. She lived alone in a small tenement and was working in a private firm . She told him that she could work for him in the evenings and during the day on holidays. Satish found that the arrangement suited him well.

He gave Chameli the house key as there were times when he would come home late due to library references and project work. He found that when he came home, the house was clean and food was prepared and still at least warm if not hot.

One Sunday he was home and Chameli let herself in with the key thinking he may be asleep.

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